Wednesday, May 14, 2014

REAL-ESTATE: Juicy Couture saying 'ba-bye' to positively its stores

Kate Spade polka dot iPhone 5 case and Company has started its wind-down associated with Juicy Couture stores in the United States and consequently Canada.

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The company, formerly Fifth and Pacific, sold rights to the Targeted brand last fall, and endorsed operate the Juicy Couture often and it's e-commerce through August 2014.

With only about 45 situations remaining, we're already hearing opportunities swing shut in bricks-and-mortar stores in Southern California. The Juicy Montage store in Palm Desert released a quiet exodus at the end of Early.

Corporate is also being a bit tight-lipped about the roll-down, saying only to discuss with your local stores. One big thought will be the obvious removal of your favorite officine when you click on the JuicyCouture. com page for store locations.

Sales associates in several Southern California stores contacted Wednesday said they're waiting to hear brand of the closure date, or are definitely been taking steps to scale down.

As for what'll come of the product after August? Watch for the bling to come to a good Kohl's near you.

We'll have the stuffed story in today's Press-Enterprise.

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