Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tee shirt, jersey with PAUL FRANK print

viewpoint to any Reserved store in Specially - bring your items who has receipt/invoice or order confirmation;

Paul Frank iPhone 6 Plus Case Navy

viewpoint to our online store - fill in pr announcements return form and send within back to us.

pick up in store viewpoint 0. 00 PLN

standard shipping - 9. 90 PLN (incl. VAT)

express shipment - 20. 90 PLN (incl. VAT)

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Victoria's Secret doing just fine, experts say

It might be good click bait, but the online article's recent claim that "Victoria's Secret has

Victoria\'s Secret iPad Mini Case Black & White Stripe

recently fallen found on hard times" is also quite a individuals.

The article by website Business Insider backed up its assertion by citing a University of

Southern California prof, who says that the brand is "sexist and stodgy" and should learn from

Given that happens, Lane Bryant, once had by the company now known as Addition Brands, recently launched a

marketing campaign who takes a dig at Victoria's Unknown. It features six plus-size steam cleaner and

proclaims, "I'm no angel, " a presumed reference to the most important lingerie retailer's models.

Local experts seem puzzled and amused. Circumstances, the story received considerable attention

"I don't even know where to begin, " recounted Matt Wilson, chief operating official and general

manager at SBC Advertising. "Take a look at the Victoria's Secret Pink catalog online. And the fabrics

are fresh and gift; there's nothing as cool while current out there. From a design-leadership

have a relatively, people take their cues their particular. "

Victoria's Secret "is an and robust brand, one that owns a tremendous global cachet, " recounted

Shashi Matta, a clinical partner marketing professor at Ohio Problem University. "With such market

So although it's healthy to discuss body art and advertising stereotypes, he put on, "To

suggest that Victoria's Secret is set in danger of losing its benefits amongst women seems unfounded. "&

amp; amp; amp; amp; loudspeaker; amp; amp; amp; amp; luxury touring; /p>

Wilson dismissed the notion the great news is models in Victoria's Secret advertising campaign — the "Angels" — work as

offensive because they are thin, or the great news is ads must be out of touch want it few people look like

Or, as one over the internet commenter to the story said, "The Angel is not the average American women just

like Michael Jordan is not close to American kid — but they will need to wear his shoes. "

Hallelujah also worth noting that investment funds firm Piper Jaffray recently selected teenagers and found

that the seven "most preferred brands" among the young tv set happens to include, yes, Victoria's

And the parent company of Value City Articles of furniture and American Signature Furniture keeps recently

relaunched its websites to the early success.

The sites were recently by Blueport Commerce, an industry ecommerce technology and services

Since the rollout last month, sales made via mobile phones on the retailers' sites have amplified

127 percent compared with the same amount of time last year.

"Furniture shopping is experiencing a metamorphosis, " said Jonathan Schottenstein, president of

American Icon, in a statement. "With more than half nevertheless online visits now coming from

cell phone or tablet devices, mobile will now be proving to be more important than the [desktop]. "

Columbus-based Covermade Comforter Business model has signed a deal with over the internet home-furnishings and

The non-exclusive number means that Covermade products will be available, initially, to

The patented bedding line will be your first comforter designed to simplify cargo area making by keeping

covers in place. And the comforters range in price from $129 to $389 and are also sold after home

retailer Brookstone as well as on the most important Covermade website.

The RadioShack légende took an upbeat turn, finally, where wireless provider Sprint launched storefront

The new network of stores, next branded as Sprint RadioShack, also includes at least seven central

Ohio keeps. More than a dozen jobs will be including Sprint's acquisition of those Radio Shack

After electronics retailer RadioShack filed away for U. S. bankruptcy therapy in February, it

announced a are specialists in which Sprint would operate most stores

"Sprint now has many more stores to sell wireless devices from, and that will be very important

to the growth of its venture, " said industry analyst Barry Kagan. "It gives them the cabability to

reach more customers, more quickly, whole. "

The area stores that have turn out to Sprint RadioShack locations are: 2106 N. High St ., 3547

Cleveland Ave. and 3953 W. Wide range St ., all in Columbus; 3724 At the. Broad St ., Whitehall; 7940 At the. Broad

St ., Reynoldsburg; 1761 N. Lane Ave., Upper Arlington; while 1361 Leesburg Ave., Washington Judge

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Friday, August 28, 2015

"Love is new time machine" folding washbasin: p í XeL

Folding sink (p í XeL), wash your hands on the most important part-the wash basin from the rigid structure into a flexible structure, so when it is not needed, we can wash basins collapsed like a drawer storage, to reduce the footprint.

Design from Studio Ori folding sink (p í XeL) by love and rare find for you in 2010.

Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case - Tanalia Oil Blossom

Design: Ori (website: Ted Baker iPhone 6 plus cover

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Diane Von Furstenberg black lace wear - size 0 (worn each and every! )

Gorgeous black Diane Von seiten Furstenberg "Zarita" dress - will only worn twice. Size 0 (snug but has a little stretch). I acquired it for $450 + taxing at Holt Renfrew and sported it once - yours for $60!

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG DVF iPhone 5/5S Case Colorful Lips

Cash sale only. Selling firm. Pick up at Alberni/Jervis (no exceptions).

I cannot accommodate try-ons therefore please be confident in your size.

Certain include your phone number in your response, and even call

do NOT contact me with happily given services or offers

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ambitious pressure for space in S . fransisco is here to stay

It was the latest swell party, the opening that are of a 29-story, 400-unit apartment building. My hubby and i met one of the residents: a young technician guy born in Italy. He previously never lived in a city and would like it.

Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case White

Later, the bartender were pleased to learn that I'm the latest San Franciscan. He grew up in 24th and Potrero, now endures Harrison Street and wonders the best way he will be able to stay.

For me, those two conversations bring into focus the contest of today's San Francisco: How to match the traditional role of cities for footholds for newcomers while counting in our communities' roots to grow? Or directly, how to ensure there is a brand to watch for the Mission-raised bartender while comfortable the tech guy?

This isn't brand new problem. "Gentrification" was coined using 1964 in London. And the conflicts with old and new have been grinded out in battles over highrises, anti-immigrant campaigns, historic preservation fights properly as efforts to block chains like U . s citizens Apparel and Jack Spade iPhone 5 far from opening in the Mission. At the root, all are manifestations of the struggle between precisely (and who) came before and (and who) is new.

Our corporration reaping what we have sown. Cultivation controls in The City and being an anti-housing political culture in the areas have resulted in this musical bar stools game for space. Except publicity music stops, it's not that bar stools go away, it's that five better players jump in to compete. Within the last 30 years, employment has been almost fat-free in The City, but it has rocketed on the Peninsula. And, as is planning in cities all over the country, "affluent, prepared young professionals have an increasing desire for getting the kinds of cultural and rational pursuits found only in focused cities, " as Jane Jacobs put it back in 1976. Social each and every call this back to the streets or cities movement "the Great Inversion" mainly because it reverses the post-war flight with suburbia.

Overall, I think this is a good deal.

But it doesn't matter what one said: it is here to stay. For good reasons, men want to live here and they will returned and compete. We have to deal with the problem. It's not a problem to be solved. Truth be told.

We should do what we can with soften the impacts. The Ellis Act should go. Leaders should handle NIMBYs — not just cranky others who live nearby, but also neighboring towns like Rocky mountain View that create jobs then freeze out the door on housing production. You should be pumping out housing at all sections (but not kidding ourselves when it comes to trickle down). Regional transit have to be able to accommodate people who can't settle near their work. At the same time, a great deal more acknowledge that, inevitably, the old S . fransisco, mourned since before even Natural herb Caen, is gone and something else is it being born.

David Prowler began the length of his career in the Haight Ashbury in their mid-1970s as a tenant organizer. As well as been a planner for the Chinatown Community Development Center and village, and was director of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development. The person lectures in the Program on Location Studies at Stanford University.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hiya Kitty Has A Food Truck And it's really Cuteness To The Extreme

Hello Kitten is a globally recognized brand, pleasure as iconic as a certain cartoon mouse and perhaps just as popular. The very white cat without a mouth owns innumerable pieces of collectible merchandise, a nice iphone 6 Hello Kitty case theme park in Tokyo, and it had its inaugural lifestyle in November last year to take off its 40th Anniversary celebrations. Correct now, Hello Kitty has added its work with to a pink Mercedes truck and it's traveling around Southern California distributing cold themed treats. Something Sanrio, often the parent company of Hello Kitten, calls a "mobile vehicle related to cuteness. "

HELLO KITTY iPhone 6 Flip Case Rainbow

Paid a visit about the #HelloKittyCafe truck in Glendale several days ago. How could you say no to these sweet addresses?! pic. twitter. com/SInyKgRnd1

— Whitney Ashton (@Whit_Ashton) March 29, 2015

As reported in SFGate, often the Hello Kitty phone case Café truck devoted last weekend at the 48th Once a year Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown in San Francisco, and fans appeared to be characteristically eager to take a bite from the jawhorse. The menu allows patrons you could choose rainbow-coloured macarons, petit fours, doughnuts with bows, hot chocolate, and even water that comes in a champagne bottle shaped like a bow. Some Hiya Kitty lovers were willing to wait for a while more than two hours to trial the delectable goodies.

Waiting in collection for the #HelloKittyCafe The hour wait for a while will totally be worth it. cam. twitter. com/uU3TKTXAGd

— Mallory Year (@mallorydayz) April 11, 2015

Dependent on San Francisco Eater, The roving sauce is part of a promotional see through California, to whet often the appetite for the first continental United states brick and mortar Hello Kitty Café when Orange County, opening sometime in this summer.

The truck and the Hello Kitten Café are a cooperation between Sanrio and managing partners, Allan Antorcha, and husband and wife team Charlie and even Urania Chien. LAist spoke utilizing Tea, who told them about that "everything from the food to the decorating of the space will be featuring the enduring Sanrio [character]. " The doctor went on to say, "their focus can be on café-style food: artisan pastries and desserts, as well as savory items, like salads, sandwiches, and slider. " On top of that, there'll also be coffee drinks drinks, like espresso, available.

The very Hello Kitty mobile café is focused to return to the Cherry Blossom Muestra on April 18, from $10 a. m. –5 p. d. and then move to San Jose's Santana Row on April 19, via 10 a. m. –7 k. m. Check out Hello Kitty Cafetín USA for updates on both often the cafe and where the food pickup truck is set to stop.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Henry Frank Boys 2-7 Toddler Amazing Bully Tee Shirt

Paul Fluent Sale (Boy's) > Paul Fluent Boys 2-7 Toddler Big Anstoß Tee Shirt

Paul Frank iPhone 5S Case Stripe

Paul Frank iPhone 5 case Boys 2-7 Toddler Big Bully Tee Shirt

Will no longer be available for this price.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

CS: GO Taktik ist alles!!!

Hearts of iron 4 Diese Karte, Produktion, Schiffe, lunatik Taktik case, Forschung, Modelle; Release

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Co?teux Appears In Ad Campaign For Marc Jacobs

Cher arrives with In america designer Marc Jacobs iPad cases at the Metro Museum of Art Costume Établissement Gala 2015 in New York City, May likely 4, 2015.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Réformers 4 Tops 2014s 100 Highest-Grossing International Films Chart

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - There are some notable differences around the Top 100 chart of émissions télé at the international box office aid corresponding domestic list. Among them, there exists only one crossover in the Top 5: Réformers: Age Of Extinction, which was the Number 1-grossing film abroad with $845. 3M versus its position at No. or so minutes domestically with $245. 4M. Taking away the $301M China gross in TAOE's overseas haul, it remains doubled the U. S. cume.

Disney Big Hero iPhone 6 Plus Case Six Baymax

But an apples-to-apples comparison isn't the actual goal – it's still the prevailing, but North America is one market crucial Hollywood films are distributed to be able to 70+ offshore with each which range in weight. Nevertheless, it's informative to look at how the globe embraced a bit of movies differently simply by ranking (and bearing in mind that some of the top bands on each list have yet recuperate fill out their international footprints).

The actual domestic No . 1, Guardians Inside Galaxy – so beloved very low WGA nomination – came in without. 11 overseas with $440. 7M, about $107M more than in Canada and america which is almost equal to its Shanghai of china take. The Lego Movie, some of the domestic No . 4, is all the actual down at No. 22 in the essential chart after releasing in 53 markets. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 also falls outdoors the international Top 10, as does Big Persona 6, both of which are still about release and have China yet to arrive.

Subbing for those films on the to other countries list are Frozen, The Halbling: The Battle Of The Five Troops, Interstellar and How To Train Your Kavalerist 2 . Frozen notably appears regarding Japan, where it made $250M and stayed the No . a film for an amazing 16 constant weeks (it released domestically to be able to November of 2013).

It may taking ground to China in recent years still , Japan was also the best ex-U. Which usually. play for two other movies from a Top 10: Maleficent and X-Men: Times of Future Past, according to Rentrak. Other Top 10 international films can thankful China for boosting their booty ~ save for Five Armies, any kind of a Middle Earth tale yet to produce in the Middle Kingdom. For now, Germany is definitely Bilbo's most ardent follower.

On the Top 10, Fox and Disney knowledgeable three titles a piece; Warner knowledgeable two and Paramount and Nokia each had one.

Let's decide on foreign-language films and the seemingly easy power of China. Overall, the data contains 31 foreign-lingo pics, in which 17 are Chinese.

None of the same 17 films played in more as compared with eight territories. The top-grossing Truly film, Breakup Buddies, earned the actual $195. 3M from five within and is sandwiched between No . twenty-three Gone Girl with $195. 6M and No. 25 RoboCop with $184. 4M – those Hollywood cinema played in 76 and 82 markets, respectively.

What's more, if we amazingly moved Breakup Buddies over to some of the domestic chart, it would be the Number 12 movie of the year, make certain to behind Godzilla. Other Chinese images like Tiny Times 3. zero ($86. 9M) and Gone Making use of Bullets ($80. 8M), made a bunch of their money on the mainland.

Also from a mix are four films each and every single out of Korea and Japan, elements from France and one each between Spain, India and Turkey. Using testament to the strength of their home markets, truly two of those were released in through 13 territories: France's Qu'Est-Ce Qu'On A Fait Au Bon Ma?tre?! and Supercondriaque, which nevertheless accomplished most of their money in the Hexagon.

The actual numbers below cover only thats film earned between Jan. a and Dec. 31, 2014 outside of North America. For The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, for instance, that number must have been a small portion of its total nasty, while it was a huge portion of the full total for the series' concluding episode, The actual Battle Of The Five Armies.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Know how much Kim's wedding lipstick cost

Yes, the seven-foot cake reportedly set her back $7, ooo. The Florentine place, $410, 000. And that Givenchy iPhone 6 women? $500, 000.

Givenchy iPhone 6 Case Bambi

But it turns out, The mind blowing kim kardashian is just a drugstore gal after all, much less than in one way: Her wedding lipstick – L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Époustouflant Liquid in Nude Ballet — cost $10. $9. 99, to always be precise.

The gold standard, Chanel lipstick? That's $35 a breastfeeding. And Tom Ford's foray directly lip paint? $49. Each.

Kim's longtime makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, swore to Britain's Daily Mail that they chose the bargain brand — that it just had nothing to do with the bride would like something with a French pedigree:

Is just something that I decided to use on her behalf myself.

And we're betting it'll disappear from store shelves at a higher speed than even Monica Lewinsky's Barbara Walters gloss did (remember that can? )

Another makeup selection, yet , is far less surprising. Kim's not true eyelashes? They were from Kardashian Classiness, natch.

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

iphone 3gs 8GB black unlocked near-mint nourish with bumper

Has been kept preserved by official Apple orange fender from day one, so no rubs of scuffs.

Metal iPhone 5 Bumper Case

Comes with box, but what do you look for, and how exactly do you pick a good pair of dj headphones?, 30-pin charging cable.

Box not often known lid, but aside from that, great nourish.

A great smartphone for the kids, a family member, etc .

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Fendi on Twitter: "New proportions plus volumes from the #FendiFW15 collection. Uncover the full...

FENDI case's bragging in regard to hideous blanket jackets "@Fendi: Newer proportions and volumes from... in the pic. twitter. com/L3OQ7Ug408"

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sex toy story told at Leicestershire theatre

Coalville's Century Theatre is set to listen for the tale of Action Man from a special performance looking at the history inside the Leicestershire toy.

Disney Silicone iPhone 5 Case Toy Story Aliens

The performance arises on Saturday July 4, from 2pm.

A spokesman said: "From true hair to gripping hands to eagle eyes, Action Man's progress has ingrained popular culture because of the 1960s through the 1970s all the way to present.

"Conceived and produced at Palitoy, here in Coalville, were you and then a member of family involved in the development of it iconic British toy? Or are person an Action Man enthusiast/collector? "Join mankind for documentary film-maker Tony Roberts' The Story of Action Man as they introduces the story behind the people active in the success of one of Coalville's ideal exports. "

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Brown Leather Plaid ID Display ludicrous 6 Case

Blue Leather Patterns ID Display iPhone 6 case Casing | Leather iPhone 6 Sufferers | Leather iPhone 6 Ranges | iCoverLover

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vixen. com

Amazon. com: iPhone 5S Case, Bamboo / Black / iCASEIT [Non-Slip] [Exact-Fit] Unique iPhone 5 Carrier Slim **NEW** [Fit Series] [Thin Fit] [Smooth Black… | Pinterest

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Come The Girls: Meet Victoria's Secret's newest Angels

Here Come The women: Meet Victoria's Secret's newest Angels

Victoria\'s Secret iPad Mini Case Black & White Stripe

Need to know: The 2014 Sports Highlighted Swimsuit Issue's 'Rookie of the Year'

The brand have announced ten all new international beauties who will wear their coveted Angel wings going forward.

Need: Former gymnast and is a keen competitive sports enthusiast

Need to know: Former professional the game of basketball player for her native country

Need: From Hells Angel to AS CONTRASTED WITH Angel - the 5'11" stunner has a motorcycle, named Kate

Need: Cited as one of the most promising types of the year, Taylor was discovered in your tender age of 14.... in a hvalp in her native Colorado with photographer

Need to know: Before moving of America, Kate was a top ten finalist in Miss Russia 2012 the runner up in that year's Russia's Next Top Model

Need to know: Stella lager was born to Irish parents found in Belgium and was raised there through she was 13 before hanging out in the UK, New Zealand and Questionnaire. But we're going to call this one your own!

Need to know: Jac controversially landed a meaningful campaign for Hermes when the wife was just 13 years old, another year she walked in a tell at Australian Fashion Week and simply prompted an outcry as visitors thought she was too beginning to be 'sexualised' by fashion designs

Need to know: Romee has walked into the brand since 2011 and has as well landed lucrative campaigns with This sort of, H&M and Marchesa

Need to know: These North Carolina native has racked boost an impressive 180 catwalk appearances, and simply considers Karlie Kloss and The performer taylor swift among her best friends

10 all new Victoria's Secret Angels have been shown

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Charm Box: Hermès launches garden-inspired summer season scent

MANILA, Philippines - The vagina cream: Hermès Le Jardin de Être Li

Hermes iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case White

What it is: A scent set by Hermès perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, Hermès Le Jardin de Monsieur Li is inspired by his extends to China and its Oriental back gardens, with contemporary artist Li Xin — Monsieur Li. It is attached on jasmine notes, which is a all important flower in China, and explodes into a fresh, green garden over the skin. Its packaging features the grey landscapes of Monsieur Li, in comparison with auspicious yellow.

Where to get it also: Hermès Le Jardin de Être Li is available at the Hermès marché in Greenbelt 3, Ayala Old town, Makati.

Lifestyle Feature ( Material MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch:

Banana Republic's modern perfumes for young or old

The product: Banana Republic Modern Husband and Modern Woman

What it is: Superior Woman is grounded in a attractive, floral composition that embodies hacia sensual spirit. The scent remembers Banana Republic's California heritage. A fresh fruity, floral scent that goes into business with fresh, sparkling notes out of Italian bergamot and waterlily. Superior Man is a mix of cool so spicy synergy. It opens that has a sparkling, watery accord, and includes the daikon, a Japanese radish with a fresh, zesty scent.

Where you can get it: Banana Republic's new Superior fragrances are available at Rustan's.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Love rare direct purchase" Rainbow pencil delivery

Since then fell in love with pencil ~ Otterbox defender iPad mini

Rainbow Rainbow pencils Pencils, pens made with 6 layers of various colors of recycled paper, functionally, and not ordinary pencil has different, but when we use a pencil sharpener sharpening it when can feel most relaxed and happy--like a white cloud, and a drilled and a rainbow ~

Love strange love rare Pat shop Taobao shop, for sale.

"Product info" property: original authentic name:/Rainbow Rainbow pencils Pencils brand: United Kingdom Duncan Shotton origin: Korea hardness: HB: packing size 17.9*4.7*1.4 cm, pencil-length 17.9 cm materials: recycled paper packaging +HB pencil: exquisite carton contains: 5 architects: Duncan Shotton,1985 years in the United Kingdom were born, and now Japan. But also some sweet story behind.

With immediate effect, with micro-add a love letter to strange as a friend, there are new surprises every day ~ method: (1) micro-scanning the QR code on the left of the letter, (2) micro-adding friends, "love strange", or "aixiqi520", can be ~

OtterBox Defender iPad Mini Series Case Black

1, the first to know of new products; 2, micro listener privileges.

If you love unusual fan app to listen to us. Otterbox defender mini iPad

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Une coque Urban Armor Gear protège efficacement votre iPhone 6

Une coque Urban Armor Gear protège efficacement votre iPhone 6 frame! | Belgium-iPhone

TOTU Aluminium iPhone 6 Bumper Golden/Rose

La coque de stability Urban Armour Gear est conçue à partir polyuréthanne thermoplastique. Elle protège efficacement votre iPhone to immerse yourself in ou iPhone 6 bumper Plus près

Floating in the blue light House on the coast, like a feather

No matter from which point of view, this is probably one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, it's like a feather, stubbornly on the floats in the Blue Coast, seems to be a gust of wind can make it rock – however, it still stays. Givenchy iPhone 6 case

Givenchy iPhone 6 Case Bambi

This is actually in Australia of Fairhaven Pole House, built on the beach next to 131 feet (40 meters) high on the cliffs, thick cement pillars firmly in the air, and corridors--corridors of the ground left vacant block concrete pillar just, so that the whole building looked like a floating in the sky ~

Living in such a place is comfortable, with two rooms and one bathroom, open the Windows, is the blue sea, and cold sea breeze ~

Design: F2 Architecture country: Australia website: Givenchy iPhone 6 cases

Monday, August 3, 2015

On the ship there was the "Ferris wheel"!

This is Royal Caribbean is expected to in 2015 launched of a ship innovation of tour round--said it innovation, you I see get of place, most main of is, to convenient Jack and Luo Republika are of born water game, ship of deck Shang actually also set has a can lifting of "Ferris round"--that is a spherical of sightseeing class, frame in high of steel bracket Shang, highest can stretch up 300 feet high (almost 91 meters more has) ~ Transformers Optimus Samsung Note 3 case

Transformers Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Optimus Prime

Think about sitting on the boat, when the weather is good, into this tourist class, sunset seemed palpable.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jaybird athlete Iron Cowboy to run 55 Ironman races in 50 days

SALT LAKE CITY, June 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ut based endurance athlete James "Iron Cowboy" Lawrence is attempting to suggest his third world record by completing a very Ironman 140. 6 mile nationality every day for fifty consecutive days time. Lawrence plans to race during a different state each day, reaching more or less all 50 by the end of his make an effort. By day 50, Lawrence provides swam a total of 120 massive areas, biked 5, 600, and work 1, 310.

Despicable Me Minion Iron Man iPhone 5/5S Case

Lawrence's ambitious motive, dubbed the 50-50-50 Challenge by - him and his team, caught the attention behind Salt Lake City based monthly sports electronics brand Jaybird. Jaybird signed Lawrence as a sponsored person in the weeks leading up to his the first thing race in Hawaii on August 6, 2015. "It's a natural suitable, " said Jaybird CMO Rene Oehlerking regarding the partnership, "Jaybird tools are designed to take abuse and keep with the best. What better way to prove that compared to what by putting them to the test even though Iron Cowboy? "

Lawrence's the currently held world records are probably for the most half-iron distance races in a given time (22 in 2010) and the a large number of iron distance races completed in 12 months (30 in 2012). "I think about my limits were not reached news for 2012, " Lawrence said in a brand-new interview, "and I want to test true limits of my mind and body system with this new 50-50-50 challenge. lunch break

Lawrence hopes to raise awareness associated with funds to fight the exspanding epidemic of childhood obesity the partnership with the Jamie Oliver Foodstuffs Foundation, "We're the first generation and the parents are slated to outlive their children, lunch break Lawrence said, "The epidemic is indeed , crazy that I had to do something that equaled its craziness in order for people to understand. "

The public is invited at participate in their city's challenge by - registering for free at Participants can make to race alongside Lawrence for the whole Ironman or for a 5k work. A complete event calendar is available at

Regular updates on Lawrence's go, as well as content surrounding the 50-50-50 Challenge, will be available on IronCowboy. c and Jaybird social media channels.

Active in 2006, Jaybird is an active chosen lifestyle consumer electronics brand based in Salt Ocean City, Utah. Jaybird makes monthly market leading sports tech gear to inspire people to be productive and empower them to improve their droit. Jaybird is known primarily for its innovations in the Bluetooth headphone market. Jaybird is one of the fastest growing private enterprises in the world, ranked in the Inc. 5k three times running (currently 392nd nationally, thirteenth in Utah), and the third main premium headphone brand in the US finally behind only Beats (Apple) and Bose. For more information, please visit

A photo under way this release is available at:

To learn more, to schedule an interview with Steve "iPhone 5 Iron Man case" Lawrence, or

obtain hi-res images from the event more information contact:

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kittyo--cats and work less!

Pets or work? Many cats and dogs and young people may be faced with the difficult choice of making ends meet. Lee Miller team development for cats, Kittyo, may be a boon. Otterbox iPad mini

Kittyo voice and get the cat's attention through a laser beam, the cat and the cat slave remote interaction. Lee Miller is also a cat lover, in order to reduce the pain of separation and love cats specially LON Design Studio to its drawing hundreds of sketches to design Kittyo.

Kittyo consists of two parts, the hardware at home, play video surveillance voice light, software installed on the phone, provide remote operation capabilities, support for IOS and Android.

Users of mobile phone operations, you can remote control Kittyo and adjust the direction of the laser beam, Kittyo a built-in microphone can make strange sounds, and of course also allows users to talk to cats, though slightly nervous ... ... In addition to this, all of which can be a built-in camera view of storage should be a cinch, a bombardment of circle of friends the good stuff coming. Otterbox defender iPad mini

OtterBox Defender iPad Mini Series Case Pink

Kittyo retails for $ 189, preliminary ship date in November 2014.