Friday, November 27, 2015

Tickets software author disclosure seven on the travel ticket questions

The annual Spring Festival travel season curtain, tickets home to a lot of anxiety. 12306 sites keep these years to adjust a ticket system, Cheetah tickets master author of wooden fish to 12306 System 7 problem resolution:

1. unstable 12306, cards, and other

This is one of the most common problems. 12306 each spring brings a lot of adjustment, a large number of booking people flocked, and a bunch of high frequency levels ten times per second the server query bombing 12306 don't slow, hard.

Slow time (such as CAPTCHA brush does not come out, not to queue), endure, and try again. It's not booking software can solve a thing, of luck and skill.

Why 12306 so slow is because 12306 slag it? Of course not. Cause you don't know? Is everybody going home for the new year, hundreds of millions of people caused by fierce brush!

2. obviously not available, showed the vote; or show tickets, failed to submit ticket

This is a high frequency problems appeared in recent days.

You may encounter this situation: minutes away from the sale, but said XXX already have tickets for sale. Such as Changchun day stand up for sale for 12 points. Now at 11:50, tickets to be displayed like this:

Tickets software author disclosure: seven on the travel ticket questions

But God damn is that sometimes not available, you will find that writing a ticket.

Tickets software author disclosure: seven on the travel ticket questions

Of course, this kind of ticket you are unlikely to be submitted successfully.

Tickets software author disclosure: seven on the travel ticket questions

This problem is difficult to explain, because and 12306 system. Individual cases, 12306 returned data may be wrong and obviously haven't a ticket, it said, let you submit, submitted later said no ticket.

Whether this condition is currently unknown for the time being. Currently, you can judge for yourself if you want to submit as prompted. If you have submitted this tip too much interference, you can try to ignore the data. Method is that the Cheetah master tickets check the following options.

Tickets software author disclosure: seven on the travel ticket questions

In addition, be sure to mention: invalid data or incorrect data is not necessarily certain cannot be submitted successfully. So if not deeply disturbed, do not select, or unexpected delays may submit its own ticket.

3. train not check, or show restricted, or display of the provisional sale to ... ...

12306 volume adjustment, adjustment to complete the sale.

Currently known should be completed before January 10 of adjustment, so more attention within one month.

When will be available? That only 12306 know, chances are they don't know customer service.

4. the verification code is difficult to read, can you go around?

I have always believed that people who want to bypass the CAPTCHA is innocent and naïve people ... ... Either ticket scalpers

1) if there is no authentication code, so normal users is definitely Rob but cattle, do not be coy, thought that without verification code will be faster

2) code cannot be identified, you to identify somebody else would have to recognize this is equal. Eyesight not myopic don't know what of, bad luck or a natural competitiveness Oh no--it is part of the strength, no reason you let them wait for you

3) there is a common misconception: I see tickets, all because of this verification code but not buy. This relationship with the verification code not much, may you see when votes were long gone. This involves a lot of technical detail, not here.

4) "why 12306 against all this code! "? Please, 12306 was forced out this CAPTCHA, really wants to let everybody go home go much more smoothly. If all of the tickets go to crack CAPTCHA software, will most likely result in ticketing systems due to serious traffic congestion and cause everyone can't buy a ticket. Like all cars abandoned on the road traffic rules to grab emergency lanes, you think about it, in this case, the road can go?

5.12306 log, contacts, important reminders

12306 now does not allow an account log on multiple devices (including multiple browsers, small models, such as computers, cell phones and grab), so if you want to help, it is best to use the second or third account, unless you can't also participate.

To be on the safe side, ready for a few more accounts are extremely good.

Particular attention is now 12306 contact maximum limit of 15 and cannot be deleted within six months, so do not in their account of the Riga others, protecting yourself when not used.

In addition, if a social security number is added to the more than five 12306 account, might be 12306 judgement for the fraudulent use of identity, it must authenticate to the station, means that you must resolve to the station, can't be used online to buy tickets, please be sure to pay attention.

6. why didn't vote for sale?

This is due to the restricted policy.

Simply put, restricted policy is a different station on the line of ticket quotas are not the same, General station, the terminal of origin is levied by many of the big, little or practically no other small station.

It is generally recommended to buy tickets, buy a few more stations to the station or directly buying votes. (Tickets are cheap, buy a few more stations and not much dearer)

Currently know news is limited generally in the last few days lifted. For spring, however, can you wait until that time?

Hot line wants to buy some passing students awareness of the direct express! Buy probability is not high sleeper!

Behind the chances that tickets did not sell out to the station, students can make a long and amazing! This is the Spring Festival transportation Spring Festival transportation Spring Festival!

7. really is every hour, has it?

This misunderstanding is probably one of the most silent.

This can be said to be correct, but is only for pre-sale period no later than the day, that is, in fact, it says that every hour, has a new station started selling tickets.

Already available when there are votes out of the station, then only God knows.

So the General recommendation was that concern when you have time. Shun Feng Haitao two points made cross border

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Winter is approaching Venture money was not so good

Winter is approaching? Venture money was not so good!

  Autumn, summer, chill first.

  Ancient wisdom to create merged this stuff so people can be moved along, changes clothes, fresh positions and plan ahead. However, the climate of the capital markets to far more traceable, "national business" heat wave hit at a loss, for "capital" temperature perception inevitably lags.

  Other Bank view "fire" you may not have noticed:

  Last year was very hot car this year, the industry has friends close two-consecutive-carpool, love, and this is just the beginning. Similarly, refusing to home networks, looking for fun, walk the dog tourism clusters, jelly sightseeing + travel, the Internet deaths, patronage networks, 36th room, supplementary help Internet + education has fallen, housing network, drive road network, and other Internet + home lonely ... ...

  Meanwhile, under the agitation seems to have high potential, is the voice of entrepreneur--

  "Money, did not seem so good!"

  Recently, the Tiger sniff interview several before I got the money or are preparing to take money to entrepreneurs, and listened to what they say:

  One near entrepreneurs get A+ round of financing, scrambling to get these days in Beijing, with a new wave of investors starting. For urgent action, the founder group has its own reasons – last month the stock market dive, hardly can be expected to follow the capital crunch, is the principle of cash is King now, for next winter food grain to ensure the company can achieve a good development in the second half. "Also, similar products, is now busy making money, don't take, how to run it?" He said, "we all have a sense of urgency. "

  Baidu even got e bag $ 100 million b round of financing to wash founders Wing Yiu Cheung will also have feelings; and a stick to dollar fund entrepreneurs have had to let go: "the RMB funds are also welcome, BAT and we are actively engaged. You ask which one is better? which one will do....... "

  But others said calm, on the market after they have been recognized or is confirmed, financing this year to go smoother than last year. But when asked, "why not just into series b, but was released under a constant round of valuations plus", the entrepreneur said: "We hope we can go even better to see some data. "

  If you look at the financial news, you will find, reported in this A+,A++ round of funding this year than last year, and this scattered along the common, is reflected all of the urgent or journey's difficult?

  Therefore, the environment is cool right?

  For temperatures closer capital, the Tiger sniff travelled to several institutional investors. Throw after that call, "overall capital investment has not changed," is almost a consensus among members.

  Indeed, if you look at total number of incidents and the amount of investment hardly seems to come to the conclusions of the investment went cold.

  From financing IT Orange data show that from January 1 to July 31 this year, a total of financing Act 1706, much larger than that in 2014 and 1296, almost flat with the hottest part of the last year.




  But does this mean that market enthusiasm still? Up position! TMT industry investment in the future,

  In this regard, investor: "poor market as a whole. "

  While slightly later than the judge before him-"I expect the second quarter of this year, when heat of the market will come down, but just a-share peak, and lift up the market for a while. "

  As to why the market fell and the low tide, and not on the overall data, he explains:

  "We have done some research, raising average period of 6 months, a round of projects if you need to do VIE, about need such a long time. This also means that today you see these companies in July of Close, probably in January, has signed a term sheet, or a little later, in April or May, they were signed. This is because just two months ago, markets are not so bad, but now we feel it is very obvious. "

  Statistics for ChinaVenture7 months from mid-2015 Internet industries VC/PE scale of financing in the second quarter was 3.789 billion dollars, fell 50.36%; financing case number 222, fell 10.84% (public data only). Seem to March the Prime Minister on "Internet +" remarks, also does not allow lifeline in charge of capital investment became more excited.


Illustration 2.PNG


  So cold because of financing?

  In General, is due to insufficient market supply, in particular in two ways –

  "Orgasm sequelae", USD

  In 2014, Alibaba, Jingdong, poly-America, cheetahs are successful overseas IPO, the wave tide of us listings, greatly affecting domestic investment market. In this context, dollar's advantage fund raised amount will increase. According to 2014 China venture capital annual report shows, during which the dollar fund raising completed 30, totalling US $ 8.179 billion, accounted for 43%.

  During the investment boom in the last year, dollar fund did kill a peak and subsequent is the "climax legacy", are as follows:

  First, because last year, overexert, dollar funds finally consciously save money in their pockets to spend, thus the project more seriously. So you are less likely to hear some of the so-called "second vote" project;

  Second, too many investment projects last year, and project management takes time, resulting in reduced project time. In particular has been put into the project in the absence of to before the next round of financing, no new investor involved in management, investment and management after a heavy responsibility;

  Third, the hands have been posted on items found in the process into the next round of not that smooth, leading management to spend more time, at the same time, the next round of investors are not easy, so buyers are more cautious.

  Share cool RMB Fund to combat

  Prior to the stock market crash, the whole market into a large amount of renminbi funds in the first half, even many mutual funds and listed company in a hot market as a whole. But a-shares after rapid cooling, making many investors have lost confidence, many listed companies has signed a term sheet aside. A share capital as a whole has dropped a lot.

  This will have a direct impact is as follows:

  Individual project funding cycle long: Term of two or three weeks to hammer out before, now may take weeks to get 3-4.

  Project initiatives to reduce: items may take four or five Term Sheet before, now may only take two or three.

  Project financing amount is shrinking: in a round, for example, turned out to be between US $ 500 to 10 million, now it's probably only get $ 300 to 6 million looks like.

  Reflected on the entrepreneurs who are deep sleep into money is not easy. Summed up, was the slowdown in the pace of capital market valuations senses gradually. In the view of some investments, everything is just the beginning. "There will be further weakened. "

  However, this "cold" is not a bad thing. A FOF agency partner telling Tiger, and in the past three years, with a number of emerging business models and technologies and the birth of many bubbles, and that bubble has peaked this year. "Everybody needs to calm down and make some decisions, and make really good companies get investment. "Crunch" is just another round of survival of the fittest, natural law. "

  Known cold-heat, who is happy and who worries?

  As someone afraid hot antifreeze, overall decline does not mean that exactly the same part or in individual perceptions, under the premise of cooling the entire capital environment, there are always people who will be more difficult than others, some people realized that was personally excited by lady luck. So, the next day, which one would you be?

  Middle days of tough

  As drops of valuations of billions of non-listed companies, is already too strong to die, they roll the highest quality most of the money in the world, even in cold climates, they can still get a very good investment. Go back to early-stage investing, some with high tech or even black new business models, products and want to get the money, it is not difficult, but failed to further clarify the exact path to think more of their products, trying to win a fistful of money, it is not that simple. So, by contrast, b company seems to be the most stressful. And taking money for company b, investors further to three causes:

  B company are not small. More staff per month invested huge, and b-round majority of TMT companies not very blood-forming capacity, income is not high, looking at the sums of money paid out, stop subsidies once, data is easy with atrophy.

  B market structure is uncertain. Later investors prefer pattern of approved projects, the star project is excellent to take money, c company is pattern is set, the stars are easy to finance, and lower level is basically a wash sleep. B due to patterns of undecided, so entrepreneurs are unwilling to market yet, investors have to decide exactly who, reluctant to hand.

  B round of financing amount is small. Basically, in the past year, series b financing of more than $ 15 million, b company at more than $ 10 million this year, in the financing of such a scale, investors dare not so much to gamble on a team, this value is too expensive, too risky. In contrast, c round it became clear that, under decision easy; a round of corporate financing lower amounts, 3 million American financial to slow down to $ 2 million into a Pre-A can.

  To b in spring?

  When one of our Internet death list appear in public, or when happy or sorry, Enterprise Services entrepreneurs have a sense of thousands of Xin without pain. Some even referred to 2015 is "service first". Therefore, the wind starts blowing into enterprise service?

  In fact, the "Enterprise Services spring has come" the voice appeared as early as four years ago. But if you look, you will find areas of enterprise services is actually a very stable, it is not so obvious for capital market reaction, in other words, capital for the company's development speed is relatively small.

  One investor said: in contrast, red can be used to quickly take the user to the last drop, breeding habits, market and service focus is to train people, giving it the ability to serve a business, this is a matter that requires time. Service enterprises and individual service are not the same, can't say vote for $ 100 million, and the company can improve its service capacity right away several orders of magnitude. Enterprise quality of service for personnel and technical requirements, it is doomed to be a slow process.

  This year will see a large number of enterprise-level service with large amounts of financing? it is because these companies have done a very long time, industry has evolved for a long time, and gradually he was able to come this far. We can imagine to get us three years listed, do the $ 15 billion valuation drops 3.5 years, but inside the enterprise service, find such a case is difficult, because they take a long time to brew.

  Now by means of the Internet can help enterprises expand the scale to a certain extent, but compared with the excellent To c company, it is difficult to have an advantage. However, it is also because the features of enterprise services, causing it to be capital market fluctuations are small. May be seen from the data, now enterprise services easier to get money, but in the long run, corporate services the amount of money a company's data is more gradual. It's "Spring" from a certain standpoint, is the capital of winter contrast.

  Winter is coming, why survive?

  Maybe pour some cold water, but Tiger sniff find investors who talked to corresponding measures, hoping to help you safe for the winter.

  (1) cash subsidies and scalping to be careful of these things, should pay more attention to the long-term healthy development of the enterprise direction. Through baptism of the bubble, investors ' eyes light up more and more, they are not authorized to burn money and acts of scalping, after all, it's not a long-term thing. In contrast, they value the user retention rate and the buy rate, health index of the entire operation. Only healthy growth, effective growth.

  (2) to be able to get the approval of the capital market, most importantly in their own market barriers and status.

  (3) the prices don't get too tangled. Truth is, you don't get the money, someone else is the same. 11 boom in the first half, we all got tens of millions of dollars, are pushed out of the advertising is very expensive, we have money, money. But after market cooling down, only a few have the money, but the competitors have no money, they advertise, and cheaper advertising effect, no similar spelling, and sufficient market effect. So, get the money, quickly run forward and don't let conditions valuation these entanglements, got the one Term two weeks not to sign, maybe investors will mind. Took the money back, don't get bogged down in details.

  Good news is, this can almost see this year's winter capital, and two is not the same as 2009 and 2011, more crazy bubbles after the baptism, investors became calm caution, great projects and there is no lack of investor enthusiasm, so guys, good luck!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Millet gives himself out of those successful concepts do you believe

Millet gives himself out of those successful concepts do you believe?

  In 2007, Steve Jobs Macworld Expo in San Francisco, said, "Let there be an iPhone!" So the mobile phone industry has changed dramatically. A large group of companies on the Chinese market also enjoyed the benefits of the mobile Internet. Perhaps benefited most of all is established just over 5 years of xiaomi.

  Millet this 5 years, valuation from 250 million dollars rose to 45 billion dollars, growth 190 times times; 2015 first half of phone sales 34.7 million Taiwan, continuous 5 a quarter stability home domestic phone sales first; executives team from Lei friends circle 5 a friends extends to contains Hugo Barra, and Chen, and Orrick of super luxury lineup; millet products line from phone single products extends to purification device, and TV, and router, and intelligent hardware zainei more article products line. Millet 5 years over China more than 10 years of accumulation, and is far lagging behind them. From the current situation, in terms of product shipments, still favor capital markets, brand awareness, and millet was a success.

  There are many reasons for the success of books, reports, revealed millet, millet, Vice President Li Wanqiang wrote a book of the participation of the decrypt success is a sense of participation, millet CEO Lei summaries are draught, was also considered to be word of mouth thinking, marketing, the Internet, and so on.

  In view of the existing, there is a paradoxical idea, or mask millet real reason for the success, we take a look at:

  Participation is not core of millet

  Participation from millet, Vice President for MIUI Li Wanqiang bestseller, sense of participation, this millet the first official book way to decrypt millet growth reasons. Li Wanqiang graduated from engineering, design was born, the first is the design Director of Jinshan, Lei's old subordinate. Why participation is not the core of millet?

  1. participation MIUI is one reason for the success, not millet success

  Li Wanqiang participation into 33 laws, three strategies and three tactics: three strategies is explosive, do fans, media, three tactical, open participants, designing interaction, spread word of mouth event. But actually this just sets has a participation of shell, three big strategy in the except fans has must of participation sense zhiwai, regardless of is burst products also is since media are and user participation almost has nothing to do, and in three big tactical Shang open participation node and design interactive way except is MIUI of influence expanded of way, almost and millet phone, and TV, and intelligent equipment no any relationship, in these products based Shang user is lack participation sense of, and diffusion reputation event more is lack powerful of argument, Mentioned word of mouth we can think Durex topics marketing, millet has a big reputation by user memory? rice noodle Festival? user spontaneous discussion? this is word of mouth event? tion caused by marketing it?

  If participation sense is millet success of main reasons, that millet TV, Wifi router, and millet box, and millet air purification device of development speed completely should comparable millet phone; if participation sense is millet success of main reasons, that Apple not has does success of possibilities, because Apple products line is completely no user participation led of; if participation sense is millet of core, that Huawei Mate7 on not should was sold broken goods, also not was called best of domestic An Zhuoji!

  2. participation is false, the real user base is the lack of participation of

  MIUI with four tiers of users, from engineers to the closed beta group to members to the common user, at the beginning of millet or MIUI, small numbers of members have direct access to the Beta Group millet company participation bursting, but as the user base grows, developing members in particular stable release users with almost no sense of participation.



  Participation is more important MIUI user decided to feature MIUI, MIUI most function is to copy another APP or iOS, however derived, almost lack of original features. Find other APP or the advantages of operating system and prompts millet improvement can indeed increase the sense of participation, but certainly not as strong as millet is considered. Just released MIUI7 whether it is child mode, call show, 360 are done, MIUI6 've been sogou number the caller ID tags through the main function.

  Thinking the Internet has not been able to explain the millet

  Lei had repeatedly expressed "Internet mentality" is why millet succeed: "focus, extreme, Word of mouth, faster".

  But millet is deviated from the road.

  Had of focused is only do a paragraph phone, now is only do phone, and TV, and variety intelligent equipment, is expected to future is only provides based on community of lifestyle solution programme; had of extreme is do most with price, now is price than but glory, charm family; had of reputation of rice section sales 12 hours broken 1.5 billion, now is large rice turned meters black, MIUI7 caused rice rage, millet community paralysis. Once millet 2 is the fastest using the latest Android phones, but in lollipop MIUI7 out 10 months later still use Android 4.4, Meizu, Samsung would have supported Android 5.0 ... ...

  It can be said that millet is no longer thought to arm themselves to the Internet, but millet growth remains rapid, so in a sense, millet from the Internet thinking extends to the generic Internet thinking.

  "Homeopathy" does not determine everything

  Lei have millet's success is due to hold a wave of mobile phones from a functional to a smart device, homeopathy for later success. But homeopathy can perfectly explain the millet Jinshan, successful cause, does not explain why the millet from the cool crowd. China cool, HTC, step by step, OPPO, gionee, Moto, Sony has the same functionality to the Smartphone replacement trends, including trends have roots in industry for more than 5 years before the arrival of the brand, their understanding of the industry than millet, the consolidation of the industry, supply chain management is also well above the millet.

  So the flow is not sufficient to explain the growth of millet, not even a company stand out of key, Remy must be doing better than other mobile phone brands in some more solid, he became air flying high on the pig. The same way, micro-wind said he stepped on a social, stepping on the right traffic to the wind of change to the last drop, the Group stepped on the O2O wind, Ant gold suits stepping on Internet + wind, but in the end they must have skills and other factors.

  Social media marketing?

  So many users on the social media discussion of millet, so a lot of people think this is millet social media do a good logo, but really is it? do most well-known social media is undoubtedly the Durex, whether it is "heavy rain shoes" event, or "have me! fine!" Events, or other copy, Durex is unique, and this is unique and brand together.

  Let us look at millet's social media marketing, Li Wanqiang, for example in the sense of participation are:

  1, I'm mobile phone control users can choose their own mobile phone model and click on the button to share on Twitter, this is a classic case of Oh;

  2, millet's official Twitter sent a message: "no matter whether snow today, regardless of how the beast 2000 outcome, welcomes you from the stars, free to eat fried chicken, celebrates millet 2s drop 400!" This Tweet from around 1020, OH (General content forwarding). China in the era of Internet how to beyond the

  And the analysis of millet Twitter micro-content, of true attracted only 1 user, it is to forward 10 note, sent forward 2 Wifi, which is the direct cause of small forwards Mi Weibo was crazy. Forward and price wars, is a proven tool, but such a policy cannot be transmitted to attract the target user's strategy.

  Millet is what is the real reason for success?

  1. choose the right subject--Apple

  Domestic companies, especially Internet companies had a United States standard. Such as ctrip to Priceline,Youku on YouTube, Baidu to standard Google,58 the standard Craigslist ... ... Millet also chose a big Mac on the label, it is an Apple. Uses two of the standard model, is the direct use of foreign models, from tactics to strategy, copy everything, nor does it upgrade, such as airi rent, other is copying the skills to resist, selective reference, millet is the latter.

  Millet learning Apple, not only Lei was called Reebs (despite the title from Yu meters black, but Lei of clothing, speech style, PPT style no a not pirated of jobs), products used futures mode, learning Apple of ecological system construction, learning Apple of advertising mode, millet is a full of Apple apprentice, but is such of a apprentice not only improved of of learning, also creative of learning. Millet combined with China's national conditions to dismiss high-end users and the artistry to transform into a fever and cost-effective, drawing fans Meizu community, forming a Chinese Apple. Apple has been booming, and provides additional insights for millet (choose the wrong subject, where the customer was PPG pit away, grim Outlook for non-secret Secret).

  Millet reference reference not only to Apple product line and more importantly business patterns and ecological model. Millet compared to Apple's business model is as follows, you will find the millet almost a Chinese Apple.






  Of course, the millet is the main factor of success MIUI is Apple system software IOS development results, you want to know what MIUI system before it's against human nature, but UI ugly as hell, even with small useful system of individual preferences is difficult to fix the bug, add functionality. MIUI to accumulation of millet was one of the first original fans, then fans spread over phone and other product lines, which in turn brings the divergent effects of reputation and brand, now millet lifestyle solutions and smart home connectivity solutions are borrowed from the MIUI system as a whole.

  2. man is Ray's influence

  Lei is the soul of the millet can be said to Lei from the team and successfully created the financing aspects of millet, millet is never without Lei.

  Lei accumulated deep industry. Lei joined Jinshan from 92, 98 and became CEO, founded after excellence, become day investors, Lei industries have very dark accumulation, which laid the business model and direction of development of millet in one fell swoop.

  Lei circle of contacts. Have to say, Lei most of this generation of entrepreneurs is the management of Maoist supporters also practitioner of Chairman Mao's theory, such as pursuing "a lot of friends, his enemies little" Lei, for example. Lei in Jinshan and excellence and angel investment is a step by step after expanding their circle of contacts, most of these relationships have become power of millet. 5 founder of millet was first established is the perfect embodiment of its network, including Li Wanqiang Lei in the Golden old subordinates, with the development of millet explosive, former Google Vice President HugoBarra, former editor-in-Chief Sina Chen, former Vice President of Qualcomm Orrick joined millet, became entrepreneurs in the most luxurious executive team. And friends support on Lei and millet are very large, such as the 2011 including vancl CEO aged, UCWEB CEO, playing President Li Xueling, Yu Shang pin founder Zhao Shicheng, La cara CEO Sun Taoran, Le Tao Sheng Bi network founder, such as millet, new product launches and anger falling iPhone hype.

  Lei circle of contacts is also reflected in the reports of CCTV, use millet as a gift to name the party Honorary Chairman Lien Chan, Lei influence reflected in the media, not to mention, of course.

  Lei for millet investors imported power. Lei has a huge industry, which includes the investor, so millet is full of golden key does not need to consider established with capital, such as Lei's friend Liu Qin Morningside venture partners get the millet prepared to establish when deciding to invest, b was very much behind with the wheel, Lei Shun for the Fund may also invest in millet A+B wheels. Even an investor, because trust Lei from Jinshan founded millet's ambition (Lei reasons the entrepreneurial dreams of enterprise and confidence must be very high, the enterprise market is certainly not low), so just below $ 10 billion directly to the vote. It can be said that Lei directly determines the status of millet in the development process does not worry about money.

  3. low price war

  May some people will with price to form millet, certainly millet is has been claimed himself has price of advantage, I is mention millet is low price of price war and not price, is because price too had broad has, price has 2 a factor, performance and price, and performance of measure aspects too more has, like Apple Phone overall system special perfect, operation simple, using aspects, performance and user meet sense far above other phone, theory Apple should is price highest of phone. But actually our domestic mobile phone industry says price is only hardware configurations and prices, price naked into directly hardware and price. In the same configuration of hardware than the price at the same price than the level of configuration.

  Price war is not against the weapon, strong business models and moat also couldn't resist again, so there are many who believe that China's e-commerce is only a tool, that is a price war. Where a price war bites the ctrip, drops by the price war die fast, 360 on price war slaughter of the rising, Taobao price wars had transformed eBay ... ....

  Millet is as, with for cut off channel and brand advertising save down of cost control products price, eventually beyond below market price of way captured market, playing have traditional phone brand find not with North, this is millet quickly development get user recognized of maximum factors one of, and with other brand of followed up, millet phone of growth also further slowed has, price war for millet brings of advantage was weakened even was replaced has, so millet has long no with cock burst has, price such of vocabulary has?

  Of course, the price war is not in itself a skill, anyone can do it. But continued sustained price war is skill, and this ability is not easy to learn from, rice futures class price war and kill his opponent up the street, to borrow a Lei, millet is the price war was attacked in three dimension, all competitors as well.

  4. to bring word of mouth

  In front of the rice turned out, cell phones or cheap knockoff with no brand, or high price and good brand like Samsung. Millet filled the cheaper brand of "cost-effective" handset position vacancies. Millet doing good reputation is entirely due to the extreme items, this item has a two-point advantage:

  Been regarded as the best in the most powerful Chinese mobile phone, seized consumer mind. Millet's price and performance services to "geeks", and continue to consolidate its "high performance" position, together with millet ingenious and friends of his compare, so user millet has become the best domestic mobile phone brand.

  Millet satisfy the user can afford it face the psychological satisfaction. Phone is most close human of connection equipment, is using frequency highest of electronic equipment, this on decided has phone and clothing distribution ornaments as, not only has value, more is a people taste and preference of reflected, so phone more important of is meet user of psychological expected, that is reflected user forced grid of tool, what people with what phone, I Newby so I with of phone also Newby, I literary so I with literary phone, I is a idealism who so I also with can reflected I style of phone.

  Millet zhiqian of phone except Apple, and Samsung, and early of HTC can meet user extended of psychological expected outside, other Chinese cool joint or step step high are only stay in a easy of phone, but are not reached user love shows off of psychological expected, and millet initially is meet has user of psychological needs--"I with of is most Newby of domestic phone and you no or didn't buy to, so I psychological meet sense than you more high, I took out phone can get you envy of praise". Especially millet Futures model adds a psychological satisfaction I seconds and you're not, do you want to ask how I second?

  Of course with the end of millet Futures model, millet, black Street arcade from increased shipments and "value for money" being friends over, millet is the psychological satisfaction of users had gradually come down. But even so, in meet user "I with best domestic phone" of psychological expected still seconds killed Chinese cool joint a article Street, especially millet brand since Shang (one or two line City) and Xia (34567 line City) of extended health certainly more such as hammer SmartisanT1, and a added brand in core target user heart also reached has user psychological meet sense, but also has must of road need go.

  5. a logical "black" friends

  Zhou hongyi had words of ridicule is "Hubei smartest Lei Chen yizhou II I III" fully illustrates the smart Lei, Lei wisdom embodied in the very logic of the "black" friends, millet in users with the most cost-effective, is cock explode mobile phone brand positioning.

  Cell phone performance than mobile hardware such as high or low. Millet success of education has user phone hardware configuration more high phone performance more good, series success of compared let user deep of awareness to has millet and friends business of distance, futures mode, and wireless Xia cost of millet completely in hardware Shang seconds killed opponents, while this also for many media provides has millet leading friends business of most directly evidence, user from media reported Shang more deepened has millet than friends business of leading of cognitive.

  Despite we know separate hardware configuration and does not necessarily brings good of using experience and function experience, but this experience only is logic of expressed, and configuration of intuitive compared compared persuaded people is how of pale, this is why old Luo to in hammer T1 released Shi with Word to with had each main hardware (as SmartisanT1 used Gao Tongxiao Dragon 8,014 nuclear processor, frequency 2.5GHz, old Luo due for this is a star "currently volume produced of global most fast Mobile CPU").

  Pioneering use of running tools comparison friends. Millet was the first use of running tools to compare products feature, this way will use a different Division of run and give different results, but it is most intuitive for consumers because it will dull cannot directly into clear performance evolution figures, users are more likely to remember. Refuses to run, so led directly to parts manufacturers had to run data is optimized for running tools to encounter running automatic overclocking software.

  Millet does overclocking I don't know, but millet ran mainly of ' Tutu is Lei invested in tools.

  Queen's media holding millet black friends. Lei Shun not only invest in promising projects for the Fund, prefers millet eco-promising projects of investment services, and these media or by investment companies will naturally stand, and then had to millet or premeditated hands black friends. Lei, for example, has invested in mobile testing agencies Zealer, Zealer and hammer in the late war of words (of course may not have a direct causal relationship), but Shun Lei feng to fund investment NET after Lei Feng holding millet article the black friends to an endless stream of articles is true. Along for the Fund also invested in a Techweb, knowing, of course, music community, and many other Internet media or the community, with a high degree of credibility of the media, I don't know how many, since the negative but many friends in the media.

  Accurate positioning and identify the emerging market. Millet was first established by mobile phone or high-end more than 3000 Yuan price, either positioned low-end priced less than 1000 Yuan, but the price is a 1000~2000 blue. Millet positioning cock wire group is also a blue sea, they would want to buy at a lower price to the more push products. Millet also serves cock wire tight groups, pay attention to price, because only the Niggaz that focus on cost-effective, high cool or have sex, or look at price, absolutely do not see than, short short and poor can only be nothing.

  English-language blog HungerMarketinginChina of rice flour made a portrait of a typical user groups: young men, education is poor, cities are mostly low income age, sick young women of the same age, and love sitting at home playing online games prone to Idol fetish ... ……

  Social media applications (full service). Millet really using social media is not social media marketing to brand success promoting, not the award-winning forward, but really full customer service and listening to user feedback. I have Twitter feedback millet router weak signal, and finally the engineer Zou Longjun millet new media solutions, full advantage of social media results are user complaints or problems can be quickly resolved, this dry time than customer service complaints more quickly and effectively, much more users favor. Full customer service at present in addition to millet, I am afraid that others can't follow up, feedback only, because most companies don't have anyone to speak on behalf of the company.

  Of course, the millet also noted that full service is also at risk, such as in July this year, Liu Zuohu, hailing Lei: good friends millet employees unprovoked attacks.

  Certainly, millet success also has many factors, like Lei component of Premier complementary team, like on media of differences of using (micro-Bo, and millet official website, and QQ seconds killed went on sale), and like stole Division charm family of fans marketing, and like from MIUI software started of strategy positioning, and like millet ecological circle of established (integration Lei Department products into millet and MIUI), and like hunger marketing...... But these factors are not above 6 factors of millet's influence even more.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Not to mention unintelligible O2O this free phone after the King took it

  O2O on the air, no matter what industry, which project, there are three iconic features:

  Benefits: list of hundreds of services that must be 1 Yuan, free group, is a "habit", money is called a wayward # VC burned anyway.

  Home: shelter, food and clothing to run out, no not the door! worth while? said two.

  Marketing: find, eye-catching, and what a pompous!

  Up to 700 in a single day, maxed out the city's mobile repair O2O Flash, no doubt to avoid the above three, seemingly everything is accounted for. In Hangzhou and Beijing to promote early Flash worship throughout the city service free film. After the CEO Wang Yuan and I chat, O2O labels these bang, bang, bang on him stickers, the result was his relentless counter. Wang Yuan dolls with a slightly rounded face, but talked transcendent born mature, perhaps it is "after the CEO" tag crowd qualities. He reminded me, Flash appears to be doing subsidies, but with those 2vc project is not the same, he knew that he was doing the right thing. Seemingly low-key to establish different from each force, was still after the.

  Take a look at what Flash do? how to play?

  Earlier than their peers in 2011, Wang Yuan began to do iPhone repair, Office of "Broadway 705" has become synonymous with computer repair iPhone in town. 20 engineers, following a one-third iPhone repair business in Hangzhou, by 2014 and to millions of Yuan in water. Beginning in 2014 the Flash this Internet project, is taking the early cryogenic polishing products, later high profile marketing, quick way to spread.

  Flash repair commitments: 1 hour door-to-door service throughout the city, 20 minute quick service and repair. Wang Yuan that the phone itself is interesting, with an ornamental, users see the rest assured while explaining look interesting. Maintenance videos, in the open and transparent on the basis of information, allowing users to have a sense of participation, can be verified, make friends and users, increasing brand recognition.

  Apple began specializing in Flash, well standardized services, has now expanded to three-star category, millet and Huawei's main model. Product modular process, allowing users to "mobile phone brand > models > color > fault type" step by step, easy, anticipate problems, and give the reference price and maintenance programmes. A few simple steps can resolve in the micro-credit services, and no main App, App is H5 packaging for the time being, but left the door open for other directions.



  (Failure to Flash product selection on the screenshot)

  Begin to build a base camp outside Hangzhou in late March, June to enter Beijing, now amount to more than 100. After several months of trial and error and the two cities run, Wang Yuan says get through a model, process improvement, staff reserves in place, ready for the rapid development of the national territory. Coupled with the power of capital, earlier Flash repair man took the rice capital of millions of RMB Angel is going to pre-A now. This pace of expansion is planned in September in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and in October in Shenzhen and Chengdu in November, Wuhan, Xian, Changsha, Shenyang.

  Around cell phone repair

  Also see mobile phone service this market quite a few Internet start-ups, Wang easily using the media to cultivate fans, send phone repair mode; owned by Tencent superfix front-end processes and Flash is similar, but used to send maintenance. Though each city home the human cost of this model, but the problem is a waste of time, the possibility of secondary damage and road, the responsibilities are not clear. Using door mode startups, citing media reports of several such as household appliances housekeeper, maintenance of Wan Xiu technology, Hello, geeks, and so on. Neither one can avoid cell phone repair line of those already buried crater.

  The first pit: not official phone is lying!

  Mobile phone market in the early years of chaos, parts confusion, false prices, "mobile phone" + "computer city" scene into a synonym of bluff. In order to guarantee quality, are less price-sensitive users will look for the manufacturer brand of professional maintenance. But brand specializing in processing speed, quantities are limited, and some even sent back to the factory, is time-consuming. Internet entrepreneurship is the essence of more resources to the user orientation, quality and time into two core issues in front of the new industry giants, who took the lead to resolve these two problems, who got a head start.

  Second: freely and I can't persuade Wang Luo, maintenance elements come from?

  An unavoidable problem is the maintenance component of the supply chain, to ensure that genuine, ensure adequate supply? remember from Luo Yonghao vs Kings free game, old grip easily repair component routing problems. Components for Flash, also known as the authentic, original split from Shenzhen team, the team acquired United States cheap genuine contracts, down into its parts supply to Flash repair maintenance. Wang Yuan also emphasized that Flash accessories to these original disassemble a vetting mechanism, are used only by professional engineers testing parts. However, as old holding onto, original removed piece of ill-gotten, whether there is sustainable? first, in the United States credit society, contract breach costs are very high. Second, the contract is no longer the telecommunications main purchase, trade-in, and diversity of telecommunications business, might make the invisible industry lost supply.

  The third pit: how long is a low maintenance can track?

  O2O play, pay attention to the high frequency and low frequency, cell phones have a higher price, but low frequency. If there is no high frequency services to drive, there is no reason to remember the brand. Wang Yuan did not deny this, but trust, once established, customer loyalty is very high. High frequency to the phone itself doesn't work, the brand and the user stickiness, can play in appropriate context by other things.

  Say cell phone repair, more exactly, Wang Yuan long track of fancy mobile phones have been sold, specific rules of the game are from the trade-in to the secondary sale of old cell phones.

  The new-for-old, a lot of people are, but how to allow the user to choose you?

  Wang Yuan Apple release rhythms infused with, change the lifestyle of the new phones every year, but in fact changed old phones can also be used. User demands security, genuine, no trouble at all, not to recycle old cell phones, but can feel the first time new technology products. Users only need to fix Flash man 2000 each year, they will get a new mobile phone delivery, helping users in the old phone App, contacts and other information to a new mobile phone, old phone information removed in front of users. The completion of the action, in fact, the upstream and downstream directions of imagination:

  One, will occupy a new sales channel, and were strong demand for new products, and quality to less price-sensitive users. That was a different time Business today you need

  Second, recycling old cell phones, and of good quality, Flash can put them into three or four cities, secondary sales.

  Third, the color is bad can cannibalize, become a source of cell phone repair original spare parts, maintenance main feed business.

  Three steps to correctly open the O2O

  Answering the question raised at the beginning of the article, Wang Yuan to O2O idea, looks like new.

  1. non-blind subsidy: free film instead of free maintenance

  Story VC O2O project burned money market, subsidies in first-tier cities of white-collar workers. Massage, manicure, send the lobster, a wide variety of free driving entrepreneurial companies in the eyes of the elite users accustomed to the habits of freeloading. Wang Yuan stressed that they are different from competing products, pastes the membrane but does not free the phone to Corporation, you have to know what is your purpose in doing this. In order to let more users know that the Flash brand, mobile didn't think Flash repair man try instead to make an impression in a film company. So when introduced in each film, Flash on mobile maintenance and user interaction, like bad battery with long life, will recommend users discounts for batteries.

  2. not home for O2O: starting from the user's demand

  Wang Yuan looks forward to state: "door is to the user don't have to waste your time on the road, a cup of coffee, I can safely let Flash phone repaired. "Do the complex things simple, listen to the user's voice. Phone anytime, but not in order to the door, you have to spend time waiting for me at home. Wang Yuan on I started to give him the door label refused: "this particularly low is not the future of O2O coat, holding the door banner. "Cell phone users don't want to wait a second, but to create a sense of the convenience of anytime, anywhere, so that time and place are no longer is a limiting factor, which is that users need to style.

  3. marketing: rides, fried topics, emphasis on philosophy

  Marketing was Wang Yuan does not deny that, watch the Flash of several marketing, I found their level is progressive. Marketing is a lift for the first time, in February this year in Hangzhou "the most beautiful Apple store" open Flash sent two Spider-man to lift market, fruit powder, accurate against the crowd.

  Second times is topic marketing, a days night I brush friends circle, brush to Wang Yuan sent has article exception of friends circle (following figure), now I on think this buddy hype does! didn't thought hype into has "history Shang most strong boss" topic, micro-Bo hot found list sixth, day has 300duowanduo participation volume, zhihou has dozens of home various media to reported this topic. Grasp the social sensitive problems such as marriage, buying a home, extremely topical.




  (Pictured from the circle of friends of Wang Yuan)

  Wang Yuan after privately told me that wants to do "a certain man" riding a horse to the congested streets of Beijing Mobile, in addition to the stunt, is trying to convey a special behind the "House" concept, not to your home, but convenient to you mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The magazine readers with ink is also do phone dual screen mobile phone

15th, "Asia's first published" research and development of the reader "reader reads DZS2" intelligent dual-screen phone at the 17th session of the China international high-tech fair (the fair). Readers also marked the change from traditional publishing to digital publishing is a new exploration. Readers in Asia were very influential, media-oriented culture enterprise, its highest monthly circulation of 12 million, which still accounts for the position of third in the world and the largest in Asia.

The magazine readers with ink is also do phone dual screen mobile phone

Gansu province business Office Deputy Director Zhang Shien introduced, readers group as Gansu province focus build of well-known culture industry, in transformation upgrade and digital published aspects made has active of exploration and many of practice, by readers holding established of readers Gansu digital technology limited (referred to readers digital), a culture added technology type of enterprise full play itself of brand advantage, conform to digital published development of new trend, active caters to Internet times reading and spread way of new features, and new requirements, in open cooperation, and Complementary advantages and resource sharing principles, and exploring the development of traditional media in transition and new ways to cross. Homemade picture when it will be spring

"The reader has experienced 35 years of history, this time enabling us to read the memories of the reader. "Said Ji Xiping, Chairman of readers publishing media group, now we read more than 80 channels of broad, a smart phone can basically meet the needs, traditional publishing readers ' reading habits by the high-tech industry and impact.

In response to this situation, in recent years, digital readers representative group of readers from traditional publishing to digital publishing bold transformation of the forces nouvelles, from content production to innovation of hardware and software development, actively attempts to mass, all-round. Has been successfully developed and launched 8 daidian paper books, tablets and smart phones, and the latest electronic information technology and scientific and technological achievements, such as the use of Internet technology to the field of publishing, formed a "reader library" as the main body, with "data processing" and "readers intelligent Terminal" for the two wings of "one body two wings" development pattern.

Ji Xiping said, the development of "readers read is DZS2" intelligent double screen phone is a paragraph "good solutions satisfactory" reading tool, because now many people gave up has traditional paper quality books and select with electronic ink screen reading device to for reading, ink screen double screen phone of appeared will phone application and eBook reading device seamless combined in with, health nursing eye, super low power meet mass reading by needed.

The company disclosed that "readers read DZS2" the ink used is currently on the domestic and international markets are one of the most excellent screen, than Russia has released YotaPhone2, its unique properties and built-in digital readers of independent research and development of "reader library", people will have a different reading experience.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Read it drive you don t panic

Driving process, dashboard fault lamp alarm will suddenly appear occasionally, though with the interpretation of each alarm lights in the car manual, but a few people to understand? In such cases, perhaps only you can do in a hurry to get angry calls asking: what are the warning lights on the dashboard mean? Car can do?

Read it, drive you don't panic ... ...

Vehicle each time when I first started, will be lit on the dashboard "colourful" vehicle alarm indicator, vehicle parts, this is a system performing a self-test, if not extinguish the warning lights, is that it represents a system problem.

Onion concise today for everyone to talk about those common alarm dashboard lights what does is mean.

Onion summed up, distribution of these warning lights on the dashboard is divided into three main categories:

1, indicate that a class

What does it mean? Is actually used to describe vehicles present state of work, let everyone be aware of.

Read it, drive you don't panic ... ...

Category 2, tips

If this led lights up, indicating the abnormal state of the vehicle or driver does not properly, you need to do some processing.

Read it, drive you don't panic ... ...

3, fault classes Push the debut in January 2016 Volkswagen New

If fails a class icon lights up, that car has failed, should be carried out as soon as possible a thorough overhaul.

Read it, drive you don't panic ... ...

In short, we see icon lights up on the dashboard when must be calm, calm, calm, first decide what fault lights are lit up, and then deal with it reasonably.

Onions give you so much, friends feel at ease? If you feel very practical, forwarded to let more people know about it!

Onion app public: car onion rings. Transmit positive energy here, tried a variety of automotive black curtain, free cars cheat-proof secret, more practical cars, used cars the ultimate coup! Stop headaches, focus on onion rings, add your car service clubs.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Baidu source business platform O2O eco to further improve

  On August 12, the billion euro net wallet invited Baidu in Beijing organized by the theme "converging interests, breaking the marginal" source ecological cooperation business platform of Baidu started Assembly. Start Conference, Bai said Zhang Zhenghua, fubao, Baidu in the era of mobile Internet is committed to connecting service, building Internet environment.

  Meanwhile, Baidu source business platform (hereinafter "source") today launched formal are open to businesses, main functions is brings together merchants offers precise distributed to users, pushing Baidu O2O ecological to improve further. Source and commercial platform has also released the same day, "Baidu wallet O2O Rights League". The Rights League, first launched from door-to-door service businesses brought together through Union operations help on-site, third-party partners to improve user efficiency, reduce the cost of offline operation.

  Along the bumpy, Baidu's wallet in the twists and turns on

  In 2008, Baidu had to work together to "Yes" enter when it launched the "hundred fubao", and later with the business strategy, best fubao State of being stranded. In 2013, Baidu launched Baidu finance platform, hundreds of fubao back into public view. April 2014, Bai renamed fubao, Baidu, Baidu launched payment brand wallet embedded in Baidu in all its mobile products. In April 2015, fubao General Manager Zhang Zhenghua said Baidu Baidu wallet wallet will launch an independent APP.

  Baidu rely on massive flows of resources, with more than 600 million active users, industry analysis, Baidu transformation 30% wallets as long as user traffic is sufficient to directly impact existing business systems. But do this is still has difficulty, because Baidu of user and paid treasure, and micro-letter paid of user has overlap, has part has habits paid treasure and micro-letter paid of using way, if wants to put these flow diversion to Baidu wallet, not only need technology support, more need change user existing of consumption habits, how attract user to attempts to new of trading tool and mode is Baidu of problem where.

  It is reported that "source" wallet team responsible for the operation of Baidu, Baidu will position it as do offline to create accurate online O2O marketing management platform, based on the map search, Baidu, Baidu Union, Baidu entry, offline businesses the original Baidu wallet offers precision injection users.

  Following the 20 billion yuan investment after the rice business, Baidu rallying O2O

  Baidu in the BAT's opening plays the role of a bridge, after the user reaches the Baidu, will soon be able to go to the desired Web site, and on the mobile Internet, users demand from "find information" extend to "services." This means that Baidu is not only aggregate information, and also aggregate business services to meet the needs of mobile phones the mobile consumer. 5050 innovation and entrepreneurship competition

  Baidu has been short on e-commerce in June of this year, Li announced that within the next 3 years will increase by 20 billion yuan investment in glutinous rice, and with Baidu's wallet, to create source business platform, and Baidu search, Google map to form a perfect O2O closed-loop chain.

  To make mobile payments to let users accept, need to grasp the flow inlet, cover three key dimensions and payment instruments. Analysis of the industry, Baidu O2O distribution infrastructure in at least three:

  Is a rich application scenarios and use of boundaries, adapted to both entities cover scenarios such as catering and service, but also facilitate the virtual payment, such as game charge, recharge, products purchased, etc.

  Second, the comprehensive payment products can improve, mobile payment security is key--how to prevent Trojan viruses, malicious mobile applications pose a security risk, how to protect user data from being compromised or reselling, how to prevent mobile phone lost by the criminals through cell phone text messages to verify password modify payment instruments catering, rapid, anonymous consumer shopping offline.

  Third, user awareness and use of the entry, payment habits, when consumers, merchants generally use, there is Matthew. From a user experience point of view, consumers and businesses are reluctant to traditional payment process an additional link, so promoting implementation and marketing tools are also very important.

  "Source" start would give Baidu wallet more features, more content-rich, coupled with Baidu O2O consumption scenarios: mobile maps Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Baidu glutinous rice has access wallet, wallet makes Baidu consumer stickiness will be greatly enhanced.

  On the line, and Baidu wallet with many mainstream e-commerce platform, including United States online, beauty of high quality product, easy to find food, next to shop, I bought a net, where net, donkey mother.

  Online Xia, and CITIC published group, and in the grain group, and hundred WINS group, and Shandong aviation, and new world group, and friends ceremony meeting, and brush hand ring, cooperation exploration, cover eat, and wear, and live, and line, and leisure entertainment zainei of many scene, cooperation brand includes has new world department store, and Beijing a cartoon, and KFC, and sipped feeding, and Harbour fishing, and good child fitness, and Haagen-Dazs, and Hamburg King, and good neighbors,.

  Baidu source business platform: Baidu O2O an important part in the development of

  Next will use Baidu wallet "source" information integrated into businesses, and helping traditional businesses to do mobile marketing guide to passenger traffic in stores, consumption, consumer services, and not just a means of payment. For businesses, the source can help businesses based on geographical location, target users, put on the precise privileges granted the channel, move the mobile consumer; users, use Baidu, Baidu search, maps and other products in the process of targeted offers can be obtained, simply spending bill binding Baidu's bank card payment wallet, you can automatically obtain preferential.

  Baidu interests lizheng expressed O2O door-to-door service traffic into low, weak and pushed at high cost, sales, branding and other phenomena, while Baidu can give businesses have three values:

  Baidu is a flow. Baidu maps Baidu, Baidu, Baidu through mobile phones wallet, direct source, Baidu, the League of rights, SDK, platform, O2O merchant traffic; take the form of online cross pushed, benefiting businesses within the Union;

  Second, services. By Baidu Baidu developer business center technology, government relations, and other supports, O2O venture provide incubators;

  Third, business model, the source system.

  As one of the three giants of the Internet, Baidu in the area frequently O2O punches, with Baidu's wallet, integrating online and offline business deals, be changed Baidu's massive flows of resources of a good plan. This release source business platform, Baidu is dedicated to traditional business adapting no problem on the Internet, to build a more extensive consumer and service scenarios, the underlying service resources and as a solid foundation, creating a more efficient and convenient O2O ecosystem.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Barbie babe show fresh sister show iPhone5 brand accessories

IPhone5 brand accessories, Barbie babe show fresh girl show

IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand, the "soft" and "hard" in two different materials, thin shell close to the fuselage, covering all the buttons on the machine, iPhone5 360 ° all-round protection for you.

Review: IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand "

IPhone5 brand accessories, Barbie babe show fresh girl show

IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand, the "soft" and "hard" in two different materials, thin shell close to the fuselage, covering all the buttons on the machine, iPhone5 360 ° all-round protection for you.

Review: IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand "

IPhone5 brand accessories, Barbie babe show fresh girl show

IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand, the "soft" and "hard" in two different materials, thin shell close to the fuselage, covering all the buttons on the machine, iPhone5 360 ° all-round protection for you.

Review: IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand " Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case Hello Kitty Note 3 cases

IPhone5 brand accessories, Barbie babe show fresh girl show

IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand, the "soft" and "hard" in two different materials, thin shell close to the fuselage, covering all the buttons on the machine, iPhone5 360 ° all-round protection for you.

Review: IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand "

IPhone5 brand accessories, Barbie babe show fresh girl show

IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand, the "soft" and "hard" in two different materials, thin shell close to the fuselage, covering all the buttons on the machine, iPhone5 360 ° all-round protection for you.

Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case

Review: IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand "

IPhone5 brand accessories, Barbie babe show fresh girl show

IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand, the "soft" and "hard" in two different materials, thin shell close to the fuselage, covering all the buttons on the machine, iPhone5 360 ° all-round protection for you.

Review: IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand "

IPhone5 brand accessories, Barbie babe show fresh girl show

IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand, the "soft" and "hard" in two different materials, thin shell close to the fuselage, covering all the buttons on the machine, iPhone5 360 ° all-round protection for you.

Review: IPhone 5 has been launched for nearly a month, but never decreases the buying boom, its parts is cause for concern! Young models showing is in the hands of two premium iPhone5 cover, they are from the United States by ElementCase SwitchEasy? brand "

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

History in the making old fashioned camera to use iPhone 5 charging cradle

History in the making old-fashioned camera to use iPhone 5 charging cradle History in the making old-fashioned camera to use iPhone 5 charging cradle History in the making old-fashioned camera to use iPhone 5 charging cradle

Normally placed in the living room is also very good the product, the iPhone 5 charging cradle sells for $ 45, equivalent to about 280 Yuan, like friends to the Etsy website. Michael Kors Note 4 Case Michael Kors Note 4 Case

Source: goheee

Michael Kors Note 4 Case

Monday, November 2, 2015

Winter capital entrepreneurs are no longer plain

  An acre of layoffs are causing more interpretation, one of the most confusing is that rumors of capital divestment. Although, an acre of land that had been so archaic folk song, but the industry's doubts persist. One reason is because an acre of farmland lack credibility, on the other hand, is a capital venture capital attitude really tend to be cautious.

  Said one person close to Sequoia Capital, the investment company became conservative, is no longer so radical in venture companies. Feedback from capital circle is: stock market gives many listing for any company cast a shadow over these companies in financing is no longer a ridiculous price.

  One industry more than 20 years of media executives suggested that the bubble is burst of entrepreneurship. I think the problem is, 2015 and beyond, and will repeat the 2000 global Internet bubble?

  The stock market crash of 2000, Sohu, Sina, NetEase company fell below 1 dollar, but for Zhang Ding hang these predecessors, perhaps just a portal is not a brilliant decade. Certainly, that was most uncomfortable not just these people, Ma was busy pull up stakes for their internationalization, close branches or agencies worldwide. Lenovo, the diversified prove to their pain temporarily is bad.

  My personal view is that mobile Internet business in 2000 and in the age of Internet start-ups, there are essential differences, although there are foam, foam is not significant.

  An obvious example is mobile Internet business category, many of which are in the form of ground, such as O2O, which was a fusion of offline resources business moves.

  To car related of industry for cases, regardless of is drops drops for representative of taxi industry, also is China for representative of car rental industry, e generation driving for representative of generation driving industry, or e wash car e maintenance these service industry, its nature is mobile Internet and line Xia entity economic of close bundled, so, as long as entity economic of needs also in, mobile Internet venture basically on effect is unlikely to.

  In 2000, however, business is not the case. For example, NetEase's mailbox, SINA news, Ali's online shop. For users, these are requirements, but at the time it is not needed. Users can write, you can buy newspapers, supermarket, in 2000 the Internet company, and offline in the real economy to a certain extent, fragmentation is still serious. Ling Hu Zhengyu College students private space

  However, we must also soberly realize: Mobile Internet business model is new, but a bubble, its surface covered with Internet thinking is a liar, roiled the markets.

  Capital levels, the stock market used to be the institution's ATM. But now the stock market many investors became calm. Because the capital level, exit mechanism is a critical part, although we have seen of many long-term investments cover institutions and individuals.

  If the lack of a good exit, then, when capital spending every penny will be more cautious. Therefore, companies to raise money today should be grateful, not raise money startups need to stay calm, this is not alarmist talk. Survival period is 3-5 years of China's SMEs, startups will be longer than this? not likely.

  For startups, capital winter is an opportunity to shuffle. Bombastic cheat capital startups will large numbers of dead, survivors, valuation of how rational view of what is important.

  However, foreseeable is similar to Sequoia "without first signing the contract," the case is not expected to see in the future. Of course, the facts show that, without a contract is in the first paragraph of the so-called farce.

  Winter is coming, start-up companies in preparation for winter.