Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do not choose Huawei cell phone how to play intelligent life

  Future of home should is how of? with with Huawei phone a sound minor of voice reminded, thermostat device in you into housing zhiqian on automatically open has heating, and housing within also according to you of automatically opened and regulation good lights of shade, with with a cup hot coffee of released, TV audio has according to you of preferences began has set business program of download and play...... For each smart fast life of the desire to be like Tony Stark's business elite, this efficient and intelligent life is ideal, but this scene is not only imagination, will become a reality.

Do not choose Huawei cell phone how to play intelligent life?

  In 2000, when Bill Gates is located in Seattle's "the House of the future" unveiled in front of the media, people realized that "intelligent life" and the gradual acceptance of the concept. But among the "elite" category for people, big hardware building is still too extravagant, feel that intelligent life is not the channel through smart home, but through mobile messaging experience for high-end mobile phones such as Huawei P8-from daily reminders to behavior analysis, as well as a one-stop mobile APP brings cost pay and reservation services.

Do not choose Huawei cell phone how to play intelligent life?

  Wave of intelligent life fierce blow in recent years, many well-known technology companies also joined the trend. It's not, the world's largest maker of communications equipment company signed agreements with the world's biggest appliance maker Haier, one of the core is the "mobile intelligent Terminal to interact with appliances", which means Huawei mobile phones will become intelligent appliance system main entrance. Imagine that when a complex sensor function (infrared, sound, temperature, vibration, displacement, and so on) by means of a small cell phone portable implementation, make smart home with your heart and move more easily. Drones also need drivers technology gave birth

Do not choose Huawei cell phone how to play intelligent life?

  "Future of housing" of built process in the, spent has large building materials, and and widely layout mirror touch screen, and and for master and tenant configuration carry Intelligent remote control only achieved has intelligent home; and contemporary of trend elite only need a Department similar Huawei P8 of intelligent phone on can easily in residential platform on home electrical and appliances equipment implementation remote control, not only cost more low, one phone on from communications-induction-mode calculation-reminded-task, management link of integration, design sharply leading; and temperature humidity, and indoor of air quality, and Indoor environment parameters such as light intensity in real time on a mobile phone reminders, can make you feel kind of the first time.

  Penetration rates for intelligent home devices is said to have Europe and high-end communities near 30%, is trying to win high-end business elite life experience, facing the smart home design has begun to spread, just open it with a Huawei phone smart life experience, are you ready?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Small car class to borrow the car most people outside adjustable seat with seat

  More and more vehicles are equipped with an electric seat adjustment, while the more advanced vehicles have the seat memory function, this function switches between different drivers can quickly find the right posture, this feature on and off at the same time become more elegant, if you do not know this feature may wish to look at. Japanese cars Pontiac cars paint thinner Paint


  Summary: the seat memory settings vary for each model, detailed instructions are to read its instructions, instructions to vehicles every configuration details, instructions and steps, so read the manual in detail after the car is very significant.

  If you configure a feature of particular interest, or you would like to know when the car some utility functions, are welcome in the comments below the article and the comments you interact, we will bring together the views of its members also attend to explain hot.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Secure holiday Every Smartphone requires this feature

  Yahoo technology columnist Luobu·peigelanuo (Rob Pegoraro) recently published an article on Yahoo Tech, said every Smartphone requires a function, that is the holiday mode.

  Rob's article is as follows:

  I hope you spend a nice holiday in August to enjoy the singular beauty of nature landscapes, relaxing. But I suspect that you did not do so, instead of staring at the screen all day to get by.

  Why am I so sure? because I did it myself, and now I regret it. Wherever and whenever possible with their phones with them everywhere, thought this gadget will help our lives, but now I think it has brought us interference is actually better.

  Turn off your mobile phone as well as cut off our hand

  I know what you must be thinking. The easiest way to solve this problem is the "turn off your damn cell phone." But this does not help. In addition to enabling us to talk to people far away beyond the call, the mobile phone has become the main way we interact with the world around them. Applications on the phone can tell where we are, what's around, and how to go to these places.

  When we find ourselves in an unfamiliar environment, and phones that help was obvious. Like my good friend alikesi·huohuade (Alex Howard) in an article published in the Huffington Post said that, while he was living in Maine, his iPhone provides a great help to him.

  Problem is, no matter how much you passed their phones to get help, you can't avoid when you relax in the quiet and undisturbed.

  Howard wrote in the article, he only checked 2 times in a week work email, but every private mailbox 1 views. He had issued 26 Twitter, sharing 25 photos on Instagram, issued 21 Facebook updates. How amazing it is self-discipline.

  Two years ago, when I was on vacation, you can completely ignore most of the social media, but now I think I must have done this. Our intelligent home how far

  Not the model we should have, but we need to model

  Of course, our mobile phones can provide more help for us. They offer a flight mode, most of the mobile phone also provides a power-saving mode, some drives do not disturb mode is even provided, so why not add a new "don't bother me, I'm on holiday," new model?

  Holiday mode can provide navigation and geo-location applications as usual, Google maps, Yelp and Foursquare does not need to worry about that, but the holiday mode all email and other distractions can be filtered out.

  In default mode, it will display only the nearby friends or closest person on the latest content posted on social media. It would also restrict original content update alerts. All other information will be delayed until you come home again to inform you.

  It will be in the same style to manage your Inbox, receive important information from contacts to quickly display, but all other information is hidden. It may be hidden in every night with a table of information, you can decide whether to turn on this feature.

  I'm not sure if holiday patterns should give social media release, because if the handset refused to micro-blog posts seem to be a little annoying. But in my opinion, reduce the number of published information on the social media will naturally lead to interference reduction by social media.

  Whether there will be provided after the holiday mode smart phone? because both Google and Apple drive mode is not supported, so they provide vacation mode is also unlikely. Windows Phone is different, Google and Apple's mobile operating system do not include automatic switching Bluetooth Bluetooth model, users will still be using mobile phone manufacturer-installed plug-ins such as Motorola and Samsung cell phone is so.

  This is a life-saving feature, which is more important than the more quiet. It doesn't even let me set up a smart watch notification feature.

  DIY holiday mode settings

  Before the phone manufacturers have introduced the holiday mode, you have some modifications to your most commonly used mobile application ...

  When you use Facebook, you can be best friends to "close friends" and then show these close friends you can see only the content of the News Feed. Click on the "more" menu button opens the drop-down menu and select "close friends".

  If you have been using Facebook's "close friend" features, online will be sorted according to the distance between you and them.

  In e-mail messages, select Google and Apple's strategy is completely different. E-mail in Gmail and other Google applications, you have to trust Google to help you identify the top information priorities.

  Apple's "VIPs" feature allows you to set your important contacts, if you click in the list of mailboxes "VIPs", you can only consider messages from contacts. This does not need to trust the an algorithm, but remember to update list of VIPs.

  Lollipop version of Android in non-mail function and iOS VIPs function the same, you can customize the priority notification feature only accepts calls from some contacts and send messages. Apple's "do not disturb" function is also less flexible because "do not disturb" function call that can control and filter contacts, messages cannot control and filtering the contact person.

  Finally, you can also control the chat application using how much bandwidth. In iOS, you can prevent them from using the mobile data in the settings. Android also does not allow the user to an application using the WiFi network for customization, but you can use the interface settings data truncated background data access from any application.

  After all, if you decide to vacation mode as the daily mode, no one can blame you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Still AppleWatch enough personalities Take a look at the accessories

  As digital products are the stars of the company, Apple's products always attract many vendors for the production of accessories. Apple Watch has just released this year is no exception, let us look at the best on the market, the 13 Apple Watch related accessories.

  1, Spigen Rugged protective case

Think Apple Watch are personality? Take a look at the accessories

  Korea accessories manufacturers have been good at making well-designed, reasonably-priced mobile phone protective shells, now it's fine tradition has continued into this Apple on the Watch. The protective shell of the company to be able to fit in with 38 mm to 42 mm dial of all models of Apple Watch.

  This sturdy protective case in Amazon's price of about US $ 14 ($ 90 million). Although it cannot make your Apple Watch waterproof function, but at least you can protect the borders to these devices.

  In addition, Spigen Rugged protective case comes with two screen foil, they can to some extent, protect your screen.

  2, Moko sport wristband

Think Apple Watch are personality? Take a look at the accessories

  Reluctant to spend US $ 50 (about 320 million) buying authentic sports wristbands? you can choose some inexpensive alternatives, such as Moko wristbands sell for only $ 12 ($ 77 million), it has a black, white, blue, yellow and pink five color schemes.

  3, Nomad mobile power supply and charging cradle

Think Apple Watch are personality? Take a look at the accessories

  As early as 2012, Nomad began ChargeCard for iPhone and a wide variety of charging equipment. Now the company has launched two new Apple Watch charge products, they are charge Pod mobile power supply and Stand base, the price between the two products is $ 70 ($ 448 million).

  Nomad mobile power Pod is a lithium-polymer, which can fill four Apple Watch. Of course, if the Nomad Pod is equipped with a USB interface to charge the iPhone even better.

  4 Watch, Aerb bamboo base

Think Apple Watch are personality? Take a look at the accessories

  This bamboo watch and cell phone base from Aerb, sells for $ 12 ($ 77 million). As with other similar products, it can also provide charging capabilities for Apple devices. This product in addition to metal version, sells for $ 9 ($ 58 million).

  5, Speck CandyShell case

Think Apple Watch are personality? Take a look at the accessories

  Speck shell with black, white, pink and blue color scheme. It focuses on "border protection" for the purpose of design, it is easy to install and remove. $ 30 ($ 192 million), perhaps the price is a bit expensive, but it's really one of the best Apple Watch case.

  6, Mophie base

Think Apple Watch are personality? Take a look at the accessories

  On the market there are many gorgeous Apple Watch bases, but they are very expensive. The Mophie base price of US $ 60 (about 384 million), compared with price/performance is more prominent.

  Is in need of attention, Mophie base itself does not contain batteries, which need to be used in combination with Apple Watch comes with charger.

  7, Pad and Quill wooden watches the base

Think Apple Watch are personality? Take a look at the accessories

  Pad and Quill said in a message: "it's time to let go of your Apple Watch, keys and iPhone, you can observe the world from the bedroom window, Pad and Quill will capture it all for you,"

  The base consists of a single block United States cherry wood, Sapele and the United States made of walnut, each piece of wood has been "carefully crafted".

  Material and workmanship doomed it not cheap prices, the base price of us $ 99 ($ 663 million).

  8, Poetic Clarity protective case

Think Apple Watch are personality? Take a look at the accessories

  If you're looking for a simple Apple Watch case, Poetic products is a good choice. This shell is made from translucent TPU material, priced at only $ 6 ($ 38 million).

  9, Dodocase charging base

Think Apple Watch are personality? Take a look at the accessories

  Would anybody be willing to spend $ 100 ($ 640 million) purchase of an Apple did Watch the charging base? we cannot give an answer, but the United States made of Walnut wood base looks very exquisite.

  Needs to be emphasized is that it does not contain Apple Watch Chargers, so you need to install your charger.

  10, Spigen charging cradle

Think Apple Watch are personality? Take a look at the accessories

  And Apple Watch Spigen case, the charging cradle on Amazon's prices the same set for $ 11 ($ 70 million). Into artificial intelligence 20 bullet

  And other manufacturer's charging base, combined with original charger is required to use this product. Spigen there's a Cradle charging cradle, it's positioned higher, sold for $ 20 ($ 128 million).

  11, X-Doria to protect borders

  As its name implies, is a X-Doria this time to protect the Apple product Watch border.

  Different for Apple Watch 38 mm and 42 mm dial, X-Doria has introduced a variety of colors and sizes. This protection outside the borders made from aluminium, internal rubber lining, can effectively prevent the damage of Apple Watch border.

  If you are looking for a compact to protect borders, other than CandyShell, X-Doria, this product is also a good choice.

  12, Jaybird X2 Bluetooth headset

  Apple Watch support for playing music without the iPhone pairing, but you need to be equipped with a Bluetooth headset.

  This sport headset supports sweat features, up to 8 hours battery life, it is suitable for use in the gym.

  13, Catalyst waterproof protective case

  This product has not yet been formally went on sale, but we can make it in advance.

  Catalyst has production of waterproof protective case for iPhone, then the company will be published this fall, "the world's first Apple Watch waterproof protective case."

  Catalyst said that this case "to meet or exceed IP68 protection standard, MIL SPEC likes and fall protection standards." It has more than one color, is now opening sale.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fighting smart home who can get the blue sea

  Will automatically start informed users home time to optimize the air conditioning, according to time and weather on a regular basis automatically improve indoor lighting intelligent light system, and according to schedule in time for users of intelligent coffee machines grinding fresh coffee ... ... the "intelligent home" concept of the era of hot products are moving towards more intelligent.

  Imaginary space, the market also. According to the recently released the smart home market research report of 2015, China showed that by 2018, intelligent home in China market will reach 180 billion yuan.

  It also brought great temptation, when enterprises have announced access to the smart home market, SME entrepreneurs are even watching this "cake". In Foshan, the perfect industrial chain, trying to add as many small and medium "fighting" shortcut, but this addition would really make money for them?

  Smart home industry of Foshan "flowers"

  After more than 20 years of development, the so-called outbreak has come to smart homes, in this "battlefield", besides the traditional advantages of real estate and home improvement industry, household appliance companies, Internet companies, and even telecom operators "foot".

  Industry more than half are "home" in Foshan in the intelligent home field is related to the "flowers". Traditional home appliance manufacturers such as midea, Zhi Gao is redoubling its efforts to transition to intelligent direction. Among them, introduced the M-Smart strategy of beauty, from the category networking, automation, single category wise Butler automatic control communities, shops, hospitals and industry interaction and application of smart home ecosystem; in 2012 launched the world's first variable-frequency chigo air conditioning, but also means a high profile to enter the field of intelligent home.

  This trend spread in different industries. When some traditional furniture manufacturers in price, when fighting in the Red Sea, Foshan left where the smart home captures the current market demand for small apartment hardcover, and a well-known real estate developer vanke, decimating the city in Qingdao, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cooperation hardbound room showroom.

  They developed a series of intelligent home integration into intelligent living space, users can use the mobile APP for remote control and remote monitoring in the State. "We are still trying to implant light perception, somatosensory, data acquisition systems, build customer habits and data system, and the next two or three years to achieve human-computer interaction. "Left, General Manager of smart home in Foshan Chen Lei said.

  Not just furniture, lighting, doors and Windows and other related household products company, also tried to venture into smart home in this area. Kaixiou lighting is working on Intelligent Sensing of LED lights, Chairman Wu Yulin said they have cooperated with a University in Shanghai, in the smart home for further exploration. LED public company in Foshan nationstar optoelectronics Exhibition Hall, also have smart home showroom.

  In the eyes of entrepreneurs, favored by the capital's smart home is the "meat and potatoes". MadNet shortly before business community at a time on a small exhibition of smart wearable device, a smart Air Purifier is particularly striking. The products developed by the enterprise in Foshan, also belong to a category in the smart home.

  MadNet entrepreneurial community Director Zeng Junwei, Foshan has its own advantages in smart home development, "in terms of Internet start-ups, Foshan is the most explosive plate intelligent hardware, including smart home is a growth area, also has many years of industrial resource accumulation. "

  Ecological platform focusing the development?

  For some traditional enterprise in Foshan, and the "intelligent home" concept has become a transition choice. Greek data technology, Ltd, Foshan City Guangdong equity trading centre's Board in early August this year after the start of the first instalment of a listed company. This has set up a 12-year company was started with intercom, "accompanied by waves of industrial upgrading, we started doing the intelligent home, in order to develop community. "The company's Marketing Director, said Gao Jianguo.

  Equity trading center in Guangdong road, Gao Jianguo carry a number of the company's products, in addition to the company's advantage outside the radio, also various kinds of sensors and controllers. "We are doing a whole home solution, users can, through our own APP to control home appliances. "Gao Jianguo said that in addition to regular outside the control of light intensity, the entire system also has an emergency button, gas, fire alarm, and so on. And as security started business, Mariyasu has also been added to the APP mode and mode selection at home away from home, to ensure user safety.

  Compared market on intelligent home of various imagine, Greek Ann this sets intelligent home system looks more conservative, intelligent of more stay in using phone APP for remote control Shang, but Mariyasu also wants to stepped out more far of a step, "we of system in bi garden has began installation, also has and green, and poly of cooperation, future we hope through hardware and software of combined, development became convenient community, and hotel accommodation of wisdom community. "Gao Jianguo said.

  Rose from single product platform to eco, smart home "additive", has always been a Giants game. Haier published last year, for example, "U+" and M-Smart strategy of beauty, including the BAT have also made the big three platforms. In addition, the layout of three major telecom operators are also active in Foshan Telecom Internet "+" Gallery, relying on China Telecom's fibre-optic cable running up smart home next goal will be to create clouds of wisdom community.

  To do the same, "adding" what makes SMEs compete with Giants? Mariyasu, the price is a "killer app". "A three-bedroom suite, minimum takes only about 30,000 yuan to do smart home. "Gao Jianguo said, while the Greek Cypriot side also offers customized one-on-one. But on the other hand, in the face of the influx of Internet giants, Gao Jianguo said the Greek Cypriot side has designed complete industrial chain as a whole, research and development, production, and supporting hardware landed is supported by big data platform to the BAT a distinct advantage.

  We all choose to be "additive", also choose "subtraction". Located in Jiujiang, Nanhai, Guangdong treasure as technology flagship intelligent lights, annual output value of 300 million Yuan, is currently working with Lin wood, O2O for store in-store lighting solutions and support.

  In the field of intelligent home, Liu Hongji Bao as technology Executive Director said the company is also in the layout, but it is still focused on the high-end light field, "for the development of intelligent home, we are still exploring, is a walking step. "Liu Hongji said.

  How to make money are still problem

  Adding value or market potential. The smart home market research report on China 2015 according to the scale of China's intelligent home market in 2016 would be a significant increase. By 2018, as the main platform for intelligent home systems and large data services platform, and equipment manufacturers and raw materials improved, smart home products is acceptance in the consumer market, the market scale will reach 180 billion yuan.

  But how this has become "Red Sea" survive and make money in the market, but it is not an easy question to answer. When asked about profitability, Gao Jianguo hesitated, gave no direct response. This problem also plagued most of the intelligent home business. Smart Home World Congress held in June this year (Smart Home World), opportunities for participants in the smart home market much, as well as discussions on issues such as how to make money.

  Insiders pointed out that smart home products prices "artificially high", so companies tend to rely on intelligence from consumers ' pockets concept is not sustainable. "An intelligent modules, many just a WiFi module, and at most 50 Yuan, but attached to the product, immediately hundreds of product prices rose." Technology industry media had said in an interview with the media, compared with tens of thousands of Yuan, smart home products relatively tasteless. GAO Jianguo said, the current Greek an most of the smart home system is still used in bed and breakfast.

  Build smart home platform, even late in the intelligence community, and various related ancillary are equally important, which means that enterprises are doing "additive" needed in the process of integration of various resources, coordinate the interests of all parties. Among them, the network support was a crucial factor. "If the infrastructure cannot keep up, will to a certain extent affect the customer's experience. "Huang Xingke chigo air conditioning, Vice Chairman and President said.

  Currently, the network infrastructure is still in the hands of three major telecom operators, co-operation or integration? for SMEs still need to rely on communications network operators to build smart home platform, Gao Jianguo said the more cautious, "we are using China Telecom's network. "

  But after all, the "smart home relies on its own is not a company can achieve. "Contact He Zhitao, Chairman of interactive, intelligent hardware need software, hardware, service and operations coordination, relying on macro-Enterprise small business, into a large platform together with intelligent hardware items may be inevitable. Nine launch four intelligence products small electrical

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Safety and prevention first people General Motors invited hackers to attack

  In recent years, the automotive sector and higher technology, driverless technology has become an important part of many automobile manufacturers compete. Meanwhile, the high-tech car safety has become an inevitable to avoid problems. After media reported the hacking automotive systems to obtain control of unmanned vehicles.

GUCCI case for iphone

  As long as the operating system, there are likely to be hacked. Last September, hacking exposed, and GM's OnStar vehicle system one of the vulnerabilities fixed for 5 years at a time. "Just less than a minute later, your brakes will be manipulated. "Professor Stefan Savage from the University of California, San Diego felt that Onstar is so fragile. GUCCI case for iphone GUCCI case for iphone

Safety and prevention first; people! General Motors invited hackers to attack their systems

  A few days ago, General Motors has revealed a new plan, the purpose of which is to get the vehicle before malicious hackers found some security loopholes in the system. According to ArsTechnica foreign media reports, GM will and vulnerability bounty platform HackerOne work together to carry out this plan, and relies on the white-hat hackers to discover the in-vehicle system for potential security issues.

  Network Security Officer Jeff Massimilla GM in an interview, said his company attaches great importance to the high value of the security personnel. Most importantly, the plan starts to ensure that security researchers feel free to hack the GM system, no need to worry about being sued.

  From GM's we can find on the official website, anyone can in good faith to try and crack the systems on their vehicles, as long as they do not violate the law or cause damages to the company, customer, you won't have to face legal proceedings. Once you have found a security vulnerability, the hacker must be successfully patched the vulnerability in GM would be revealed to the public only after their break.

  For all General Motors and other car manufacturers, upgraded vehicle safety is one of the most important things. As more and more cars can be connected to the Internet, they are increasing the risk of malicious hacker attacks. Find hackers exploit these vulnerabilities before they are essential, because it can lead to very serious consequences.

  Last year, hacked into a jeep and turned it into a ditch, which makes Fiat, Chrysler has had to recall 1.4 million cars, the case became a major topic at the Black Hat Conference last year. In addition, Tesla also announced their own vulnerability to find rewards program.

  According to ArsTechnica said, at present, the GM is a simple relationship between the companies and hackers, bug award projects are not fully mature. However, Jeff Massimilla believes that this situation could change in the future.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Apple s new challenge iPhone6 or contrarian growth iPhone6s

  With the release of iPhone6s approaches, various messages based on the iPhone6s card series. On the iPhone6s configuration parameter and highlights have been confirmed. IPhone6s will bring a different hardware upgrades, the A8 to A9 processor upgrade memory upgrade to 2GB, main camera up to 12 million pixels, in addition, to avoid bending the door repeat the material stronger to prevent bending the fuselage. In addition, iPhone and iPhone 6s Plus 6s will join the Force Touch technology, which may be iPhone6s relative to the iPhone6 only highlights. Highlights and lack of innovation will give Apple what are the new challenges?

  From an overall perspective, upcoming iPhone 6s this year compared with the previous generation, it only iPhone firmware upgrade 6 new devices, the current exposure of screen Panel and Shell also confirmed iPhone6s in the homogeneity of the previous generation. And as we know, released on Apple's new device, equipment must be carried out before a round of price cuts, promote synchronous lifting sales of new and old equipment. According to the current message, next-generation iPhone prices and previous iPhone, including iPhone iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the initial price, expected future price will 5288RMB start, but different colors and styles and materials iPhone6s prices may be different. IPhone6s quotes of various colors according to the domestic channels in non-State market, Rose Gold Edition is the most expensive, and silver, and silver are expensive in the grey, even so, deep-sky grey iPhone 6S Plus (16G/32G/64G) offers up to 5700/6420/7130.

  Since its release in 2007 since the original product, Apple stick to old and new devices are divided into three price marketing strategies, new product pricing in the next six months has been strong, and 1 years old would cost us $ 100~200 less. IPhone6 was released, fell to iPhone5s from 5288 4488. According to this law, we'll know, iPhone6 cuts or at 800~1000 Yuan, but, in fact, due to the iPhone6s release just around the corner, many users cash, iPhone6 prices are declining, has even affected the factory orders. Don t wait for Chinese translation Peter Thiel

  According to the Wall Street Journal reported that the company recently announced a 2015 second-quarter revenue data, which rose by 27%, far below the increases of the last two quarters. As we know, Foxconn's parent company Hon Hai group is the world's largest electronics contract manufacturer, the apples are their biggest customers. Currently Hon Hai said iPhone6 orders have now substantially reduced, and one of the reasons is that fewer people now buy iPhone 6 not iPhone6 didn't sell, but most of the users are in a State of wait-and-see, waiting for after the release of iPhone6s iPhone6 starting with slashing. Now the gray market has responded, parallel port version iPhone6 sells has close to 4000 Yuan. According to Apple's pricing rules in the past, iPhone6S market, iPhone6 may cut prices to less than 4000 Yuan, cost-effective iPhone6 new users have great temptation for cash, and just a general upgrade of iPhone6s sales is a huge obstacle.

  Insiders observe, iPhone upgrade route follows the pattern: appearance modified even years, in odd-numbered years l configuration. This shows in odd-numbered years to buy iPhone users cannot distinguish between users with the purchase last year. Apple understands this, start by changing the color and materials designed to enhance the identification of new products and prices to stimulate sales. Apple Watch pricing strategy reflects Apple launched at design extends beyond the product itself, material, process values, media news, 24K Gold Edition iPhone 6s reserve price of £ 2300 (approximately RMB 23140). There are also diamond star, based on more diamonds in the Gold Edition, reservation price of 10,000 pounds (about 100,000 yuan). However, current levels of domestic income and the relative pragmatic people, gold, Diamond Edition do not have community-wide basis. Once the user cannot be distinguished by common versions of the new iPhone 6, highlighting new product style, delicate psychological button discount status symbol, often result in prices after the iPhone6 sales trend growth.

  "The godfather of Silicon Valley" and "father of high-tech marketing magic" Geoffrey Moore (Geoffrey Moore) have been published based on the theory of technology product marketing, in his view, the stage of technology products to different markets, also needs to change its marketing methods. "Innovators" is the earliest use of 2.5% users of the product for people who need to rely on their new products to attract some users; 13.5% followed by the product user groups, identity and uniqueness are the focus of attention and the "early majority" (then 34%) want is recognized by the people.

  This corresponds to the iPhone body to analyze Word, whereby vs iPhone6 users have, iPhone6s creative highlights is enough to affect their core elements of replacement demand, such as in the iPhone since the release of 6, 18% iPhone users chose to replace the updated cell phone, obviously, big screens are driving this part of the user for the key highlights. IPhone6s in appearance, due to screen size and configuration upgrades compared to the iPhone the difference is small, inertia upgrading trend has led to a new machine for their purchase desire decreases. In addition, Apple Apple is often inadequate Pay advance new sales a major constraint, for Apple in Apple's current iPhone 6S Pay mobile payment capability of near field communication (NFC) chip was upgraded, to enhance the security of mobile payments. This is one of the highlights of the iPhone6s, but Apple's negotiations are not going well, leading Apple Pay on line a year later, only in the United States and the United Kingdom. While previous rumors because that procedure cannot be completed, causing Apple Pay to China plans on hold. As the largest overseas Apple market, Apple Pay cannot be used in China, made in the United States and United Kingdom markets outside, iPhone6s iPhone6, value for money has faded.

  And according to Geoffrey Moore of theory, for "Hou starts with who" of user group for, is identity and unique sex is they concern of focus, but actually Similarly, due to iPhone6s and iPhone6 of appearance and configuration, many aspects of differences of not obviously, coupled with iPhone6 price of inevitability, a drop a rose, must reverse push high has iPhone6 of price, because iPhone6 in and new iPhone of compared in the, undoubtedly in now still can meet people for "Force" needs also highlight new people's sense of identity and uniqueness.

  In addition we can also supply fundamentals, according to Japan media ITpro newly disclosed news that iPhone 6s series purchase will change compared to the past, said similar Apple Watch sales model will be introduced, listing early shop is out of stock, and need an appointment to buy. Reservation purchase can lead to a variety of uncertainties or factors that delay the arrival. The other hand, because of rising labor costs, contract iPhone manufacturer Foxconn heshuo recruitment technology is not bad, this may delay the iPhone 6s production plans, initial supply difficulties or unavoidable, in accordance with established practice, new release for some time, consumers buy new iPhone difficulties tend to be relatively large, it could also reverse push iPhone6 sales.

  For Apple, it has always been good at by modifying the previous generation and product pricing and product "composition", and average selling prices remained at a constant level, makes no matter in which market stage, the companies can keep their profit margins. But the core problem is that price is not high, it is forced to express enough, iPhone6s of the difference is not obvious in itself will let users buy new machines to produce the pendulum of emotions, initial supply problems will be more inclined to previous generations as a result, once put on the price control are not in place, often leads to iPhone6s sales by iPhone6 light cover.

  So, Apple faces a new problem is that previous generations of iPhone sales may be more cost-effective and contrarian growth which in turn iPhone6s sales instead of dreary embarrassment. Say innovation is critical to Apple and even part of Apple genes also originated from the Apple must rely on innovation to open new gap with previous generations, by a killer new feature or new design to attract consumers focus on new products. In the technology industry, due to the development of law, companies may experience innovator's dilemma, but for Apple, innovation's dilemma and bottlenecks continue time is too long.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

X 56A Armstrong arrived at NASA centers to prepare for test flights in the

  On April 17, 2014] United States latest x-series machine--X-56A multipurpose technology test bed (MUTT) has arrived at the Armstrong NASA flight research center. At present, the X-56A development of shangluo g Rashid? Martin for the air force research laboratory (AFRL) multi-purpose study on aeroelastic verified project using the machine to carry out active flutter suppression and gust load alleviation technology research. Smart phones of the future look like Remote control

  Early in the second half of 2013 to 2014 X-46A initial flight tests in the test collection flexible structure and chatter suppression control of flight data. Since the spring of the research has been at Edwards Air Force Base North base hangar storage, the aircraft there before a standards based test related to the rigid wing. This time the technical aspects of the preparations, this summer X-56A will carry out tests of flexible wing. After the end of the trials, aircraft would be transferred to NASA and its ground control station, light weight, high efficiency, flexible aircraft-related technology research.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Watch future operating trends Elliptic Lab brings gestures by ultrasonic

  Norway Elliptic Labs shows on its official website the latest ultrasonic level gestural technology, this technology allows mobile devices based on user location and distance to change the content of its shows.

  Elliptic Labs before members introduced in a video of their research and development of ultrasonic gesture technology through two ultrasonic transmitters above the Tablet, the tablet can be determined according to the user's hand on the effect of ultrasonic hand position, achieved through manipulation of flat and control. When a startup is giant founder how to choose

Watch future operating trends? Elliptic Lab brings gestures by ultrasonic technology

  Elliptic Labs these days to perfect the technique, you can see from the latest video, users in the mobile phone side through gestures to complete video on fast forward, adjust the volume, double-click the game complexity of operation, no need to touch the screen. And gestures based on photography or infrared technologies than Elliptic Labs thinks he can bring a better experience because ultrasound can make it induction range 180-degree angle, and the operating distance can be up to 50 cm.

Watch future operating trends? Elliptic Lab brings gestures by ultrasonic technology Watch future operating trends? Elliptic Lab brings gestures by ultrasonic technology

  Most importantly, ultrasonic gesture technology is expected to be used in smaller wearable devices, such as smart watches. Such a very small terminal screen size, finger touch operation much inconvenience, of course, most smart watch has supported gesture sensing, such as sliding around to read information, but is temporarily unable to carry out more complex operations. So Apple on the upcoming smart watch with the knob settings.

  Ultrasonic gestures SDK currently has developed for mobile device manufacturers is expected in the first half of next year will be the first launch of the product. Elliptic Labs currently in China, Norway and Silicon Valley has its own team.