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Google Samsung Sony and Oculus VR virtual reality war between

Google, Samsung, Sony, and Oculus VR virtual reality war between

Just last month, Google released a Cardboard, an open source mobile virtual reality equipment. For God, and now even the "hardware" is open source! Of course, the Google boys, obviously, is not simply to provide a low-tech mobile virtual reality solutions, the aim is to use the user's mobile phone to get greater access to virtual reality experience. Samsung virtual reality equipment Gear VR will be released at the end of this year, and they and the Oculus also have cooperated on the VR at the software level.

And the opposite is Oculus VR, they rely on PC for a super high definition virtual reality experience. Oculus Rift is using modern technology to help virtual reality helmet said to be reborn, it represented the peak in the virtual reality technology in the field. However, the virtual reality industry's future seems to be towards two entirely different directions, one is entertainment, another is immersed.

"Sense of place"

Google, Samsung, Sony, and Oculus VR virtual reality war between

Yes, that is the word. "Presence" is at the heart of virtual reality. Michael Abrash in the gaming industry, has fought for years, before the Valve engaged in research and development, currently chairs the Oculus VR's chief scientist. In January this year, he describes the ideal virtual reality: "in virtual reality, there is a feeling in this world,. A lot of people will have a "send" feeling. There is a very strong feeling, for virtual reality, it's a unique feeling, but also any other media not to create a kind of feeling. "

In fact, this is the virtual reality of the "magic": users were quickly "send" to another world. You are not through a screen to watch another world, which you will live. In fact, the achievement of this goal is not easy, even like game Giants Nintendo and no success. Oculus Rift has the "magic", although their first demo a little sloppy, but overall still a bit rough, or even need a PC support, but prototypes of the effect is still very impressive. Also need hardware support the Sony Project Morpheus, it also needs to rely on a value $ 400 game machine supports.

Although these equipment demo doesn't work as well, but compared to the mobile processor support for the virtual reality helmet, they are more advanced.

Now with mobile virtual reality

Google, Samsung, Sony, and Oculus VR virtual reality war between

Some people have tried to use Samsung's virtual reality helmet, and is said to have good results. This name "Gear VR" now also offers a virtual reality device development kit supports Galaxy S4. Rumored Gear VR listed the new version will support more powerful cell phones, may be Note 4. According to experienced demo some of the sources said the device, the device is very impressive. Samsung hasn't officially released this product allegedly Gear VR will be in the next few weeks Germany IFA consumer electronics exhibition debut.

Cardboard also received a positive evaluation from Google, of course, they also are more cautious. Foreign journalists believe Google this product is good, but it cannot compete and Oculus Rift. At present, such as YouTube and Google Earth application can be used on top of Cardboard, and can enable collaboration, Nexus 5 mobile phone. Virtual reality equipment does not seem to be positioned on Google provides "presence" experience, and they hope their own virtual reality equipment brings better viewing experience for the user. For example, users can watch YouTube when using a non-virtual reality interactive augmented reality App to watch video content. This practice is also good, because it can push virtual reality content quickly to a mass market. However, Google clearly and with "sense of place" virtual reality different.

The plight of virtual reality

Google, Samsung, Sony, and Oculus VR virtual reality war between

Virtual reality industry's major manufacturers are represented, if there is no "sense of place", virtual reality will be useless. In order to create this feeling, Oculus VR founder and creator of Oculus Rift Palmer Luckey says, virtual reality technology has to have a certain quality, size have more than the most advanced Smartphone. Of course, it's not easy to achieve, because it needs to be super high resolution screen, 90 Hz or higher refresh rates, and high-speed processors in order to achieve this goal.

High quality virtual reality helmets need to rely on expensive, and high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU) support. But it will cause the device to overheat, issues such as overweight, and also increases energy consumption. Even if, as NVIDIA (NVIDA) so GPU manufacturers make processors smaller lighter, but they could not overcome the problem of energy consumption. Battery technology could not keep up with the development speed of processor technology, and it is the biggest problem of virtual reality equipment.

Google believes that now is the best time for the development of virtual reality, and without regard to any technical limitations. On their Cardboard official website reads, "we want everyone to experience virtual reality, easy, fun, and affordable. This is the goal of our Cardboard projects. "While this sounds naïve, but Google Cardboard and other mobile virtual reality solution also is expected to give developers and major technologies provide consumers with the most basic experience of virtual reality.

Two roads, one result Just Cavalli iPhone 5S case Just Cavalli iPhone case

The question now is, your screen could not achieve 4k resolution, may soon have, of course, but at least up to now. When our mobile reach that standard, mobile virtual reality can seem less like a gimmick, but more like an actual product. When the processor is higher performance, greater battery capacity, mobile is it possible to go beyond the basics of virtual reality experience, give us real virtual "sense of place". So far, some equipment would like to provide a few basic virtual reality experience, such as Cardboard and Sony's Google Project Morpheus while some devices you want for the user "presence" experience, such as the Oculus Rift. But in the end, two development paths will come together, at least in part, be together.

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Chinese Internet sea Note grab people s money grab the market

  At a crucial intersection of Alibaba group, is listed "red is" the last half month, which have involved a stake in Japan communications Line and the United States of "burn after reading" photo sharing service Snapchat these two popular rumors of overseas companies.

  Although multiple channel display, Alibaba group, has not really invest in Line and Snapchat, but also from the side confirmed that the Line or Snapchat with exposure to Alibaba, but not necessarily an investment agreement can be reached.

  In Line and the Snapchat behind the rumored, Alibaba Group also increased the pace of overseas investment this year have been investing chat application Tango, hands tour developer Kabam, Singapore post, total capital expenditure of more than $ 700 million.

  One analyst noted that Alibaba group in China has been on a merger and acquisition spree, this time overseas as mergers and acquisitions, which not only is a natural extension of its e-commerce business overseas, and more importantly, they wish to express to the outside world: Alibaba group in China not only build a vast business empire, also have deep tentacles abroad, when expectations eventually Alibaba IPO valuation.

  Ali, is clearly not a current layout and investment overseas, just yesterday, ctrip accept the global tourism industry's leading strategy for Priceline shares, overseas Chinese travel market is a huge cake, ctrip will use Priceline resources extended to overseas markets.

  Earlier, Portuguese version of Baidu search Brazil formally launched, Hao123, Spark owned by integrating Baidu, Baidu antivirus product lines, such as the browser, by artificial intelligence and data infrastructure for Portuguese-language search services to provide technical support.

  Around this time, 360 in the United States established venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, investment strategic start-ups to 360, 360 complete its $ 900 million of convertible senior notes private placement to prepare for merger.

  Tencent is China's largest distribution business in overseas markets, as early as 2013 overseas investment of over 2 billion dollars. Tencent technology analysts said Chinese Internet companies on the layout of foreign investment are from a little trial and error entered a new stage to invest in stride.

  Layout variety: Ali Baidu Rob Rob project talent

  From specific overseas layout, both Tencent and Alibaba in the number of funds and mergers and acquisitions are at the forefront, especially Alibaba continued investments in the Mainland, fierce, known overseas investment projects more than 6, the amount is not low.

  In March this year, the company spent $ 215 million investment company Tango instant messaging application. In addition, Alibaba in the Fanatics of sports memorabilia online retailers of new round investment of $ 170 million. In August this year, video game start-up company Kabam also announced that the company received a $ 120 million investment by Alibaba group.

  Alibaba also did some with overseas investment business not related to the series, such as the highly popular market in New York and started operation of the rental car application Lyft ShopRunner shipping start-ups, as well as electronic commerce investment.

  Alibaba also focused on Silicon Valley start-ups supported by for these enterprises, a large number of knowledgeable financial experts could help Alibaba attention or acquisitions that had not yet become mainstream, but has a waterfall in the future potential of smart-phone applications, or e-commerce company.


Chinese Internet sea Note: grab people's money grab the market

  Alibaba at the same time accelerate into Silicon Valley, also attract a lot of big talent in Silicon Valley, such as hiring former head of Liberty Media e-commerce maikeer·zese (Michael Zeisser)-led investment, appointed former Google spokeswoman Jane Penner (Jane Penner) as Vice President and head of investor relations, the pass can offer good connections to Silicon Valley.


Chinese Internet sea Note: grab people's money grab the market

  Tencent's overseas investments for the earliest in 2011, to invest the $ 760 million start-up funds and from Goldman Sachs hired James Michel (James Mitchell), as the company's Chief Strategy Officer, responsible for overseas investments.

  Tencent's overseas investment is fruitful, have invested Snapchat, Fab, Korea KakaoTalk, anonymous social applications social Whisper, couples Couple, Pan tool Everyme, amount of over 2 billion dollars of overseas investment in these two years.

  Tencent's overseas investment mainly focused on gaming, social networking and e-commerce, the three areas, of course, the 70% focus overseas investment on the games field, notably in 2012 for $ 231 million acquisition of Riot Games and spent $ 330 million acquisition of 40% stake in Epic Games in 2013, the huge investment company for $ 1.4 billion 6% stake in Activision Blizzard.

  Since 2014 Tencent and much overseas mergers and acquisitions. Tencent technology analysts said that the main reason is that Tencent has put much effort into the micro-overseas promotion and development of mobile games.

  Relatively speaking, lags behind Tencent and Alibaba Baidu layouts overseas, overseas and there is no significant investments over the years, developed with few highlights, current among Portuguese-speaking people on the line things, in major overseas promotion hao123 Baidu and Baidu guard and other security products.

  Analysts pointed out that Baidu's overseas investment is important because of its poor search capabilities for a cash losses than gains. In addition, Baidu loves takeovers, once overseas acquisition company, Baidu faces dilemma is, do not have to manage overseas project of talent. Private corruption normal samples Wanda type three

  Baidu increased layout is overseas, and increase investment in technology, and Google (microblogging), inter alia, introduces a number of overseas talent, such as Baidu's appointment of one of the most authoritative scholars in the field of artificial intelligence--Wu Enda (Andrew Ng) for Baidu's Chief Scientist, Dr, fully responsible for the Institute of Baidu. Institute of Baidu in Silicon Valley and has a laboratory in Beijing.

  Blue Ocean overseas: Chinese Internet companies in the spring

  UC and the end of 2013 as CEO Yu (micro-blog) there was a wonderful presentation, said 2013 Chinese Internet sector has confirmed 2014 competition among giants and other Internet companies will be more intense, "plate tectonics" will eventually form a "plate".

  2014 more than half now, looking ahead, Alibaba has been investment in weibo, youku potatoes, buy gold, UC and other enterprises, Baidu wireless, glutinous rice network acquiring PPS videos, 91, sogou, East of Beijing, the mass comment assigned to Tencent, really leave the Internet giant's acquisitions and investments have little BAT, especially obvious competition between Tencent and Alibaba.

  Compared with the country's Red Sea battles, and abroad have opportunities co-founder Tango once said: "when you receive 45% share of e-commerce market in China, and want to continue to grow, expanding the international market will be you can chase a new territory. "

  Through these investments, the company can obtain plenty of high quality products, and exposure, is of paramount importance, the company can also result in confidence-building and linkages among venture capitalists, but also for the IPO are gearing up to do very good matting.

  Said Tong Shihao Tencent technology, managing partner at ggv capital, mobile Internet is already cross-border concept, there are many distribution channels, in addition to the Chinese market, the rest of the world only by Apple's App Store and Google play, easily out to sea. In addition, the Internet often rely on advertising revenues earned in China, but in the United States there are many ways to earn income.

  Tong Shihao said, and more importantly, overseas without government interference, looking globally, the Internet's two most powerful countries are China, one is the United States, overseas Chinese there are many, many people for many years, China's enterprises can go.

  Tong Shihao himself was Qiming Venture partners in October 2013, Jamie capital investment career began after China and Hong Kong, and its recent investment projects include United States cross-border e-commerce platform Wish and United States online gaming service Curse.

  Few Chinese Internet companies not working in the country, but success overseas, such as State digital relying on the GO series listed, has a crushing defeat by 360 cheetahs rely on Cheetah cleaning masters reaped nearly $ 3 billion in market value.

  When it comes to operational success abroad, Zhang Xiangdong, President of State digital (micro-blogging) to Tencent technology says that China Mobile (Twitter) to Internet competition "red-hot" State, which is excessive competition, as a placeholder, looting, poaching and other resorts, foreign competition is relatively reasonable. For comparison, the Chinese market, compared with the world market still seems small.

  Zhang said, "in doing business overseas have a bonus, that is, logic is simple, you do not need so many special guests, eating, friendship, as long as the model of health, efficiency, working without being hurt, on the contrary, China sometimes more human and personal interests. "

  Investment is no longer limited to service their business

  Analysis and comparison, Alibaba and Tencent in overseas investments, have a soft spot for social software, especially Alibaba, Alibaba to invest Snapchat as can be seen from rumours, Alibaba would like to Flex in social areas.

  This may be because IM form rising, gradually extend the functionality to cover, games, e-commerce, O2O, wrap-attacks on Ali, Alibaba had to shield micro-letter chain to prevent businesses and consumers to move.

  In the overseas market, Alibaba successive investments in social software, is certainly don't want the second app, or even to overseas markets to duplicate one of "micro".

  One analyst noted that, from another point of view, after all competition in overseas markets is not sufficient, Alibaba will not encounter powerful opponents such as Tencent, Alibaba's approach was much of the wild, maybe build a Tencent unknown new.

  From an objective situation, Chinese Internet companies invest overseas enterprises still have a purpose, is to acquire technology and cooperation, such as 360 have invested in Silicon Valley companies, covering large data applications, intelligent hardware, home security and other fields.

  Among them, EyeVerify biometric companies want to extract data from the eye photo to replace passwords and fingerprints. Qihoo 360, the company's technology will be integrated into the 360 store about 50 games, security, phone banks and other types of applications.

  Red boy founder Xu Peixin (micro-blog) technology to Tencent, the world is flat, not lone lone Chinese, China's Internet industry is unparalleled in other countries, Tencent, Baidu and Ali to be an international imperative.

  Of course, Google and Yahoo have broken halberd Chinese Internet market, overseas will not be smooth, Chinese Internet companies overseas are the biggest problems facing management problems.

  In response, Xu Peixin said, who said China would not of success abroad, Haier, Huawei Technologies, PetroChina made overseas are good, United States businesses operating in China are also not doing well, similar to KFC, McDonald's runs just fine. Any State enterprises are in the process of overseas success, China's Internet enterprises should be courageous to go out into the world.

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Entrepreneurial environment fusion APP becomes famous pure TNT to invest into

  With the deepening impact of the Internet on our lives, the current market environment, the pace of change has gone far beyond the imagination of everyone. Once capital bosses can't figure out cannibalism going it alone was not bad money investments face to the difficulty in fund raising, capital markets winter seemed to arrive.

  Close to the fusion velocity changes in the market environment, innovation and subversion of our market knowledge, "strategic failures, trends can be seen" as a new State. However, this trend is no longer visible trends in 3-5, tend to be for half a year, a month, or even within a few weeks of the observed trends. O2O era private consultant service mode value

  At this point, the work entrepreneurs, update their knowledge to accurately grasp the market thinking is very important. Word collection at recent trends in the business environment changes dynamically (effective is guaranteed within a few months), so that entrepreneurs avoid detours.

  APP age of product becomes famous faster over

  The rise of mobile Internet, many business opportunities have sprung up in the moment. The universal expression of entrepreneurial opportunities for using mobile Internet tools, rapid improvement in some closely related to public life, has just required and the high-frequency characteristics of fields. Due to some APP in user experience and needs to meet with certain characteristics, soon to rise in a blank blue ocean market, APP product becomes famous stories constantly.

  But with the general public users and playing just to wind and other high frequency are mainstream APP on the mobile Web platform products to meet, entrepreneurial opportunities gradually shifted to "Internet + traditional industries". When entrepreneur using the Internet for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, one APP alone could not meet the requirements, needs more support. At this point, the APP has become the traditional industry stocks business during the upgrade of a Delta and a dotting tool, rather than the entire business model is all about.

  APP to a pioneering changes in the role and value of the project quietly, an APP product occupies an entrepreneurial project central subject or situation no longer exists. APP products burst red time has past, wave of entrepreneurial engineers before returning to operation led product lead on the line is the regression line to operate led.

  Pure TMT investment is becoming a thing of the past

  Early in the Internet business opportunities appear, traffic on some technology products through the use of online platforms and offline promotion by means of brush and their properties with high frequency are required, the surge in users in a short time, become explosive.

  This product is based on Internet technology, the Internet, social networking and Internet information (TMT), can break away from the traditional independent characteristics of the development of the industry. This is known as TMT field of entrepreneurial opportunities.

  But with the TMT venture market saturation in the field, the Internet increasingly becomes a infrastructure, only be grafted to a traditional business model, support upgrade is worth it. TMT venture in the field of pure chance is decreasing, and TMT investment is becoming a thing of the past.

  This means that those who developed a TMT products and venture capital money to promote and attract users, through the platform, which flow, pools of cash value by way of return business models are no longer concerned, entrepreneur entrepreneurship strategies need to make instant adjustments.

  2VC startup is giving way 2IC startup

  2VC project main item of business value requires a seed investment, angel investment, VC investment, PE investments through IPO or merger to realisation. Throughout the business start-up process of systemic and "drumming flower characteristics of" capital chain you want in each body to participate, through the completion of the entire chain liquidation.

  Diversified financing channels development such as the new ban, entrepreneurial projects now can be achieved without going through complex financing chain IPO or merger, early through performance support direct will be listed on the new Board, shorter chains project to value a lot. It also needs to use VC to support all the way to realize the value of enterprise is getting less.

  Meanwhile, in the bust, private capital raising costs of capital cases, project financing more difficult. Capital project requirements from users and scale shift to focus more on short term revenue guidance.

  "Internet + traditional sectors" venture projects continue to emerge, business objects of the project will be financed by venture capital (VC) to directly associated with your business, have more supporting its business capital (IC), 2VC projects turned to 2IC project direction.

  Meanwhile, many O2O program development, centering on expansion into growth as the goal, from the VC as the main financing object becomes IC as the main object of finance, with community resources and channel resources for real estate developers, property management companies, became the main object of their cooperation.

  Venture returns to meet the capital requirements of the project, is the effective way of eliminating business bubble. Independent sales or possession of traditional industries as business support project, is in the TMT, the Internet became the late investment into infrastructure and venture capital coming under the influence of many factors such as cold winter's inevitable choice.

  Thinking ability to diligence innovations has become considered important indicators of entrepreneurial team combat capability. Updated knowledge of the market and adapt to market changes and the dynamic adjustment of its own development strategy and direction, is an entrepreneur in the present environment for fast development and changes in the right direction and path of inevitable choice.

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Dust in the corner the destroyer designed for Virgo born sweeping robot

  Dust in the corner is the most abominable thing, easily up to say, chubby sweeping robot totally clear to. Of course everything has to find a way, Japan's Panasonic Corporation on March 20 launched a triangular sweep the robot MC-RS1 Rulo, OCD Virgo has no more adept to pull the corners. A share listed companies are becoming the O2O



  Rulo its mobility is also very strong, from the cramped Shuttle are not restricted, whether it is soft or slippery tile floor can be cleaned. It uses the random mode, but because it has infrared detection, ultrasonic navigation and features such as built-in gyroscope, so no need to worry about it going to collide and furniture.



  Panasonic is the most interesting place to Rulo is equipped with a remote control, you like remote control cars can be manipulated to make it work to complete the sweep, is also quite interesting-Dah! now in Japan for sale on Amazon, and want to start it, you take it!

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Dust to dust dust to dust O2O ultimately reliable company to win

O2O subsidizes who? Dust to dust, dust to dust, ultimately it is the likely company to win

  If you're close to wangjing in Beijing Zhongguancun SOHO or, out for lunch without money. With mobile scan codes, there are food and drink, might be able to make dozens of blocks.

  There is a company called an acre of land, within a month of two maxed my micro-circle of friends. First, the southern weekend reported the venture star, agricultural representative B2B, 4-year, 3000, 300 million transactions. And then there's these days, an acre of failed Tin c round of financing, to cut 2000 jobs, a large number of scalps, false trading.

  Is public opinion Center of an acre of land, is the epitome of O2O field – track heavy, homogenization of serious competition; players on the track burn money market, education of users.

  O2O project was so expensive all these years, hundreds of millions of dollars in financing not to scare people. But the money did play a role in this? the company is to c to VC? what kind of subsidies is useful?

  "Ignorance" of scalping

  Subsidies do not like O2O companies imagine that entering the user, or even if they know, scalping is also allowed, because trading volume and more importantly, answers only to the capital.

  Recent sales drop for a taxi voucher Taobao Taobao shops is not happy. Among them, a diamond seller told 36 krypton, since a journalist exposes their business, to brush the coupons software was seized, business dried up. Take history as a mirror what makes Silicon Valley

  Before they use brush coupon software, large Gray card in the hands of cards, bulk brush takes drops of special trains, express coupons, sell at a low price and then sold to buyers. Taobao, the software costs about 10 Yuan. In 10 express coupons, for example, each time you sweep coupons need to card paid 0.1 Yuan, need software to pay 0.45 Yuan, sellers at around 1.25-3 price sale to the user.

  On Taobao, except for drops, also can buy the easy way by taxi coupons, group coupons, hungry, etc. In summary, basic user well known, large subsidies, brush coupons coupons of low difficulty. Of course, mostly new users to enjoy the coupon.

  Buyers in addition to "users", there are many sellers themselves. After media has been calculated, a seller to spend 1500 Yuan can buy 100 0月 rent card, registration is hungry, beautiful round takeout, Baidu take-away food take-away platform account, purchase their services, it is possible to earn 100,000. After the Spring Festival this year, a drop of drivers say, they would group each scalping, not home to earn subsidies. Uber driver acts of scalping has been a lot of media exposure.

  Also moved up when shooting itself in the foot. Subsidy is too large, competitors will come to join in the fun, malicious buying. In May last year, Twitter broke, the group plan for public comment 5.17 buy promotions "scalping". Although the truth is unknown, just as malicious clicks promotion links to rival Baidu, probably similar cases exist.


O2O subsidizes who? Dust to dust, dust to dust, ultimately it is the likely company to win


  Done deliberately for the

  Passive scalps need technical monitoring, many startups will turn a blind eye. After all, the data does bring on growth.

  Competitive on the track, and startups, to finance, will blame you for scalping. For example, insiders had 36 krypton are revealed, fresh food distribution areas of competition, "a meter of fresh never raise series b, there is a local gave some money to do A+, want to put valuations up, so now to make crazy scalping b round of financing."

  The exposure of an acre of land, which also involves the scalping. An acre of field sales representative online using rebate on the brush line the transaction flow, is done by "friends in the message posted on the APP for a product, then find friends to buy, money, completed turnover. Finally turn around in return to their hands, each have turnover per 2 bonuses ".

  Such projects involving small and service easier to scalp. Entrepreneurs summary and lighter services, information matching, scalping low cost technologies also are difficult to identify. Many logistics entrepreneur, had 36 krypton broke the opponent scalping situation.

  This "did not gain valuable user" behavior, investors also feel "abnormal" and "unreasonable".

  O2O who want subsidies?

  O2O field, this active scalping is not uncommon. For VC, they allow corporate subsidies, in order to attract users, or against opponents. But this may be no turning back.

  Pursuit of the rapid expansion of the Internet brings economies of scale. O2O field competitive, overcrowded track, players are not far apart on every track, and who also have no absolute advantage. Leader hopes to expand advantage under the subsidy, later orders quickly chased into hope subsidies; money the company hopes "scalping" laid the first position in the industry, no company wants to "scalping" increase sales get new financing.

  Burned investors money, but couldn't hit a determining advantage will increase risk. Investors will transform policy, otherwise there would be no drop in hand, 58 market merge this dramatic scene. But once the bet, they would stand together with enterprises to track, had to fight. An investor to 36 krypton are revealed, scalping has become the rule, they will now see who burn to burn more efficiently, can efficiently burn entrepreneurs are often more adept at operating.

  More investors are calling for reasonable subsidies. For example, Shun capital one VP believes that, in order to let users understand the benefits of new model, and train users to use habits, pursues a strategy of subsidies as a way to promote their business. This strategy must be able to effectively drive the real orders and real growth, while business models are at a certain stage you can exit the subsidy policy, subsidies can no longer go on.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Job cuts could save HTC Most leave of all is her own

  Mobile phone manufacturer HTC is no match for economic winter, announced on August 31 that Taoyuan Kameyama plant, the new factory of the new North end of October to cut 600 jobs, Chairman Cher Wang even when the organizational structure, streamline its operating costs, show determination to burn to save the HTC, but still seems to see dawn in the short term, more sarcasm, "HTC, probably the most left is her own". Regulatory comments will break the car legal


Job cuts could save HTC? Most leave of all is her own


  Latest edition of the wealth of the bi-weekly reports, in recent years, many mainland mobile phone brand with high performance and low price rise rapidly repeated association with HTC for the glory of living in the past, the transition speed is too slow, miscalculated the mobile trend, after the massive losses and layoffs fall into the predicament. A foreign Analyst believes that Lenovo is just a bad stomach (acquisition of Motorola), and HTC is not critical IP, "the value of even being eaten at all. 」

  Weekly pointed out that, HTC electric crisis far than Lenovo more big, Chairman she in replaced Peter Chou zhihou, himself jumped down took over as implementation long, but 2nd quarter surrendered of transcripts than first quarter more miserable, losses near a capital amount, results shares again broken end of, and August early she for focused save HTC electric performance, official resigned from Granville Sheng Chairman a vocational, show Rubicon of determination, but is was outside taunt "HTC electric in most the left of I'm afraid is she himself".

  Actually, HTC electric of problem from no art of "products strategy" also can see clues, this year frequently launched new machine, more last year speed obviously speed up, let market speculation whether heavy Kai "machine sea tactical", as annual flagship phone HTC One M9 sales poor, but also is breath launched appearance and function are stray not far of M9+, and E9, and E9+, and One ME Dual SIM, models, not only failed to effective pulled lift sales, instead weakened has home products of competitiveness.

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Be targeted by US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Uber events


Be targeted by US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Uber events


  All along, the United States presidential election priority is employment. United States time, Monday afternoon, as the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton said she would: "punish the discriminatory treatment of employees, even boss of deduction from wages. "Although she did not directly raise the Uber's name, but the company was before scandals, signed independent contracts with the driver, rather than unification under the staff, which in fact is the Act of discrimination against employees.

  Many Americans through the small rental house, design Web site, sell their production at home or drive their own cars to get extra income, Clinton first affirmed that the on-demand economy, "this economy has created exciting new opportunities, and bring innovation. "But, she said, this model also brings on labor issues, such as how to protect employees ' interests, what does a good work of the future should look like. Clinton said the fair wage and scheduling work, paid leave and other benefits to United States competitiveness and economic growth is essential.

  Uber, Lyft, represented by on-demand economy, in the United States and the world have caused a great deal of controversy. Among them, the traditional taxi industry that mobile travel company's drivers did not have government-issued operating licences, contracts with its drivers as contractors rather than employees of the company to be viewed, in other words, these companies do not need these drivers ' social security, medical insurance, paid vacation, vehicle maintenance, and is responsible for all other costs. In addition, any pricing, disrupted markets, harming the interests of the taxi industry. The world has witnessed many protests against Uber company, protests turned into riots in Paris, France.


Be targeted by US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Uber events


  In March this year, Uber drivers filed a class-action lawsuit in San Francisco. This Uber argue that they only provided a platform, and these drivers can deploy on their own time, and the scope of work.

  As the world's leading providers of software by taxi, Uber expansion began in 2009, currently in 250 cities in 59 countries can find Uber service. Uber now worth $ 41.2 billion, is the volume of the industry's largest company.

  Secret United States oldest and wealthy du Pont