Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cleaning tools the trio dear family

Cleaning tools the trio, dear family ~ 20151229-dustbin-1

Do you sweep it? Don't tell me you haven't touched after graduation from school broom!! Don't have to close your eyes to figure it out, when you finish cleaning up, broom and dustpan to throw until the dust cannot be tolerated, and rolls on the ground drops to find them nowhere ~ ~ ~ Cath Kidston iPhone 6 cases Cath Kidston iPhone 6 Case

Cath Kidston iPhone 6 cases

BOOM~! This trio 3 in 1 Bin cleaning tool, broom, dustpan and trash the perfect fit. In addition to the three people still carry out their duties in addition to broom hooks, suspended in the bucket. Dustpan on either side of the small organ to make it exist as a trash can lid. And save storage space, and would not lead to loss of, perfect ~! Only damage the harmonious atmosphere, namely brooms, short legs, but you don't sweep! WHO CARES!


Designer: Yoon So Young


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Holographic technology read takee will change that for future

  In recent days, one from the United States's most famous business magazine fast company (FastCompany) released its first creative people who list in China-Chinese business 100 most creative characters. In fast company's list of the 100 most creative people in the industry, leader in phone list, while outside besides Lei, Luo Yonghao, Yu, also a mobile phone upstart is well worth watching, and that is bring great innovation to the current market value of millions of SIDA, Chairman and CEO Liu Meihong. With subversive holographic phone list, his reason was: "limiting the eye jumps off the screen, holographic display technology applied to mobile phones for the first time."

  Takee mentioned mobile phones, believes concerns cutting edge technology and cell phone friends already in the development of the world knows very well the hologram. Today, the small addendum for brief reading of this epoch-making technology product core selling point--what will bring change to people's lives in the future.

  Civil field entertainment leave the beaten path

  Holographic display technology by tracking the eye of the camera position, based on holographic data model to calculate the actual holograms, and then through a special point to the display screen will be about accurate stereo image projected onto the retina of the eye, so that people can produce and environment feels exactly the same visual effect.

  Holographic technology help, had seemed to be slightly weak smartphone market into a shot, disruptive user experience once again change the user interacts with the cell phone. Vinli the little things that can make your car

  For 2D games, users can tilt the phone to see ahead what is waiting for you, instead of just viewing a fixed perspective. Dynamic in-game potential is enormous, especially after the developer has an open SDK, Amazon not only has the plan, communicate with Liu Meihong, he also said that in the phone app, can best embody the holographic effect is a game application. Meanwhile, takee wants to do more than just 3D displays, but at the same time can interact with, such as hanging in the top of the screen to play finger "cut fruits" game.

  In addition, takee 2 camera behind the phone, users can easily take pictures, or holographic video calls with friends, almost as if just around the corner.

  Commercial subversion of the traditional leading electricity supplier in the field once again change

  Counting the words in recent years, "the Internet thought" is definitely front page option. As somebody once said, the Internet thinking is "by means of information exchange transformation changes the cost structure of the industry", this sentence is true. Just because grasp this opportunity, MA has become China's most famous "businessman", controlled Alibaba settlers rise of an empire.

  Traditional e-commerce is one of the short Board cannot allow customers to directly see the products and experience to assess the products and speculation. Realization of holographic technology is on the e-commerce industry conducive to change again. Internet changes the cost structure of the industry in the past, now holographic technology change is in the structure of the industry the way people communicate. Field of e-commerce, how a page renders more realistic on the product, has been a lot of effort, and holographic displays can make the experience a step further. On the shopping page, users simply flip fingers can easily be seen details of the each angle, maximum to avoid the disadvantages of e-business. As a result, opened the final trade barriers.

  Specializing in the areas of medical, military, education coverage

  Takee holographic phone unique holographic display, air control technology, and will also provide medical, military, education and other fields to create new opportunities and changes. For example, holographic display technology, Visual preview of the doctors before the surgery, estimated risks and improve the success rate. In the military sphere, projected directly on the conductor through a holographic screen stereo-topographic maps, structured routes clear, one would know how to conduct strategic deployment.

  In the field of education, holographic technology have made important contributions. Through the holographic display, knowledge came from vivid, entertaining, comprehensive education on the effects of reform.

  For the average user, takee is a new brand, but behind it millions of SI is a focus on display manufacturers for many years, enter the mobile phone industry is the result of the thick product sends thinly. By holographic displays, holography, air touch a lot of cutting-edge technology into civilian use, will bring a new change to the phone rings, and even has the potential to break the duopoly of Samsung, Apple's competition.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Filling station bumper car 120 km per hour hit back at anyone who dared hit me

Replace bumper cars on the road is the horse God bright, no scratches, no injuries. United Kingdom there is such a car on the bumper cars driving on the road, is a 69 year old man ride, reminiscent of China's elderly scooter.

Tom Evans grandfather from Glasgow, a retired amusement park operator.

The bumper cars have rear-view mirror, light, gasoline tax, legally on the road. This bumper cars can reach a maximum speed of 75 miles (120 kilometers) per hour, but Tom for security reasons usually to 40 miles (64 kilometers) per hour of driving in the car. Two years ago, Tom on Facebook to see people selling bumper cars, funny of his wife and two sons bought it as a Christmas gift for him.

Bumper car engine coming from Bryant in the Robins (United Kingdom tamuwasidelilaiente company produced a small tricycle), Tom said the vehicle's brakes and circuit costs a lot of time.


The car had contained the Duke of Argyll, he in Frary ride the bumper cars. In addition, any picture taken with Tom bumper cars per capita to donate a sum of money to Yorkhill children's charities. 1 6988 million new RS 7 Sportback for sale listing

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Record how much power is consumed Smart bracelet and flower


Record how much power is consumed? Smart bracelet and flower

  Wearable smart devices we can do? well, in General, everyone is used to record your workout data or data of everyday activities, so that we have a basic understanding of their physical condition. Running is not far from Tesla s fatal weakness


Record how much power is consumed? Smart bracelet and flower

  But now of manufacturers has not meet Yu this has, Qian days, we just found has, a abroad of funeral home on announced will launched has a paragraph can measuring wearing who death time of intelligent hand ring, Yes, this intelligent hand ring will through a senior algorithm to inferred you what when to heaven reported, this function wants to wants to are drunk has, daily wearing with a hand ring, see himself of life constantly passes, such really of good did? this too let people laugh has, original we also can live how many days need a can wear equipment reminded. Is there a magic g Darth sword hanging over our heads every day.

  Good's, projections we of life of intelligent hand ring let we think is flower, but recently, a paragraph by Washington University research personnel design of Magnifisense can wear intelligent equipment, it monitoring of target is not we movement in the consumption of heat of calories, but through we in using different of electronic products process in the collection information, records we in using these electronic products Shi consumption has how many of power.

  ! The wearable device is temporarily not serving us!: so why do we need this bracelet to? I think no one will know how much power is consumed, it seems a bit ... ... (And how many will care about this issue). It is said that one of the potential use of the wearable device is to prevent unexpected incidents. In nursing homes, for example, the waiter can hand ring touches the stove is turned on, so as to avoid accidents or prevent device failure.

  So how did it work? it has a built-in sensor, the sensor can distinguish you use an electric toothbrush, turn on the lights, or use laptop's information. Different electronic radiation it can be identified, in the words of Edward Wang, lead researcher, a wearable device to listen to different electronic products issued by the "different voice" in order to distinguish them one by one.

  But the wearable device just a prototype. It makes it look very thick, the appearance of design is not beautiful, it is learned that researchers are trying to make it to lose weight, so you can become more fashionable and beautiful.

  Well, from the current situation, the wearable device, except use a little flower, but did not find it at the moment other bright spots, but the bracelet, how it all than can be measured intelligent bracelet wearer to time of death more pleasing to the eye. Don't know if another team also can develop more wonderful smart bracelet, human imagination is unlimited, and we look forward to seeing more different kind of wearable smart devices appeared on the market.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cloud woxing logistics platforms touch deals starting from the operation

  Most wanted to get involved in international logistics Internet companies would choose to "match" the road, Lady dog network has completed a round of financing and shipping it and finish the angel round of network maintenance, shipping, without exception. But woxing does not focus on transactions between shippers and freight links, but is based on cloud computing technology launched woxing international collaborative cloud platform for logistics management, improved freight forwarding company operating system, as well as around the small partner of "connections" roll.

  What is woxing logistics cloud platform? Network environment with Chinese characteristics

  In 2011, from Peking University to study in the United States, in the United States specializing in the field of computer technology, who worked at the United States online travel company Expedia Philippe guelluy to return to China to build a cloud-based SaaS platform.

  In 2013, Philippe guelluy arrived in a large container shipping company with roots in more than 10 years of Zhang zhengmao, woxing logistics official preparations for the formation of the cloud platform. On the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud, woxing developed their core product Cargoware, freight forwarding business process management platform. Understand goods generation company of people, most will on such of scene deep has experience, operator through repeatedly of fax, and phone to confirmed set class, and single card, and transport, customs, international logistics in the of all link, table head of various application and confirmed material more is stacked as mountain, not only efficiency low, and easy errors, this is except information not symmetric by brings of freight not transparent outside, traditional international logistics of maximum pain points. Woxing to do, is to optimize processes, cloud storage, "paperless" freight forwarding between the branch and the upstream and downstream companies to achieve "shared key", booking, single, to the account information is no longer needed each other repeatedly.

  "Reform not revolution" is the basic idea of Cargoware. Woxing joint founder Zhang zhengmao think, has several Centennial history of international trade and logistics industry formed today of pattern back, has whole system of complexity, change industry never just is with "to middle of" such simple gross of method, and logistics transport middle of agent in future number years in the, still exists indispensable of value, woxing to do of, is through information technology improve goods generation industry of Internet of, let whole industry chain between interconnected Exchange, reduced repeat labor, improve industry of efficiency, Reduce labor costs, promote industry standardization.

  Based on this operating system, woxing freight CargoInsights BI mobile application was developed, currently provided free of charge to woxing cloud platform for customer use, through this system, can be tracked through the system of management of the company the company's business, such as volume fluctuations, accounts receivable, customer contribution degree analysis.

  What to do in the future?

  Currently on the market focuses on freight forwarding management system SaaS operations not only woxing, woxing also is not the first company to do this thing. Woxing in product detail and a complete degree seem to be more confident, Zhang zhengmao said the pain points of the entire system in the industry, such as tracking of freight, overseas agents order together have put a lot of thought into.

  Woxing currently only more than 100 customers, and industry frequently boasts thousands of or tens of thousands of users compared to the platform, seems deserted, but this alone more than more than 100 users, woxing has achieved a balance. And that's more than more than 100, including Ubi logistics listed companies and a token stream. Zhang zhengmao said woxing does not pursue the rapid growth of the number of users at this stage, but will aim to benchmark customer, these customers will be formed in the same "herd", also will boost woxing logistics supplier to use on cloud platforms.

  Future woxing hopes with high viscosity characteristics Cargoware, create forwarders "LinkedIn" for the platform to provide credit guarantees and make them relevant to the business, such as fleet, customs brokers, warehouses, shipping companies, overseas agent information, such as docking.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Produced a total of 375 mph Karen announced that it would shut down P1 line

  McLaren announced that its Super run P1 production lines will be completed after No. 375 production car-made shutting down. McLaren P1 manufacture from summer 2013, currently all of the 375 cars have found a buyer, each car is custom-made according to customer demand, the average length of each vehicle Assembly for 17 days. Covering 10 558 Mercedes Benz recalled some c

Maikailunmaikailun P1-2014 3.8T standard Maikailunmaikailun P1-2014 3.8T standard


Maikailunmaikailun P1-2014 3.8T standard

"The production version 2014 McLaren P1 3.8T-"

Maikailunmaikailun P1-2014 3.8T standard

  In addition to the 375 units outside the production car, and McLaren also made the 13 experimental prototype, 5 validation prototype car and 3 engineering prototype. It is reported that the spraying each car requires use of 5-8 primers and 8-9 litres of paint, some more complex models, body paint handling cost only 5 days.

Maikailunmaikailun P1 2015 GTR

"McLaren P1 GTR racing"

  In all 375 sports car, 34% production car sold in the American market, 26% sold in Europe, 13% of the buyers from the Middle East and Africa, the rest of the 27% owners are from Asia. Currently on the production line is a section of the track's version of P1 in the GTR is being assembled, is expected in the next few weeks, racing line will be shut down.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lei we definitely are not allowed in the game

Lei: we definitely are not allowed in the game

  "Now you hand is not enough fun. "

  Millet mutual entertainment investment company in mid-August at a closed-door meeting, Lei founder millet internal shared his rivals swim "dissatisfaction". Perhaps because of this, he put his millet mutual entertainment focused on constructing game ecological chain to help eco-build on the explosive.

  Millet cross-entertainment business has been established for 1 year and 8 months. According to millet's official figures, 2015 millet arcade games downloads up to 667 million times in the first half, giving developers into total 580 million Yuan.

  Not met Lei in spending more money on hand. From this year August 1 up, millet began implementation latest of channel into policy: from August 1, 2015 up, millet industry chain Shang of TV game and Pad game will from millet and developers "5:5 split" adjustment for "3:7 split"; and opponents tour, will from developers, and millet, and operators "3:4:3 split" into developers took 50%, millet and operators carved up addition half, if operators proportion not variable, equivalent to millet into from 40% cut to 20%.

  Markets may have just begun

  Why Lei think now of the tour is not enough fun?

  Lei believes that because of cell phone games is the essence of "gaming + community". Mobile Games fun interaction between players, which is very important is a part of the Community Exchange. But now, very few mobile games to achieve this, cause the PC to mobile games fun than reduced a lot.

  In his view, mobile online game unable to form community is closely related with game design. For example, "today, most mobile phones games, because the landscape factors, users have no way to enter text. As long as a the input text would be a great disadvantage – Keyboard dialog box appears on half the screen, plus a phone calls, texting, app push, the user can't enter. "

  Communication barriers, makes it hard for mobile online gaming communities. Lei put forward an idea: "whenever possible, cell phones play online games are designed for vertical. "

  "If mobile online games to solve community problems, lets users play end swim, play 10 years in the mobile phone games are possible. "

  In other words, Lei think the game should exceed expectations of fun for users. Reflected in the products, in addition to fine arts, programs and interactive aspects of contemporary production process of high standards, should also have their own unique innovations.

  In addition to "ridicule" tour started outside, at a closed-door meeting, Lei's views on the tour market.

  Lei had a hypothesis, mobile gaming boom may be an embryonic stage in previous years, there is no alternative, after all, the phone's new gaming platforms, users will also need a good game to meet. Meanwhile, the hand user base still has room to explore further. Every entrepreneur will make ten start up mistakes

  "Real energy to play mobile games user base may only have 20 million people, only a 2% of mobile phone users. It means hand did not enter the main battlefield, also in the Valley. "

  Along with online gaming fun enough problems to be resolved, hand travel market will have greater opportunity for development. "Although others hand this month flow 100 million tomorrow month flow 3, 400 million, may very easily in the future is 3, 400 million and 1 billion a month. "

  Lei believes that playing games and watching movies, watching TV, a fire TV series or movies, there are at least 3, 50 million people were watching, up to hundreds of millions of people. Today is 20 million users playing mobile phone games, the future may be 100 million users playing.

  Will certainly not play games

  Millet how to "play" a game?

  Millet mutual Entertainment General Manager Jessica Shang was quoted as saying, the first is as a channel for mobile games on the MIUI, support ecological millet, rice services;, millet has been preparing the work on game related issues; and, third, involving investments in Internet content.

  Jessica Shang also revealed that millet mutual entertainment over the past year has invested in 16 Internet content companies.

  A person close to millet told reporters, millet entertainment in partnership with game ecological chain to each other more like producers. Because in internal, Lei had issued has "himself absolute not allows do game" of iron law, purpose is hope millet mutual entertainment can restraint greed; while, also only such, millet mutual entertainment only has with ecological chain company cooperation of powerful of based, to millet game Center for based, through integration game industry chain in the all link of quality resources, for game developers do service work, help they in market Shang variable now products value.

  For example, last year, millet mutual entertainment agency offering game ecological chain company tianma temporal and spatial development of the popular miracle MU, the game hit a line flow 26 million on the first day. Subsequently, the millet cross entertainment continues on the publicity splash talk on the app store, rice with millet, millet, browser, new media and other key positions continue to promote this tour with long term operation.

  Millet in the game business grow fast. First half of 2014, millet arcade game download reached 257 million second half of 2014 up to 493 million; by the year 2015-half, millet arcade game download reached 667 million, an increase of 159%, rose 35%, while millet arcade developers into the total amount reached 580 million yuan in the first half, an increase of 187%, rose 47%.

  In addition, Shang Jin said the current lack of quality games mobile games market, operators charge is a serious problem, game developers into less, under pressure, millet will use leverage, to give part of the millet cross channels of entertainment expenses, to support and nurture these gaming platforms.

  Millet mutual Entertainment's latest profit-sharing policy, insiders say, into the behind of the adjusting, on the one hand is millet mutual entertainment put out real money, supporting small and medium developers, so that their capital levels to have creative abilities on the other, it also channels of Android competition will become more intense.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ali and weapon industry group 2 billion yuan to build a new joint venture company

  On August 18, the Chinese position has attracted the attention from all walks of life, "spirited away network limited" approved by the State administration for industry and Commerce after the name was founded in the Yangpu district of Shanghai City. This marks China's own compass satellite navigation system has made important strides, opened a new chapter. Chihiro network limited company with registered capital of 2 billion yuan, jointly funded by China North Industries Group Corporation and Alibaba group established the 50% stake.

  The company "Internet + location (the Big Dipper)" philosophy, through the integration and construction of a Web of Foundation of the Big Dipper, based on cloud computing technology and data to build cloud location service platform to meet national, industry, mass market demand for precision positioning service. Positioning the company as a business-oriented developers and service operation platform company, providing accurate location; is committed to creating value, building the company to provide accurate location based services, data accumulation, data fusion and mining industries group of value-added services, with global competitiveness.

  Company plans to satellite positioning for based, Fusion various positioning technology, for specific of application scene, different of application terminal, launched and actual scene phase combined of solution programme, to various terminal and application system provides high precision location service; and share on location related of mass data access, and storage, and fusion and open of capacity, for enterprise and developers of integrated development, and application promotion provides a station type of service support; let precision location service became connection, and activated and drive location (Beidou) Eco-development of the new Internet infrastructure. Wang Feng all on the way out the man to push in

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Super company valuations or 10 billion if Wang buyers may face the risk of what

  On August 17, 2015, Chinese Football Association from the General Administration of sport management, after the administrative means internal structure will be changed by the Football Association, the "variables" including the new President of the Football Association belongs, Football Association holding assets than the buyers of the company, but they seem to point to a man--Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Wanda group. 100 000 salary won t save lives in the bottom

  As the Chinese Football Association's biggest financial backers – Wang insisted to Chinese football "love offerings", Mr Wang for Chinese football with passion, but as a successful businessman is planning to build its own football as the main sports Empire, the Football Association from the General Administration of sport, seemed to let Wang see football Empire "last mile" is nearing completion.

  But things may not be as simple as imagined, because although the Chinese Football Association out of administrative systems at the national level, the local football association still are in the system, if Wang "disk access" the Chinese Football Association, in the absence of administrative power under the current situation, whether there is enough strength and around the football game, is still a big question.

  In addition, there are sports investment by the person to the entertaining DreamWorks said, in accordance with the a-share valuations to calculate an average, if Super company able to maintain current business model, estimates at least 10 billion yuan. So, Wang if disk access is the Football Association over the company's equity, then to at least pay a price of 3.6 billion yuan.

  Hot potato – President

  In the President's new list of candidates, Mr Wang is the most outside voices and concerns of all. But this historic opportunity, Wang may need to have a clear judgment of the situation, the Chinese Football Association is a "quality assets"? is there value to "disk access?" remains a question.

  Current Football Association of "Administration" is removed at the national level, where the Football Association is still in the system. At a time when Chinese Football Association still not out of the system, through administrative means, to mobilize the resources of the local football association, but in the Chinese Football Association has "administrative" when the local football association there is no need to have to listen to the Chinese Football Association wanted.

  While the local football association "to administration" is also a trend, but the industry generally does not consider short-term implementation, streamlining the entire relationship at least 5 or 6 years time.

  In other words, "administrative" in power will be weakened after the Football Association, took over as President or to enter a football power, it might not be too much power on the "practical". Other countries in the world, including Japan, and Korea's East Asian neighbors, the Football Association's main focus is not in the League, the League is composed of organizations or companies dedicated to League operations to run, mainly do is strengthen by the Football Association youth training system, promotion and formation at all levels of football size team.

  If Wang running for President to succeed, then that means he is likely to take over is a no power and economic benefits of entity, because assets such as Super League is super or similar League Union institutions to management of the company. Although adolescent training this Wang was interested in, but difficult to mobilize resources at the local football association, the Football Association is sure to be a "formerly,the Hanlin Academy."

  And if Wang does not run for President, Wanda had previously done for Football Association of "investment" can pay off is also a doubt, because power would be squeezed by the Football Association. Wang FA's behalf, including all liquidated damages for compensation will fulfill all Ma Kaqiao this "love offerings", confirmed as an entrepreneur of China football sense of responsibility and sense of mission.

  Only is to have the right to decide on all levels of management of the national team, but Wang's career does not have any substantive role because "produced by Wanda" players with Atletico Madrid the European stronghold in Europe to prove yourself, you don't have to worry about his place in the national team. Ma Kaqiao before "bungle" was eaten by Wanda yabakui, so for the business in direct control over the national team, Wang Jianlin, and Wanda and there is not enough interest.

  Over valuations

  Since disk access is not affordable by the Football Association to map into more practical Super.

  Super corporate reform is also the Football Association "to the administration of" focus. "The FA will be marched out in the Super 36% shares in the company" is increasing, it is understood that the FA was over the company's largest shareholder, each holding 4% Ultra in 16 other clubs. For years, the Club shareholders Association in the superior status of the company, one big share alone was unhappy with, and asked the Football Association to quit over the company's voice has always been there. Who buyers these 36% shares, who will become the King's largest shareholder, who has the ownership of China's top Football League.




  In this opinion the draught, ultra announced company General Manager Liu Weidong, resigned as the General Manager of Super Wanda joined the sport, became head of the sports section. For years, the Super Manager appointed by the Chinese Football Association, actually appointed by the State General Administration of sport, Benjamin Liu worked separation is considered to be one of the Football Association and the State General Administration of sport results of decoupling.

  Wang Jianlin Benjamin Liu worked, the move was seen to be "buyers" over the company's the signal, but the 36% valuation of shares, is worth exploring.

  The Super business value report shows that "the 2014 season, over revenue of 440 million Yuan. "According to the current over the company's revenue model, along with the current copyright" rising tide ", hot, Super ball, over the company's revenue and earnings will be better and better, is a fine asset.

  Sports investment by the private equity firms to the entertaining DreamWorks said, in accordance with the a-share valuations to calculate an average, if Super company able to maintain current business model, then valuations in at least 10 billion yuan. So, Mr Wang if you Super company buyers, then to at least pay a price of 3.6 billion yuan.

  Disk access cost

  So here's the thing, this is worth 3.6 billion yuan was spent?

  FA on in the Super company in in the Super League Shang of major matters decided has "a votes veto", even other all of shareholders (in the Super Club) joint "forced Palace", FA also can using this a votes veto to ruling, this is stems from FA with administrative, and organization League this identity by decided of, buyers who if is a company, so may not be will has this a votes veto of privileges.

  Not "veto", Mr Wang would be difficult to pass over this carrier to set up their own eco-system in domestic football because of the super clubs may not be buying it.

  Because of the FA's Executive orientation most of the Club's voice is very low in the entire business chain, each club to European clubs can separate docking with the television broadcasters to copyright business entirely from Super company to do it for them.

  In addition, only 4% of the proceeds of each club also gave rise to the dissatisfaction of many Super Club, every year tens of millions of bonuses in this transfer market, was not enough to buy a super star.

  The big in the Super Club are desire with more big space of income-generating of road, which Guangzhou constant big more is opened has landing capital markets of initiatives, this means with for adapted capital market needs, Guangzhou constant big must will maximum degree to for income-generating, let itself of business mode more stable, and has can continued growth of gene, just 4% of dividends is this in the Super Giants cannot accept of. Super Club, ultra gains were mainly for the formation of their contribution to the company, as a platform for operators but have some executive powers, and such revenue-sharing was not fair.

  More important of is, with with in the Super events of hot, by in the Super company done of mode has meet can't Club of demands, especially to Guangzhou constant big, and Shandong Luneng, and Beijing Guoan for representative of Giants Club, think Club should has more of autonomy helps income-generating, will more of business autonomy recovered to Club hands, such also and European mainstream Club, and mainstream League of mode meet. Because Super League no longer is when the fools who do not hold up, now has grown into a highly popular resource assets concerned, just a four-year sponsorship, ping an group to come up with 600 million Yuan transacted.

  Super company restructuring, the Division of powers and responsibilities within the new structure will be more in line with the interests of the Club, Wanda direct disk access at 3.6 billion yuan cost, is likely to repeat the mistakes Camacho, white a sum of money, and finally by Super Club "run".

  Historically, this isn't the first time to challenge League football club platform operator, back in the late 90, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, 14 European clubs G14, because of UEFA's exploits to intent to follow the NBA to create a European Super League, UEFA direct intervention to jump out and this also received support from some members of the European Union. Although UEFA has stepped in to quell the trouble, but also made a great concession, the restructuring of European champion clubs ' Cup became the Champions League, and in television and clubs to make concessions on the rights.

  Super and other entertainment as the vehicle faces platform premium decrease value of IP content is magnified, even Thunder and see this video platform is worth less than a copyright fee for the variety show, Thunder Thunder and see all the equity transfer in a 130 million to nest international media group in Beijing.

  Wang's "last mile"

  Mr Wang to buy Atletico Madrid, the price of 45 million euros to get a complete set of European stars "arsenal", in relation to production of the last 35 years, "Atletico produced" is already a guarantee of quality in the world, second only to the La Masia best Academy in the world, Sergio Ag├╝ero, Fernando Torres, Falco, star has set off large waves in the transfer market.

  After Wang's "star of hope" program is already paying off, Wanda decides next year to Spain transporting 30 young players. By 2017, Spain study abroad China Youth Soccer talent will amount to 180 people, Wanda sponsorship will provide 20 million euros per year.




  Human resources system is to give up on the country's football stars production system, because the existing domestic player development system to meet the needs of developed parts of Europe, have to use a more advanced production methods began to develop from the source, so Wanda chose will still in the growth stage of primary school students sent to Spain to accept football to learn. As the representative of the old production system production of domestic, months of dilute zhe Zhang has joined Bundesliga Wolfsburg play has no formal records, in the case of no exposure, even though the purchasing power of the Chinese market has more powerful, brand it is difficult to see any commercial return in dilute zhe Zhang.

  If Wang of this plans lined, so to currently China football of production training system view, future China football market Shang most hot of Star must are is "million up produced", and "horse competing produced", on will appeared Xu jiayin in purchase players, and paid players wage, and development players commercial value of Shi to for Wang paid, generally, million up this buyout players youth period interests of mode, eventually of purpose is to in players fame zhihou for returns into, like Ronaldo is this mode Xia of typical representative.

  But this full Europe mode to consumption of cost too high, and most optimistic of investment returns period at least to 5 years, so if Wang can in FA system got more big of discourse right, so will conducive to he of plans "landing", that can in in the Super Club of Echelon or green training system in for some basic training, is this full Europe system of excessive stage, such can guarantee some basic players produced, without put risk all bet in 5 years zhihou.

  In other words, Mr Wang in order to minimize investment risk, must get more say in the FA, while the Football Association "to administration" for his business barons, is the best time to cut to the core power of Chinese football.