Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Investors are not optimistic about HTC s revitalization plan

  Foreign media reported that investors are not optimistic about Taiwan smartphone maker HTC has launched the revitalization plan.

  To reverse the downturn, but HTC has made a lot of attempts.

Investors are not optimistic about HTC's revitalization plan

  Since last year, HTC replaced, Chief Marketing Officer, started selling similar GoPro sports camera, developed virtual reality helmets, and increase investment in high-end One series phones, but sales are still poor. In addition, HTC CEO Peter Chou was also replaced, company Chairman Cher Wang total comes to the fore.

  However, none of these measures made the established results, investors are not happy.

  In the eyes of investors, HTC in 2011 is the world-wide competitors, product sales on a quarterly basis once it has reached 4.6 billion dollars. At that time, HTC also briefly ranked United States largest smartphone maker, but many research institutions have now dropped out of top ten list of the world's smartphones.

  In the past four years, due to Apple, Samsung and other makers of cheap down living space, HTC's market value has evaporated 95% (evaporation 60% this year).

  On August 10, the value of HTC after further falls in share prices is only 1.5 billion dollars, slightly less than the company has cash. In the eyes of investors, HTC's brands and production facilities, as well as design is worthless.

  Wing Fung financial holding company limited (Sinopac Financial Holdings Co.) Analyst Huang Wenyao (Calvin Huang) States: "cash is the only valuable asset, HTC's other assets are of no value. HTC used to developing good lead management confident, arrogant resulted in design, marketing, pricing and distribution made a series of mistakes. "

  On August 13, she said in a statement: "the enhanced operational efficiencies the company returned to profit in the process, we have to reluctantly make some decisions to achieve overall operating expense reduction 35% objectives. "Layoffs 15% is a necessary thing to do. In addition, the company will focus on high-end mobile phones, cameras, and virtual reality equipment and other hardware products.

  Bloomberg won a HTC internal messages, the contents of the message have been confirmed. She said in the message: "this program will help HTC in the choice of returning to the global leader in the field. Please be assured that HTC flourished again, I am full of confidence. "

  HTC promised will focus on development of high-end phones, but its One product reviewer of appreciation, but consumers are not very cold. It will encourage the company to cooperate with companies in other industries.

  HTC also works with video game developer Valve virtual reality projects for cooperation. In addition, HTC also announced last year to work together United States sports equipment brand Under Armour, developed a series of health tracking equipment. However, HTC Chief Financial Officer Zhang Jialin (Chialin Chang) said at a press conference on August 6, if HTC made cheaper products, "I don't think Under Armour will cooperate with us."

  KGI (KGI Securities) analyst Richard Ko, "said HTC's strategy is not very clear. Virtual reality is very cool, but niche product, I think it will not contribute to revenue in the next 12 months. " Jet Pack China s first behind the scenes including

  In the view of Richard Ko, HTC plans see the turnaround hopes. If sales increase, or at least not fall, this 35% cost-cutting would ensure HTC revenue balance. If this is not fulfilled, HTC will run out of money in three years.

  Richard Ko, said: "they have to stop. "

Monday, March 28, 2016

Application of face recognition technology in financial field enter brush face

   The cool China millet will be sharing Samsung

Application of face recognition technology in financial field enter


  China's independently developed the world's first face recognition function for ATM machine through acceptance, Jingdong wallet first face-recognition technology, China Merchants Bank a pilot facial recognition application, through face recognition can ping an inclusive financial 6 minute loans, micro-banks use face recognition technology to remote first loans ... ... Recently, the application of face recognition technology is explosive growth, payments, withdrawals, loans and other financial applications in the field of began to gradually allow people to enter "the brush face."

  2015, the Tencent, Ali and many other companies are starting to encode the layout of face recognition industry, want to face pay technology extends the application of the financial business. Jack Ma, Alibaba Group Chairman of the Board of Directors in March in Germany to join the activities, sweep the face shows ants gold suit. Previously owned by Tencent tenpay has said civil identification numbers with the national inquiry services centre like than the services of strategic cooperation.

  Analysts believe that the essential feature of the Internet is efficient, fast, fingerprint, face technology and its application in the transaction process, can not only simplify your payment process, and most importantly, through biometric payment links can greatly improve payment security index.

  However, doubts remain in face recognition technology applications, particularly in risk management as the core of the financial industry. Industry experts believe that, on the whole, in the acquisition of environmentally controlled, user interface under certain scenarios, the current face recognition technology has matured, such as civilian attendance and access control systems, passport photo than on search systems, face recognition, however the financial, security and other applications in the scene is not yet mature. Brush face payment system of the financial sector, high security area security (such as bank vaults) access control systems, witness conformance test system, blacklist target monitoring and alarm systems.

  A banking industry insiders said, judging from the maturity of the technology now, mainly related to two issues: the dilemma of trade-off between convenience and security, and prosthesis spoofing problem, which is the biggest technical challenges facing the brush face possible.

  Shanshiguang, a researcher at the Institute of computing technology Chinese Academy of Sciences has said that face recognition technology is not ripe under all scenarios. On the whole, face recognition in the financial, security and other applications in the scene is not yet mature, there is still a long way to go.

  However, for "brush face" of the future, is still full of confidence. Shanshiguang said with the advancement of technology is expected after five years, brush face payment may become a common method of payment. Technology founder Zhu long said, for computer vision research, over the past five years are at the crucial stage of fast development, academic research in recent years great progress and applications in the next year or two will enter a concentrated period.


Friday, March 25, 2016

Hummer can t the most mighty military off road vehicle

Hummer can't: the most mighty military off-road vehicle

  Referred many people immediately think of Hummer military vehicles, many people still feel that the Hummer is "fighting" the highest. However in the Marauder, Hummer is a weak burst.

  South Africa Marauder of Paramount Group company may be able to hold the most powerful military reputation for four-wheeled vehicles. Its design purpose, is a response to all the terrain and battle conditions. Marauder giant, line tough, light shape is able to crush all of means.

  Marauder is capable of carrying 10 fully equipped soldiers, helping them across the various adverse terrain. Marauder tire alone is able to withstand the equivalent of 8 kilograms of TNT explosive. Double batch of armored protection armored fire-bombs attacks. If you install additional armour, and even RPG attacks on Marauder is capable of withstanding. Explosion-proof design for each seat in the car to protect the crew.

  This behemoth is equipped with a six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and a top speed of 120 km/h. Four large wheels, let the Marauder can accommodate a variety of terrain. Even if it is a common disorder, such as cars, walls, it has an immediate opening in the past.

  Marauder although tough, but it does not mean that all the people of action. Paramount Group, Marauder for sale to government agencies and institutions.

  Micro reading APP chant does not smoke but smoking

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Has nothing to do with the Oculus Rift Cardboard comes from personal interest

At the end of this year's Google I/O Conference, Sundar Pichai said the people present will get a "cardboard box" Cardboard. Then as we all know, it is in fact a summary of virtual glass equipment. Users just need to get it packed and placed in the phone, you can feel the charm of virtual reality.

The next day, the project's founder David Coz foreign shares the story behind the product. Cardboard initially only his personal hobby project, did not think Google put it, "carried forward".

In recent years, virtual reality technology has very big development. As a fan of the technology, Coz is also looking for a simple and inexpensive way to create a virtual reality device. About 6 months ago, he decided to start the Cardboard of the project, implemented ideas.

Has nothing to do with the Oculus Rift, Cardboard comes from personal interest

Overall, he wants this project done as simple as possible, after all processing is done by cell phone, it is more of the role play accessories. After several rounds of screening, he decided to choose cardboard material, mainly because the material is easily molded, combined with his love cardboard clock.

Flawless iPhone 6s case

As we all know, Google engineers to spend 20% hours of work for their interests and projects (although last year there was talk Goole to the abolition of this system, but Google did not admit it). When Coz showing project company and Research Institute after the computer scientist Christian Plagemann, Google decided to turn it into a larger project, and want users to be able to adopt common scissors, staplers and other tools to modify. Because Cardboard to get the company's attention, Coz were dominated by its "20% work". Flawless

Has nothing to do with the Oculus Rift, Cardboard comes from personal interest

Google has now released software development kit, encourage developers around the Cardboard to create third-party applications. Since it adopted open source strategies, a company specialized in mobile device protection Dodocase "homeopathic" introduced the cottage Suite GOOGLE CARDBOARD VR TOOLKIT. It is mainly made up of cardboard cases, lenses, magnets, rubber bands, can be shipped in the next 4-6 week.

While the Cardboard copy of the threshold is very low, but to inject resources in this area, few companies can do, Google is one of the few family. We believe that in the near future, Cardboard-based applications will appear in the Google Play or even see the improved equipment of other manufacturers.

Via:techcrunch theverge

Millet bracelet

2220 votes Flawless iPhone 6s case

Millet bracelet

Bracelet with millet millet's latest wearable device, with intelligent features such as alarm clock sleep monitoring.

View details of the voting >>

Monday, March 21, 2016

Apple s smaller charger to be interviewed

  In April, Apple has unveiled a new British standard charging adapter, this product is characterized by the three largest pin can be folded storage, although universal charger had a similar design, but it is still Apple's first storage designed pins. Lei feng's network on July 7, now that Apple has received United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the patent.


Apple's smaller charger to be interviewed!


  Technology roadmap Starting from the 70 s of a robot family context

  It is reported that the difference in the structure of the new USB adapter, new magnets and springs and hinges. The two parts can fold away when you aren't using, greatly reducing the overall size of the charger; in addition the adapter using the magnetic design, use friction from the process smaller, reducing the deterioration of parts, electrical isolation is good. However, the mentioned three design patents are still British standard triangular plug, the feet of the Chinese version of the iPhone charging adapter temporarily shut out from the new design.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Smart Clip Sense U monitoring health data will no longer be bound

  Wearable device is not as rare as it once was, a variety of intelligent products such as bracelets, watches, glasses have become commonplace, Sense-U Clip+ is a unique smart wear device, not only to ring the pedometer function, it can also detect human consumption, sleep quality and attitude is closely linked to human health activities.


Smart-Clip Sense-U: monitoring health data will no longer be bound


  Nowadays many smart bracelet to record steps, calorie consumption, sleep, but does not provide improvement and scientific advice, plainly still a pedometer users fresh first, inevitably on the shelf. Different and ordinary bracelet, a new generation moving clip (Sense-U Clip+) through real-time monitoring and alerts to solve health problems in modern Asia. Clip+ original sports guide, Butler, posture correction function of sleep, one-stop solution to users lack of exercise, poor sleep and poor posture and other health problems.

   On computer vision start up this traditional company

Smart-Clip Sense-U: monitoring health data will no longer be bound



Smart-Clip Sense-U: monitoring health data will no longer be bound


  Sense-U Clip+ Smart-Clip

  Clip+ precise identification and guide the wearer to dozens of different sports, including walking, jogging, climbing stairs, jumping rope, aerobics, roll, flat. Make it easier for slimming, keep in shape.


Smart-Clip Sense-U: monitoring health data will no longer be bound


  Sense-U Clip+ Smart-Clip


Smart-Clip Sense-U: monitoring health data will no longer be bound


  Sense-U Clip+ Smart-Clip

  Clip+ key information recording sleep: sleep quality, sleep posture, of bed temperature and humidity and so forth. Through scientific analysis, to help users understand the cause of poor sleep and Clip+ provide 24-hour monitoring of the wearer's posture, bad posture, sedentary shaking reminder help you to get more healthy.


Smart-Clip Sense-U: monitoring health data will no longer be bound


  Sense-U Clip+ Smart-Clip


Smart-Clip Sense-U: monitoring health data will no longer be bound


  Sense-U Clip+ Smart-Clip

  Clip+ uses Bluetooth technology and Android and iOS 4.0 shebi connections, supports Apple's iOS version 7.0 and above (iPhone4s/5/5c/5s/6/6 Plus) and Android version 4.3 and above phone, charge 1 hour standby 7 days price 399 Yuan.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hot air balloon trip to the edge of space or come true Only 75 000

  According to tech site Tech Insider reported on August 24, a new space tourism company World View is scheduled by the end of 2016, and passengers to the ground through the hot air balloon 20 miles (32.2 kilometers) of the edge of space.

  According to the definition of the International Federation of aviation, space center distance around 100-kilometer (62 mph). Its five-hour journey will take you to the one-third position.

  Also offers cocktails during the journey, you can see the stars in the sky, the darkness of the universe, the curvature of the Earth. All this cost of approximately US $ 75,000 (about 481,000).

Hot air balloon trip to the edge of space or come true! Only $ 75,000

  1, floating above 100,000 feet (30.5 km) 99% of the atmosphere.

Hot air balloon trip to the edge of space or come true! Only $ 75,000

  2, at the launch point, 6 passengers and two crew members into the pressurized cabin, cabin with bathroom and snack bar.

Hot air balloon trip to the edge of space or come true! Only $ 75,000

  3, the cabin can be observed 360 panoramic views, while also providing the Internet connection, to share photos in real time.

Hot air balloon trip to the edge of space or come true! Only $ 75,000

  4, helium balloons with giant polyethylene cabin up.

Hot air balloon trip to the edge of space or come true! Only $ 75,000

  5, at 100,000 feet (30.5 meters) high altitude, the cabin will stop rising.

Hot air balloon trip to the edge of space or come true! Only $ 75,000

  6, the process will last for 90 minutes.

Hot air balloon trip to the edge of space or come true! Only $ 75,000

  7, at 100,000 feet altitude, passengers will see the sky full of stars.

Hot air balloon trip to the edge of space or come true! Only $ 75,000

  8, and the vastness of the universe.

Hot air balloon trip to the edge of space or come true! Only $ 75,000

  9, passengers can see the curvature of the Earth, sometimes raised "Overview effect".

Hot air balloon trip to the edge of space or come true! Only $ 75,000

  10, many astronauts say in such high places of the Earth, everything has become small, insignificant. Passengers in this highly scenic 2 hour or so.

  11, drops, balloons will be about 50,000 feet high from the cabin in parachute gliding to a landing point with the help of.

  12, when a hot-air balloon to reach the ground, staff will be recycled.

  13, after landing, passengers will take a private machine back to the launch point. According to the different time of the year, distance between landing and launch points for 0-300 miles.

  14, World View company said the aerospace community thinks high altitude balloon is safe and reliable.

  15, the company invited United States NASA scientists and astronauts, as passengers of flight guidance, such as astronaut Mark Kelly and United States before NASA Science Director, new horizons principal investigator Alan Stern. Code farmers take a class Uber platform quickly

  World View's goal is to complete its testing before the end of 2016, and began operations.

  At present, the company is still looking for a suitable launch position, and to estimate the possibility of children involved in the flight. They accept children over 10, under the guardianship of the flight reservation.

  Only $ 75,000, you can book travel farthest from the hot air balloon ride seat.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Huawei would push watch sword MOTO360

   Popular science whether the cancer will spread

Huawei will push the round watch Zero challenge Moto 360


  Huawei announced this week a Zero round watches, are likely to run Android Wear system. Moto 360 is still the most popular Android Wear watches on the market, but to challenge it. We believe that Huawei's watches are cheaper than similar watches, style is similar to similar watches.


Huawei will push the round watch Zero challenge Moto 360


  Zero bezel is slightly larger than the Moto. This table is called Zero because it does not have the key, and with only a touch-screen control.

  Huawei seems to be based on Scandinavian design concept to the design of this watch, which means that they want to watch looks like a "real" watches.


Huawei will push the round watch Zero challenge Moto 360


  Built-in light sensor Zero and activity tracker, its waterproof rating is IP68, and rain.

  Huawei says Zero a full charge can last for 4 days. The OS is not Android that could mean Zero Wear. Want to know the answer, and now can only wait. Huawei will be released in August 2015, Zero.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Adidas teamed up Monster movement launched two new in ear headphones


Adidas teamed up Monster movement launched two new in-ear headphones


  Early last year, Monster (Monster) announce joint cooperation with adidas headphones, headphones and now the two companies for the series adds new adidas Sport Headphones by Monster. New headphones will have two different models of cooperation, a Sport Supernova in-ear stereo earbuds, another for Sport the ear Response, user-oriented for the crowd noise or sport wear there is demand. Apple map counter attack history more popular


Adidas teamed up Monster movement launched two new in-ear headphones


  It is understood that Sport Supernova-ear sports ear noise can be effectively isolated from the environment, uses passive noise reduction, with Pure Magic sound Monster Sound technology. Another Sport crowd Response earbuds are suitable for outdoor activities, outdoor sports wear you can enjoy music while at the same time pay attention to the risks to the environment (such as close to the car). Both had sweat-proof design, while supporting the ControlTalk remote control function.

  Sport Supernova in-ear earbuds, priced at $ 99.95 (about 620 Yuan), and Response costs for $ 49.95 (about 310 Yuan).

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Buy Beats more than a year Apple do what about it

  On May 29, 2014, Apple officially announced the $ 3 billion price to buy Beats Music and Beats Electronics (hereinafter collectively known as the Beats). Beats will remain independent brands, the two founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre also joined the company.

  A year later, after a period of silence, by recent frequent moves, what things do we finally see Apple Beats.

  Cut products

  That Apple started the direct wholesale swallowing Beats everything and then publish the Apple Music? No, no, no, first of all, Apple cut down Beats of a wireless speaker project (although this plot sounds familiar).

  Foreign Media Variety recently brought this message for details. Beats Eletronic before its acquisition by Apple once planned to launch a wireless speaker, in addition to a variety of devices to play music through a Bluetooth and NFC connection, can also play online subscription music via Wi-Fi, product shape and Sonos loudspeakers are similar, but Beats this amp has sold at a unit price of $ 750, far more expensive than Sonos.

  Beats wanted to launch this product in last year's Christmas shopping season, but didn't think they encountered in the process of developing this product had a lot of trouble. They did not look for companies such as Qualcomm, DTS, but want to go it alone, and chip supplier for another, resulting in delayed a number of times in the completion of the entire project, dragged and dragged onto the Beats was purchased by Apple, Apple finally decided to cut the problem that too many projects.

  Beats the original 700 employees, including 200 in separation after being bought by Apple, including Beats, Chief Product Officer at TJ Grewal and speaker project leader David Titzler.

  Integration services


Apple Music


  After buying Beats, many in the industry believe that Apple's fancy Beats Beats Music streaming music service. This rumor on the WWDC last week, finally 2015 with Apple Music publications was confirmed. Apple Music incorporates Beats Music, according to Apple's official presentation, which featured three major selling points:

  Revolutionary music service

  From a full time global radio

  Interaction between fans and musicians new way

  As a fee-for-service, Apple Music allows users to listen to online in the iTunes library, millions of tracks and watch music videos. Also supports the playlist function, musicians and music lovers can recommend their own albums and playlists.

  Apple Music will launch on June 30, in the United States, Apple Music costs $ 9.99 a month, will be compatible with Windows and Android this fall.

  In the service before its official release, mainstream media abroad are maintaining a cautious attitude to it. New York Times is not bullish on Apple Music, they hope this is just a demo, not final because it gathered a lot of services on a single screen and interface, looks very messy.

  Bloomberg think the complex of services like Spotify, Pandora, also included Sirius XM, Tumblr feature, can even find Rdio and YouTube's shadow. Thank Tesla charge can be elegant

  In any case, Apple Music is obviously very important to Apple, they even replaced with Apple Music iPod Apple before official website location.

  Small change headphones


beats, powerbeats2


  Although cut off a speaker, but at least for now, Apple has not been abandoned entirely Beats hardware. As reported in the MacRumors, Apple has just introduced a change color Beats Powerbeats2 wireless in-ear headphones, the new Beats Powerbeats2 and Apple Watch a consistent color scheme, there are black, white, blue, green, pink five colors optional.

  Other than color, Apple does not make other changes to the headphones, this headset has been at the Apple retail store shelves and placed in a conspicuous position, a $ 200 price as before.

  It can be seen that after the acquisition is completed, Apple will focus more on the Beats streaming music services on the integration of, and Beats of hardware products, Apple has yet to move, that perhaps they did not intend to have major actions, intended to let the Beats headphones continue to hang at the Apple store and sell it.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dallas EV raised the amount exceeding 45 million Yuan

  For nearly a month, often hear executives talk about the Mavericks electric car, well-wishers, smile, and many. Also see has a article on calf electric must failed of articles, this can is completed completed of was playing face has! June 15 at 10 o'clock in the morning calf electric all raised starting, only 4 points 38 seconds that breakthrough 5 million, 14 points 8 seconds breakthrough 10 million, 1 hours and soared to 20 million! 5 hours 50 points, calf electric funding amount broken 30 million! not only won China all raised champion, more is break has series all raised records!


The accident raised champion calf electric car 1 hour over 20 million!


  Dallas electric car using Panasonic lithium battery, 1560wh super power, has only 10 kilograms in weight, floor woman can put on. Full charge in 6 hours, battery life of 5 years. Strong big batteries into the horrors of 100 km long endurance! more than twice times higher than the General electric car mileage!


The accident raised champion calf electric car 1 hour over 20 million!

  Entrepreneurs say made with light model shares

  Intelligent lithium battery management system is a complete system for BMS control core, Dallas electric source of security. Have a over discharge protection overcharge protection, temperature protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, battery equalization 6 heavy security measures. Security higher than electric cars better.


The accident raised champion calf electric car 1 hour over 20 million!


  The core of the electric motor used with Germany Bosch research and development hub motor, maximum torque 110N m, 12 ° MAX climbing angle, power save 10% reached 89% super high conversion efficiency. Piston hydraulic braking systems complemented by EBS electronic kinetic energy recovery braking, braking to provide better security, which rode a friends point to the praise of the electric car!


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Counting types of fuel Geneva Motor Show the most noteworthy 12 hybrids

Hybrids have any advantages? Most direct is to fuel! And auxiliary motor the electric motor can be started instantly produced a strong power, so, starting, accelerating performance of hybrids are usually better. Such as BYD, Don kilometers acceleration time of less than 5 seconds, it accidentally really easy to kind of Hold myself. The last two years, more and more hybrid vehicles into our field of vision, each also began Rodeo competition for this field. In the two-day Geneva Auto show, certainly has a lot of eye-catching hybrid vehicle, the following small series will count with all the most important paragraph 12 hybrids!

Public T-Cross Breeze

This car is the brightest eyes must be open-type SUV design ... ... Forgive me, this moment I can think about is the convertible version of the Aurora. T-Cross Breeze is a concept car, locate the small SUV. A narrow front with the headlights looks flat, but it was God. Based on production based on MQB modular platform, using a variety of gasoline engines, diesel engines, or plug-in electric hybrid systems, and provide the precursors or buggies. And the production version of the T-Cross Breeze will be in 2018, the rivals target CX-3 and Nissan Juke.

Large cars in the mass PHIDEON

This guy is not simple, is Volkswagen's first large car, and used the same platform as the Audi A6! Hat model will be the 3.0TSI Turbo V6 engine, maximum power of 300 HP, peak torque of 440 NM, and matches the 4MOTION drive system. Next, the new car will also provide the 2.0TSI precursor layout engine version, and a plug-in hybrid version. In addition new cars equipped with air suspension systems, and 5 different driving modes to choose from. Back in April, and PHIDEON will be unveiled at the Beijing auto show, and announced a Chinese name. Think about popular hobbies: instant pain, aches, FAI pain ... ... This may be called: "belly-Teng". Went on sale in September this year.

Skoda VisionS concept car

This guy has a very strange "2+2+2" 6 seating layout was also used as one of the selling points of the production version. Based on MQB platform, will adopt hybrid systems. 1.4T is equipped with a turbo engine with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of motor, 1.4T engine of which the maximum output power of 156 HP and peak torque of 250 nm and motor's maximum power output 54 HP, peak torque of 220 Newton. The hybrid system's integrated power achieved 225 horsepower, with a 12.4kWh lithium-ion battery pack, drivetrain and engine is a 6-speed DSG transmission. Officials said Skoda VisionS concept car the maximum mileage of up to 1000 km, fuel consumption is only 1.9L/100km,0-100km/h accelerated to 7.4 seconds.

BMW I8 Proton Red Special Edition Filling station Beijing to curb air pollution

BMW I8 I don't need too much introduction, concept cars, like the production car. At this year's Geneva Motor Show, BMW I8 Proton released a Special Edition red (I8 Protonic Red Edition), using a special red body color, with the black front and rear bumpers and metal grey trim, don't cause rates is difficult. Power, a new car with cash line I8, equipped with plug-in electric hybrid systems, 1.5T three-cylinder turbocharged engine and an electric motor. Volume production is expected in July 2016.

740Le BMW xDrive

As a plug-in hybrid car from looks 740Le for xDrive models consistent with the cash 7-series models in terms of appearance, Interior is also consistent, using the entire LCD instrument panel, d column a represents the e-Drive plug-in hybrid identity. New car is powered by a 2.0T turbo engine and mixed power system consisting of motor, transmission with 8-speed automatic integrated transmission and is equipped with the xDrive AWD system. Are expected to go on sale in July.

Bao Wo BX6 TS concept car

On the eve of opening of the motor show, baowo on hold ahead of publication of this new SUV models – Bao Wo BX6 TS concept car. Positioning for a compact Coupe SUV, and "TS" logo sit down, this guy is taking the course. Equipped with Quattro systems, chassis parts of the set-up of the movement. Carrying a 2.0T engine and hybrid system consisting of motor, where the maximum power output of 272 HP 2.0T engine, electric motors maximum power output of 150 HP, drive system matched the six-speed automatic gearbox.

Bao Wo BX5

Also on the eve of opening of the motor show, baowo has released a new compact SUV--baowo BX5. Length and width respectively, for 4483x1876x1677mm, wheelbase up to 2685mm. 1.4T hybrid systems and 1.8T dynamic choice of two gasoline engines, 1.4T hybrid petrol engine the maximum power output of 143 horsepower and peak torque of 240 NM, 116-horsepower motor maximum output, 195 nm maximum torque, transmission match the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, top speed of 55km/h in pure electric mode. BX5 Chengdu motor show to be held in September, the fastest in the domestic market.

Volvo V90

Volvo V90 Estate styling and Volvo concept car very similar to the front face with the XC90 's latest design language family. Both sides named "Thor's hammer" LED daytime driving lights throughout the body and in the network. Volvo S90 and V90 are from SPA of its platform, in the area of dynamical systems, they will use the same equipment, launch D4, D5, such as T5, T6 and T8 models. 2.0L Turbo + Turbo, 2.0L machinery, in addition to the 2.0T plug-in hybrid system and diesel engines to choose from.

Toyota C-HR the production version

C-HR can be really kept me waiting for a long time, is also a rare production version with stunning concept cars. Positioning is a small crossover SUV. Toyota faces before the latest family-style, was also a few Toyota models of this generation, of course I don't think it is ugly. To the overall design aesthetics, rear door handle is cleverly hidden by craftsmen on the c-pillar. Based on Toyota TNGA platform to create, in addition to conventional models, there will be a new version of the hybrid system on the Prius, and is equipped with four-wheel drive system. Among them, the hybrid version of the car is powered by the 1.8L engine and two motor.

Lexus LC 500h

LC 500h LC 500 is its brother version of the hybrid version, the V6 engine (3.5L) and motor components, combined maximum power of 359 HP, 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of less than 5 seconds. That buddies biggest highlight is of course the transmission system, Planetary gears and the electromechanical coupling device (E-CVT) based on a 4-speed automatic transmission, can simulate 10 gears and has a pure manual mode m. New motor realize light weight and small size, body weight ratio reached 51:49 before and after such a near-equilibrium State.

KIA Niro hybrid SUV

Niro is Kia's new models, positioning the compact SUV, and has been in the domestic launch of KX3 similar. 1.6L "Kappa" hybrid forms of the four-cylinder engine + motor, engine rated at 103 horsepower, 43-horsepower of the motor, it is learnt that the Niro drove the 1.6L "Kappa" engine uses the Atkinson cycle technology, also equipped with exhaust gas recirculation. This makes its emissions below 89g/km, fuel consumption of only 4.7 liters per hundred kilometers. Motor is powered by a 1.56 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This dynamic combination the combined maximum power 146 HP, maximum torque of 264 nm. 6-speed dual-clutch transmission, 0-100km/h up in about 9 seconds and a top speed of close to 190km/h.

Modern IONIQ two new model

Hyundai unveiled the IONIQ plug-in hybrid and pure electric versions of both models. Plug-in hybrid version of the pick up the 1.6L GDI gasoline engine, motor rated power raised to match with it 45-kilowatt, lithium-ion batteries to power the electric motor capacity of up to 8.9 trillion kWh. In pure electric mode on a single charge range of 50 kilometers, carbon dioxide emissions are as low as 32 grams per km.