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  Recently, the first mobile phone manufacturing giant Nokia announced the launch of a virtual reality camera Ozo, has also entered the field of virtual reality.

  Ozo, this camera has 8 synchronization shutter sensor and 8 microphones, capturing stereoscopic 3D videos. Equipped with real-time software allows the photographer to see 3D images without requiring users to combine panoramic images.

  The cameras planned for the end of the listing, price unknown.

  Nokia has on brand advertising in the crowdsourcing platform Tongal requires creative independent filmmakers to submit short films to show the Ozo camera performance. Tongal video advertising platform is a gateway customer, brands can publish tasks above, independent filmmakers can submit creative, making short movies is selected can be sponsored. Its clients have P&G, LEGO, Pringles potato chips, McDonald's and other major brands. This is the platform of the first virtual reality project.

  Through this project, Nokia wants to show the possibilities of virtual reality media. It does not give the creator limits, just want to see what they can make. Only condition is that the photographer must be displayed within 120 seconds of this new type of camera "astonishing" performance.

  From now on, anyone can submit a 500-word creative proposals, two of the best ideas will each receive an award of $ 1000. Then on August 26 shooting stage, filmed two contestants will submit implementation programmes. They will each receive $ 20,000 and get the production of Ozo camera. Last winner of the Ozo camera will be retained. MA over the past 20 years are Internet companies

  As virtual reality technology gradually became popular, several major tech giants in the world are developing virtual reality hardware products. Google announced on this year's Developer Conference equipped with 16 cameras virtual reality camera sports camera company GoPro also developed stereo screen camera Facebook Rift developed its Oculus is a virtual reality helmet the expectations; Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality helmets has gained some popularity.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sony announced a new VR game is to attract people to buy equipment

Prospects of Sony VR game, yesterday, they issued a series of VR on the Paris games week games.

New joined of game including we had reported had of, August YouTube Shang watch up of terrorist game until dawn (Until Dawn), this is Sony virtual achieved game equipment Shang first paragraph real of terrorist game; a paragraph through back prehistoric exploration dinosaur world of science exploration class game Robinson: journey (Crytek's Robinson:The Journey); also has a paragraph old players may play had, very classic of fighting game iron fist The seventh part of the series. The game will be available at the PlayStation 4 release, and exclusive content.

At the meeting, Sony also announced that more than 200 developers in virtual reality VR content provided for Sony. In addition to the recently released games, prior to the Tokyo game show, the three countries without 7, such as the final fantasy 14 series of games have announced their support for Sony VR platform.

Robinson: the journey of the prehistoric world of concept maps

Robinson: the journey of the prehistoric world of concept maps Amazon s God Apple top strategy depth

Sony also announced that its Sony Pictures will provide content for their virtual reality platform, which may be able to use Sony's helmet to watch movies and listen to music.

Both of these games, or movies and music to join Sony eventually hopes to pass the content to attract users into purchasing their PlayStation VR equipment. Just like Sony to sell VHS VCR to the same film.

Sony has not yet announced the PlayStation VR listed time and price. So far as we know is that the device will be listed in the first half of next year, starting price may be $ 800, then gradually controlling the cost down to about $ 300.

The price for the average user is not cheap. Without large quantities of equipment and users, no matter how snarled, VR can only stay in a new game concept.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hulu Plus service officially changed its name to open the brand to simplify


Hulu Plus service officially changed its name to open the brand to simplify travel


  Hulu Plus has become a thing of the past, but the service itself has not disappeared. Hulu the video streaming media services company today announced their Hulu Plus service was renamed from Hulu Hulu Plus into a clear and simple. But change the name only, fee is still $ 7.99. Zhang quanling described why CCTV into purple

  This year in April, the company said in a filing to the advertisers, their plans changed its name to the Hulu Plus service, which is designed to simplify their brand. When users in the use of their services, you can choose the free service and $ 7.99 for one month of service. Whether it is a free service or a premium service, users receive advertising, but paying subscribers can access privileges, for example, you can watch some episodes in advance, and can be watched on a mobile device.

  In the past two years, Hulu has been living in the shadow of their main rival Netflix. Hulu is a joint venture set up by major television networks, so they have a series of broadcast copyrights. But at the beginning of 2013, the company's former CEO Jason Kilar blog announced. After this incident, Hulu's development gradually decline.

  This year, the company's current CEO Mike Hopkins said in April: "2015 Hulu will be a breakthrough year. "Hopkins was also published by Hulu's number of users has more than 9 million people.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nokia launches a wearable device with conclusive evidence

After media reports said Nokia plans involved in the wearable device market, and targets with regard to human health and movement. Now, this "evidence" seems more and more obvious. Nokia has revised its articles of Association, adding "consumer wearable device".

Nokia launches a wearable device with conclusive evidence

Nokia wrote in the company's articles of Association, "the company's goal is to research, development, production, marketing, sale and delivery of products, software and services, which covers consumer, b to b marketing. These products, software and services for telecom operators and other enterprise network infrastructure, Internet, health and sports, multimedia, data and analysis, mobile devices, wearable consumer devices, and other electronic products. The company or will development, acquisitions, licensing intellectual property and software, run to other industries and businesses, including securities trading and other investment activities. In addition, the company has the potential to directly engage in business operations, or through subsidiary companies, associated companies and joint ventures. "

In addition, the company published advertisements also show that Nokia wearable devices to collect data, primary data information by algorithm analysis and treatment to help users better understand their physical condition. It is clear that this device sounds like a smart watch or Sports Tracker. Lazy welfare hits have nothing to do it yourself

Two years ago, Novo Fund submitted a patent application involving smart wearable device is a similar bracelet. According to the patent document, Nokia smart devices including multiple screens, each for a different function. Open any screen is very simple, only need to eyeball on it can be. As with flexible display Nokia Morph phone concept, perhaps the smart device will not launch in the near future.

Wearable market is already very competitive currently, Nokia can have their own weapon to attract consumers to buy their products? The question we can't answer until after the company launched wearable device.

Nokia fans looking forward to the company to make changes should at least give us a Nokia smart watches or bracelets.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Have a smart glass to you automatically when drunk cab pick you up

  Some tech firms seem to be taking a heavy component of the hat on the smart glass, let them drink, tell what to drink beverages ... ... Most are not doing it.

  This ePint Cup idea is very interesting, it is not how great we are, but also very practical: helps you get out on the wine Bureau.

EPint intelligent water bottle

EPint intelligent water bottle

  When it records and found that when you drink too much alcohol, corresponding mobile app will likely help you directly call a taxi, you fall before you pick up. You can save a reason to run wine. Social media Denver online travel though they do

  At present, the ePint on Kickstarter to raise the price of $ 30 ($ 190), shipped in April next year.

  In addition, the ePint function with a very pleasing people, its body color can change according to what you are going through things. For example, you and your friends at home while watching the ball, drinking beer, your support team goals, ePint built-in LED lights blue immediately, though it also come on with you. This is because the goal of the news ePint mobile applications (support iPhone and Android), Bluetooth ePint cups are to be adjusted through color.

  At least, that rather than simply record your drink and how much water had been drained of intelligent glass to use too much.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dinner mobile phone obsession overcome magic offline glass Goblet

Steve Jobs released the iPhone, has changed the world, has changed the world of people, large and growing the size of the bow, people walking on the road to watch mobile phone, sat on the car phone, at a friend's Party when you see mobile phones! Didn't someone out of the idea, unpretentious phone stack up, who can't hold first phone free hairy Grandpa! Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6 Case Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6 cases

Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6 Case

Offline glass wine glasses, cell phone obsession to conquer, cell phone obsession

Friends and cell phones which are your drinking buddies

Today designers thought a new number: offline glass! Lack of a gap at the bottom, this wine has no ability to stand on their own, unless you stepped on the phone to step on it. Well, the phone must be surrendered to, just do not know cold beer so sexy stepped on while mobile sister going to wet it?

Offline glass wine glasses, cell phone obsession to conquer, cell phone obsession

Treatment of mobile force new approaches

Offline glass wine glasses, cell phone obsession to conquer, cell phone obsession

Meal magic offline glass

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone

United States design company Lethal Protection designed a super handsome multi-purpose 3C universal frame, distinct from the stresses on the market, modeling sleek portable or colorful design, this claw foot extension directly! make your phone firmly focused on where you want fixed. Kenzo iPhone6

Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone

Can see on the back, tighten the clamp pads with claws is the key between the screws. After the release, you can adjust the location of place objects. Place objects between mat non-slip soft rubber can make objects solid not whispering, but also protection of the beloved cell phone or iPad from scratches by friction.

Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone

Six claw diamond on each foot has small hooks, fixation stability and style very cool! + hook + anti-slip clip pad firmly screw joints, six claw diamond caught in vertical back has no pressure, on a smooth piece of wood holding firm! KENZO iPhone 6 Case

Source: 91 mobile phone accessories

Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone

Fully vertical also does "don't let go", not even shake loose, full of sense! even on the bumpiest place or staggered, as long as your leg tip contacts to the desktop, even if all of the seats can be placed well.

KENZO iPhone 6 Case

Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone

Used as a tripod to shoot small objects are also very practical, "spider legs" changes in total!

There are many alternative application method. ...

Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone

The bane of what it's like in the Dark Knight?

Shape diamond shaped bracket spider claw HOLD your iPhone

Source: 91 mobile phone accessories

Thursday, October 15, 2015

To fit a shutter release the iPhone iPhone camera peripheral Red Pop

IPhone without a physical shutter key, often encounter a Flash at the moment, does not permit iPhone and hold great shots, was pretty disappointing.

There recently designed a Red Pop iPhone camera accessories. Just put it on the iPhone, will make it easy for the entity through the Red shutter button photo slightly. Givenchy iPhone

Givenchy iPhone 5 Case

Source: Trolltech technology Givenchy iPhone 5 Case

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Launching Pinball Game Console for all iPad marbles game

Pinball is • Raymond Moloney in 1934, coin-operated game machine, widely used in PC computer, I believe that everyone has played this classic game. Of course, naturally, Pinball has iOS version, but the virtual operation control than but always better to play.

Michael Kors Galaxy S6 Case

Pinball Game Console iPad Pinball uses wireless Bluetooth connection, first download the App application use. Among them, special devices called blue on the right: ball plunger used to launch marbles and launch. There are five game modes, supports any player or team play. Michael Kors Galaxy S6 Case

Pinball Game Console iPad Pinball exquisitely made and applied to all iPad, generally only need to install 3 AAA batteries can be used. Is priced at $ 59.99, equivalent to about 373 Yuan. Michael Kors Galaxy S6 Case

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Play the O2O Sichuan tourism investment and financing platform for tourism investment

  On July 23, China (Beijing) International Conference on investment in tourism, Sichuan tourism investment and financing platform announced officially. It is reported that the investment Association of China, Sichuan province, China real estate Association, the China Beijing equity exchange, and financial institutions, network platform to build Sichuan tourism investment and financing platform offline, capital, resources, service provider's full docking, long-term optimization of release and strongly promote Sichuan tourism investment projects. Super 80 nearly half of college students online


Monday, October 12, 2015

Women accounted for most drops fast car May market 86 2

  On July 7, latest news, according to the concept of think tank's latest Chinese digital consumers radar data show that May 2015 drops quickly to 86.2% ratio of China's limousine service coverage of active users first name, Uber and Chinese car with 16.8% and 8.3% ratio ranked second and third.



  Relative to men, women pay more attention to product experience and security. Therefore, limousine service on the APP in the proportion of female users can reflect to some extent the product the user concepts in the service level and the level of security. Generally speaking, the higher the proportion of female users, where users believe the level of service and security as possible. It appears from the data, drops fast 55% per cent female users on the platform, in the three highest divine car users the lowest percentage of women, only 46.3%.



  May 2015 China car age distribution can be seen in the services APP users, drops the main user for young white-collar workers, data shows, drop user, 61.7% of users under age 30, 25-30 user's 40.4% per cent overall, much higher than the Uber 17.9%.



  China's car market after nearly a year of intense competition in, has been gradually changing from channel-oriented to service-oriented. As China's car market scale approaching Internet taxi market transaction volume, each limousine service providers have gradually reduced subsidies on the user side, turned to optimize customer service and customer experience to increase user stickiness.

  Analysys Research, a think-tank found that as China's car market to increased competition, fast drops and Uber are seeking more investment for the next phase of expansion. But Uber expected to accelerate the expansion of markets of varying size in the Chinese market, drops more fast expansion in product lines, is expected in 2015 drops rapidly in the second half of its driver and bus services will be on-line, while the original taxi and limousine product lines expand the carpool feature. Capital is still keen on photography O2O battle


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Recent price Linksys EA3500 49 99

Linksys EA3500 is Cisco's entry level router. 800MHz Marvell 88F6W01 chip of RAM and ROM, dual-band, 64M, and 750M. Though not brushing the third party firmware, but you can install third-party software is also good. 4 Gigabit Lan ports and one USB interface, home use is enough. Marilyn Monroe iPhone 5 Case

Marilyn Monroe iPhone 5 Case

Linksys EA3500 Woot refurbished $ 49.99, about 300 yuan, and cost about 400 Yuan. United States Amazon new $ 94.99, national treasure from 550~1200, the price advantage. Marilyn Monroe iPhone 5 Case

Purchase address

Friday, October 9, 2015

Millet hit billion investment Tiger securities enter the scale of billions of

On September 9, the Internet stock brokers securities of Tiger officially announced that it has received xiaomi billion the size of a round of investment, both funds delivery has been completed, finance users in real time the funds will be mainly used for product development and market subsidies.

Financial General Manager Wang Anquan millet believes that Internet brokerages will be next flash point Internet financial stocks as an important battlefield or foreign investment will become the next outlet. Relevant data show that China now FRY number at least 500,000 of stocks, US stock brokerage business market size of about 10 billion. Baidu's index showed that under the influence of a-share market turmoil in late August, user concerns about stocks of up to 10 times.

King safety says the investment securities of Tiger millet into the field of Internet brokerages for the first time, a major also is in the field of millet into a comprehensive Internet strategy. "Millet was optimistic about Tiger securities, is the founding team of professional background, and second, their ideals and dreams with what we think is a road, three Tiger securities team consistent with millet, customer first, attention to the experience of philosophy, there is a sense of good products. "

Tiger securities was founded in June 2014, the main Wall Street businesses, founding team come from the Internet and financial sector, currently trading software developed by "Tiger stocks APP" iOS and Android version has been applied in various markets online.

Tiger securities founder (CEO) Wu Tianhua think, with Internet policy of advance and exchange rate reform of accelerated, Chinese in global range within for assets configuration has became wealth hedge value-added of trend, investment stocks is threshold minimum, and most "affordable" of a items, increasingly more of Chinese has has needs and conditions, but is faced with account procedures complex, and rates high, and abroad brokerage software experience poor and the language communication, many obstacles, It is this huge market space and experience for stocks he founded Tiger securities in the first place. Eulogizing the ambitious dream of science and

Tiger the maximum advantage, according to China Securities investors use to build full Chinese, convenient interaction client, address the biggest pain point of Chinese users. He also disclosed that Tiger securities trading software developed by "Tiger stocks" have not only the entire Chinese interface, there is one short click, mobile features such as trailing stop, real-time quotes, online by technology and financial stocks the players attention and praise.

Both sides said this round of financing is a Tiger so far to obtain the largest amount of investment in securities. Prior to this, the company has obtained the King Lam Estate investment, integrity Fund Wang, Xianfeng huaxing, the United States Mission more than more than 20 strategic investment.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Targeting millet 4C one plus mobile phone Mini Edition configuration and

Some time ago, one plus mobile phone co-founder said in an interview, one plus one will launch a position before Christmas in the West-end smartphones, machine prices probably between $ 180-300 (about 1000-2000). Meanwhile, on so-called plus mobile youth version (or mini version) message has been heard, and a midrange version of mobile phone-related information began to surface. The foreign media's latest news, this one plus cell phone product will be named OnePlus Mini, and exposure as well as the detailed configuration of the machine. (From the network illustrated in this paper) Can t cook They can make you kitchen gods

Recently, foreign media revealed a mobile mini-related information, it is said that it will be named OnePlus Mini, and 5-inch 1080p display, equipped with eight core 2.2GHz processor MT6795T, built-in 2GB memory and 32GB the body storage; photos, provide a 5 million pixels front camera and a 13 million megapixel rear camera (IMX258, Aperture to F/2.0), Battery capacity is about 3000-3100mAh. Allegedly, this machine is also equipped with a USB interface Type c, and support the NFC and infrared capabilities, IP67 waterproof and dustproof function might be.

The configuration information from the exposure, the OnePlus Mini 4C with the latest release of millet is similar to small screen are all configuration ends in mainstream (5 inch) smart phone. Once released, the machine, the 1000-2000 between the prices will also lock millet 4C directly for their most direct competitors. It is worth mentioning that, prior exposure of the rendering, the OnePlus Mini seems to have used unibody design, thickness of the fuselage also will have a good performance. Believe, over time, will soon have real photos exposed out of the machine.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Video in the eyes of Microsoft s ultimate notebook Surface Book prototype hands

Windows 10 hardware on the new Conference, held yesterday, Microsoft unveiled its first notebook-Surface Book-a 13.5-inch screen. At the press conference said Panos Panay Surface Book is "ultimate laptop", the companies have ever built "the thinnest, most powerful PC. "In the past few years, Microsoft for partners always provide their own Windows operating system and Office software, and now Microsoft is very clear high-end components, stylish looks, and system integration, become the new flagship device.

Surface Book promotional video

Surface Book prototype hands-on Pay for 3 months captured in Lijiang

Surface Book equipment most new of Intel processor, inve up GeForce series GPU, screen size for 13.5 inches, range time can up 12 hours, other of technology details also including more points touch Control Board (highest 5 a points), support full size SD card, screen can and keyboard separation (GPU placed in keyboard base within, this and Surface Pro+ keyboard of combination different, Microsoft called "mixed" design). The total thickness of 7.7mm and weighing 1.6 pounds. Surface Book taking reservation starting from October 7 and shipping on October 26, retails for $ 1499.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Koala shuttle drops September 11 cease operations to the bus operations

Koala shuttle issue a public notice in the evening of September 10, said Lak shuttle and bus to the last drop had strategic merger, September 11 Koala will end the last day of shuttle operations. Starting from next Monday, the Koala shuttle all lines will be officially included in the bus to the last drop. Notice shows that Koala bus March 11, 2015, formally launched in June-August, entered a period of rapid growth, at the end of August, koala has more than 50,000 users, orders reached 5000, koala shuttle reaches 130 lines, all lines of average attendance reached 80%. Drops says cooperation between the bus and shuttle the Koala to the last drop for business integration, does not relate to corporate mergers and acquisitions. Harry Shum and China on the road of class innovation

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Football CEO Qiang Bai the transition is Uber sea

Junior strong China is strong, young think tank China is wise, in his the young China 100 years ago, Liang said that juvenile relationship with the country. This move to youth soccer and football in China, truth, and youth soccer are strong, the Chinese soccer has a strong possibility. There are many startups engaged in youth soccer, in the current context of mobile Internet, football is one of them. Recently, the billion euro NET interview with founder and CEO of white football strong.

Of playing football like adolescents as target users, from the perspective of service youth football spread to the football market. As for why youth football that niche, Qiang Bai billion European says:

The low barriers to entry, football, not standing, and many other ball games such as basketball, tennis participation restrictions. In addition, the nature of football is more suitable to young people love to play, conducive to cultivating team spirit and character-building.

Second, the youth football market has great potential, according to the statistics, by the end of 2014, about 230 million youth under 16 years of age, primary school enrolment has more than 100 million of them.

First, from the "Uber" to "sea", and "heavy"

From its inception to the present, football experienced a transformation, prior to the transition, its more like "Uber"; after the transformation, it is the "Uber+ sea". Reasons for transformation, Bai Qiang said, with the industry understanding, it gradually found based on a wealth of amateur football instructor, Uber venues and resources are not suited to China's actual conditions, and amateur football coach, the site shortage of haidilao mode or can be broken.

Was first established, dynamic mode of the game is very light, online platform for amateur soccer instructors and are interested in experiencing football initiation courses children nearby paired, and arrangements to the nearest line of the site. Line has two main parts:

Training children's football coach, 0;

Second, 1 low price to attract young people participating in football first; if they want to learn in greater depth, dynamic sports will guide them to co-operate offline soccer school.

Lack of venues, coaches are moving early football "Uber" mode ahead of two major obstacles, in order to overcome them, football learning from sea, trying to "coaching, site" two pieces of content standardization, in order to build a dynamic football standardized service, there are three specific measures:

, Through cooperation with foreign football clubs, the introduction of Netherlands, outstanding teachers, curriculum and other teaching resources, and in writing tutors, videos, online training content in the form of standardized, so that amateur soccer instructors teaching quality under the guarantee line, you can quickly copy, promotion.

Second, pan-China sports cooperation and building block of the first batch of 300 football fields in Beijing, has flexible modes of football to area communities, to better serve users. Through this, searching for venue construction, operational experience, and standardize it, to seek more regional promotion.

Third, the investment group and Cerberus, founded the "move-Cerberus youth football Fund" booster youth football and to escort them.

Second, build brand IP around derivatives profits

Bai Qiang founded does not pretend money-making motive, but also to the millions of European says: do not intend to profit from users, amateur football coach, by creating dynamic football IP through premium brand and its derivatives, surrounding the development, in order to achieve future profitability.

Create a dynamic brand of football, no doubt the team's quality and execution places high demands. Bai Qiang told millions of European networks, dynamic team is a composite team, both international vision, brand image, Internet, professional experience in the industry, and many other advantages; platform now has 150,000 users, has trained more than from more than 9,000 in more than 40 cities nationwide amateur football coach.

Three, into the line become a trend, light and heavy to think carefully before choosing

Football O2O start-ups due to its different target audience, make it into the football market also in terms of different common to coaches, Stadium, team leader, held the League perspective. Worthy of mention are former women's international Liu Lihao innovations has developed a line with a line of miniature football game implementations, known as KT football, KT team has been commercially implemented.

Below the trend line, are the O2O trend. Millions of European soccer O2O network by analyzing the inventory of start-up platform information and found, like Le Chi electric football, football, ball, Hey KT football, UPBOX Guild Wars Alliance with relatively light pattern and pattern of football are relatively heavy. With different modes of start-ups, has a different focus, various ways. In particular, the

One, using the light mode startups, should pay attention to the importance of offline sources, especially in the online seller's market of China, will become a platform of resource, or to set the bar for rivals. This means light mode of enterprises shall be rolled out quickly, incrementally forced memory.

Second, using the weight mode startups, or endured a longer growing cycle, and the need to invest a lot of money. But heavy model of success stories in the first and let myself go down and is key to its consideration at the present stage.

The journey, for Chinese football, youth football is starting, is the starting point. As one of the enterprises of the healthy adolescent, football has its positive side. For football, but, in the face of this incremental market, flow of user retention, inventory or the focus of the work at this stage. BAT together securities company net big money

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Announced the break in the next two weeks to the last drop free express campaign

On June 4, today, announced the interruption of the next two weeks to the last drop "free express" campaign, and said the reason is because some has nothing to do with money. It is reported that on June 2, drops by the Beijing Municipal traffic Commission transport authority, the city transportation bus Guard Corps Corps of law enforcement and Public Security Bureau interviewed together. Traffic Committee noted that launch to the last drop "car to the last drop" and "express train to the last drop" operations, use of private cars and rental car drivers, in accordance with the provision of transport services and passenger preference according to the meter and time of passenger services, in violation of the provisions of existing laws and regulations. Terrible mind readers Silicon Valley startups

As compensation, next Monday (June 8) to next Monday (June 15) after each user to take the express train to the last drop, we will automatically compensate 2 8 Express tickets, replaces the original 15 Yuan for free, of course, two opportunities every day.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Corning Project Phire comparable with sapphire glass

A few months ago, Dow Corning Corporation have released the latest version of its iconic Gorilla glass. Corning, once again claiming that their new products more than before, and in the face of smartphones daily experiences encountered in the process of falling or accidental, the new Gorilla glass is more resistant.

Since it's launch time is shorter, so far only a small part of manufacturer (Samsung) using the latest Gorilla Glass 4, but Corning are not content with the product, it is already looking ahead to the next generation of products. Today, according to the CNET report, the company announced Project Phire, this is a new product, hopefully with Gorilla Glass 4 resistance force characteristic of and close to the scratch-resistant Sapphire.

In the months before the introduction of the Apple iPhone 6 times, many expect Apple's latest flagship machine will no longer be provided by Corning Gorilla glass for many years, but will sapphire glass. And Apple has confirmed that its Apple Watch scratch resistance material on the surface to be covered. Sapphire glass, but any Apple will to want on the iPhone screen, because of Apple's partners GT Advanced suddenly filing for bankruptcy and lost. Now, Apple said they would put the production of sapphire glass factory is transformed into a data center. But Dow Corning was very clear, Apple the Sapphire still had a strong interest. INCIPIO iPhone 6 Case

Dow Corning knew traditional Sapphire in preventing scratches are very good, but against the drop impact performance is not satisfactory. Since Sapphire is easily broken in case of fall, so it's not very good and our daily in great matches in his pocket. But consumers are aware that they need to scratch away from their excellent displays on Smartphones, by looking at the recent months toughened glass screen protector popularity just know it. However, Dow Corning is not to completely convert to use Sapphire, they claim to have discovered in Gorilla Glass between the Sapphire and the way to keep a perfect balance.

INCIPIO iPhone 6 Case

Project Phire sounds like the glass can be used in any unexpected circumstances to remain intact, and even on the beach won't have to worry about the screen would be the sand scratches. But seeing it, only after the real products available, be compelling enough.

If we really do so, Corning will firmly anchor the glass supplier status being Apple, of course, also includes other major smartphone manufacturers. Corning plans to begin selling to manufacturers later this year Project Phire, when Dow Corning may use another name for the product.


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Moto 360 smart watches

MOTO 360 is now Android Wear even intelligent watches most of all a sense of design, believe that real access to the users for its design and workmanship was amazing. From using say, MOTO 360 g Watch, Gear and also Live relatively close. MOTO 360 advantages is a novel circular dial and light sensor, Wireless charging is a major feature (this feature has some trouble).

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