Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A large wave of headphones is coming

Well ... White paper last time Sir headphones forest with 40,000 sister pictures good, then continue to use it today ... By the way, 40,000 sister, I took this title really is in you ... # helped 40,000 sister headlines #

FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

Closer to home, saying love machine recently pushed a lot of headphones, hangs on the shop's regular headphones, Netizen asked love whether love headphones should change its name? In fact, one reason is that headset that has a broader mass base, two sentences might have a chat with netizens netizens look, or if we feel you can buy back to see who wants to, so now the situation ...

Say we roll these days of headphones:

1. AfterShokz AS301 bone conduction headset 225 package mail

A large wave of headphones is coming

Bone conduction is a very big word, up to now it has already made a 30, has made 8, more is flowing to love machine. Test address: http://www.igao7.com/aftershokz-as301-test.html (or reply to Earphone1)

2. Sennheiser/Sennheiser CX880 375 Yuan (ten-Chan reduced purchasing costs 25 Yuan) FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

A large wave of headphones is coming

Spreads a very high one, the quality is also good. Article currently has sold 4, article: http://www.igao7.com/Lin-ear-phone.html (or reply to Earphone2), share this article to friends, got 10 nice can reduce purchasing costs 25 Yuan. If a friend would normally only misery for you like I do? And a friend said this afternoon, share sale must charge more for 25 Yuan to purchase to see if he has just sent me the chart, like easy 10:

A large wave of headphones is coming

3. Monster/Monster Gratitude 468 e-mail (ten-Chan reduced purchasing costs 25 Yuan)

A large wave of headphones is coming

This order shall fairly luxurious, some netizens said, "looked at the packaging feel worth the price", which is also reflected in the shipping, a single 1.5 pounds, a top 3 AS301 bone conduction. The old rules: shares http://www.igao7.com/Monster-gratitude-USD-59-99.html (or reply to Earphone3) to micro-circle of friends by 10 great, can we lose 25 Yuan. The most important point: that we are now in stock! (Who is said to not received money prompted the itch to buy small pinch ... )

4. Monster noodle headset 699 Yuan Bao/Monster BeatsTour boxes-mail

A large wave of headphones is coming

This did not need to say it. Small said only one word: give this praise is worth more! Share http://www.igao7.com/beats-tour-in-ear.html (reply to Earphone4) to the circle of friends, there are 10 great minus 30! In stock!

5. Denon AH-C300 630 FENDI iPhone 6 plus case

A large wave of headphones is coming

The goods we sell one. And the guy said it'll pay a 100 deposit, this man thought for a while that the deposit, or I make it, I'm afraid I have spent money on! Share http://www.igao7.com/Denon-Ah-C300.html (reply to EarPhone5) to the circle of friends, there are 10 like minus 30.

6. Panasonic RP-DJ600 255

A large wave of headphones is coming

Needs to be said is that the transshipment of goods cost nearly half of the original price! The headset is not expensive, $ 24.95, shipping weight of 2 pounds, as our article http://www.igao7.com/Panasonic-rpdj600k.html (reply to Earphone6) said, beginners can try to experience a professional feel. Share articles to friends 10 great minus 25.

Seem to forget what's going on? Yes, our shop address: http://shop104440989.Taobao.com. Now things are still not much little one busy how busy it is not over, free friends can take a look at, I believe you can see our progress!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Low price Transcend 400X 64G 69 99

Low price: Transcend 400X 64G. 99

CF card may be mainstream, but its rapid read write speeds for high speed continuous shooting and HD video is very useful. The Transcend 400X 64G belongs to the innovative Premium series, 64G for the most part are adequate.

iPhone 6 plus Moschino

Transcend 400X 64G a record low price of $ 69.99, about 430 Yuan, with around 630 Yuan in China. Due to its light weight, suitable for work or to buy back, a single one-hand cost about 480. iPhone 6 plus Moschino Moschino iPhone 6 plus

Purchase address

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Honda developed the world s first heavy rare earth motor can be used in gasoline

Honda developed the world's first heavy rare earth motor can be used in gasoline-electric hybrid cars

According to Reuters, Honda announced Tuesday, has been with Japan steel in Datong (Daido Steel) companies have jointly developed the world's first motor does not use any heavy rare earth metals, can be used in gasoline-electric hybrid cars. This technology breakthrough means that Japan will reduce China's reliance on heavy rare earth metals.

Hybrid integration of the gasoline engine and electric motor drive to improve efficiency in many developed countries has become a mainstream model. However, the car manufacturers in the stable dysprosium, terbium and other rare earth supply had been challenged. China is the main source of rare earths, accounted for more than 80% of total world exports. But controlling supply is expensive, and since 2010 tightened policies on rare earth exports due to excess supply and smuggling are rampant.

Automakers, including Toyota and Nissan continued to diversify sources of rare earths, in order to reduce its reliance on Chinese rare earths. Daido steel special steel solutions Vice President Atsushi Hattori said rare earth scarcity and uncertainty in China's export policies is a major concern of manufacturers. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

Consulting firm IHS Automotive Analyst Hiroshi Ataka was quoted by Bloomberg News, is currently working on rare-earth-free main manufacturers including Japan Yaskawa Electric (Yasukawa Electric Corp.), Mitsubishi Electric (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.), Japan (Nidec Corp.).

Honda's Japan Daido steel joint design of hybrid electric vehicle motor light rare-earth element neodymium is used, in addition to China, North America and Australia are also supplies of neodymium element. The technology will be used by Honda in autumn this year Freed the next generation of mini-vans. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

According to Honda's statement, in 2030, the company plans new energy vehicles in the company's product line from now approximately 5% to two-thirds per cent.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wang Junyu pea pods is not the end

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) by the writer Wang Junyu, pea pods, co-founder and CEO. This afternoon, the pea pod officially announced that its distribution business into Alibaba group, the two sides have signed a merger agreement.

Wang Junyu pea pods: is not the end

(A) Hello kitty case for Galaxy s5

You may have seen news elsewhere-today we officially announced this afternoon, we have move and Alibaba Group officially signed the merger agreement, pea pod application distribution business will be integrated into the Alibaba group. Pea pod distribution business will continue to be independent in the future, become the Group's next Android application distribution service most brands.

Here, thinking outside the official press release, has been concerned about peas and my friends, to share some of my own thoughts.

Over the past six years, pea pod application distribution service of today's size and influence than I first imagined. Six years ago, my simple design idea is to make a superior Mobile Assistant on the Windows side, still in the early development of Android phones more simple and easy. Slowly, we have established their own distribution business. Today, the pea pod application distribution business is still the largest independent distribution business on the market. Our database has the most complete application include Meizu, many manufacturers use our application Search API; we have been through since 2011 "pea pod design award" helps users find applications of the highest quality, Royal war, Monument Valley, VSCO and many foreign high quality applications and games, entered the Chinese market as a first choice pea pods. Our own product design capability in the industry are legendary, is also supporting the pea pod independently in harsh competition through six years of Foundation. In the past year, while maintaining product and brand advantages at the same time, we are also strengthening our commercialization efforts, successful profitable this year.

Our decision today is the choice we make, we believe this will bring a better future to the application distribution service, so its size again to a new level. Activity down in the whole Android market app store, hardware manufacturers to join, as well as a wide variety of applications providing application download service under the background of application distribution market does have a big challenge, in fragmented markets in the same competition, rely increasingly on channels users. In this case, if we want the size of the business to a new level, requires channels, products, brands, and many other advantages of closer integration. Ali can provide exactly this. Pea pod application distribution service to get owned by Alibaba and UC, Gaud, youku, potatoes and other resource support, its size and influence would be a far cry from today.


Alibaba group and we kept in touch over the last three or four years, their professionalism and execution makes me understand Alibaba's success was not without reason. Yong Fu, Shun, and we and the inflammation and Xiaopeng in the past few years also have maintained close exchanges. I remember the first time I saw Fu was in the summer of 2013, earlier that morning he had just finished his surgical hospital whose dedication I admire; UC team from scratch in Guangzhou for years and giant in direct competition, was able to maintain its leading position in the mobile browser market, so I admire, I learned a lot of things in their possession. 2014 UC joined the support and development, I also believe our applications are distributed business joining Alibaba was the right decision.

My own pea pod is most proud of the products and brands, and about our commercialization and lack the combat capability of channel capacity has been criticized, and I humbly accept. Into Alibaba, enhanced application distribution service on top of the pea pods. Alibaba's help, our customer and partner investments in pea pod will also touch up to more users, with better results. This is definitely a good thing.

(C) Hello Kitty Galaxy S5 Cases

Pea pod in the Chinese Internet has always been a unique existence. We started from scratch to create a product installed hundreds of millions of people, also created a widely known brand, and well received by users. Meanwhile, we have been holding their own values and culture. We should be proud of their creations.

Several years of time, makes me feel happy and grateful for, is the perseverance and the efforts of all. In the past few years, sometimes we do not have very firm, go some detours, but regardless of sunny rain, adversity, people and stick with us, this is our forward momentum. Special thanks to you.

No matter how hard the journey, I was really happy to make the pea pods. To say the least, pea pods led to the seven couples, also had many startup founders, something which makes me very proud. Really thank you, thank you for always insisted.

Hello kitty case for Galaxy s5

I would also like to thank Kai-Fu, Wang Hua and Hurst. Kai-Fu for many years as teacher and friend to our most sincere advice, always put from our point of view. Wang Hua in the difficult choices we face moments, support, encouragement, and we continue to stick with it. Hurst has greatest support to our management team, and he told me many stories are inspired by me. I am very grateful to investors to the company and my personal help, they were my mentors.


After six years, I believe that many things remained unchanged. Yes, I hit a lot of nails, understand the hard work may not pay off, good intentions may not be able to get everyone's understanding and recognition of ... But I don't want to learn what "can not do this or to do that thing in China" lesson. Even more difficult, I still will follow, I think is the right way to go, in order to have a clear conscience in this way.

Entrepreneurship is not the end, if it is a mission driven team or individual, there is no "exit" option. Whether it's first venture, or 2013 chose to remain independent, the expansion category, also is making choices today, we asked ourselves, what choice will help us to better achieve our mission? Successful or not, I have always believed that to see what I'm after is, rather than a secular standards. What's more, even by secular standards, me and our team is very successful, and we should be proud of his creation. After a few years, pea pods with a larger size and influence, I will be very happy today to make this kind of decision, let it get better and better.

Life is short, and I also hope to create a more influential work, continue to focus on the things that I really passionate, help the world more interested people to find bigger and better world. Maybe look in the outside world, these things are more ... You know, but I think if I didn't do these things, even making several orders of magnitude more money, when I am old time will only "feel remorse for doing nothing". That is the real meaning of defeat.

And the only difference is that before, after several years of accumulation, I believe I have the ability to make these more, commercial success.

The past few days have seen a lot of people encouragement, thank you, excuse not to respond. Thanks for all the support and people who understand me in this few years gave me a chance. There are a lot of things, I'm not ready, I'll keep at it.