Sunday, February 28, 2016

CCTV WiFi will kill sperm can affect pregnant women are rumors

Now, a lot of people to a strange place, the first thing to ask is: do you have WiFi? Said WiFi is here, in fact, is a high-frequency radio signals, it can be a wireless connection, through which people with mobile devices such as mobile Internet becomes more convenient. However, there was also concern about: the WiFi signal is strong, can pass through several layers of walls, that it will not cause harm to the human body?

United Kingdom the daily mirror has reported an interesting message, a 72-year old United Kingdom woman Stephanie Russell because he felt that WiFi signals, namely Wi-Fi signals and threatened her health, then spent about 40,000 yuan, painted the outside of the House with a thick radiation-proof paint. Similarly, Jinan district, Fuzhou, China also had a similar thing: "Oh my God, now live in that building a family, his wife was pregnant, and said WiFi radiation, affected his wife's health, and by door-to-door knocking at the door told us not to use ... ... Strikes 4 times already today, not to come on I have no wireless router ... ... "

This Tweet was quickly forwarded thousands of times, even a number of well-known media have also forwarded, many pregnant women are also worried about the radiation of WiFi signals.

In fact, the news about WiFi harmful to health is far more than that. Prior to "WiFi kill experts in intangible, sperm DNA damage" Twitter is an Internet sensation. Rumours that Argentina researchers put 29 men's semen from the connection WiFi notebook computer, found 4 hours 25% sperm stop; if the semen in places further away from the computer, only the 14% sperm stop if placed next to the WiFi-connected computer is turned off, there would be no effect.

WiFi wireless Internet access using electromagnetic waves band is generally 2.4GHz to 5GHz, commercial-grade 2.4 GHz, and cell phone use of radio-frequency electromagnetic wave bands closer belonging to non-ionizing radiation. This invisible intangible things, whether harmful? If you want to understand this, one must first understand how big is its strength. Third-party independent testing organizations-Moore laboratory, engineers in closed WiFi signal strength is measured in the laboratory.

Moore laboratory of radio-frequency laboratory director Peng Huarui told reporters that results in a maximum launch the WiFi router State is 14.32dbm, and cell phones are usually about 33dbm, even to half of it.

Left closed the lab, and then look at what will happen in an open environment? Researchers measured with an ordinary office as did. Here mixed with a variety of microwaves, mobile phones, computers, TV sets, lamps, and even wires produce radiation of different sizes. Peng Huarui told reporters: "the mobile phone signal, WiFi and Bluetooth signal strength, 9.298 milliwatts per square meter. "

What about WiFi is harmful to the human body? Military Academy of medical sciences is the research authority of radiation research institutes in China, a reporter with test data to find the answer. Caenorhabditis elegans is very sensitive to environmental changes, is an ideal model organism. The WiFi is placed at a distance of Caenorhabditis elegans is very close to the, 30 minutes to its continuous radiation. Researcher at the Academy of military medical science Institute of Radiology and radiation medicine introduced Zhang Chenggang, if an exception occurs: "is a track change, then its velocity will change if more serious radiation, which motion stops may occur, or even other exceptions. "

Zhang Chenggang said: "when WiFi is opened, you can see the moment can be up to 200 v/m, but this time is very very short, immediately entering a stable period with an average of 31.9 volts per meter. These nematodes are very freely and very normal, not because of the WiFi signal, it appears some anomalies. "

According to experts, as WiFi radiation is electromagnetic radiation, so the body can bear the largest WiFi radiation intensity, by reference to international safety standards for electromagnetic radiation doses. At present there are two main international standards is an ICNIRP standards, it was issued by the International Commission on non-ionizing radiation protection standards is another standard United States of IEEE standards. China standard more strictly than the above two. For example, in the 900MHZ band, the Chinese limit on public exposure to 40 microwatts per square centimeter, while the European Union standard for 450, United States 600; 1800MHZ band, Chinese under 40 is the maximum public exposure, the EU is 900, United States 1000. Reporters at the Moore laboratories achieved maximum value of WiFi radiation is far below national standards, belongs to the safe range. Made large aircraft delivered by the end of next

Experiments above WiFi for ordinary human health hazard, then bad for pregnant women? Zhang Chenggang, said: "not only our research, international academic research as a whole no data to support this. "

Argentina scientist experiments on WiFi kill sperm, said Zhang Chenggang: "did a very scientific design is to allow sperm cells caused by normal environmental issues far removed from the body. "

In addition, many pregnant women will wear a radiation suit, really going to protect it? Experts say that electromagnetic waves are not straight lines, but through the electromagnetic field effects everywhere, and wearing radiation suits make much sense.

As long as the norm, WiFi is not harmful. In fact, similar concerns in the past we have met, for example, some worry that: microwave ovens will there be radiation? Mobile phone radiation will hurt? But after scientific explanations and practice for a long time, now we all know: that fear is not necessary. As long as human social development, such problems will occur. It is important, analytical science issues with a scientific attitude, both rigorous and more positive, otherwise not only fail to progress, or even life.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Do you eat every day foods 20 related to him but 99 does not know

  Why does an acre field

  We now define himself? we are focused on agricultural commodities trading B2B platform. Our staff helped farmers pick up dishes, helped him up after weighing, farmer drew it to our cart, that is our true and complete commodities trading business.

  We have uniform green uniforms in the fields, men are big pants, hot, dirty, slightly there is a hole there is a rural road is easy to get dirty, so that you do not wear jeans, wear big pants. Our employees are basically started working in the market every day at four o'clock in the morning, day and tutor to farmers how they use our App, identify new opportunities, even helped them get to lift, which is a very typical form. We are not sitting in the Office, we are running all day in the countryside.

  Before someone asked me why I do this, I spent six years in Baidu in 2006, Baidu, is the technical background, 2009 is a very important nodes. Baidu was a boss lost a public information work.

  2009 Baidu Web search in rural areas, most likely search result. So I set up a project group, with two interns, basically took a year of time, ran seven provinces, almost more than 100 more villages. I took some college-graduate village officials involved in Baidu's activities, one of the families teach farmers to use Wikipedia on a PC, post your own information on Baidu, through our promotion, sell more than 60 tons of pepper. Now an acre of field work, then, is very heavy pattern, has a very strong and heavy line team.

  Information job for two years, I think the information is relatively simple, Baidu is more asset-light company, I can do further to this service when the boss says or do the asset-light model. Android phones need to clear memory

  I'm leaving the Baidu, an acre of land. In September 2011, I began to take the company to find someone, looking for a partner of the Beijing municipal development and Reform Commission and write code, three of them start their own businesses. None of us are of agricultural origin, so more laborious, do a relatively simple job, information capture methods, carried out a similar to where prices of tools depends on the work.


Screenshot 2015-07-10 afternoon 5.16.43.PNG


  September 2011 and December 2013, 2.5 years we tried six breakthrough (profit), there are five losses, essentially money will fall out of me. How investment in all this, from July 2014 us into the fast lane, to 4 stores began to open new service outlets, to basically cover the whole 35 outlets in China now, heavy dot driving down from 500,000 now day trading day trading volume surpassed 350 million, growth is relatively fast, our statistical growth more than 2000 times, now has more than.

  This year, our staff has increased by nearly 3,000 times, because we had only one full-time and two part-time, take me as a base, we have more than 3,000 people, daily turnover was 300 million, buyers put the money to an acre of land, an acre of land to farmers, is the pattern. 2 million active users, solution selling 60 times.

  Internet and agriculture to fall in love

  We look at the Internet for agriculture, I think there is a relationship, an acre of field service producers including agricultural producers, wholesalers and buyers, wholesalers by buying our goods, wholesalers or brokers before, with villagers go to the fields or attempt to find goods, now we don't have to find out.

  Buyers, such as food and beverage companies, carte blanche we go shopping, they don't have to go. For all levels of Government, we are their strategic partners, starting from January 1 this year and now signed more than 70 counties, get us all kinds of Government.

  Speaking from the dimension, we are creating value for them. So we love to describe our integration and traditional industries.

  Let the combination of place, this is the current status quo, farmers are the gambling type of production, circulation, to our table, there are 15 links, a MU Tian wants to make more secure when using PIN easier, more fresh ingredients. We daily 300 million turnover, we can effect a place it is money also is not money, also can effect a place it should species what, not should species what, he should sold who, not should sold who, this data a months zhihou will through we of platform disclosure white paper, we will said which place money, which place not money, and he earned has how many money, this depends on we of big data service.


Screenshot 2015-07-10 afternoon 6.00.52.PNG


  There is circulation, we now have 2 million users, after industry circulation, how many people can make money, or to improve his efficiency. To cite an example, logistics, China has 20 million logistics vehicles, 70% run, or capacity is not perfect, have run he might have to go to the air cargo distribution point in the process, earn 200 200, is it possible to solve this problem? is possible, as long as an acre of land is available, tell the owner car that runs, you can.

  Finally, financial, we have checked supply chain and China postal savings, banks and so on financial cooperation, we all do. The services we provide for these traditional industries, and we with it in a very symbiotic relationship, there I want to subvert it, but I need him, he needs me, such a good relationship. For farmers, to reduce burden on the public, we want to create a new civilization.

  I'm doing this for six years, starting from the 09, the industry has a lot more serious than we might think, I think we definitely need some people some institution to address, including capacity, including food safety, got a chance to share how to make the industry better direction.

Friday, February 19, 2016

The title of The Devil Wears Prada was scored by machine vision

In the 2006 film the Devil Wears Prada Queen (also known as The Devil Wears Prada), fashion magazine editor in Chief of Milanda·puruisite just at a glance, can be analyzed, who designed clothes for others, and know where clothing design inspiration can be traced back to one year. Puruisite, a role inspired by Anna Wintour, her longtime fashion editor of Vogue magazine, which itself is synonymous with fashion.

Humans can pass a simple glance, identification and confirmation of fashion designers and fashion style, so why can't a machine do that? Today, Taiwan National University, KuanTing Chen and several partners shows that the machine could do this, machine vision can distinguish between one quarter to the next fashion changes. In particular, they use machine vision technology can be shown after the fashion show on the impact of street clothing.

Chen and its partners a began through training machine Visual algorithm, recognition pictures in the models of body posture, then will body divided into nine a different of regional--arm, and Xia arm, and thigh, and Shank (distinguish around limb) and torso, analysis these regional of clothing color, and texture and skin, information to created a list, its role similar Yu for whole body created a Visual features aspects of vector list.

So, fashion style became more dimension of vector, this relatively simple mathematical process.

Later, they will collect two sets of databases. The first group contains 8000 in 2014 and 2015, Zhou Chun/New York fashion summer fashion model pictures. Group II are contained in 2014 and 2015, taken during the spring/summer of about 1,000 street fashion clothing pictures.

The title of The Devil Wears Prada, was scored by machine vision

Fashion week in New York is a very important activity, which includes about 300 events, and can attract up to 100,000 people to attend. Therefore, an interesting question is held this week emerging trends in activity, in the next season will affect street fashion. To find the answer, Chen and his team of machine vision algorithms to identify these trends.

Results are very interesting. Algorithm discovered a small amount of classic clothing styles are common in every year. Team, whether it be in 2014 or 2015, the upper part of the costumes in the fashion images in use a lot of white, grey and black.

However, most of the key points of interest is to understand how changes in fashion, the algorithm can help. Survey found that in 2015, the more popular styles include placket shirt and Camisole, and striped clothing materials, more popular colors are blue, green and red.

Funny thing is, this change in fashion in the popularity also reflects the data presented on the street fashion. Team said data can tell you, a lot of people are imitating styles shown in the fashion show.

However, the fashion week shows trends and street wear, there are some differences between the data sets. For example, the team found that the 2014 in street fashion clothing, knee-length trousers and long-sleeved clothing's popularity rose. Team speculated that this should be compared to other years to cold in the summer of that year, so people will wear slightly warmer clothing covering the body. Huawei is not only a fake master is a skilled

Meanwhile, it also shows the influence of culture, such as how quickly the fashion throughout the community. Message from fashion shows fashion trends are indeed provide a reference to clothing, and has a significant impact on people's daily lives.

Many fashion followers are very familiar with it. The difference is now quantifying its influence to methods in computer vision and fashion stores, designers and consumers provide valuable feedback. This may be a way of using machine vision technology profits.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The army will test the ground and in the air of unmanned systems cooperation

  United States Army robotic technology Union has awarded the Lockheed Martin contract, fully validated independent reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition missions, the validation will use the Lockheed "team task support system" (SMSS) unmanned ground vehicle and the K-MAX drone in collaboration.

  Test scenarios include: K-MAX SMSS autonomous helicopter were sent to "area of interest", this area too dangerous for human surveillance. Unmanned autonomous landing by specifying coordinates and releases the SMSS. SMSS is equipped with sensors, satellite communications equipment and the Gyrocam systems, autonomous and remotely operated survey will be used in the region, and K-MAX returning to base.

  Gyrocam's 9M tactical surveillance systems can provide high resolution optical images while on the move, SMSS carry target acquisition, reconnaissance and surveillance sensor will be used for locating and observing the goals and objects of interest, raw sensor data will be transmitted via satellite to hundreds of miles of remote operations centers for analysis.

  SMSS are to be deployed to the United States the largest unmanned ground vehicles of the ground troops, which will promote the surveillance capability of the SMSS. SMSS initially designed for special operations forces, unmanned transport and logistical support, will design the arm models and in the future with enhanced reconnaissance and surveillance capability. East smart establishing industry standards for

  K-MAX as a heavy transport helicopters, autonomous or remote-controlled delivery of goods, will use its lifting loads to carry 2000 lbs (907.18 kg) heavier SMSS. The system weighs 6000 pounds of cargo in sea transport, and at 15,000 feet altitude delivery of over 4000 pounds of cargo.

  The test will show the cooperation between different unmanned systems, as well as capacity continues to increase, will conduct a series of unmanned systems test. Lockheed Martin combat maneuver systems said that the unmanned aircraft and unmanned ground vehicles for this level cooperation between industries for the first time, completed by BvR control. The validation may lead to extended tasks, such as remote sensing and monitoring of suspected chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives threats or events.

  In the testing of 2012, SMSS through BvR satellite communications, at a distance of more than 200 miles autonomy were simulated surveillance missions, the current scenarios for the test task. Most recently, army tanks and automatic vehicle research, development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) and Lockheed Martin in January 2014 and verify the "autonomous mobile systems" (AMAS) with this system of unmanned vehicles, loop through intersections traffic, vehicles and slow-moving vehicles in different directions for autonomous navigation and avoid the pedestrians.


Saturday, February 13, 2016

So who might not really miss Dong but phones went on sale why not found

  The furthest distance in the world is not you the phone went on sale, but I can't open the packed website, but don't know where to go to buy. Gree, Chairman Dong just to crowd out the difficult problem.

  51 before the holidays, just got the Zhuhai Municipal Government 3 million Yuan reward, Miss Dong is pleased to announce to the world: "gree phone has begun to hit the market, I hope everyone using our mobile phone. "

  Voice drops the curious media have visited major specialty stores and general stores, all gone, even the cat gree gree official Mall and day flagship store did not last. About mystery prices, gree is silent.

  Everything seems so suddenly! suddenly said to be cell phones, suddenly took out a cell phone, and suddenly was listed (but not to). Everything is done a word than jobs and Lei opened with much fanfare launch, Dong mingzhu, gree and so sword and medals.

  No time to prepare, gree phone exactly where sold?

  1, went on sale before FRY to fry?

  Gree grab headlines, dating back to the end of 2013 that caused uproar in the 1 billion gamble. In the Chinese economic person of the year award, Lei Dong mingzhu, bet, said five years after the turnover will exceed the gree group of millet, and the losing party will give the other 1 billion yuan.

  Although it is an extemporaneous oral game, known as the "female version is not," said Dong mingzhu was clearly serious. A year later, Dong mingzhu, who carry the gree's marketing.

  She herself was filmed out of a series of short films, attended the event's frequency has increased significantly. Her bet with Lei also take this time to enter the media page.

So who might not really miss Dong, but phones went on sale why not found


  Latest gree on the phone really made her headlines. From the beginning suddenly said, "I want to be mobile, every minute, too easy", two months after Sun Yat-sen University gree phone comes out suddenly, and then "gree mobile phones can change for three years" tipping makes my mouth water. Although no Lei red carpet launch, but also always leads to the unexpected, to seize the eye.

  Look at this time "not buy" green mobile phone, who can say, definitely not a pre-IPO "feint" topic marketing?

  2, sold to four or five cities?

  Gree phone configured earlier, once exposed, netizens ridicule: configure three years do not change, gree phones are selling it to who?

  According to the latest media news, but final pricing of the phone may 1299, and used offline sales.

  A context has emerged: the low end, the replacement cycle, cheap, online sales. Video sites lack hematopoietic 2016 will survive

So who might not really miss Dong, but phones went on sale why not found

  Maybe gree phone aimed at four or five cities, also has been part of the local distribution, media just don't focus on it.

  Four or five cities consumption levels are relatively low, electrical contractor than the one or two-tier cities developed, and gree phone can rely on LGs accumulation of power, access to certain markets.

  3, first overseas training on-the-job training?

  Market research firm TrendForce the latest statistics show that global Smartphone shipments to 291.2 million units in the first quarter, compared with the last quarter fell by 9.2%, largely because of slowing demand in the mobile phone market, such as China. Links to the current fierce competition in the domestic mobile phone market, to find markets overseas will be made mobile phones need to think of a way out.

So who might not really miss Dong, but phones went on sale why not found

  Public information, gree air conditioning in main products cover more than 160 countries and regions, opened a sales company and in local stores. Dong had to visit Middle East branding and sales. Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo, one plus and millet and other domestic mobile phone also opened some overseas territories and image. All right.

  So, gree cell phones could be just "start without China." Let foreign friends try, then to accept the test of the domestic market.

  4, closed beta invitation?

  Fans spoke of millet's economic model, Dong mingzhu, Shenzhen TV's show earlier in the year – are also given "to fight fans, gree, and 50 million users a year."

So who might not really miss Dong, but phones went on sale why not found

  Claims that mobile phone "minutes than millet" Dong mingzhu, perhaps now also officially released a mobile phone locked a group of "geeks", beta invites hardcore users first, optimize the after market sales, it can also create word of mouth will not be lost on the starting line.

  5, distribution or capacity problem?

  In early 2015, millet and Huawei have shouted out 100 million sales target for the year. Even started doing mobile gree, also claimed to sell 100 million mobile phones in 2015. People nieyibahan not gree can grab the millet and Huawei, but really to ensure output?

  "The Internet +" times traditional enterprise integration itself to the new environment and mode, slogans, product, channel, and supply chain to keep up.

So who might not really miss Dong, but phones went on sale why not found

  Millet, Meizu, Huawei and even apples have supply shortage phenomenon, entered the field of mobile phone of gree chose to let a third party program Longcheer design, produced by the foundry, lost "independent core technology" of the soul, even Dong mingzhu, never yelled "good phone, gree".

  In addition, gree although the online channel has a certain advantage, after all, the entity has more than 30,000 outlets. But the layout of the online e-commerce channels, gree started only at the end of last year.

  Probably Dong went on sale release message when distribution is not as smooth.

  Speaking of which, talk King couldn't help thinking the lyrics – "so that may not be true, Miss Tung". Can be sure of is, but later phones went on sale, from the 100 million sales target for the year is far.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DThink data DT time machine to create the best brains

DThink data DT time machine to create the

  There is no doubt that data has arrived. But the key question is, how to have large data capacity? to Alibaba, Amazon on behalf of six major Internet companies, in practice has accumulated a great deal of data capacity and make full use of the ability to carry out new business practices. But a large number of government departments and enterprises, how to use the data, needed to achieve its transformation and upgrading? this is a very urgent problem.

  Precisely in order to enable industries to get within reach of large data capacity, on August 18, 2015, the dream factory of Hangzhou science and technology limited company officially released-"dream machine workshop DThink data."

  DThink, open the DT times

  DThink big one confidential data to solve what is the problem?, the product name itself is the answer to this: use data (Data) to think (Think). In the age of big data, to really play the value of the data, the key which solved the problem.

  "DT (data) and the traditional IT (information technology) the essential difference lies in the availability of data technology is capable of thinking", as several dream factory President Wang Wei said, in the age of IT, people have accumulated a massive, but fragmented, fragmented data. DThink data integration code to solve the problem is to make large-scale data relevance, fragmented data into an integrated whole and let the data flow, share, based on greater data insight and decision making.

  DThink data in one publication, represents a transition from IT to DT, is also an evolution. DThink will the real open era DT.

  Data technologies are complex, but its purpose purpose should be clear and concise, after all, is nothing more than help people more intelligent. To achieve this vision, it requires four steps. First, you need to gather vast amounts of diverse data and, secondly, is a near-real-time data processing and analysis; Meanwhile, you also need to ensure the security of data storage, the use and development of; and, finally, should be based on a very simple way to help users find the essence of things and predict future trends.

  Data integration, data management, preservation, and analysis capabilities, similar to help human data processing brain; the four types of capacity to synthesize together, similar to the data placement "brains". DreamWorks plans to use the "brain" of the ability to output to the Government, enterprises, public utilities and other customers in various fields, to use data to achieve transformation and upgrading, and quickly entered the era of DT.

  Advantage + acquired heritage, to create "the most powerful brain"

  So, why DreamWorks could quickly launch this product? DThink data in one "brain" how? it is understood that DThink aliyun flying platform based development, and the core technology in Ali's online business through massive amounts of data and pressure long term validation. As an e-commerce platform, and other types of large Internet companies, Alibaba faced more severe test. It should be said that withstand practice aliyun flying platform, with the world's leading cloud and data capacity. Under such an advantage, several dream factory will this technology as a form of machine output, software and hardware, has done a lot of fitness work and depth of integration tuning, introduced such a functionality, performance and stability are very good products.

  DThink this "brain" how powerful? may wish to speak with a set of data to see in data integration, management, preservation and analysis of the four capacities.

  First, mass. To make the results more fully, the data must be massive. DThink supports PB/EB levels of data processing capability, performance, and storage size can increase linearly with the increase number of servers, compute nodes under standard configuration can scale to 200 units, performance is achieved by increased control nodes and storage capacity scale, can be further extended to cluster the size of data, both across the cluster (room) data sharing capabilities.

  Second, in real time. Whether it's exploring the essence of things, or predict the future development of more effective data analysis results in real time. DThink provides has real-time OLAP calculation engine, can achieved qianyiji data of milliseconds level multidimensional perspective, milliseconds level achieved multiple big table associated calculation, baiyiji more table associated query milliseconds level results returns; provides associate real-time data synchronization tool, support tens of data seconds level export, single table 100,000 TPS data insert capacity, data insert seconds level visible; data bottom efficient index achieved, maximum improve query performance; support standard JDBC agreement for connection; support standard SQL syntax, Offers free search capability.

  Third, security. Data security is the cornerstone of everything. DThink used variety data security mechanism, has from Exchange, and storage, and using, and authorized of full life cycle security management system; has automatically storage fault-tolerant mechanism, all data three copies copies, reliability up to 99.99999999%; all calculation in sand box in the run, support in third party arbitration Xia for data authorized mechanism, achieved confidential data of Security Exchange; support based on ACL and policy of user permission management, unique of production environment and development environment isolation, and Confidential data desensitization, multi-tenant data isolation and other security mechanisms to ensure data security with industry-leading data permissions management mode, data management granularity can be refined to the role, as well as field-level.

  Forth, and easy to use. The onset of the age of big data, to the user, data should not be complex and strange, but simple and kind. DThink for user provides "Open box that with" of big data capacity, optimization integration has data acquisition shared, and unified Yuan data service, and calculation development, and analysis mining, and management shipped dimension, the capacity, provides has a station type of shipped dimension management platform, and function powerful of IDE development environment and released deployment environment, great to simplified has user shipped dimension development of convenient sex and convenient sex; built-in rich of data mining algorithm library, can should for various data scene, and in industries of long-term validation in the constantly optimization update. Your heart rate monitor by wearable device talk

  A combination of wisdom. Combination of hardware and software as one of the "dream factory DThink large machine", its goal is to build data integration master, management, preservation and analysis of "the most powerful brain" to help customers get "smarter" to achieve transformation and upgrading.

  Dream factory brings the number of China's most innovative and open spirit of the professional technical team, aims to become a leading provider of cloud computing and data development and service provider. DreamWorks will continue to cooperate with eco-partners, promote DT era to develop deeply and win together to create the DT's ecosystem.