Friday, April 29, 2016

Toshiba cooking raised investor anger 3 Director to resign

Japan's Toshiba Press Conference on July 21, tianzhongjiuxiong, President of the company, Muromachi, President of Masashi, who bowed deeply, apology to investors. Atsutoshi Nishida, Norio Sasaki and tianzhongjiuxiong has 3 Presidents also announced his resignation, by cooking the inflated revenues to the company responsible for serious problems.

According to the third party survey, since March 2009 to December 2014, Toshiba business divisions were inflated earnings before tax 151.8 billion yen. Among them, 47.7 billion yen to increase traffic automatic toll collection facility sectors, ETC, TV and computer sectors increase of 68 billion yen, the semiconductor sector increase of 36 billion yen. Surveys show that companies based on senior management intervention and commit acts of false accounting; business unit leaders must be completed under great pressure on the established performance goal; false accounting in multiple business units at the same time, organized sexual atsutoshi Nishida President, Norio Sasaki and tianzhongjiuxiong dynasties "challenges" in the name of computer, multiple business units to improve earnings.

Survey view, Toshiba executives knowingly inflated earnings in the business sector exists, but not be checked and corrected. Business units of the company through early into earnings, adjourned into real losses, inflated profits, and that this situation is in the normal state. Survey points out, "Toshiba corporate practice unable to defy the boss the intention, if not recognized by superiors, the normal accounting treatment will not be able to", "problem water injection of money correcting de facto impossible", the "company organized to hide the facts and make up other stories, making monitoring very difficult to obtain evidence and overturned legal." Importing small Shang B2C no live

An investor, has previously considered such as Toshiba, is a "Japan representatives" impossible to give false accounts of the company, but it was "like a bolt from the anger."

Under the influence of accounting event, Toshiba in the original 16 top 8 people have resigned. Currently President of its Board of Directors long room at Masashi, and new management team will be in mid-August, and September will hold a shareholders meeting.

It is reported that Japan's financial authorities will be fully involved in investigation of the Toshiba's false account, hear the views of third-party investigative bodies, and on the basis of the financial products transaction law whether the study recommends that the Office of financial services to sanction the company, submit final report is expected in late August. Among them, the incident involving the extent of investments of investors of the impact of the decision will be final for the qualitative.

In addition, alleged during the cooking, Toshiba raise funds through capital market up to about 1 trillion yen, and investors is based on false financial statements of the company to purchase the company's shares or bonds of the decision. This will directly affect Japan's financial authorities decision to pursue civil and criminal liability of the company, the maximum fine could be as high as 30 billion yen.

Japan law experts believe, if Toshiba finally found to be deliberately falsifying, the possibility of breaches of the financial products transaction law becomes very large. Under the Act, to individuals involved in the implementation of security bulletins, or report false, punishable by up to 10 years ' imprisonment and fines of up to 10 million yen. If a legal person, is punishable by fines of 700 million yen.

NHK television reported on the 22nd, United States investors believe Toshiba cooking violates United States federal securities law. If you grasp the actual performance of Toshiba, will not buy the stock price is so high. United States investors will Toshiba said the resignation of 3 claims the President, they are widely called Toshiba investors who bought stock during the cooking, prepare collective present huge compensation lawsuits.

In response to the accounting crisis, Toshiba announced on 22nd to sell its subsidiary held by Toshiba elevator Finland elevator company KONE Oyj share assets, raising about 118 billion yen, to shore up the company's financial foundation. Company Mitsui Sumitomo Bank and other financial institutions also actively to seek the financing limit of 500 billion to 600 billion yen. In addition, Toshiba is considering selling its holdings of United States 87% stake in nuclear giant Westinghouse.

(China Youth daily)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Li Xiaolin scored twice after his arrival showed up for the first time research

    On July 23, Li Xiaolin in Datang international tuoketuo power plant company in Inner Mongolia.

  On July 23, the Datang Group Deputy General Manager Li Xiaolin, party members to Datang international tuoketuo power plant company in Inner Mongolia. This was on July 7 after he took office, Datang group official Li Xiaolin's initial public report.

  In the previous three meetings of the group, China Datang Corporation website in a press release made no mention of Li Xiaolin. The three meetings of the group are: July 10-11th meeting of the group in the year 2015 Conference; debriefing meeting held on July 20 in 2015 of safety production month; group headquarters building Symposium, held on July 21.

  In the above-mentioned three meetings of the group, Datang group of eight people, seven party members were present, only does not appear, that is, Li Xiaolin.

  The tuoketuo power generation company research, can be regarded as Li Xiaolin in Datang group debut. Tuoketuo power company is currently the largest coal-fired power plants in Asia, has 8 600,000-kilowatt and 2 300,000-kilowatt unit, total installed capacity of 5.4 million-kilowatt, is an important power of Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan power grid support.

  Datang press release, during the investigation, visited the tuoketuo power company showroom Li Xiaolin, inspected the Simulator room, pressure and working appliances testing laboratory, hands-on training, a unit run control room, production centres and five phase extension project of the construction site and heard and tuoketuo power plant, Inner Mongolia branch company reported, gave full affirmation on its production and management work. She stressed that the tuoketuo power plant companies shoulder the important responsibility of guarantee capital, electricity, company staff to practice the "three Suns", the "value thinking, efficiency-oriented", carry forward the spirit of Tang, increasing political consciousness, awareness and sense of responsibility to ensure safe and stable operation of the unit. Rich without holding the heart of shame for

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2016 loving geeks live coverage of the Beijing auto show Honda s new civic

2016-loving geeks live coverage of the Beijing auto show Honda's new civic

New generation Honda Civic was originally the world debut of the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2015, as the tenth generation of the civic model, new cars from the inside-out transformation is realized, can be said to be completely changed in the Nineth generation civic fuzzy locating 囧, and make people's eyes light up.

2016-loving geeks live coverage of the Beijing auto show Honda's new civic

1 exterior

2016-loving geeks live coverage of the Beijing auto show Honda's new civic

Tenth generation civic using a slip-back styling, roof lines from the a-pillars extending to the tail of the vehicle smooth from the start, making side of the civic line appear more slender and dynamic, vehicle has completely changed, more athletic style. New front face compared to older mesh, a lot can be said to be handsome, LED headlights are quite cool. Perhaps the first to appeal to young people, is not a civic configuration, but this young and dynamic appearance.

2 configuration

2016-loving geeks live coverage of the Beijing auto show Honda's new civic

New car Department-wide standard LED width lamp/tail lamp/fog lamps, LCD display, multifunction steering wheel, one-touch start and keyless entry, start-stop system, 6 airbags, VSA vehicle stability assist system, interconnection systems, parking sensors, and 7-inch intelligent LCD reversing video. With high car with LED headlamps, Honda extrasensory SENSING safety systems, driver power seat. In short is the deployment of rich diversity, almost all you want.

3 interior trim

2016-loving geeks live coverage of the Beijing auto show Honda's new civic

The Nineth generation civic problem of the much-maligned Interior texture cheap on the tenth-generation civic have been completely changed. Center console, door trim, hand contact area, are made of soft materials with either a large package. Car interior styling also, as always, continue Honda's science-fiction style, in the central console has a considerable size of LCD display. This set of interiors, is at the same level and upper level, there is a strong sense of science and technology.

4 power

2016-loving geeks live coverage of the Beijing auto show Honda's new civic

Domestic listing of new civic 1.5T turbocharged engine models, the maximum power of 177 HP, peak torque of 220 Newton. 1.0T will be available in the fourth quarter, max 129 HP, maximum torque of 200 nm. Tail 1.0T tail is identified as 180TURBO,1.5T models of 220TURBO. Gearbox 6-speed manual or CVT transmission.

New civic retailing at 12.99-169900. Expected 1.0T is expected to be listed by the end of this year, when the price will certainly be higher than 1.5T low prices. This makes the civic became the most popular model, I believe will make 15 poor civic comeback ~ Small car class drive rescue 10 big trick to remember

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tencent launched telematics platform the main online unlimited

Tencent launched telematics platform: the main online unlimited

Tencent launched telematics platform

On September 14, Tencent jiuxianqiao 798 in Beijing held a news conference officially launched the Tencent platform, once released three products: vehicle stock ROM, APP and micro-credit, car QQ connection "I/MyCar" service.

Aiming at the cars original car systems experience worse, consumers had to give up the car using mobile phones which Tencent research through more than 15,000 more than the owner demand, launched its own ROM. The ROM to fit out the current models, and provides navigation with live traffic, QQ music, app, Tencent QQ and other Internet-based applications.

In terms of navigation, Tencent ROM can be networked in real time and provides live traffic capability, and constantly updated maps through the Internet. Socially, the ROM is based on micro-, QQ to achieve a real-time sharing of geographically between friends, life scenes such as easy travel companion.

Entertainment functions, Tencent stock ROM using his QQ music, while providing unlimited cooperation with operators and other value-added services, enabling synchronous update with QQ music, lots of exclusive content meet the pursuit of music content. Relying on with QQ and micro-sharing feature to the letter, you can share music on a mobile phone to the car on the ROM. Provided even in live audio broadcast of the voice and the NBA.

Of course, Tencent's QQ cannot fall in the road in the process, QQ the can through the steering wheel to view and reply to the message. Be alert Posing as Taobao service refund new

On the mobile phone, "I/MyCar" offers a variety of services, can achieve real-time monitoring of cars on the phone, provide fuel and other viewing.

At the press conference, Tencent emphasized an open platform, aimed at the automotive industry machines the fragmentation of the system, providing a standard interface, by way of cooperation with hardware vendors to integrate products. The ROM, Tencent and huayang group and Lu Chang science and technology cooperation.

ROM is still in beta stage at present, preliminary fit some VW models, which APP you adapter Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Startups should still insist on participating in science and Technology Conference

  For nearly a year, business nowadays, it has become the most popular topic, Business Conference, Conference on Science and technology is organized like all over. Some entrepreneurs think, should contact with the users, understand their needs, rather than peers. But the Tech in Asia Luoisa Chiew, author of don't think so.

  He also listed more than 5 should be involved in science and Technology Conference, cause of known peers. Chips world who is behind the biggest boss

  1, get inspiration for innovation

  In the era of entrepreneurship, with high technology are respected, it is an innovation-based industries. A successful startup, should be based on market research and user testing for a long time, and in the right place at the right time to start. But it all starts with an idea, and then solve a practical problem. This idea is not hiding in the corner, or on the computer will be able to pop out.

  Still need to communicate with other people. Conference on Science and technology who is the crazy high-tech into the same space, we think, exchange their views and experiences, you will learn a few things.

  Maybe you can talk from this meeting produced a great idea, do some amazing things.

  2, join your industry group

  Similarly, not you alone to build a company of opportunities will come. Conference on Science and technology is can lock with you to brainstorm, meet your partner or the ideal place to get money. Its biggest advantage is that you have been looking forward to meet science and technology section shot might be there, and they are ready to listen to your ideas.

  Seize the opportunity to make friends and business cooperation, a short friendly conversation may also let you set up long-term contacts.

  3, display

  Even if you are on the network and not to recommend your business to the front, but does not affect the things you put up. At a Science Conference, too, regularly attended the Conference on Science and technology, showcase their ideas so that they become an expert in your field.

  Some conference price is not cheap, but you through their participation in these meetings can be obtained beyond the receipt of ticket value, if there is a chance to show your startup, would fight for him; if you can display your project in front of a group of professionals, and why not?

  May be in a meeting, show, you will get an unexpected opportunity.

  4, do not become boring

  Present at the meeting was a very hard job, but we're not going to lie, it's not really all work. This is to you sitting at a desk job, a little rest interface. In chatting with acquaintances you've ever seen, you discuss some of the easy and fun. After all work and no play time and makes you a boring person.

  5, thoughts and feedback

  The points mentioned above are important, but the most important is to attend a meeting and get feedback. Cutting-edge technology has never been a sit at home and study books and users who can predict.

  You need to be engaged in the industry has some ideas and insights, and experienced entrepreneurs in the industry will probably have some crazy ideas, and can give you some inspiration. Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or a third venture, technology is needed before future generations to Exchange places.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

New nano particles of lithium batteries 6 minutes to fully charge

  Recently, from the United States at MIT and Tsinghua University researchers developed a "yolk and eggshell" battery, it can be done in 6 minutes on a single charge. Battery electrodes by creating nano-particles, its cathode made of titanium dioxide "shell" and Al "egg yolk". When the "egg yolk" from the "shell" separating gap allowing it to expand and contract, so that the shell will not be affected. People use lithium-ion batteries, the electrode one charge will be expansion and contraction occurs when loss of lithium, which will shorten the battery life.

  Besides after become more durable, this new type of battery capacity is greatly increased, 3 times times the capacity of lithium-ion batteries for the mobile device. In other words, the new nano-particles of lithium battery can make a smart phone, laptop, tablet in a few days time. In addition, the phenomenon of shrinking and swelling due to battery charging process be slowed significantly, and the battery charging time is also greatly reduced, only 6 minutes.

  At present, this battery is still in the experimental stage, but researchers believe that this material is cheap and simple battery capable of mass production in the future. On computer vision start up this traditional company

  "These egg-shell particles in a laboratory scale tests show a very impressive performance," Singapore Nanyang Technological University chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professor and study co-author David Lou said, "for me, this work attracted me most is that the new batteries making process simple and good scalability. "

  MIT Professor Ju Li said, although the method of making this battery was an accidental discovery, but in the end it is lithium-ion battery can be a serious contender.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Using 3D printing to explore the human subconscious possible

  Authorized by Coolhunting curiosity daily published this article, even if we don't allow reprints.

  This year, and Cadillac (Cadillac), organized an annual event for the first time, to seek inspiration inspiration of young talent. This activity is about to end, and we are very pleased to announce that our 25 talented CoolHunting 25 winners were born. This 25 innovator from designs, technology, fashion, culture and food of this major area. They promote the development of their respective fields at the same time, change the future. Is to use complex 3D printing to this article about book break through the limits of sculpture ya·hakeer (Joshua Harker).

  Joshua ya·hakeer itself as the "trouble fine", his work was pushed to the complexity of the 3D printing impossible border, and the methods he used, but artists rarely set foot in the field. He together with their works of art to develop scientific and technological strength, using similar platforms like Kickstarter works get more audience. In the late 1980 's, he has begun using an automated painting surrealist techniques, totally rational control, and to try to explore what most want to express the subconscious. To turn a true iron man You can have it at least




  "My intention is to explore and describe the system and structure of the imagination," he said, "at the same time, interpret and share brain mode of thinking. "But physical restrictions made him unable to implement these ideas in carving. "I want to give form to process, but in reality, there is no way I can make this three-dimensional effect. I need that spontaneous way, and intuitive control of complex shapes and volumes, but the material, process and technical means do not exist. "

  Georg Hackl came into contact with 3D printing in the 1990 's, when he was a commercial sculptor, worked for a design and Development Studio, he has been waiting for technology to come, wait, from modeling to materials engineering technology develops to a certain stage, so that he can realize the idea of art. In 2000, he began to create "Tangle" series: 3D engraving technology is so complex that carved through traditional means it is almost impossible to accomplish the same task. From complex skull engraved portraits and custom masks, to use projection mapping installation explores four dimensional art, Georg Hackl and free use of CAD and 3D printing technologies, very obscure things in the past--our inner imagination-to the audience.




  "I find it like a keep the beat of the metronome," Georg Hackl mentioned in the creation of the new process and technology changes the balance between the two, said. "When I study and wait for something that will let me use when specific events occur in the work, there will always be new technologies to emerge and give me inspiration," he continued, "I often find myself trying to stake through the square hole of the round, in order to create something I need. So I think I might be too impatient and can't wait for the arrival of thing to solve all my problems. I have to take something like that to try. "




  Georg Hackl is very interested in 3D printing work to life, such as dynamic sculpture, animation and live action with animation works, at the same time, he is also exploring how to print 3D bio-technologies applied to art. "May the use of prosthesis-related, but may be associated and body modification and body decoration field, similar to tattooing, piercing, and fashion," Georg Hackl said, "I feel art and ethics, as well as our participation in the design and function of our bodies in the field of reconstruction, and there are many interesting areas to explore. "But he is still waiting for the medical community's attitude towards this can be accepted.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tiny letters will be pushing robot micro imitating the brain mechanism

  Introduction: intelligent robots for everyone at present is not strange, it's widely used in the entire life. Jingdong ash customer service robots, such as in Macau, there are all kinds of robots in the movies. Little letter also now launched the "small" robot, what were the highlights about it? Entrepreneurs say made with light model shares

  On July 24, app will launch a robot, the robot can replace human customer service to solve part of the problem.


Tiny letters will be pushing robot


  Intelligent robots

  The robot is called small, it can be based on natural semantics and user communication, and through chat, answers to queries, questions, assisted living services, advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, you can save 30%-50% labour costs.

  It is learned that the app first launched the droid in the micro-banks, you can debug user needs on the one hand, and introduced a way for small and micro pave, becoming a starting point for personal assistants, on the formation of financial services focus, and micro-payments series into practical business applications, laying a solid foundation for later extensions.

  Currently market Shang artificial intelligence robot also has many, but many of robot are general exists implementation force programmed of problem, only according to prior built-in good of program to implementation task, intelligent of level than lower, and micro-letter of this robot of advantage is, small micro-can for "depth learning", its behind relies on with Tencent of big data platform, can imitation brain of mechanism to analytical data, and constantly for intelligent of adjustment, to fast adapted more complex changeable of environment.

  In addition, small micro will have image processing functions, by scanning the user's face to the user's gender, age, and other information for evaluation, and chat with users.

  Micro intelligent robots to the letter when or will enters the wallet can help users to use most of the features in the micro-purse.

  Based on this huge social networking platform, the promotion of small and micro shouldn't be so hard, but will be ignored by the user Siri's features will have to wait on the line before you can know.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Beauty magazine predicted that will change future space of 5 weapons of war

  Despite the international community's opposition to the weaponization of space, but mainly are still searching. One possibility is to use nuclear or non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapon space to orbit vehicles. Through the electromagnetic pulse weapons detonated at high altitude satellite launch combat against enemy power grids, satellites, "command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance" (C4ISR) system launched "decapitation" operation. Depending on the size of electromagnetic pulse weapons, its attack could cover the whole country, can strike a target area. In theory, this type of "killer apps" weapons on the premise they shot a gun to end the war, particularly as the United States relies heavily on information technology rivals. However, electromagnetic pulse weapons from low altitude launch platform or ground-based missile system, is vulnerable to interception or a pre-emptive strike.

  Another technique is to use-based high-energy laser (SBL) to intercept enemy ballistic missiles in boost phase (known as the "boost phase intercept" BPI). "Boost phase intercept" advantage is slowest in boost phase missile flight speed will destroy it, intercept the success rate is high at this time. Unlike theatre defence systems currently used for boost phase intercept, platform-based lasers can be used in high altitude operation, far more than the enemy's ability to shoot down or destroy before launch. Tiger nose micro groups micro business and media


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Telekinesis as iron man and the Chinese company had

  Iron Man 2 small Luobo·tetangni fingers to manipulate virtual program

  In ' iron man 2 ', young Robert Downey gestures can make the computer screen opens, virtual programs pop open hanging in the air, can also play games, bunched up into a ball to virtual box program.

  This image, involved two terms, a sense of recognition and human-computer interaction. In commercial applications, we have not reached the point of comfortable cool in the movies. But in the domestic science and technology circle, done through the identification of breakthrough progress in the human-computer interaction, and application there can stay.

  Front technology team in a building in Chaoyang District of Beijing. Office space, but the pattern more open, Sun is shining. They are entrepreneurial team of gesture recognition using machine vision technology, the company set up for 4 years, matrix partners China and actually Fund has led the angels and Pre-A rounds.

  From a research and development company was founded five years, Feng team when only a gesture recognition products, secondly, this mentality is what is most difficult to imagine their practice.

  "F4 front" was born from the feelings of life-changing technology

  In 2010, the ustc graduate Liu Jin Su (Su) and Liu Zhe, Dang Jianxun, zhangshuo three people get together, talk about how to do something. Somatosensory interaction they intend to apply machine vision technology, this is a developing trend in the application of science and technology. So the four generation make 500,000, was set up in July 2011 front technology group "F4 front" was born.

  Among them, Liu Jin Su originally conceived of the project and the practitioner.

  From 2006 to 2008, Liu Jin Su in science and reading blogs and visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University during the respectively won the RoboCup soccer simulation-d Championship and simulated SPL title. Machine vision technology plays an important role in both events.

  Through the game, Liu Jin Su machine vision in the next machine automation and human-computer interaction fields have a broad space for development. Liu Jin Su after heart shock give birth to an idea, he was going to do it--the application of machine vision technology into people's daily lives.

  "Machine vision technology services for people living really" had a front technology founded the beginner's mind.

  If you are not a technology entrepreneur, or technology backgrounds, this sentence can be easily considered to be upper and lower lips move a muscle thing. Only when they are subjected to temptation, to know the importance of ideal composition. They said that technology didn't do, things not to do beautiful, unwilling.

  Teams of four people, developed to 30 people, "Jing-Shen" separated, bulkhead is five years, I don't know where the time has gone?

  5 years six generations of the iteration history stories

  From development to the establishment of the company's five-year fumble, when the front team breakthrough in gesture recognition for machine vision applications.

  Gesture recognition is a kind of human-computer interaction, people across an empty gesture, control systems. The core of this technology is that through the fusion of two cameras to capture the hand of spatial information, complete a command input and transfer, the ultimate goal is learned through the gestures used on the operating system the intention.


Telekinesis as iron man, and the Chinese company had


  First generation of pre-research December 2010

  When back in front before the establishment of science and technology, December 2010, Liu Jin Su envisaged first to the first generation of advanced machines. It is made of wood and black plastic box with a concept, although quite rough, but it verifies the feasibility of machine vision applications.

  And the back of the finished product than this large value is--it was the start of a start, like the Wright brothers ' plane, like a Turing machine.


Telekinesis as iron man, and the Chinese company had


  2011 12 second generation micro engineering

  In December 2011, the team established five months after they made a second generation machine. Although a lot smaller than the first generation of big, but still rough, connected three cameras two pieces of iron are removed from your children's toys. To gather information, when the machine is configured with three cameras, each camera 24 IR lamps, power consumption is very large, requires a 220V voltage support. Collection of pictures to be transmitted to the PC side, algorithms, cumbersome, and operation pressure is relatively large. However, "I have a mold, can take out the said thing," CEO Liu Zhe said.

  So they brought the second generation machine to Lenovo. Lenovo recommends them, first of all, keep the power consumption down and complete image processing integrated in the product and get rid of its dependence on PC operational. Most importantly, suggesting more "intentional." Not only does this provide them with improved, and let them know to terminal manufacturers, especially consumer electronics demand for human-machine interaction technology.


Telekinesis as iron man, and the Chinese company had


  July 2012 third-generation micro-engineering machine

  And so they continue to improve. In July 2012, the third generation of micro engineering machine was born. Micro machine marked great changes have taken place in the structure, models also structured a lot.


Telekinesis as iron man, and the Chinese company had


  December 2013 fourth generation prototypes

  In December 2013, Feng real product prototype finally was born, this is when the front team to launch the fourth generation machines. Compared with previous ones, prototype has a beauty at all. They will drop to 5 v, algorithm for image processing is done in small boxes, the transmission speed for 500M/s.

  Liu Zhe said, "other teams, are based on PC or host platform for image processing, we have set aside their heavy-weight framework, validation of mobile in the future possibilities in the technology product form. "After you have a prototype, they've got 6 million Yuan into the matrix partners China led an angel round of funding.

  In 2012, there was an episode. There is a "big brother" also after the project, wants to spend 5 million acquisition. 5 million Yuan was initially invested 10 times, 100,000 in the vote, for example, two years to $ 1 million. When you set up the front panel, the four founders graduated, some just quit my job got married, others are studying abroad. 5 million equivalent to get 10 times return on their first pot of gold.

  In view of the development prospects after changing hands, whether you can make the project continued to develop in depth, four founders are doubts. "That we do have a certain temptation", co-founder, zhangshuo recalled, "but the team did not appear dilemma, even useless thoughts to think about. Just tired and occasionally joked about this matter. "

  Finally, they certainly didn't sell.

  "The feeling that something needs to be done, not so beautiful. "Liu Zhe bulkhead reflections said with a smile.


Telekinesis as iron man, and the Chinese company had


  2014 fifth generation vidoo

  Get financing, in 2014, the team continued to improve products. Solves supply chain and production grinding problems, sample shows the transition. The end of 2014, the fifth generation was the first formal front technology products to market vidoo, official price 399 Yuan. At that time, vidoo also participated in the naming of all the chips, finally all raised amounts to 620,000 yuan.

  620,000 may not for the other team is nothing, but for five years, one year a prototype iterations, through three core algorithm upgrade "product" can be improved, which is when the front team is an inspiration.

  At this time, Feng also finished the Pre-A round of funding from matrix partners China and serious investment.


Telekinesis as iron man, and the Chinese company had


  December 2015 the sixth generation the second generation Vidoo

  Blink of an eye by the year 2015. Second generation Vidoo is expected to be available in September this year. Second generation Vidoo looks more aesthetically pleasing, and new technology such as increasing MID and trajectory of the hand enter, redesigned lens will provide 120 degree viewing angle range.

  "Hands in the air, and in writing on the paper is not the same. Writing hand because the air trajectories is constant, so the system can recognize your gestures, this algorithm is difficult ", Liu Zhe stressed.

  To solve this problem, however, is essential, so they designed the air path identification algorithms. At present, this algorithm can identify 10 Arabic numerals, 26 letters of the alphabet and five-pointed star, triangles and other simple graphics.

  Difficulties in somatosensory interaction, market size and when the winger's future development

  On application of gesture recognition, Google, Microsoft, and recently acquired by Oculus Israel company Pebbles are doing, including Lenovo's 2015 Techworld Conference, has any body on this show. The system operation is relatively simple, only need the palm facing the screen, players from top to bottom and move around the Palm, lead villain in the game to the specified location. However, the experience of "small white" users need to adapt to a child.


Telekinesis as iron man, and the Chinese company had


  CEO Liu Zhe (right) and co-founder of zhangshuo (left)

  "Although there is a large company in somatosensory interaction, but they usually only with this technology as a product feature or component technology to meet the needs of the product, will stagnate, so as to be of any real technical level ' well done '. "

  How to understand this "good"?

  "Especially in somatosensory technology and precision delay", said Liu Zhe, they used two or three error control in 0.01 mm accuracy of gesture recognition, the delay time in 10 milliseconds.

  The other hand, the computer screen when played, sensitive operation, but for users with small white, use habits is the first hurdle. Users in the real scene interacting with two-dimensional images on the screen, will cause, hands, brain and eye of disharmony. This will increase the user's extra burdens.

  In order to overcome this difficulty, when the front team to design a UI interface solutions. Two-dimensional icons on the screen does not change screen interface designed three dimensional skeletal hand gestures. Hand made the pick action above the vidoo, will appear on the screen hand gesture, to grab the target icon to a file to the Recycle Bin, and so on. This technology, eliminating the user thinking spend trouble and identification operations.

  Many scenes of daily life using somatosensory interaction. Receptor interaction level of technological development and cost constraints, Feng, team with VR and gaming as a breakthrough, TV, smart homes, cars and even medical scenarios. They have been in the same front loading of TV makers and car manufacturers to conduct exchanges and cooperation.

  However, vidoo just at the front of a tangible product. Gesture recognition is the core technology of machine vision algorithms. On current science and technology and the development trend of the evolution of life, universal application of somatosensory interaction will be the future. So, soon after when winger's goal is, and tangible products of small, gesture recognition sensor, integrated into the device boards, so that they became interactive solutions provider.

  Somatosensory interaction how big is the market?

  --"Imagine space is big," said Liu Zhe. Wit founder how to imagine everything Internet

Monday, April 4, 2016

Why Apple is so concerned about AppleMusic of statistics

Why Apple is so concerned about AppleMusic of statistics?

  Recently, Apple released this year Apple Music streaming music service customer loyalty and turnover problems, Apple and the consumer research company MusicWatch spat. MusicWatch survey shows, called Apple Music for three months free trial services in registered users, 48% has been deprecated and 61% say they have shut down automatic update in iTunes to subscribe. Apple refutes MusicWatch survey data is not real, Apple Music the actual wastage rates of only 21% and 79% registered March free trial service for active users. Always above water Apple, this why the third party statistics? the reason behind what?

  As we all know, Apple Music is released by Apple at WWDC this year an important service in the nearly 3-month free trial period, the number of users reaches about 11 million, however, Pandora with rivals the Apple Music market, with 79.4 million users, Spotify has 75 million users, has 40 million users of Apple's own iTunes Radio, Deezer has 16 million subscribers, SiriusXM has 28.4 million customers compared to the figure only in the sixth place.

  From the early days of development, if and when you launch iTunes Radio compared to Apple Music tempo the number of users is not satisfactory, because iTunes Radio when the number of users reaches 11 million, with only a week's time. If compared with the iPhone's current user base, 11 million subscribers but also looked bleak, currently about 500 million users of the iPhone, Apple users only 2% of Music.

  Not know industry see these statistics and compared for what feel, we think first is even is free, Apple Music in flow media music market in the and opponents compared also exists with not small of gap; second is AppleMusic of initial development speed was Kan worries, after all has in flow media music market lost first sent advantage of Apple, if cannot in early appeared out fast growth momentum words, to wants to came from behind to of possibilities on little has; Last is from promote home equipment sales and application of angle see, apparently Apple home of user for Apple Music service does not cold, this had to let we for Apple recently iPod products line Update Hou of sales prospects was worried, after all from outside analysis see, Apple is update sales and revenue has sharply fell of iPod products line of main purpose one of is promotion himself of Apple Music service, if Apple Music future development dismal words, IPod product line updating of strategic importance will be greatly reduced. Even more important is that previously thought Apple Apple Music may come from behind in the industry's advantage is that many users are already using the company's hardware products and other services here are not fully reflected (for example the above Apple Music 2% of iPhone users free trial users only).

  If this phase is free only Apple dilemma encountered by Music, then from the perspective of charging, at present, over 41 million paid users of streaming music, nearly half of all Spotify users. In contrast, Apple acquired before Beats of Music in the United States only has 300,000 paying subscribers. Even more important is that Spotify play rate of 320kbps, the 256 Kbps is better than the Apple Music. Thus it can be seen, Apple Music not only in substantive charges the number of users with the opponent there is a large gap, in terms of quality, too, which has always been the pursuit of user experience on Apple's streaming music service at least there is little advantage to speak of.

  In addition, pushed from the Apple Music background, which is integrated in 2014 for $ 3 billion bid Beats Music and Beat Music Beats Electronics services. Known in the industry, Apple all the time without making large capital acquisitions, and $ 3 billion acquisition of Beats is for Apple are not small acquisitions, which may be one reason why is to launch Apple Music service today. So here's the thing, if Apple Music development failed to meet expectations in the future, the value of mergers and acquisitions will also shrink, more critical is that before the Apple sauce to the Beats of Music fans account? Apple Music is, after all, at the expense of integrating Beats Music.

  Above, we think, Apple is so care Apple Music user number statistics of behind, both account face, for example merger Beats and the launched corresponding hardware (iPod) of value of shrink and and opponents exists of gap, also has lined of consider, that is once charges, AppleMusic really of as Apple expected as to Apple brings really gold silver did? so-called everything beginning difficult, at least currently cannot towel not did? Said over and over again so many years of Internet

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fitbit Jawbone Nike accounted for 2013 fitness tracking retail products 97

Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike accounted for 2013 fitness tracking retail products 97%

    NPD Group in 2013, are tracked and recorded in detail the various digital equipment point of sale marketing data, and based on these data, reported their analysis: in 2013, Fitbits,Jawbone UPs, Nike FuelBands in physical stores, there are large e-commerce site selling out all intelligent motion tracker plays a total of 97%. From the beginning of January 2013 to early January 2014 the end of 52 weeks, Fitbit device 68% per cent of all sales of equipment and Jawbone UP sales accounted for 19% of the total sales volume, and sales of Nike FuelBand 10% per cent of total sales. Add up all the other activity tracking devices to account for sales of other 3%.

    With Fitbit company announced last week--just as we have reported in the--NPD research team found that the digital equipment market valuation is about $ 330 million in 2013. Executive Directors and industry analyst of the NPD Group, focusing on consumer technology market research Ben Arnold to tell Mobi Health News, the company is tracking "all physical activity tracker" sales, as mentioned above, together with the sale of pedometers, sports watches and heart rate monitors, as well as other accessories. Arnold has admitted, precisely defined categories and sub categories (for example, activity tracking and pedometer) may still be a work in progress, because this market relative to other technology product market, is still relatively new.

    Because the NPD is to track the retail and point of sale data point, and does not include direct sales by the manufacturers, this means directly from the Fitbit website to purchase a piece of equipment will not be counted in the analysis and calculation of NPD. Cell phone why Netcom is the enemy of operators

    "Noteworthy is that in the fitness tracking devices on the market, all three brands have more than 90% shares," Arnold said. "These three products have been around for some time. And, when you think about something to wear on your wrist, and then start counting your steps a day, you may want to consider one of these products. These products (new technology) will have a big impact on the market yet? I don't think there can be any doubt, certainly will, but they will be to inject fresh blood into this market? In a way I don't know whether this is a commodity, but what kind of fitness equipment does not track your daily walking pace, will not help you a durable track calorie consumption? Many of these products are doing similar things.

    Arnold said that taking into account the market of digital health Trackers is a very new thing, he wants to double the size of the market this year, which means that there is still room in the market for a new enterprise out of a brand new world.

    "If we are talking about things on TV or headset, I would say that in addition to the big three's market, others may be difficult to gain a foothold in this market," Arnold said. "If this market expanded 1 time, then Yes, for most of those small operators, they still may fight it out. Yes, you still need to continue to innovate and provide totally different ways, doing completely different things or make different design [from the current market leader] ... But other major considerations in diffusion. You can become the most small retailers that cater to the market yet? In such a market, you can grab benefits? "

    Some digital fitness equipment company continually looking for stores and shops of the best combination, in an effort to sell their products, before Arnold said. Devices are often not only belong to the sporting goods store, not only in large retail store that sells high-tech products can be bought.

    According to Arnold's, produced by digital equipment sales of 3.3 million dollars, including all categories of significance-such as pedometers, sports watches and heart rate monitor-but this 72%, digital health trackers formed the largest portion of these sales. This is about $ 238 million.

    According to NPD data, between the many retail stores, Best Buy is selling digital fitness Tracker products. Similarly, targets are also important, Arnold said, but Best Buy has been committed to a wider area of categories and more capable devices.