Monday, October 24, 2016

The world s first smart candles remote controlled lighting remote control went


Note: the candles here, not those cheap goods that use LED to fake! It was really light, light to glow, disguising the candles burning, you!


Yes, that's LuDela, the world's first smart candle.

And like most of the so-called smart devices, Disney phone case

LuDela coming and no one expected

Because very few people would have thought that the candles and circuit board together.


But LuDela, after all, to do so,

The results were good,

Even can be said that the

When the LuDela in front of people,

Everyone was surprised to find that

For candles, we have this:

The phone, open the APP,

Corresponds to the candle lit, lit the warm yellow light;

And when you press another button,

The candle went out, taking its tobacco.

Even, you can manage in the APP home candles in different locations,

Next to the dining table, living room chairs, as well as the edge of the tub ... ...

Yiqian, lighted candles where you don't know that they are not burning,

But for now,

Your phone will be able to perceive and control them.


=========== Disney iPhone 6 Case

How'd you do it?

Truth was not so mysterious.

Round candles in the picture, in fact, not a candle,

It is equivalent to a smart "candles"

Management functions such as lighting and extinguishing the candles.

And a real candle,

Is set in the "candle", used up to change.

Disney iPhone 6 Case


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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

On balancing the car ban this is our attitude

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I heard a balanced car that circle is very lively, so I went to my mother casually checked the check, causes about electric scooters for night driving several accidents made the decision to put the new electric scooters and balance! Department! ! Ban! !

Here I just want to say, what the hell this is? Okay, tear came to an end, said a little dry.

I on a balance bike for a year, and commuters rely on it and saved me a considerable amount of time and transport costs. On my way to work every day with several traffic police, has never been stopped and sometimes Uncle at intersections with a few chatty police chatter chat.

| Why haven't I ever been stopped

Body protector, strong sense of self-protection;

Red light, do not break the rules;

Yield to pedestrian, to keep some distance from other vehicles.

Uncle police law enforcement goal two: ensure pedestrian safety, ensure access. In this connection, the police is my absolute interests of the community, I want to be in absolutely safely and reach their destinations as soon as possible.

OK, so here's the thing. What is the meaning of this injunction? Requiring Uncle traffic police to provide law enforcement and law enforcement don't you?

| According to media reports, there are a few small immature views

1. is not a motor vehicle, nor non-motor vehicles

On balancing the car ban, this is our attitude

Saying nouns in this world who would define the relevant Department? Or so experts? My mood at the moment is the capital of RIP.

With a heart "in awe" what I went to ask the mother is called the motor vehicle:

On balancing the car ban, this is our attitude

Didn't find the entry of the slide tool, then look at slide:

On balancing the car ban, this is our attitude

Motor vehicle definition of just two items: 1) powered machines powered, non-human-powered; 2) form of wheeled vehicle.

Slide tool must have the condition: the source of gravity or inertia-driven, such as skateboarding, roller skating;

According to these definitions, I have three questions:

Even electric scooters, simply because there was a stampede of skateboarding, or because the name has "skateboard" two words, regardless of its source, judge as gliding tools, whether or not science?

Who experience balancing the car knows that, balanced car while driving in the full sense, there is no sliding components;

Instead, bike, ride thanks to the inertia and gravity sliding downhill is a very refreshing experience, friends with riding experience must have been feeling.

Sort out here, I'm messy. Deep in the city you want to issue routine, I'm going back to rural areas.

I certainly do not think balance should be on the motorway, just wanted to say hard, give it some reasonable definition is meaningless, similar to balance car licence so I can't hit the road on such an argument is not to mention, on the bicycle pedal the streets you see which licence. We advocate should be a convenient solution for all, cart road, cut the car, walking the sidewalks, we abide by the rules and unruly grabs to pay penalties, it's as simple as that. iPhone 6 plus case Givenchy

2. the body balance easily broken

Bikes on the road, no one stopped you? In broad terms, three-wheeled vehicles, are within the scope of balance is just about balance (bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles are not this column), in Nineth balance, for example, belong to two-wheel vehicles, and bicycles is merely the difference between mechanized and non-mechanized. You ride a bike I drive a motorcycle either intentional or accidental, you, can break out of your "balance", under the logical deduction, why you can not help but bike?

Well, bet you thought to find the crux of the problem, brakes.

Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus

Then look down.

3. balance braking of the car for too long

We know that when the human body lacks the water, you can drink, and apply mask to hot springs, or you can go to transfusion; braking means the same variety, not directly from the force of the tyre in the traditional sense brake system, in order to ensure personal safety, balancing the car driver can urgent speed, turn and even jump. Specific braking performance, how we look at the facts.

Here are a group of small experiments:

Our under 15 km/h, currently a very fire MOBIKE bicycle simple with balanced brake performance of the vehicle testing.

* Choose MOBIKE because unification of common and recognized by the Government;

* Experiments blue pile mean that motorists found Orange pile two meters ahead of an emergency incident, start braking action;

* Only the working time can be recorded, so the light is poor, recording in a hurry;

* Experiment is in the form of video recordings, links to view.

First comparison under 15 km/h, conventional speed brakes (video). Next is under 15 km/h, the emergency steering system (video). Monitored behind from the last three night visibility of vehicles (video).

Whether these are sufficient to justify to balance the car?

Balance car theory practice time required far more than the bike, I can find a toddler on the bike, because few child fell say security must be called into question, but there is no actual significance.

| In addition, the balance on the car in a safe there are advantages

Compact and flexible, emergency drivers will be faster and more convenient when away from the scene of the accident to avoid more personal injury;

Far higher probability of motorists wearing protective gear cycling, self-protection is more perfect;

Due to the small, vulnerable and therefore will have a higher awareness of self-knowledge, not egg; thinks he is contesting it lightly, is the largest cause of all accidents;

Body of small size, light weight and body there is no sharp objects, even caused injuries are far less than other vehicles.

Different vehicle protection for drivers have their own advantages, and small balance right people hurt in the accident.

Planes flying in the sky, it may not be the most dangerous; the building cover is too high, it may not be easy; the balance not braked the car may not be not stop.

Problem in the eyes, not necessarily can be converted to take for granted the fact that, everything needs to have a rational and scientific validation. Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus

| Why balance worthy of promotion

Private car commuters commuting for no more than eight kilometers, accounting for morning and evening peaks no small proportion, if you use a small transportation alternatives, will be shot of urban traffic ills; brings benefits not to mention the butterfly effect, energy saving and emission reduction, reduction of traffic accidents and reduce road rage-related diseases, and so on.

Balance car prices close to the people and in the case of safe driving, each month can save commuting expenses for young people is a very considerable;

A balanced car price 3000, by extension, can bring national GDP increase is to be reckoned with.

Of course, the ban has already been published, things will eventually solve, are exclusive of carriage decade cars, like last year's special train services were criticized. The only hope is that if the police, please don't go, dozens of money, we obtained from the balance of fun, make friends already worth the price. Uncle traffic police is instructed, do not blame them, tie in, and gas money.

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