Monday, May 16, 2016

Open sale sale will bring Deluxe Edition Le Max and a ton of accessories

TV plus is a brand of aggressive, whether on the product or in the marketing strategy.

This time the Conference, as usual, opened the attack pattern, invitation is printed with broken glass, looms above millet, YouTube, Apple, 360, Meizu, and Tesla's logo, even just a "beautiful is not as good," nut mobile hammers is not to catch my breath. If you have any impression, in a phone press conference for the first time, firing of Jia Yue Ting also brought a tragic betrayal. Of course, for a young brand, it's not entirely a bad thing. Can be played Bluetooth HIFI q B2 Bluetooth

Overall, this release is actually Lok preheating sections 9.19 fans, just like the millet prepared for a rice noodle Festival earlier in the year. Launch products is overwhelming, from mobile phones to the surrounding parts.

Open sale sale will bring Deluxe Edition Le Max and a ton of accessories

First of all, letv Mobile CEO Feng Xing took office has released a lot of high-end materials and configured stack into their luxury Le Max mobile--128GB storage, 6.33 in Sapphire, leather protection sleeve, and randomly giving Australian wine wine, Crystal packing, a music video television members, as well as VIP exclusive service hotline. Regarding price, Golden version 5888, pink version higher,-6188. Le said this phone is limited to 10000 units.

Open sale sale will bring Deluxe Edition Le Max and a ton of accessories

Followed by previously published music video virtual reality helmets, difference is, if only in the larger picture, this time it's for keeps, and price 1999, prepare the 2000 project. According to the official data, depending on the helmet with built-in 5.5 inch 2K screen, in 70 degree FOV, equipped with two sets of lenses, diopter can be adjusted.

Followed by a WiHD wireless receiver module, display via HDMI connection, via 60GHz 802.15.3C standard and mobile communications, mobile content can be projected on a large screen display, depending on the transfer rate can achieve 4Gbps, priced at RMB 499.

Open sale sale will bring Deluxe Edition Le Max and a ton of accessories

Here, Le sale sale is not over. Front accessories compared to competing products, and there is no direct, nor overtly or covertly friends until the music video released the mobile power products. It also shamelessly with the level of millet, Meizu product carries out its QC2.0 fast and hung and beat competitor prices. According to the official, letv mobile power capacity of 13400mAh, support bi-directional fast, 3.5-hour full of 90% of power. Price is 129.

Finally there are two speaker announcements, a Coke can sized Bluetooth speaker is, one is the home theater speakers.

Press Conference we have not seen the expected in the music as the new television is estimated to be moved to the 24th of this month Hong Kong press conference announced. According to love all the previous sources, outside of 4K selling points, depending on the TV, is another feature slim, presumably depending on temperament, with millet on the thickness of a cow a real possibility.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Min light steel retired employees forged seals to defraud three banks high

  Material asset reorganization, there is no result, steel forged seal min light was retired employees of obtaining bank financing "catastrophe."

  Three steel min today announced that company recently informed that others suspected forged company seals, obtaining bank financing, can cause damage to the company and adverse effects.

  Announcements, the company recently received the Fuzhou Branch of Everbright Bank, Bank of East Branch, channel Bank hudong branch of Minsheng Bank, Fujian branch of the notification. Bank aspects of notification said: since 2014 yilai, three steel min light and above Bank and the Yong Lee material, nine home enterprise in the of several home respectively signed has insurance against warehouse three party agreement or movable financing difference repo agreement, company issued has lines occupied confirmed letter, above four home Bank in above agreement items Xia respectively opened to three steel min light for beneficiaries of bank acceptance, or according to company issued of lines occupied confirmed letter, agreed third direction Bank handle commercial Bill of discount business.

  Which, Everbright Bank Fuzhou Branch opened of bank acceptance exposure amounted to 112.2 million Yuan, Bank East Branch opened of bank acceptance exposure amounted to 58 million Yuan, livelihood Bank Fujian Division opened of bank acceptance exposure amounted to 76.771 million Yuan, another has 189 million yuan of commercial acceptance has by others handle has discount; above three home Bank opened of bank acceptance are served to original company subordinates sales company workers Zheng Minlong, its has Yu October 2013 retired. Channel Bank hudong branch of the bank acceptance bills issued exposure amounted to 80 million Yuan, and another 25 million Yuan commercial acceptance Bill discount has been handled by others.

  However, as a party of three steel min said, so far, only after notification of the Bank, was aware of the above situation. After investigation and verification, company is confident with the above banks, enterprises have signed the above confirmed warehouse tripartite agreements or personal financing gap repurchase agreements, do not issue lines take up confirmation; company did not receive any of the foregoing in favour of bank acceptance bills or draft, has not endorsed any third party.

  Three steel min stressed that the company chop shall be forged, the persons concerned, enterprises may be suspected of serious economic crimes, violated the rights and interests of the company.

  To this end, three steel min light verification results to the Bank and to report to the police immediately. After a police investigation, Zheng Minlong recognized above in connection with the agreement, never got any of the company's authorized in the contract, instructions and never bank acceptance bills to companies involved.

  In addition, Fujian Provincial Public Security Bureau of forensic Center of the testimonial show, East Branch of China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank branch in Fuzhou, haixia Bank hudong Branch provides sample text sample text is not from the same seal. As the Minsheng Bank, Fujian branch did not provide samples, this could not be authentic or not.

  In connection with funding, said three steel min light, exposure to above in connection with bank loans totaling 540.971 million Yuan. Before the above conclusions, the company has received the above four banks require companies to rebate due notice. Minsheng Bank also unauthorized deductions have been taken measures, Fuzhou and Quanzhou branch debit 9.7542 million 3.3551 million Yuan, respectively.

  For this case, three steel min said, had filed for investigation by public security organs, the company will actively cooperate with the police investigation, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through legal channels. Company communication through multiple channels and in connection with the Bank, and also ask the company bank full refund without deduction of payments, and in whose case fails to cooperate, did not rule out other legal measures in order to safeguard their own rights. 20 years ago we had to play computer

  Three steel min also said the cases not cause significant economic losses to the company, will not adversely affect the reputation of the company. If Minsheng Bank involved with related agreements, contracts, bills on the seal of authority identified as consistent with the seal of the Corporation, the company will suffer a loss. Even so, the company will exhaust efforts to minimize losses.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Cook you are rejecting your users feel it yet

Cook you are rejecting your users feel it yet?

Anticipated Apple event, and finally in the early morning Beijing time today. IPhone and Apple's latest iPhone 6s 6s Plus, and sure enough they expected, no surprise. Although I believe that Apple's products, can still lead the industry, establish a benchmark, but this time I want to from the new generation of iPhone, Apple shortcomings and deficiencies, and also give different advice.

Apple's new products, specific features and configuration, you are not wasting ink here, we can read on their own. I launched an online survey to see a portal, there are nearly 4000 people participated in the "would you buy iPhone iPhone 6s or 6s Plus?" Survey, select "do not buy" this, more than more than 2,200 votes, although this can only be used as a reference, but also to a certain extent, reflects a trend of domestic consumers, is the iPhone in the iPhone is not the user's impression, viscosity is declining.

Why so said? actually everyone also can note to has, since Cook took over as of this years, Apple each launches of strategy, has no has jobs times of that "reality twisted force tide, Cook and no Trader Joe's that artist of breath, this years, has been in according to Trader Joe's established of route forward, in other words, is has been in overdraft Apple zhiqian accumulated of reputation, so we from Cook this years released of new view, highlights not no, but has lack Subversion sex of innovation, The running speed of the Apple as the leader in IT spending, has slowed down a lot, and the opponent's speed but is accelerating.

New iPhone from this view, not all the material was compared with the previous-generation iPhone has not changed much, from hardware configuration and upgrade the services, such as front-facing camera and camera upgrades, adding 3D Touch touch technology. Let us look at some data: Bloomberg recently reported that Apple rely more and more on iPhone business, now, mobile phone business accounted for about 2/3 of Apple's revenue, profit of about 50%. "In the history of Apple, never any product can contribute to such a high proportion of revenues, although the company has been introducing new products and services." This means that the Cook to stay profitable, you must ensure that the best-selling iPhone. But this is easier said than done, previous-generation iPhone sold because Apple uses a large-screen strategy, and this year there will be a dividend for last year's big-screen?

Author is said above these, are is wants to said, Apple in "tightrope", Cook times of overdraft jobs heritage, plus on iPhone products of excessive rely on, this will let Apple of risk constantly upgrade increased, because which a results is, Apple has cannot control consumers, also to caters to consumers, this will led to "fruit powder" on Apple products of keen, increasingly to continued, eventually may will and Apple parted ways. Another result is the Apple fall from grace in the capital market, since Apple shares this year after the April hit a record high of $ 134.5, once dropped to 92 dollars, nearly $ 100 billion worth a total evaporation. During today's event, Apple's share price has also appeared fluctuation, fell after the end of the press conference 1.92% per cent to $ 110.15.

Of course, the loss of user, nor as fast, after all, a factor involved here that the brand. IPhone release by now, already had 8 years of time, already allows users to experience what is vanity and sense of accomplishment. However, this is not be a long-term solution, Apple wants to change and win more consumers of all ages, reforms must be made, we must resolutely give up the current business model of relying too much on hardware, try to become more open (such as iOS, App Store and applications), continue to be Apple's mythology. Father of computer genius Turing s life

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Apple new product release in response to the last drop logo copy

  How many people stayed up late to watch the Apple launch? new iPhone and the iPad Pro, Apple TV, deep gray, "local payments" color, silver, I still do not know is the rose-gold powder is ... ... Products and colors and more confusing, despite the lack of surprises, the industry is also widely criticized Apple's innovation weakness, but Apple has no worries about selling. First-hand details about the last night launch, here view the! operator, China Mobile announced the trial commercial 4G+ in 5 provinces, United States carriers also announced that in 2017, commercial 5G. In addition, Ali, Ali set up a sport, drop echo Logo plagiarism, Silicon Valley Bank's business covers the Yuan.

  "Industry news"

  1, iPhone 6s 25th listed with County contract prices from US $ 199

  Beijing time on September 10, Apple in the United States held a new Conference in San Francisco.

  Press Conference announced that iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus prices consistent with the generation iPhone launch price, minimum contract prices from 199 Yuan. Two iPhone Basic Edition is version 16GB, along with 64GB and 128GB versions.

  The new iPhone will be available on September 25 in more than 130 countries, September 12 reservation, within the County, is located in one of the first published list of countries and regions. In addition, Apple also released the iPadPro and new products such as Apple TV. Please pay more attention I aboard the black horse public push articles.

  2, Ali, Ali Sina and venture sport

  On September 9, Ali, Alibaba announced the establishment of sports group, owned by Ali Sina and Yunfeng co-financing. The original SMG sports CEO Vice President Zhang Dazhong as Ali, Ali, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong served as sports director.

  Ali said, together with Sina sports, Ali, Ali sport is expected to integrate eco-electrical contractor, cloud computing, big data, and financial platform.

  3, responding to the last drop Logo plagiarized: by accident

  The afternoon of September 9 news, taxis announced officially changed its name to the last drop "drops", and enable the new orange capital letter d Logo--reverse. But the new logo drops just released, netizens pointed out the new Logo plagiarized. In this regard, responded to the last drop: new logo design simple, easy hit probability of shirt is high indeed.

  4, Silicon Valley, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to start renminbi business

  On September 10, China's first true technology Silicon Valley Bank Shanghai Pudong Development Bank announced the launch of renminbi business. This also means that three years after the entry into China, Silicon Valley Bank's business in China is finally put down roots, Shanghai Pudong development banks can only engage in foreign currency transactions in Silicon Valley.

  Shanghai Pudong Development Bank was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012, by the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the United States of Silicon Valley Bank, a joint venture aimed at providing banking services to technology companies and their investment in China.

  Commercial 4G+ 5, try moving in 5 provinces United States 2017 commercial 5G

  The afternoon of September 9 news, China Mobile has revealed, have been in Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang 4G+ commercial trial the five provinces, network download speed up 220Mbps, Beijing Mobile will also launch commercial trials 4G+ during the year.

  In addition, the United States largest carrier Verizon chief information technology architect luojie·gunani said, the company will be field testing 5G technologies over the next 12 months, is expected to be deployed in 2017 commercial.

  "Financial news"

  1, outside private company "Royal Charter" by RMB 48 million series a financing, lead investor youxiaoguang capital.

  2, life science, one-stop sourcing platform "supply Department" completed a round of financing tens of millions of Yuan, led by Dragon capital investment.

  3, m done tens of millions of a round of financing, taiyue Indus capital of the investor.

  4, bus car platform "pick me up" for Alibaba's strategic investment, specific financing amount is not disclosed. Domestic PCB design Internet

  "Big voice"

  Jack Ma, Alibaba Group Chairman of the Board: "today we pretend to know a lot of things on the Internet, or too little too little compared to the future. "

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Eight wheels Stepping on this skateboard stairs will never fall


Eight wheels! Stepping on this skateboard stairs will never fall

  Skateboarding is definitely the man playing a handsome sport, travel is also very straightforward operation of tool. But ordinary skateboards will have one regret, that is if you need to for a very long staircase, no God that came down the stairs, then, is estimated to have picked up took it away. But with this Stari-Rover skateboard, fruits you can confidently give you that breath down 10 stairs, security costs ~


Eight wheels! Stepping on this skateboard stairs will never fall

  Stair-Rover it has eight wheels, each of the two wheels for a group, can adapt to a variety of complex terrain. Eight wheels using v-shaped extension of the v-frame technology, free to swing up and down terrain, skateboard Super solid maple wood, extra strong aluminum at the bottom of the keel is also very strong, either downstairs or a skateboard stunt is very resistant to toss it.


Eight wheels! Stepping on this skateboard stairs will never fall

  This also uses special 50 ° aluminum alloy wheels, each turning of the wheels is very sensitive. Has a hollow area next to the skateboard, with its 4KG only the weight of 80 x 25 x 12 cm and body, usually don't have to carry when it was convenient.


Eight wheels! Stepping on this skateboard stairs will never fall

  Special structure also gives it a very good shock absorption system, uneven ground such as floor tiles just as in the sense of stability on the ground, absolutely no fear there is a stone planking in an instant. With it, skateboarding is absolutely not limited to in the big show on the road, with its surfing in the city of steel and concrete, think smart to the point of death!

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