Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Car onion rings some more exciting Catapult starting how to play

Many users in the background onions, no one else, how do I start at a traffic light? Heard that catapulted a cool start, can you teach? This is the only sports car can function? Ordinary car can do? Will hurt car?

Well, onion taught today to teach you how to catapult starts. But we have something at any driving skills are carried out under the premise of ensuring safety, unsafe road conditions such as bad in sight, not to play.

In fact, most of the cars are subject to ejection started first manual ejection:

Spring onions have prepared a video, check it out:

Manual ejection of the initial technical requirements is relatively high, mainly on the torque of the engine and clutch throttle control. In simple terms is maintained at a certain speed, play the clutch. Usually in two ways:

First need to try,

Into a gear 1, step on the clutch,

2, the gas pedal, throttle to stabilize at a certain speed (3000 rpm),

3, then suddenly flew up clutch (instant fully lifted), while maintaining full throttle until the red line for 2, as far as possible ensure torque does not drop.

Car onion rings: some more exciting! Catapult starting how to play

Different engines, different tire, so the result can only be to determine whether the effect is good. In General, if not slipping, fell on the clutch the torque is (unless you can have half-clutch adjustment, but it's too difficult), so slight skid is the relatively high cost of 1 second, so that we can later gain greater power output.

On this many times, skidding long lower speed play clutch, enhance speed elastic clutch does not slip again, others the same way.

Second half clutch ejection, which actually is not complicated, but the river even higher requirements for oil off with some. In simple terms is through the half-clutch State more stable output the proper torque. This language could not be explained.

Manual resistance, occasionally playing ejection, damage to the vehicle will not be large.

Car onion rings: some more exciting! Catapult starting how to play

Common automatic transmission, CVT ejection

Very easy automatic ejection, or on the first video:

Into the d or s gear, 1,

2, left-foot braking,

More than 3, right foot on the accelerator to a certain speed,

4, releasing the brake at the same time full throttle it. Fire CX 4 space noise People who really buy what

Because of the automatic gearbox is not hard-wired, so it will not cause much damage to the vehicle.

Dual-clutch ejection

Dual-clutch gearbox adopts hard connection, play slightly larger ejection injuries, like the beginning of the GTR model, transmission radiator is bad, always fun catapult is easy to play bad. So a lot of dual-clutch transmission to protect, Catapult start is not allowed.

Car onion rings: some more exciting! Catapult starting how to play

But in order to test a better result, onion but is there a way, a very simple, that is, pull handbrake. Tighten the hand brake, and then to the appropriate throttle, under the vehicle can be maintained in a ready state, and this time, you only need to release the hand brake of the throttle, you can receive the fastest initial speed.

Mechanical hand brake is much larger than the electronic Handbrake control range, including the intensity and timing of the release are better controlled.

Performance car catapult

Many sports car performance car or start control function (Launch Contrl), generally used in the vehicle specification, there are specific steps, onions would not go into details. For this type of moat junior partner, onion then asked to say, play with security.

Car onion rings: some more exciting! Catapult starting how to play

Note off various electronic stability system

Whether manual or automatic, and if your car has ESP, ejection is required to pull it off, because the program also said that the theory of ESP in the tire skids, ESP limits engine output, ejection will not work.

In addition to ESP, there is also driven wheel slip control ASR system (MSR), the role is preventing snow skidding started slipping and needs to close.

Car onion rings: some more exciting! Catapult starting how to play

Well, today introduced a method of stimulating play, interested friends can go to try and finally again, must be in a safe environment!

Bunkers of knowledge and also want to see more cheats please? In the "auto onion rings" micro public reply, ' start ' and ' fuel ' keywords, there will be more

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Owners in the eyes of the Tesla MODEL and 8 x 7 big advantages disadvantages

X-owner car this is a MODEL two months later summarize the advantages and disadvantages of these pros and cons summary very to the point, take for hope with the MODEL x owners very helpful.


1. the sense of science and technology, my technology is called. So the sense of science and technology of the MODEL x is enough for me.

Owners in the eyes of the Tesla MODEL and 8 x 7 big advantages disadvantages

Tesla's technology comes from its design, which is the traditional fuel car and Tesla the greatest difference. Design of traditional fuel vehicles is based on the engine gearbox mechanical, Tesla's design is based on three-layer communication networks and in-vehicle systems based on. So, Tesla was born with sense of science and technology.

2. start and accelerated to overtake the middle of "Shun! Cool! "。 Brakes also points to, and Cayenne, BMW 5-series, Toyota 570. comparing their braking bad, BMW has a good point. Recently opened a two-day car, feeling the throttle and the brake is stepped on at least 1 time times than before. (This should have experience of driving a Tesla? )

Owners in the eyes of the Tesla MODEL and 8 x 7 big advantages disadvantages

3. space, compared to similar cars are spacious. Unless you want to MPV.

Owners in the eyes of the Tesla MODEL and 8 x 7 big advantages disadvantages

4. air conditioning! No longer need to stop your vehicle and turn off the air conditioning, no pollution.

Owners in the eyes of the Tesla MODEL and 8 x 7 big advantages disadvantages

Electric vehicles don't burn gasoline, so it does not exist is caused by inhaling car exhaust gas oxygen or carbon monoxide poisoning hazard. Also, electric cars using closed air conditioning, cooling efficiency and higher speeds.

5. full windshield, not awesome! Don't have to worry about the Sun, look directly at the Sun wouldn't be not around eye.

Owners in the eyes of the Tesla MODEL and 8 x 7 big advantages disadvantages

6. mobile app software control vehicles are also good winter ahead of the air conditioning in the summer, once in a while when a remote control car. Cool!

Owners in the eyes of the Tesla MODEL and 8 x 7 big advantages disadvantages

Tesla's system call functions, can let you mercilessly with a force in front of friends.

7. box, very practical. Trunk now seldom used.

Owners in the eyes of the Tesla MODEL and 8 x 7 big advantages disadvantages


1. right rear door noise cannot hold back!!

Owners in the eyes of the Tesla MODEL and 8 x 7 big advantages disadvantages

For this shortcoming, the owner response is because the doors of aluminium alloy sheet used in being screwed too tightly when it is assembled, a slight adjustment can solve.

2. the tape does not match! There is a gap on the uneven, large opening. There is no need to say, since all Tesla owners have this problem!

Owners in the eyes of the Tesla MODEL and 8 x 7 big advantages disadvantages

Tesla has been common, the first MODEL s when I first listed, and door work was so rough that occurred through the fingers of the owners.

3. want to ridicule! Americans and Mexico who fit the car is the worst fit, too bad!

Owners in the eyes of the Tesla MODEL and 8 x 7 big advantages disadvantages

Estimates, orders every owner will chatesila a boat numbers, today looking forward to tomorrow, and Wang Jin end off liver sausage.

4. the webcast is the device, are not used. Battery maintenance can be many a year

Tesla knows China, also built a pile of United States Internet radio, you can't specifically for China's built-in radio? Dragonfly: FM, the Himalaya, either one will be fine.

5. navigation if Golder Baidu would be nice!

Tesla started using Google maps results Thomas g Meng, China entered the force, do you have a wall. Finally picked a navinfo, not traffic alone, 10,000 years by Baidu and Gao shook.

6. false acceleration and energy deficiency. oil the floor not more than 5 seconds. Good listening to 5.5 seconds, but this does not affect the driving experience was great! Electricity use 400 km, to 0 also opened more than 20 kilometers? Can't open to 0. Publicity more than 500 km, I can not crap? Although 400 km is enough, but not because you publicity over more than 500 I'm more at ease going to buy it? Speed and power and automatic driving are gimmicks, exaggerating!!!

7. driver's and front passenger glass foil and roast!

Note: the meaning of the owner, should be the driver and co-pilot of the window, instead of the above panorama windshield.

8. wings on either side, opening and closing will have a clicking noise with a! Drop!

Specifically note, if your door has a different sound, it's an absolute quality. Already have owners give Tess soliciting feedback after the service, customer's answer was can return to their shop repair.

Friday, November 11, 2016

In order to save energy have to cab by using exhaust heat could spell Kaopu do

Before the official start, small series to introduce a company.

In order to save energy have to cab by using exhaust heat could spell!!! Kaopu do? ... ...

Faurecia France automobile parts company, the world's sixth largest auto parts supplier. Three main business:

Automotive emissions systems business, the world's largest supplier, accounting for 30% of the world's market share.

Seat body parts and skeletons, seat Assembly support the world's first and the world's third.

Automotive interior systems, the world's first supplier. Car onion rings do you know this gear on the

In order to save energy have to cab by using exhaust heat could spell!!! Kaopu do? ... ...

How did that go? Bunker company.

Faurecia's most proud of is their vehicle emissions systems, small series to introduce their new "preheating automobile exhaust heat recovery system".

In order to save energy have to cab by using exhaust heat could spell!!! Kaopu do? ... ...

Engine 30% of the energy with the heat of exhaust tail pipe exhaust, Faurecia to do is recycle that energy. There are 3 ways: heat-conducting engine exhaust heat to directly heat recycling, referred to as EHRS. Thermal conductivity using thermoelectric materials, engine exhaust heat after heat of micro-current material produces, stores the power to realize heat recovery. Rankine (Rankine) loop energy directly into mechanical energy; or bring a generator, so mechanical energy can be converted into electricity for output.

In order to save energy have to cab by using exhaust heat could spell!!! Kaopu do? ... ...

They are the main push now is heat conduction (EHRS) system, what good is it?

In order to save energy have to cab by using exhaust heat could spell!!! Kaopu do? ... ...

Improving fuel economy, engine coolant by gas recovery heat, can rise quickly when the engine temperature cold start of the engine to reach operating temperature, and to increase the fuel economy of the engine.

In order to save energy have to cab by using exhaust heat could spell!!! Kaopu do? ... ...

Cab heating up, we know that a large part of the energy is lost to air conditioning engine, especially in the winter, if electric, open air mileage dropped by half. EHRS system to exhaust heat recovery and heat into the cabin through the water, to reduce air pressure. According to tests, EHRS system on the hybrid model can meet the 8% increased fuel-economy standards.

Not over yet

Today's increasingly tough environmental regulations, all automakers and suppliers are trying to enhance fuel economy, has been perverted to begin using the exhaust heat to heat the cab! Do not underestimate this percent of fuel consumption, millions of car ownership in the world, how much it can save fuel!

Monday, October 24, 2016

The world s first smart candles remote controlled lighting remote control went


Note: the candles here, not those cheap goods that use LED to fake! It was really light, light to glow, disguising the candles burning, you!


Yes, that's LuDela, the world's first smart candle.

And like most of the so-called smart devices, Disney phone case

LuDela coming and no one expected

Because very few people would have thought that the candles and circuit board together.


But LuDela, after all, to do so,

The results were good,

Even can be said that the

When the LuDela in front of people,

Everyone was surprised to find that

For candles, we have this:

The phone, open the APP,

Corresponds to the candle lit, lit the warm yellow light;

And when you press another button,

The candle went out, taking its tobacco.

Even, you can manage in the APP home candles in different locations,

Next to the dining table, living room chairs, as well as the edge of the tub ... ...

Yiqian, lighted candles where you don't know that they are not burning,

But for now,

Your phone will be able to perceive and control them.


=========== Disney iPhone 6 Case

How'd you do it?

Truth was not so mysterious.

Round candles in the picture, in fact, not a candle,

It is equivalent to a smart "candles"

Management functions such as lighting and extinguishing the candles.

And a real candle,

Is set in the "candle", used up to change.

Disney iPhone 6 Case


Currently under sale, interested friends can go home page: ludela.com


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

On balancing the car ban this is our attitude

Lei feng's network: the original public Mars in the micro-wave.

I heard a balanced car that circle is very lively, so I went to my mother casually checked the check, causes about electric scooters for night driving several accidents made the decision to put the new electric scooters and balance! Department! ! Ban! !

Here I just want to say, what the hell this is? Okay, tear came to an end, said a little dry.

I on a balance bike for a year, and commuters rely on it and saved me a considerable amount of time and transport costs. On my way to work every day with several traffic police, has never been stopped and sometimes Uncle at intersections with a few chatty police chatter chat.

| Why haven't I ever been stopped

Body protector, strong sense of self-protection;

Red light, do not break the rules;

Yield to pedestrian, to keep some distance from other vehicles.

Uncle police law enforcement goal two: ensure pedestrian safety, ensure access. In this connection, the police is my absolute interests of the community, I want to be in absolutely safely and reach their destinations as soon as possible.

OK, so here's the thing. What is the meaning of this injunction? Requiring Uncle traffic police to provide law enforcement and law enforcement don't you?

| According to media reports, there are a few small immature views

1. is not a motor vehicle, nor non-motor vehicles

On balancing the car ban, this is our attitude

Saying nouns in this world who would define the relevant Department? Or so experts? My mood at the moment is the capital of RIP.

With a heart "in awe" what I went to ask the mother is called the motor vehicle:

On balancing the car ban, this is our attitude

Didn't find the entry of the slide tool, then look at slide:

On balancing the car ban, this is our attitude

Motor vehicle definition of just two items: 1) powered machines powered, non-human-powered; 2) form of wheeled vehicle.

Slide tool must have the condition: the source of gravity or inertia-driven, such as skateboarding, roller skating;

According to these definitions, I have three questions:

Even electric scooters, simply because there was a stampede of skateboarding, or because the name has "skateboard" two words, regardless of its source, judge as gliding tools, whether or not science?

Who experience balancing the car knows that, balanced car while driving in the full sense, there is no sliding components;

Instead, bike, ride thanks to the inertia and gravity sliding downhill is a very refreshing experience, friends with riding experience must have been feeling.

Sort out here, I'm messy. Deep in the city you want to issue routine, I'm going back to rural areas.

I certainly do not think balance should be on the motorway, just wanted to say hard, give it some reasonable definition is meaningless, similar to balance car licence so I can't hit the road on such an argument is not to mention, on the bicycle pedal the streets you see which licence. We advocate should be a convenient solution for all, cart road, cut the car, walking the sidewalks, we abide by the rules and unruly grabs to pay penalties, it's as simple as that. iPhone 6 plus case Givenchy

2. the body balance easily broken

Bikes on the road, no one stopped you? In broad terms, three-wheeled vehicles, are within the scope of balance is just about balance (bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles are not this column), in Nineth balance, for example, belong to two-wheel vehicles, and bicycles is merely the difference between mechanized and non-mechanized. You ride a bike I drive a motorcycle either intentional or accidental, you, can break out of your "balance", under the logical deduction, why you can not help but bike?

Well, bet you thought to find the crux of the problem, brakes.

Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus

Then look down.

3. balance braking of the car for too long

We know that when the human body lacks the water, you can drink, and apply mask to hot springs, or you can go to transfusion; braking means the same variety, not directly from the force of the tyre in the traditional sense brake system, in order to ensure personal safety, balancing the car driver can urgent speed, turn and even jump. Specific braking performance, how we look at the facts.

Here are a group of small experiments:

Our under 15 km/h, currently a very fire MOBIKE bicycle simple with balanced brake performance of the vehicle testing.

* Choose MOBIKE because unification of common and recognized by the Government;

* Experiments blue pile mean that motorists found Orange pile two meters ahead of an emergency incident, start braking action;

* Only the working time can be recorded, so the light is poor, recording in a hurry;

* Experiment is in the form of video recordings, links to view.

First comparison under 15 km/h, conventional speed brakes (video). Next is under 15 km/h, the emergency steering system (video). Monitored behind from the last three night visibility of vehicles (video).

Whether these are sufficient to justify to balance the car?

Balance car theory practice time required far more than the bike, I can find a toddler on the bike, because few child fell say security must be called into question, but there is no actual significance.

| In addition, the balance on the car in a safe there are advantages

Compact and flexible, emergency drivers will be faster and more convenient when away from the scene of the accident to avoid more personal injury;

Far higher probability of motorists wearing protective gear cycling, self-protection is more perfect;

Due to the small, vulnerable and therefore will have a higher awareness of self-knowledge, not egg; thinks he is contesting it lightly, is the largest cause of all accidents;

Body of small size, light weight and body there is no sharp objects, even caused injuries are far less than other vehicles.

Different vehicle protection for drivers have their own advantages, and small balance right people hurt in the accident.

Planes flying in the sky, it may not be the most dangerous; the building cover is too high, it may not be easy; the balance not braked the car may not be not stop.

Problem in the eyes, not necessarily can be converted to take for granted the fact that, everything needs to have a rational and scientific validation. Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus

| Why balance worthy of promotion

Private car commuters commuting for no more than eight kilometers, accounting for morning and evening peaks no small proportion, if you use a small transportation alternatives, will be shot of urban traffic ills; brings benefits not to mention the butterfly effect, energy saving and emission reduction, reduction of traffic accidents and reduce road rage-related diseases, and so on.

Balance car prices close to the people and in the case of safe driving, each month can save commuting expenses for young people is a very considerable;

A balanced car price 3000, by extension, can bring national GDP increase is to be reckoned with.

Of course, the ban has already been published, things will eventually solve, are exclusive of carriage decade cars, like last year's special train services were criticized. The only hope is that if the police, please don't go, dozens of money, we obtained from the balance of fun, make friends already worth the price. Uncle traffic police is instructed, do not blame them, tie in, and gas money.

Lei Feng network Note: published by the author in this paper Lei feng's network (public: Lei feng's network), please contact the authorized and keep the source and author, no deletion of content.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Is no longer in the era of the King 360 and Nokia join hands to launch a new

December 07 360 special for Twitter, announced a 360 will Nokia launch new, relevant sources, combined with the current reality 360 and Nokia, the two sides launched 360 Lumia phone is unlikely, so there might be a low-end machine Asha mobile phone cooperation. At present, the news had not been officially confirmed.

Ted Baker iPhone 6

360 special for micro-blogging news release said: for a long time, stay with me! @ Nokia, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, human technology, all for users, come on! Ted Baker iPhone 6

Although we was not able to obtain a new phone message, but small is not optimistic about the 360 and Nokia join hands from 360 cooperation before the relevant vendors, small wanted to give Nokia a Word, well all the way!

Update: the face of the 360 of love, Nokia has shy promise ... ... Ted Baker iPhone 6 cases

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Battle the Internet of things Amazon s tens of millions of dollars to invest

Battle the Internet of things, Amazon's tens of millions of dollars to invest in intelligent temperature controller startup

According to foreign media reports, a Toronto home Ecobee smart thermostat company Alexa Fund secured $ 35 million investment from Amazon, which is the Fund's single largest investment to date. Meanwhile, Thomvest and Relay also participated in this round of venture capital investment of venture capital, Ecobee total $ 51 million investment for the current cycle. Moschino iPad 4 case

It is learnt that the Alexa in order to accelerate its smart home system supporting the development of the Assistant, Amazon Alexa Fund was created last year, the Fund has a total of 100 million dollars to support innovative hardware and software. Amazon smart home speaker system to perform these hardware and software features, such as switching lights, set daily, navigation, access to bank accounts. Ecobee companies claim that their 23% home air conditioning system thermostat can save energy consumption.

Different from Google's Nest smart home thermostats, Ecobee's products based on the integration of the central platform, running on Amazon's Alexa. Google and Amazon are vying for the next generation of the smart home market dominance, Ecobee thermostats is a threat to Google's products. In May this year launched a similar Alexa Google voice control system in Smart Home--Google Home.

In early June this year, Amazon claims since November 2014 date already adds up the features and applications of the intelligent voice platform based on its Alexa. In late July, United States first capital bank customers can use Alexa to voice queries its own credit cards, bank accounts, home loans, and voice-controlled banks. United States Citigroup also tested speech recognition technology with Alexa in an upgraded banking mobile app.

Integration platform such as Alexa, new development--home Internet Internet of things become possible. Home network may contain millions of sensors and small computing systems. These systems are embedded in all kinds of household appliances, health monitoring equipment, motor vehicles, plant and equipment for data collection, and share data with other systems when necessary, but also more advanced data transmission to the central system. For example, these data allow appliance manufacturers to inform customers when to repairs their appliance. If you connected the dishwasher have a technical fault, dishwasher manufacturers can automatically informed of this problem, in the trouble to inform you in advance to schedule a repair person to come. Moschino iPad 4 case

Moschino iPad 4 case

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Strollers and seats two for one early childhood toys designed to give a perfect


Many educational toys and learning tools, what is good design? Combination is able to learn and use, of course. Nest is a suitable toys for pre-school children, which can seat strollers can also do. It consists of 4 cm thick, 11 pieces of plywood, two plywood wheels and three stainless steel shaft. Kenzo mini case

Weight can Nest a normal height and weight for three-year-olds. Children can sit down and read, play with friends, if any, can push each other to go away. It can also be used to transport stones and small toys. Children are used in Nest not only have a good interaction and mutual experience, and also to develop motor skills. Kenzo Cases

20160803l202 20160803l203

Designer: Matthew Olson


Kenzo mini case

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The lesson of the day fine don t know is that these cameras sold you

Often hear driving friends around said, "XX, and was deducted two points", "and was fined 200" police zombie not Holmes, how do you know you have committed a violation? Do not see so many cameras on the way? there are spherical, rectangular, variety of bizarre shapes, crossroads, street can find them, then have you ever thought, these cameras is what to do about it? which one is your gun? don't worry, xiaobian given your break break.

1 electronic police

Mainly installed at the crossroads, by snapping the rear, monitored retrograde, creasing, running red lights, illegal lane change, use non-motorway traffic violations. Never brush, take nor tell you, just upload the photo control center. Its partners are LED fill light, usually does not light during the day, only at night will often shine.

2 speed monitor

Mainly installed on the national highway, provincial roads, highways, found speeding through positive HD capture. Speed through packed underground coils or radar mounted on a pole to complete. Camera during normal capture, Flash will Flash, if flashes twice ... Congratulations, you won. But more than the section 10% within the speed limit, will not be punished (before you drive on the road seems to have went to physical education teacher evening out math! )

3 traffic monitoring

Mainly installed on electronic police or light poles, mainly statistical traffic flow, some more intelligent lights rely on this to control traffic lights. It does not capture any illegal behavior, so ... You still have to obey the traffic rules ~.

4 parking capture

Mainly installed in the Park by road, the main role is to capture the parking, the camera can zoom, 200 meters or something is not OK.

5 days of network monitoring

Mainly installed at various intersections, roads, community, etc, belong to the monitor, no capturing function. Main role is to use in the streets of a large number of network monitoring camera for 24-hour monitoring. This is the legendary "SkyNet", police zombie solve its credit is the maximum.

 Small series of words especially for novice, accidentally will be penalized, fined and asked are you afraid of? a small series of articles, silly hit up the muzzle? That's not who! however, fractions, money is money and you only live once, the donor must not put the cart before, good indeed, good indeed! Automatic transmission should be d Don t forget

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A large wave of headphones is coming

Well ... White paper last time Sir headphones forest with 40,000 sister pictures good, then continue to use it today ... By the way, 40,000 sister, I took this title really is in you ... # helped 40,000 sister headlines #

FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

Closer to home, saying love machine recently pushed a lot of headphones, hangs on the shop's regular headphones, Netizen asked love whether love headphones should change its name? In fact, one reason is that headset that has a broader mass base, two sentences might have a chat with netizens netizens look, or if we feel you can buy back to see who wants to, so now the situation ...

Say we roll these days of headphones:

1. AfterShokz AS301 bone conduction headset 225 package mail

A large wave of headphones is coming

Bone conduction is a very big word, up to now it has already made a 30, has made 8, more is flowing to love machine. Test address: http://www.igao7.com/aftershokz-as301-test.html (or reply to Earphone1)

2. Sennheiser/Sennheiser CX880 375 Yuan (ten-Chan reduced purchasing costs 25 Yuan) FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

A large wave of headphones is coming

Spreads a very high one, the quality is also good. Article currently has sold 4, article: http://www.igao7.com/Lin-ear-phone.html (or reply to Earphone2), share this article to friends, got 10 nice can reduce purchasing costs 25 Yuan. If a friend would normally only misery for you like I do? And a friend said this afternoon, share sale must charge more for 25 Yuan to purchase to see if he has just sent me the chart, like easy 10:

A large wave of headphones is coming

3. Monster/Monster Gratitude 468 e-mail (ten-Chan reduced purchasing costs 25 Yuan)

A large wave of headphones is coming

This order shall fairly luxurious, some netizens said, "looked at the packaging feel worth the price", which is also reflected in the shipping, a single 1.5 pounds, a top 3 AS301 bone conduction. The old rules: shares http://www.igao7.com/Monster-gratitude-USD-59-99.html (or reply to Earphone3) to micro-circle of friends by 10 great, can we lose 25 Yuan. The most important point: that we are now in stock! (Who is said to not received money prompted the itch to buy small pinch ... )

4. Monster noodle headset 699 Yuan Bao/Monster BeatsTour boxes-mail

A large wave of headphones is coming

This did not need to say it. Small said only one word: give this praise is worth more! Share http://www.igao7.com/beats-tour-in-ear.html (reply to Earphone4) to the circle of friends, there are 10 great minus 30! In stock!

5. Denon AH-C300 630 FENDI iPhone 6 plus case

A large wave of headphones is coming

The goods we sell one. And the guy said it'll pay a 100 deposit, this man thought for a while that the deposit, or I make it, I'm afraid I have spent money on! Share http://www.igao7.com/Denon-Ah-C300.html (reply to EarPhone5) to the circle of friends, there are 10 like minus 30.

6. Panasonic RP-DJ600 255

A large wave of headphones is coming

Needs to be said is that the transshipment of goods cost nearly half of the original price! The headset is not expensive, $ 24.95, shipping weight of 2 pounds, as our article http://www.igao7.com/Panasonic-rpdj600k.html (reply to Earphone6) said, beginners can try to experience a professional feel. Share articles to friends 10 great minus 25.

Seem to forget what's going on? Yes, our shop address: http://shop104440989.Taobao.com. Now things are still not much little one busy how busy it is not over, free friends can take a look at, I believe you can see our progress!