Friday, August 26, 2016

Is no longer in the era of the King 360 and Nokia join hands to launch a new

December 07 360 special for Twitter, announced a 360 will Nokia launch new, relevant sources, combined with the current reality 360 and Nokia, the two sides launched 360 Lumia phone is unlikely, so there might be a low-end machine Asha mobile phone cooperation. At present, the news had not been officially confirmed.

Ted Baker iPhone 6

360 special for micro-blogging news release said: for a long time, stay with me! @ Nokia, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, human technology, all for users, come on! Ted Baker iPhone 6

Although we was not able to obtain a new phone message, but small is not optimistic about the 360 and Nokia join hands from 360 cooperation before the relevant vendors, small wanted to give Nokia a Word, well all the way!

Update: the face of the 360 of love, Nokia has shy promise ... ... Ted Baker iPhone 6 cases

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Battle the Internet of things Amazon s tens of millions of dollars to invest

Battle the Internet of things, Amazon's tens of millions of dollars to invest in intelligent temperature controller startup

According to foreign media reports, a Toronto home Ecobee smart thermostat company Alexa Fund secured $ 35 million investment from Amazon, which is the Fund's single largest investment to date. Meanwhile, Thomvest and Relay also participated in this round of venture capital investment of venture capital, Ecobee total $ 51 million investment for the current cycle. Moschino iPad 4 case

It is learnt that the Alexa in order to accelerate its smart home system supporting the development of the Assistant, Amazon Alexa Fund was created last year, the Fund has a total of 100 million dollars to support innovative hardware and software. Amazon smart home speaker system to perform these hardware and software features, such as switching lights, set daily, navigation, access to bank accounts. Ecobee companies claim that their 23% home air conditioning system thermostat can save energy consumption.

Different from Google's Nest smart home thermostats, Ecobee's products based on the integration of the central platform, running on Amazon's Alexa. Google and Amazon are vying for the next generation of the smart home market dominance, Ecobee thermostats is a threat to Google's products. In May this year launched a similar Alexa Google voice control system in Smart Home--Google Home.

In early June this year, Amazon claims since November 2014 date already adds up the features and applications of the intelligent voice platform based on its Alexa. In late July, United States first capital bank customers can use Alexa to voice queries its own credit cards, bank accounts, home loans, and voice-controlled banks. United States Citigroup also tested speech recognition technology with Alexa in an upgraded banking mobile app.

Integration platform such as Alexa, new development--home Internet Internet of things become possible. Home network may contain millions of sensors and small computing systems. These systems are embedded in all kinds of household appliances, health monitoring equipment, motor vehicles, plant and equipment for data collection, and share data with other systems when necessary, but also more advanced data transmission to the central system. For example, these data allow appliance manufacturers to inform customers when to repairs their appliance. If you connected the dishwasher have a technical fault, dishwasher manufacturers can automatically informed of this problem, in the trouble to inform you in advance to schedule a repair person to come. Moschino iPad 4 case

Moschino iPad 4 case

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Strollers and seats two for one early childhood toys designed to give a perfect


Many educational toys and learning tools, what is good design? Combination is able to learn and use, of course. Nest is a suitable toys for pre-school children, which can seat strollers can also do. It consists of 4 cm thick, 11 pieces of plywood, two plywood wheels and three stainless steel shaft. Kenzo mini case

Weight can Nest a normal height and weight for three-year-olds. Children can sit down and read, play with friends, if any, can push each other to go away. It can also be used to transport stones and small toys. Children are used in Nest not only have a good interaction and mutual experience, and also to develop motor skills. Kenzo Cases

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Designer: Matthew Olson


Kenzo mini case

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The lesson of the day fine don t know is that these cameras sold you

Often hear driving friends around said, "XX, and was deducted two points", "and was fined 200" police zombie not Holmes, how do you know you have committed a violation? Do not see so many cameras on the way? there are spherical, rectangular, variety of bizarre shapes, crossroads, street can find them, then have you ever thought, these cameras is what to do about it? which one is your gun? don't worry, xiaobian given your break break.

1 electronic police

Mainly installed at the crossroads, by snapping the rear, monitored retrograde, creasing, running red lights, illegal lane change, use non-motorway traffic violations. Never brush, take nor tell you, just upload the photo control center. Its partners are LED fill light, usually does not light during the day, only at night will often shine.

2 speed monitor

Mainly installed on the national highway, provincial roads, highways, found speeding through positive HD capture. Speed through packed underground coils or radar mounted on a pole to complete. Camera during normal capture, Flash will Flash, if flashes twice ... Congratulations, you won. But more than the section 10% within the speed limit, will not be punished (before you drive on the road seems to have went to physical education teacher evening out math! )

3 traffic monitoring

Mainly installed on electronic police or light poles, mainly statistical traffic flow, some more intelligent lights rely on this to control traffic lights. It does not capture any illegal behavior, so ... You still have to obey the traffic rules ~.

4 parking capture

Mainly installed in the Park by road, the main role is to capture the parking, the camera can zoom, 200 meters or something is not OK.

5 days of network monitoring

Mainly installed at various intersections, roads, community, etc, belong to the monitor, no capturing function. Main role is to use in the streets of a large number of network monitoring camera for 24-hour monitoring. This is the legendary "SkyNet", police zombie solve its credit is the maximum.

 Small series of words especially for novice, accidentally will be penalized, fined and asked are you afraid of? a small series of articles, silly hit up the muzzle? That's not who! however, fractions, money is money and you only live once, the donor must not put the cart before, good indeed, good indeed! Automatic transmission should be d Don t forget