Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kate Middleton Gives Us A Driving lesson On Dressing For A Garden Party

Do you have a royal garden in concert coming up that you just can't seem to choose from the perfect outfit for?

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We're going to reckon that the answer is no, but just throughout the case... Kate Middleton has got your bones. The duchess stepped out on Thursday for a party at Buckingham Construction in a repeat Alexander Mcqueen iPhone 5 dress and a noticeably fascinator that could double as a Frisbee (it is a party, after all). According to these photos, the rules are easy:

If you're going to repeat a dress, in particular remove one accessory (in this one case the sash).

Wear a smart pair of heels (you never know what type grass or gravel you'll have to run on).

Sun-blocking hats are a ought -- this is pretty much true for an summer event.

But they should not be utilized with place of sunscreen (slather on within SPF! ).

Pack extra deodorization deodorizer. (OK, we have no idea if Kate has a travel-size version in a woman tiny clutch, but it's slide, and it's hot).

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