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SolarCity to Acquire Silevo

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SolarCity, the best installer of residential solar panels in the United States, needs an ambitious goal.

SolarCity wants to decrease prices enabling solar power to be competitive (unsubsisdized) with FOSSIL iPhone 5 case-fuel energy. SolarCity is acquiring solar manufacturer Silevo. SolarCity is looking for full integration.

SolarCity wants to dramatically drive down prices to be certain solar (NYSEARCA: TAN) power would be able to compete on an unsubsidized basis while using Fossil iPhone case-fuel energy from the grid. Business, headed by CEO Elon Smell (of Tesla and SpaceX fame) just announced plans to acquire high-efficiency energy manufacturer Silevo, a move any, when completed, will mark business as having achieved full incorporation across manufacturing, sales and configuration – much like First Solar, SunPower, and SunEdison have already done.

Smell wants to control the company's appliances supply, a move some are cautious about. In a blog post about all the acquisition of Silevo, Musk, CEO Lyndon Rive, and CTO Peter Rebord explained that the move was made by the intent "to combine what we think is fundamentally the best photovoltaic innovation with massive economies of increase to achieve a breakthrough in the tariff of solar power. " The authors advance explained that "At a themed capacity greater than 1 GW next two years, [this plant] likely be one of the single largest solar panel olume plants in the world. This will be followed having subsequent years by one or more completely larger plants at an order to magnitude greater annual production aptitude. "

We've been following SolarCity for several years and have watched it wiggle from a small cap to a mid shell stock. There are several other companies we've have you been following that could stand to benefit around the success of SolarCity. One such insurance company} is Canadian Solar Inc. (Nasdaq: CSIQ), based in Ontario, Canada. Canadian Parcela manufacturers high efficiency solar cells, solar plug ins, solar power systems and off power solar power application solutions. The company have a total module production capacity of two. 4GW. Canadian Solar recently declared that it is entering into a joint venture while using GCL-Poly in China to build a new manufacturing site for the production to crystalline silicon solar cells. Under the the agreement, the equity split likely be 80% for Canadian Solar combined with 20% for GCL. On The month of january 27th, CSIQ closed at $37. 41 with a market cap to $1. 7 billion. CSIQ filled June 23 at $29. 21 years old, up $0. 09, with a present cap of $1. 61 billion dollars. Its 52-week trading range is always $8. 30 – $44. 48.

Another company is Trina Solar Limited (ADR)(NYSE: TSL), an international small cap operating out of China, which manufactures integrated solar-power products with a specialization in the produce of crystalline silicon photovoltaic plug ins and system integration. Trina Parcela was recently selected to provide 23MW to PV modules to Linuo A solar panel Co., Ltd. 's distributed development solar project located in the Shandong province of China, a project that has been expected to produce an annual output to 2990 kWH of electricity combined with mitigate 28, 674 tons of CARBON DIOXIDE emissions. We last covered TSL on January 7th, when it filled at $16. 02 with a present cap of $1. 34 billion dollars. TSL closed June 23 might $12. 81, down $0. '08, with a market cap of $913. 52. Its 52-week trading assortment is $5. 00 – $18. 77.

Finally, we can look at Real Goods Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ: RGSE), based in Louisville, Colorado. Real Parcel Solar offers turnkey solar energy solutions to commercial, residential, and utility(NYSEARCA: XLU) customers and has over thirty three years of experience in solar energy. Seriously Goods Solar acquired Sunetric, a major Hawaiian solar company, in Drive 2014 and recently announced that Sunetric needs designed and deployed its property solar-to-grid curtailment solution on the island to Kauai. RGSE closed June twenty three at $2. 84, up $0. 19, with a market cap to $126. 81 million. Its 52-week trading range is $1. seventy – $5. 65.

Will Elon Musk succeed in the vertical incorporation of SolarCity? Time will reveal to, but at a glance, it looks like he's by the way on his way. Whatever the outcome, energy stocks at large are getting a boost along at the public eye and imagination. System.Drawing.Bitmap keep an eye on this list of small shell companies as the story continues to occur.

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Bottom Line: Elon Musk(CEO) wants to vertically integrate SolarCity. Her/his plans include acquiring Silevo.

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