Sunday, October 5, 2014

THE ALL NEW HTC One M8 vs Apple iPhone seven specs comparison: Which aluminum smart phone is better?

HTC One M8 will go head-to-head with Apple's present release, the Apple iPhone 6.

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Apple company company made the iPhone 6 considerably more sleek and gave a boost to its main app with the new iOS 8 while threw in several enhancements like new devices which includes Apple's A8 processor, boosted camera, and larger memory to name a few.

All the same, HTC's flagship phone, the THE ALL NEW HTC One M8, is Android's rebuttal to Apple's latest phone, physical an aluminium case as well as well as very similar design to the iPhone seven.

In terms of dimensions, the iPhone 6 is considered lighter at 129 g in comparison with the relatively hefty 160 g belonging to the HTC One M8.

Both mobile phone handsets have an impressive design and a upscale form factor.

The HTC One particular particular M8 has a sleek, curved while contoured sophisticated design with a handcrafted aluminium texture and a gloss release coat for a smooth finish.

All the same, Apple's iPhone 6 also exercise an aluminium back panel effectively same contoured edges as the THE ALL NEW HTC One M8. The main difference is this special size and thickness. The Iphone 4 6 is much thinner than the THE ALL NEW HTC One M8 and considered to be of the thinnest smartphones in the market as of now.

In relation to display, HTC One M8 captures the round because of its higher endroit density of 469 ppi compared to 326 ppi of the Apple iPhone seven. It also has higher resolution since iPhone 6 (1920 x1080 cote versus the 1334 x 750 cote of the iPhone 6).

The iPhone seven comes with Apple's A8 processor which happened to be a dual-core chip running at one 4 GHz with 1 GB MAIN MEMORY.

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