Saturday, January 24, 2015

Martino Gamper designs shop window monitors for Prada

Prada iPhone 5 has make commision from Italian designer Martino Gamper to have a series of wooden window displays, guide "Corners", which debuted some days wound up at the brand's flagships in London to Milan and will take over all Prada stores worldwide. Gamper is known needed for his "100 Chairs in onehundred Days" project of upcycled shed chairs that were collected from the as well as the, as well as for curating the "Design Typically a State of Mind" exhibition while using Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London. Suitable for Corners, he created a series of set up that pay homage to the trendy "humble corner", drawing his desire from perspective, fragments and clashes between natural materials like walnut, oak and ebony. Those skills are enhanced, according to the designer, by means of simplicity of a corner which is a routine thread for all the displays.

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Conceived currently being space within a space that changes with the seasons, each corner conveys to a unique story, featuring photographic inserts that enhance the sense of outlook and create an impressive optical effect. "My love for the corner has been a relentless theme in my practice and a concept that I am frequently drawn to come back to, " explained the designer who built his interest in the psycho-social tasks of furniture while studying at the Noble College of Art. "A neighborhood is often an overlooked, underused home at the edge of the room. My aim could be to create a perspective that brings involving neglected space to the front of their vitrine, emphasizing the corner's space complexity. " Corners will remain displayed in all Prada iPhone 5S case flagships until the final part o March, 2015.