Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Claiming to be the fastest in the universe G910 ORION SPARK mechanical keyboard, can live for a long time, Oh

Logitech moves again, and last time we introduce is more machine combined with Bluetooth keyboards, G910, this time for the game party ORION SPARK mechanical keyboard and self-proclaimed "fastest universe."

G910 cool games wind, look owes each Newby who claims the technology of multi-Tower parties, a plate in hand, siege without worry!

G910, this time equipped with RGB LED lighting, then Logitech ARX drive 17 million colors for various lighting debugging, fixed, ripples, gradient light effect to choose from, you can also set different keys the game.

In order to enhance the gaming experience, accelerate the speed of triggering, trigger a build thread for 1.5mm, 25% faster trigger, if you bought this disk, even if the speed is not up to what is said above, it is estimated that won't anger fell hit the, after all, cost $ 180. solar powered system

G910 nominal life span of 70 million, compared to other mechanical keyboard 40%. Really can reach that number, and pass the practical test, Xiao bian thinks seriously, you're lost, cherry now, after all, there is no guarantee that each button can reach 50 million times, generally 20 million fortune and hard now. solar powered system

Most of the disc supports IOS and Andriod devices, allowing cell phones to serve as screen, randomly switching game modes. In addition, the pallets are also provided support.

Fastest G910 is expected to market in November.