Monday, October 24, 2016

The world s first smart candles remote controlled lighting remote control went


Note: the candles here, not those cheap goods that use LED to fake! It was really light, light to glow, disguising the candles burning, you!


Yes, that's LuDela, the world's first smart candle.

And like most of the so-called smart devices, Disney phone case

LuDela coming and no one expected

Because very few people would have thought that the candles and circuit board together.


But LuDela, after all, to do so,

The results were good,

Even can be said that the

When the LuDela in front of people,

Everyone was surprised to find that

For candles, we have this:

The phone, open the APP,

Corresponds to the candle lit, lit the warm yellow light;

And when you press another button,

The candle went out, taking its tobacco.

Even, you can manage in the APP home candles in different locations,

Next to the dining table, living room chairs, as well as the edge of the tub ... ...

Yiqian, lighted candles where you don't know that they are not burning,

But for now,

Your phone will be able to perceive and control them.


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How'd you do it?

Truth was not so mysterious.

Round candles in the picture, in fact, not a candle,

It is equivalent to a smart "candles"

Management functions such as lighting and extinguishing the candles.

And a real candle,

Is set in the "candle", used up to change.

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