Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Car onion rings some more exciting Catapult starting how to play

Many users in the background onions, no one else, how do I start at a traffic light? Heard that catapulted a cool start, can you teach? This is the only sports car can function? Ordinary car can do? Will hurt car?

Well, onion taught today to teach you how to catapult starts. But we have something at any driving skills are carried out under the premise of ensuring safety, unsafe road conditions such as bad in sight, not to play.

In fact, most of the cars are subject to ejection started first manual ejection:

Spring onions have prepared a video, check it out:

Manual ejection of the initial technical requirements is relatively high, mainly on the torque of the engine and clutch throttle control. In simple terms is maintained at a certain speed, play the clutch. Usually in two ways:

First need to try,

Into a gear 1, step on the clutch,

2, the gas pedal, throttle to stabilize at a certain speed (3000 rpm),

3, then suddenly flew up clutch (instant fully lifted), while maintaining full throttle until the red line for 2, as far as possible ensure torque does not drop.

Car onion rings: some more exciting! Catapult starting how to play

Different engines, different tire, so the result can only be to determine whether the effect is good. In General, if not slipping, fell on the clutch the torque is (unless you can have half-clutch adjustment, but it's too difficult), so slight skid is the relatively high cost of 1 second, so that we can later gain greater power output.

On this many times, skidding long lower speed play clutch, enhance speed elastic clutch does not slip again, others the same way.

Second half clutch ejection, which actually is not complicated, but the river even higher requirements for oil off with some. In simple terms is through the half-clutch State more stable output the proper torque. This language could not be explained.

Manual resistance, occasionally playing ejection, damage to the vehicle will not be large.

Car onion rings: some more exciting! Catapult starting how to play

Common automatic transmission, CVT ejection

Very easy automatic ejection, or on the first video:

Into the d or s gear, 1,

2, left-foot braking,

More than 3, right foot on the accelerator to a certain speed,

4, releasing the brake at the same time full throttle it. Fire CX 4 space noise People who really buy what

Because of the automatic gearbox is not hard-wired, so it will not cause much damage to the vehicle.

Dual-clutch ejection

Dual-clutch gearbox adopts hard connection, play slightly larger ejection injuries, like the beginning of the GTR model, transmission radiator is bad, always fun catapult is easy to play bad. So a lot of dual-clutch transmission to protect, Catapult start is not allowed.

Car onion rings: some more exciting! Catapult starting how to play

But in order to test a better result, onion but is there a way, a very simple, that is, pull handbrake. Tighten the hand brake, and then to the appropriate throttle, under the vehicle can be maintained in a ready state, and this time, you only need to release the hand brake of the throttle, you can receive the fastest initial speed.

Mechanical hand brake is much larger than the electronic Handbrake control range, including the intensity and timing of the release are better controlled.

Performance car catapult

Many sports car performance car or start control function (Launch Contrl), generally used in the vehicle specification, there are specific steps, onions would not go into details. For this type of moat junior partner, onion then asked to say, play with security.

Car onion rings: some more exciting! Catapult starting how to play

Note off various electronic stability system

Whether manual or automatic, and if your car has ESP, ejection is required to pull it off, because the program also said that the theory of ESP in the tire skids, ESP limits engine output, ejection will not work.

In addition to ESP, there is also driven wheel slip control ASR system (MSR), the role is preventing snow skidding started slipping and needs to close.

Car onion rings: some more exciting! Catapult starting how to play

Well, today introduced a method of stimulating play, interested friends can go to try and finally again, must be in a safe environment!

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