Saturday, July 26, 2014

ICAST 2014 | Pflueger

The Pflueger Patriarch XT low-profile baitcast fly fishing reel merges quality features with a soft design. Although it only weighs to immerse yourself in. 28 ounces, it incorporates one rigid aluminum frame with carbon dioxide inlays in the body trim. Sideplates are generally infused with C45 carbon and also the ergonomically shaped carbon-fiber handle is completed with an EVA knob sculpted above the carbon-fiber core. It also features a Cam-Lock side plate, which allows for speedily break adjustments without fully removing the side plate.

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The Ultimate Brake System blends a centrifugal brake to control the main half of the cast and magnetic brake parts that engage when the spool diminishes during the last half of the cast. It also employs 10 stainless-steel ball bearings. MSRP is $249. 95 and the fly fishing reel will be available in December of 2014.

Each Patriarch XT spinning reel weighs about 6. 1 ounces and its individual, rotor and sideplate are in a magnesium alloy to further enhance the company's weightlessness. It has a skeletonized, braid-ready dining, a carbon handle with carbon iPhone 5 core, 9 shielded stainless-steel bearings and an anti reverse enduring the. It is a 5. 2: 1 differential case gear ratio, can be used left or right-handed then available in sizes 30 and 37. MSRP is $249. 95 then available in December 2014.

The to immerse yourself in. 3-ounce Supreme XT has a shut carbon-fiber drag, carbon-fiber handle, carbon-inlay drag adjustment, braid-ready spool then 9 stainless-steel bearings plus wonderful anti-reverse bearing. Other features such as a magnesium body, rotor and sideplate with a machined, ported and double-anodized braid-ready aluminum spool. The excellent aluminum bail wire is accompanied with an anti-twist titanium line tool.

The 6. 6-ounce Supreme includes machined, ported and anodized braid-ready spool, carbon-inlay drag adjustment then eight stainless-steel bearings plus wonderful anti-reverse bearing. The reel is created with a magnesium body, rotor then sideplate with a sealed oil System.Drawing.Bitmap drag, anti-twist titanium line tool and solid aluminum bail cord. The machined aluminum handle ends with a soft-touch knob.

Both the Great XT and Supreme are saltwater-ready and convertible to right , left-hand retrieve.

Four sizes can be found for each reel including size twenty six, 30, 35 and 40. Kit ratio on the size 25 can 5. 2: 1, all others are generally 6. 2: 1 . The MSRP is $149. 95 for the Great XT and $99. 95 for this fantastic Supreme. The reels will be available keep away from of 2014.

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