Friday, July 4, 2014

She Lohan's Early Birthday Style Beauty A Bit Bland! Is This What You Predictable Of LiLo While...

She Lohan is a master of the rapid outfit change!

Givenchy iPhone 5S Case Mad Dog

After landing inside Newark airport mere hours older in a tee and trousers appliance, the redhead already switched in the taupe tunic and cognac booties for a stroll around NYC and even Tuesday.

We can't blame them for wanting to freshen up a bit ahead her outing, especially since your own woman was having an early birthday celebration!

Even so we did expect Linds of step out in a far more fierce ensem, rather than a look this casual.

A she added a bit of excitement because of the layered necklaces and a new iPhone 5 case Givenchy tote!

We can only hope she has having a more glamorous birthday without delay!

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