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X-Mini KAI 2: Size doesn't matter

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Kaidaer KD-MN01r Mini Speaker with MP3 Player FM Radio

Overall Score4. 56DesignSoundUser ExperiencePrice Pros: Portability, trend, sound quality.

Cons: Price is a little inclined, but fair considering size, higher, features

X-Mini's motto is "sound beyond size" as they specialize in petite speakers that are big on precise. This is the second X-mini speaker We have had a chance to review. The X-Mini WE outperformed my wildest thoughts. Will the KAI 2 do the alike?

Despite its small and relatively graceful size, the KAI 2 occur loaded with features and improvements. One of the greatest improvements that the X-Mini team done anything about was getting a ceramic driver in speaker to make a great sounding teacher sound even better. This is something you actually can hear easily while compared to the older version.

Besides being small , graceful, portable, and sounding great, some KAI 2 has another supply. Its also offers a built-in, noise-cancelling microphone for crystal clear phone visual communication. This is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker. Its built for travel and sound quality additionally allows you to take a conference call at the provide of a button. I'm astonished by the higher and ease of use that this device bargains.

Let's take a look at the inner workings involving X-Mini KAI 2:

Battery Price Time: Minimum of 2 . 5 hrs

Wi-fi and bluetooth Range: Up to 10m (33ft)

Bluetooth wireless Profile Support: A2DP Stereo, AVRCP v1. 0, HFP v1. 3

Bluetooth Playback Time: Up to 10hrs

The Bluetooth specs are some thing I would like to talk about. While the specs are more or less standard for this type of implement, one thing that I found amazing is that the Bluetooth Playback Time was more than 10 hours. After my lab tests of the speaker, I was able to get more or less 9 hours and 20 System.Drawing.Bitmap on a full charge with the capacité completely up. If you are using the device firmly for calling, it offers a talk moments of up to 12 hours.

As mentioned before, or this device is incredible for all tom offers. To show the size comparison, Excellent regular AA battery displayed next to some speaker. I am showing two craft, one while the device is open source and the other is when the implement is clamped down in its being mobile mode.

So the stats and spectacles are great on this device, but understanding it fare up? After long use of the speaker to listen to music and films as well as using it for conference refers to, I have to admit the speaker would be phenomenal. I was able to hear men and women easily and they were able to hear my lifestyle. They said there was no static in line and the "speakerphone" effect would be minimal. I will admit, the volume during this device did not go quite considering that loud as I would have liked, Anways, i do believe that the X-Mini was more louder but I speculate that this is usually that it has the calling features additionally, the built in microphone that probably supervises how loud the device can go to store quality.

Now it comes time for the a good time part. The sound quality for enjoyment purposes. I've tested this teacher with music and movies. While I was performing out to some Aerosmith, you could uncover the rich bass sounds involving Tom Hamilton's bass intro that will help Sweet Emotion almost making me skip that the song was 38 yr old. Our Nexus 7 has the miserable problem that it does not like in order to Toy Story for my kids at full volume. We have to take advantage of a bluetooth speaker so that she should be able to hear it. My 18 month unwanted daughter Liv put the speaker the particular ultimate test. Toy Story jedna, 2, and 3 in a 8 day period. Even though she is too juvenile to notice the difference in sound quality, lige her father did. We could finally check out the emotion coming from Woody and Making a noise as they wandered around on their journey's during the movie. The speaker would be more than an adequate replacement to the requirements speakers and truth-be-told, I do laptop computers think we'll be watching another player on our tablet if we are not by using X-Mini KAI-2.

In closing, this device certainly is not cheap. It is a mid-level priced device in which it rivals high-end bluetooth headsets. It can be unique in that it gives users additional feature of a excellent quality bluetooth phone to a device that was created to play the game jams. The design and functionality of this particular speaker is superb and I am in excess of what impressed with it after using it in a full week. I really enjoyed much of our time with this device and if you are wanting to buy a speakerphone and something that can are a blast some times, then I highly recommend current trends in this device. You can pick it up from Tomboy for only $59. 99.

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