Saturday, February 7, 2015

E . d . Funding To Be Considered This Summer

Ed Funding To Be Considered Come early july

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A plan to change the way school canton get money from the state will receive a vetting from members of the The state of illinois House over the summer. The plan got through the Illinois Senate but did not get called for a vote in the home11464, which isn't a problem for the bring in, State Sen. Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill). "I think we should conditions House the time that they need to go through the prescription, " said Manar. "It's an elaborate piece of legislation. "

State Reputation. Linda Chapa Lavia (D-Aurora), chief of the House Elementary and Secondary Education site Committee, is good with the pace likewise. "I'd like us to spend girl summer doing some more work on this situation because I don't think it's to a finish done, " said Chapa Lavia. The bill would shift Illinois' recent funding formula, where less than 50 % of the money is awarded determined need, to one that is based practically exclusively on need. That would keep poorer school districts, in terms of houses wealth and family income amount students, would get more money than vehicle and wealthier school districts might have less.

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