Friday, February 20, 2015

MAIL: New council offered good deal by using energy co-op

Whitchurch-Stouffville Community Momentum Co-operative exists within this community. My co-operative has 110 members, that also also live in this community.

My co-operative just offered you hundreds of dollars, 000. Would you take it? I think get a lean body. You would ask some sensible issues and answers, of course , but you would take the come with.

We offered the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville an opportunity to take over our Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) contract for producing renewable energy. Yes, playa blanca would have to finance the solar fitting at 3. 07 per cent totally from Infrastructure Ontario, just as many other cities across Ontario do to finance near infrastructure. But the project will pay for many of costs, including financing and pass on the town with more than $800, 000 by net income.

Whoa!! Where did a scheme come from? It is not a theme. It represents more than three years connected diligent work by a group of local residents who were willing to put in quite a bit of hours to make it happen.

We want therefore environmentally sustainable community and we want to do it by our community for the community.

We have a green project generally ready to be built: a 260kW solar generators on top of the Clippers tribune. We hoped it would be 100 % community owned. But given a group of obstacles and delays, we now have did not the time nor the resources to raise the funding from community members.

So we thought to ourselves, why not transfer the mission to the town? It is on a locale roof and other municipalities are doing this can. The City of Markham has built a whole lot 1, 400kW of solar power on your municipal roofs.

Better we give the several project to the town than fail the opportunity for our community. Our cooperative presented this opportunity to the new local authority or council, who agreed to refer the matter to assist you town staff.

Staff will bring backside a report to council by the end connected March. And we have lots of factor to be less than optimistic.

Our cooperative is giving council an opportunity to know the difference between itself, to take this bold at this time sensible step with an exciting green electricity project and finally join the adjust toward sustainable living that is planning around us.

In return we are shopping the town to establish an environmental history fund to support further actions for building a more environmentally sustainable local.

Call your ward councillor these people him what is he going to do in order to environmental action in our community. Email us:

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