Friday, March 20, 2015

Fantastic actor, Ironman athlete will store stories of recovering from traumatic the brain injury

After a 2014 cycling mésaventure, triathlete Greg Parks was discovered being in the road, unconscious. Four weeks using hospitalization and grueling rehabilitation shadowed; four months later he was happy to resume his life as a newbie husband and rocket-test engineer. Actor Larry Miller, recognizable for his fun-filled characters in more than 100 videos and TV shows, suffered a deadly head injury in 2012. After in the process of brain surgery at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and surviving on your lifetime support for a month, the father using two has regained his personal your lifetime and career.

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Parks and Burns will share their experiences while recovering from life-changing brain injury in a public workshop hosted by the UCLA department of neurosurgery's Brain Injury Research Center. The big event will provide information to the public about how exactly to protect loved ones who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, and emphasize the need for standardized medical care for TBI at every hospital.

Parks' wife, Kathleen Pullen-Norris, will describe the challenges she faced in obtaining proper treatment on her husband and how she coped during his journey to recovery.

Each year, an estimated 2 . 4 million children and adults in the U. S. suffer a blow to the head that results in a TBI. Swift treatment can prevent death and permanent brain damage, but not every hospital provides the trained specialists and sophisticated equipment needed to treat TBIs effectively. Because of this, tens of thousands of people die each year and much more than 5. 3 million Americans live with a lifelong disability. March 18 is National TBI Awareness Day.

Tamkin Auditorium, B level, Ronald Reagan UCLA Infirmary, 757 Westwood Plaza (map)

Doctor Paul Vespa, director of neuro-critical care, Ronald Reagan UCLA Infirmary

Larry Miller, actor, comedian and spokesperson for the Brain Injury Association of California

Kathleen Pullen-Norris, Parks' wife and a neuro-intensive care nurse, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Members of the media may reserve complimentary parking by calling the media contact by 3 p. m., Tuesday, March 17. Parking for oversized vans is extremely limited and must certanly be arranged in advance.

Photos from Greg Parks' wedding, Ironman competition and hospitalization, and video of his rehabilitation are available upon request.

Elaine Schmidt, UCLA Health Sciences Media Relations, eschmidt@mednet. ucla. edu, 310-794-2272

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