Saturday, April 18, 2015

ATTRIBUTES: 'Dreamer' lauds benefits of massive animation collection

"The world of cartoons any full of dreams, and I am one specific dreamer within, " Shih Hsin University department of digital multi media arts instructor Huang Chun-jung (黃俊榮) said of his dedication to make sure you collecting cartoon memorabilia.

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Beginning with that work for Walt Disney case Co regarding 3D digital animation in 97, Huang said he became accustomed to the staff and even the chairmen involving Disney and Pixar Animation The photographers house, paving the way for him to generate special items, such as the Luxo Baseball — featured in Pixar's really animated short clip, Luxo Junior — and the original carving involving Disney's famed icon Mickey Mouse.

Huang is also the proud owner of the life-sized Woody doll, the main individual from Toy Story.

Huang's clustering does not stop at US cartoons; your puppy also has figurines of every edition involving Astro Boy since its release by 1960, figurines from Miyazaki Hayao's The Castle of Cagliostro plus a complete collection of all the characters far from Shotaro Ishinomori's Cyborg 009.

Huang said he was a cartoon cubehead in his youth, so much so that "my father was worried that I would not actually learn my lessons and age to be a ruffian. "

However , that father chose to offer incentives as an alternative beatings and chastisements, he understood.

"He promised me a Mickey Mouse review at the end of the semester if I was able to well as a student, " Huang said, adding that it was these anniversary gifts that laid the foundation for that collection.

He hopes to one day extremely own one of every edition of Disney iPhone 6 plus case characters with reallly big ears watches.

Huang pointed out a first might be Mickey Mouse watch in his collection.

It was eventually released in 1933 in a limited handful 300 and sold for US$3, Huang said, adding that the watch ended up a luxury item in its day.

Huang said he got the watch from your elderly couple in the US, who your puppy met at a conference for The disney produtcions enthusiasts.

"We learned of each other's fascination with old Mickey Mouse watches, " Huang said, adding that he appears to be contacted by the couples' son 3-4 years after the conference.

"He person me the watch and said completely was a gift, telling me that the married couple had both passed away, but hoped for the watch to be given to someone who 'understood' its worth, " Huang understood.

Huang said that he was especially impressed by his parents' support and their enthusiasm for him to utilize his inspired talent by attending art styles throughout his schooling.

Huang labored with at the National Theater and Display Hall, providing him with more skills and interaction with art, on top of working with artists such as the Three Tenors: Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and as a consequence Luciano Pavarotti.

Huang also analyzed and worked in the US.

He explained that seeing the World Trade Center structures come crashing down during the September. 11, 2001, terror attacks was obviously a wakeup call, prompting him back to Taiwan.

After a brief time setting up cut-scene animation for online games, Huang began teaching at Shih Hsin University 12 years ago.

He understood his collection was not only a on the market, but also part of his job.

Huang said that as a professional designer involving cartoon characters and working to look words into images, it was imperative to have a keen knowledge of toys and as a consequence accessories from cartoons.

"All you get with the pieces in my collection are food items that consist of inspiration, " Huang said, developing that he had figurines and toys representing every character from the fifty four animated films released by The disney produtcions, including all the horses ridden by using princes and princesses.