Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Break" out of the little bird night light: Perch Light

If you cannot solve the problems in life cannot, think through problems, perhaps trying to sit in the "discount" birds of night light (Perch Light) before emptying himself, various "problem" would be solved! From the United Kingdom stylist Umut Yamac, the origami concept combined with the lamp, creating a line of simple, elegant color and this bird, and small components that can interact on, let you play watching reforming mood. Hello Kitty case

Hello Kitty Silicone iPhone 6 Case with Chain Pink

Yamac like in design to add a variety of "conflict" and "balanced" elements that make designs more personality. His Perch Light will use both paper and brass material, showing a suppleness and firmness of the conflict, but got along very well. Paper light and heavy metal into a designer played by the focus of Yamac bird beak and tail were put on brass, the bird in a subtle balance, just a slight push, even breeze, you can make them rocking back and forth.

Perch Light fixtures that not just stay quietly in the corner, and it can interact with humans, interacting with nature. Yamac tried in function and appearance, designed to add more emotion. When you stare at the bird and slightly rules sloshing around, will gradually wind down, as hypnotic as. Then, in the bird under the sway of the night light, sleep sweetly ... ...