Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Transformer remanufacture: Devestation Leaked by Best Buy

As noticed by a user on NeoGaf, a first listing on retailer Best Buy Canada's website (which has since been taken down) revealed Transformers Optimus case: Devastation, Platinum Games' newest title that allegedly brings the transforming robots to the Xbox 360, Ps3, Xbox One, and Playstation fourth on October 7, 2015 (October 6 in North America).

Transformers iPhone 5 Case Optimus Prime

Bundled with the store's page was a quantity screenshots from the title that show up to show a cell-shaded game, purposed to resemble the 1980's Transformers iPhone 5 case anime. The listing also gave a basic summary of the game, along with some additional information the promises five playable Autobots, wild action, and a return of the groundbreaking cartoon's voice actors.

Face at bay against Megatron and battle it with the Decepticons in Transformers Devestation. Equipped with fast action capabilities, the game allows for instant robot to be able to vehicle attacks, slam downs, counterattacks, and infinite combos for a fantastic master combat system. Five problem levels also deliver hours about intense gameplay.

Autobots face at bay against the Decepticons when Megatron locates a way to harness the enormous power of plasma display energy to cyberform Earth

PlatinumGames signature fast action allows real time robot to vehicle attacks, fly downs, counterattacks, and infinite mixtures for a unique master combat platform

Features 5 playable Autobots in addition to Optimus Prime, Bubblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock

A deep choices system and 5 difficulty settings with overhauls in enemy combination deliver hours of intense game play

Actors from the original TV series reprising their roles include Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime), Dan Gilvezan (Bubblebee), Frank Welker (Megatron and Soundwave), and more

The last time we electric saw Hasbro's popular machines was in the 2014 title, Transformers: Rise of the Dingy Spark, which received a mediocre responding from critics. More information and the state run announcement for Transformers: Devastation is in fact expected during E3 2015, consequently be sure to check back for the biggest headlines coming out of the event over the saturday.