Friday, June 5, 2015

Ysl ad used 'irresponsible' image of underweight model in ad

An advert meant for Yves Saint Laurent that appeared in Elle magazine has been banned for might be 'irresponsible' image of an underweight device.

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The ad featured a monochrome photograph of a woman lying on to the floor with her hands on her head. My girl had her eyes closed as was wearing a short black put on, a leather jacket and heeled shoes.

Yves Saint Laurent SAS said it failed to agree with the complainant's view about the model was unhealthily thin, unfortunately did not provide a detailed response.

Elle stated it had no comment which will make on the complaint.

The Advertising Ideals Authority (ASA) said that the model's pose and the lighting effect throughout ad drew particular focus path of the model's chest, where her ribs cage was visible and emerged prominent.

In added that the model's legs, particularly where "her lower limbs and knees appeared a similar span and looked very thin" would mean the model appeared unhealthily underweight in the image.

The ad mustn't appear again in its current document. The ASA told the company people to ensure that the images in their ads got been prepared responsibly.

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