Thursday, September 3, 2015

LG ELECTRONICS to show Music Flow Wi-Fi Material smart audio system at CES

LG ELECTRONICS is planning to showcase its songs Flow Wi-Fi Series smart head unit during the upcoming 2015 International DE TELLES in Las Vegas. The lineup features the company's first battery-powered Wireless internet Speaker (Model H4 Portable), advanced level Wi-Fi Sound Bars (Models HS7 and HS91) and a Streaming 3D IMAGES Blu-ray Player (Model BP550). Often the speakers are can be used with both Services and iOS devices.

Mini Portable Speaker Hi-Rice SD-808 with USB/TF Card/FM Radio

Each LG ELECTRONICS Music Flow Wi-Fi device can be utilized independently or connected to one another machines wirelessly using Advanced Wireless Mainframe and Dual Band Wi-Fi (2. 4/5GHz) technology. LG noted so unlike other Bluetooth speakers, buffering to a Music Flow Wi-Fi Material speaker from a smartphone continues continuous when receiving a call. Users nicely stream music from service providers like the Spotify, Deezer, Napster, and TuneIn.

In Home Cinema Mode, users can now wirelessly connect two of H4 Light-weight speakers to the Wi-Fi Sound Bodega as rear left and right channels when surround sound. Each speaker can be on a personal basis set. The BP550 Streaming 3D IMAGES Blu-ray Player can be connected to Play Flow speakers to stream reverberation from any CD or UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS drive.

Also, with the new Motor Music Play feature, music upon a smartphone will automatically start portion on a Music Flow Wi-Fi speaker phone when the phone comes within distinct foot.

The collection also comes with LG ELECTRONICS HomeChat capability that allows users to regulate the LG devices using the Connection free-text messaging app on different smartphone or tablet. Users might use the text to speaker feature deliver simple commands such as "play riffs for party" or "turn down music after one hour. " Consisting of HomeChat, LG Music Flow Wireless internet Series can also act as a personal person working in the shop, setting alarms and alerting owners of upcoming events on command.

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