Saturday, February 13, 2016

So who might not really miss Dong but phones went on sale why not found

  The furthest distance in the world is not you the phone went on sale, but I can't open the packed website, but don't know where to go to buy. Gree, Chairman Dong just to crowd out the difficult problem.

  51 before the holidays, just got the Zhuhai Municipal Government 3 million Yuan reward, Miss Dong is pleased to announce to the world: "gree phone has begun to hit the market, I hope everyone using our mobile phone. "

  Voice drops the curious media have visited major specialty stores and general stores, all gone, even the cat gree gree official Mall and day flagship store did not last. About mystery prices, gree is silent.

  Everything seems so suddenly! suddenly said to be cell phones, suddenly took out a cell phone, and suddenly was listed (but not to). Everything is done a word than jobs and Lei opened with much fanfare launch, Dong mingzhu, gree and so sword and medals.

  No time to prepare, gree phone exactly where sold?

  1, went on sale before FRY to fry?

  Gree grab headlines, dating back to the end of 2013 that caused uproar in the 1 billion gamble. In the Chinese economic person of the year award, Lei Dong mingzhu, bet, said five years after the turnover will exceed the gree group of millet, and the losing party will give the other 1 billion yuan.

  Although it is an extemporaneous oral game, known as the "female version is not," said Dong mingzhu was clearly serious. A year later, Dong mingzhu, who carry the gree's marketing.

  She herself was filmed out of a series of short films, attended the event's frequency has increased significantly. Her bet with Lei also take this time to enter the media page.

So who might not really miss Dong, but phones went on sale why not found


  Latest gree on the phone really made her headlines. From the beginning suddenly said, "I want to be mobile, every minute, too easy", two months after Sun Yat-sen University gree phone comes out suddenly, and then "gree mobile phones can change for three years" tipping makes my mouth water. Although no Lei red carpet launch, but also always leads to the unexpected, to seize the eye.

  Look at this time "not buy" green mobile phone, who can say, definitely not a pre-IPO "feint" topic marketing?

  2, sold to four or five cities?

  Gree phone configured earlier, once exposed, netizens ridicule: configure three years do not change, gree phones are selling it to who?

  According to the latest media news, but final pricing of the phone may 1299, and used offline sales.

  A context has emerged: the low end, the replacement cycle, cheap, online sales. Video sites lack hematopoietic 2016 will survive

So who might not really miss Dong, but phones went on sale why not found

  Maybe gree phone aimed at four or five cities, also has been part of the local distribution, media just don't focus on it.

  Four or five cities consumption levels are relatively low, electrical contractor than the one or two-tier cities developed, and gree phone can rely on LGs accumulation of power, access to certain markets.

  3, first overseas training on-the-job training?

  Market research firm TrendForce the latest statistics show that global Smartphone shipments to 291.2 million units in the first quarter, compared with the last quarter fell by 9.2%, largely because of slowing demand in the mobile phone market, such as China. Links to the current fierce competition in the domestic mobile phone market, to find markets overseas will be made mobile phones need to think of a way out.

So who might not really miss Dong, but phones went on sale why not found

  Public information, gree air conditioning in main products cover more than 160 countries and regions, opened a sales company and in local stores. Dong had to visit Middle East branding and sales. Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo, one plus and millet and other domestic mobile phone also opened some overseas territories and image. All right.

  So, gree cell phones could be just "start without China." Let foreign friends try, then to accept the test of the domestic market.

  4, closed beta invitation?

  Fans spoke of millet's economic model, Dong mingzhu, Shenzhen TV's show earlier in the year – are also given "to fight fans, gree, and 50 million users a year."

So who might not really miss Dong, but phones went on sale why not found

  Claims that mobile phone "minutes than millet" Dong mingzhu, perhaps now also officially released a mobile phone locked a group of "geeks", beta invites hardcore users first, optimize the after market sales, it can also create word of mouth will not be lost on the starting line.

  5, distribution or capacity problem?

  In early 2015, millet and Huawei have shouted out 100 million sales target for the year. Even started doing mobile gree, also claimed to sell 100 million mobile phones in 2015. People nieyibahan not gree can grab the millet and Huawei, but really to ensure output?

  "The Internet +" times traditional enterprise integration itself to the new environment and mode, slogans, product, channel, and supply chain to keep up.

So who might not really miss Dong, but phones went on sale why not found

  Millet, Meizu, Huawei and even apples have supply shortage phenomenon, entered the field of mobile phone of gree chose to let a third party program Longcheer design, produced by the foundry, lost "independent core technology" of the soul, even Dong mingzhu, never yelled "good phone, gree".

  In addition, gree although the online channel has a certain advantage, after all, the entity has more than 30,000 outlets. But the layout of the online e-commerce channels, gree started only at the end of last year.

  Probably Dong went on sale release message when distribution is not as smooth.

  Speaking of which, talk King couldn't help thinking the lyrics – "so that may not be true, Miss Tung". Can be sure of is, but later phones went on sale, from the 100 million sales target for the year is far.