Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DThink data DT time machine to create the best brains

DThink data DT time machine to create the

  There is no doubt that data has arrived. But the key question is, how to have large data capacity? to Alibaba, Amazon on behalf of six major Internet companies, in practice has accumulated a great deal of data capacity and make full use of the ability to carry out new business practices. But a large number of government departments and enterprises, how to use the data, needed to achieve its transformation and upgrading? this is a very urgent problem.

  Precisely in order to enable industries to get within reach of large data capacity, on August 18, 2015, the dream factory of Hangzhou science and technology limited company officially released-"dream machine workshop DThink data."

  DThink, open the DT times

  DThink big one confidential data to solve what is the problem?, the product name itself is the answer to this: use data (Data) to think (Think). In the age of big data, to really play the value of the data, the key which solved the problem.

  "DT (data) and the traditional IT (information technology) the essential difference lies in the availability of data technology is capable of thinking", as several dream factory President Wang Wei said, in the age of IT, people have accumulated a massive, but fragmented, fragmented data. DThink data integration code to solve the problem is to make large-scale data relevance, fragmented data into an integrated whole and let the data flow, share, based on greater data insight and decision making.

  DThink data in one publication, represents a transition from IT to DT, is also an evolution. DThink will the real open era DT.

  Data technologies are complex, but its purpose purpose should be clear and concise, after all, is nothing more than help people more intelligent. To achieve this vision, it requires four steps. First, you need to gather vast amounts of diverse data and, secondly, is a near-real-time data processing and analysis; Meanwhile, you also need to ensure the security of data storage, the use and development of; and, finally, should be based on a very simple way to help users find the essence of things and predict future trends.

  Data integration, data management, preservation, and analysis capabilities, similar to help human data processing brain; the four types of capacity to synthesize together, similar to the data placement "brains". DreamWorks plans to use the "brain" of the ability to output to the Government, enterprises, public utilities and other customers in various fields, to use data to achieve transformation and upgrading, and quickly entered the era of DT.

  Advantage + acquired heritage, to create "the most powerful brain"

  So, why DreamWorks could quickly launch this product? DThink data in one "brain" how? it is understood that DThink aliyun flying platform based development, and the core technology in Ali's online business through massive amounts of data and pressure long term validation. As an e-commerce platform, and other types of large Internet companies, Alibaba faced more severe test. It should be said that withstand practice aliyun flying platform, with the world's leading cloud and data capacity. Under such an advantage, several dream factory will this technology as a form of machine output, software and hardware, has done a lot of fitness work and depth of integration tuning, introduced such a functionality, performance and stability are very good products.

  DThink this "brain" how powerful? may wish to speak with a set of data to see in data integration, management, preservation and analysis of the four capacities.

  First, mass. To make the results more fully, the data must be massive. DThink supports PB/EB levels of data processing capability, performance, and storage size can increase linearly with the increase number of servers, compute nodes under standard configuration can scale to 200 units, performance is achieved by increased control nodes and storage capacity scale, can be further extended to cluster the size of data, both across the cluster (room) data sharing capabilities.

  Second, in real time. Whether it's exploring the essence of things, or predict the future development of more effective data analysis results in real time. DThink provides has real-time OLAP calculation engine, can achieved qianyiji data of milliseconds level multidimensional perspective, milliseconds level achieved multiple big table associated calculation, baiyiji more table associated query milliseconds level results returns; provides associate real-time data synchronization tool, support tens of data seconds level export, single table 100,000 TPS data insert capacity, data insert seconds level visible; data bottom efficient index achieved, maximum improve query performance; support standard JDBC agreement for connection; support standard SQL syntax, Offers free search capability.

  Third, security. Data security is the cornerstone of everything. DThink used variety data security mechanism, has from Exchange, and storage, and using, and authorized of full life cycle security management system; has automatically storage fault-tolerant mechanism, all data three copies copies, reliability up to 99.99999999%; all calculation in sand box in the run, support in third party arbitration Xia for data authorized mechanism, achieved confidential data of Security Exchange; support based on ACL and policy of user permission management, unique of production environment and development environment isolation, and Confidential data desensitization, multi-tenant data isolation and other security mechanisms to ensure data security with industry-leading data permissions management mode, data management granularity can be refined to the role, as well as field-level.

  Forth, and easy to use. The onset of the age of big data, to the user, data should not be complex and strange, but simple and kind. DThink for user provides "Open box that with" of big data capacity, optimization integration has data acquisition shared, and unified Yuan data service, and calculation development, and analysis mining, and management shipped dimension, the capacity, provides has a station type of shipped dimension management platform, and function powerful of IDE development environment and released deployment environment, great to simplified has user shipped dimension development of convenient sex and convenient sex; built-in rich of data mining algorithm library, can should for various data scene, and in industries of long-term validation in the constantly optimization update. Your heart rate monitor by wearable device talk

  A combination of wisdom. Combination of hardware and software as one of the "dream factory DThink large machine", its goal is to build data integration master, management, preservation and analysis of "the most powerful brain" to help customers get "smarter" to achieve transformation and upgrading.

  Dream factory brings the number of China's most innovative and open spirit of the professional technical team, aims to become a leading provider of cloud computing and data development and service provider. DreamWorks will continue to cooperate with eco-partners, promote DT era to develop deeply and win together to create the DT's ecosystem.