Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Do you eat every day foods 20 related to him but 99 does not know

  Why does an acre field

  We now define himself? we are focused on agricultural commodities trading B2B platform. Our staff helped farmers pick up dishes, helped him up after weighing, farmer drew it to our cart, that is our true and complete commodities trading business.

  We have uniform green uniforms in the fields, men are big pants, hot, dirty, slightly there is a hole there is a rural road is easy to get dirty, so that you do not wear jeans, wear big pants. Our employees are basically started working in the market every day at four o'clock in the morning, day and tutor to farmers how they use our App, identify new opportunities, even helped them get to lift, which is a very typical form. We are not sitting in the Office, we are running all day in the countryside.

  Before someone asked me why I do this, I spent six years in Baidu in 2006, Baidu, is the technical background, 2009 is a very important nodes. Baidu was a boss lost a public information work.

  2009 Baidu Web search in rural areas, most likely search result. So I set up a project group, with two interns, basically took a year of time, ran seven provinces, almost more than 100 more villages. I took some college-graduate village officials involved in Baidu's activities, one of the families teach farmers to use Wikipedia on a PC, post your own information on Baidu, through our promotion, sell more than 60 tons of pepper. Now an acre of field work, then, is very heavy pattern, has a very strong and heavy line team.

  Information job for two years, I think the information is relatively simple, Baidu is more asset-light company, I can do further to this service when the boss says or do the asset-light model. Android phones need to clear memory

  I'm leaving the Baidu, an acre of land. In September 2011, I began to take the company to find someone, looking for a partner of the Beijing municipal development and Reform Commission and write code, three of them start their own businesses. None of us are of agricultural origin, so more laborious, do a relatively simple job, information capture methods, carried out a similar to where prices of tools depends on the work.


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  September 2011 and December 2013, 2.5 years we tried six breakthrough (profit), there are five losses, essentially money will fall out of me. How investment in all this, from July 2014 us into the fast lane, to 4 stores began to open new service outlets, to basically cover the whole 35 outlets in China now, heavy dot driving down from 500,000 now day trading day trading volume surpassed 350 million, growth is relatively fast, our statistical growth more than 2000 times, now has more than.

  This year, our staff has increased by nearly 3,000 times, because we had only one full-time and two part-time, take me as a base, we have more than 3,000 people, daily turnover was 300 million, buyers put the money to an acre of land, an acre of land to farmers, is the pattern. 2 million active users, solution selling 60 times.

  Internet and agriculture to fall in love

  We look at the Internet for agriculture, I think there is a relationship, an acre of field service producers including agricultural producers, wholesalers and buyers, wholesalers by buying our goods, wholesalers or brokers before, with villagers go to the fields or attempt to find goods, now we don't have to find out.

  Buyers, such as food and beverage companies, carte blanche we go shopping, they don't have to go. For all levels of Government, we are their strategic partners, starting from January 1 this year and now signed more than 70 counties, get us all kinds of Government.

  Speaking from the dimension, we are creating value for them. So we love to describe our integration and traditional industries.

  Let the combination of place, this is the current status quo, farmers are the gambling type of production, circulation, to our table, there are 15 links, a MU Tian wants to make more secure when using PIN easier, more fresh ingredients. We daily 300 million turnover, we can effect a place it is money also is not money, also can effect a place it should species what, not should species what, he should sold who, not should sold who, this data a months zhihou will through we of platform disclosure white paper, we will said which place money, which place not money, and he earned has how many money, this depends on we of big data service.


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  There is circulation, we now have 2 million users, after industry circulation, how many people can make money, or to improve his efficiency. To cite an example, logistics, China has 20 million logistics vehicles, 70% run, or capacity is not perfect, have run he might have to go to the air cargo distribution point in the process, earn 200 200, is it possible to solve this problem? is possible, as long as an acre of land is available, tell the owner car that runs, you can.

  Finally, financial, we have checked supply chain and China postal savings, banks and so on financial cooperation, we all do. The services we provide for these traditional industries, and we with it in a very symbiotic relationship, there I want to subvert it, but I need him, he needs me, such a good relationship. For farmers, to reduce burden on the public, we want to create a new civilization.

  I'm doing this for six years, starting from the 09, the industry has a lot more serious than we might think, I think we definitely need some people some institution to address, including capacity, including food safety, got a chance to share how to make the industry better direction.