Sunday, February 28, 2016

CCTV WiFi will kill sperm can affect pregnant women are rumors

Now, a lot of people to a strange place, the first thing to ask is: do you have WiFi? Said WiFi is here, in fact, is a high-frequency radio signals, it can be a wireless connection, through which people with mobile devices such as mobile Internet becomes more convenient. However, there was also concern about: the WiFi signal is strong, can pass through several layers of walls, that it will not cause harm to the human body?

United Kingdom the daily mirror has reported an interesting message, a 72-year old United Kingdom woman Stephanie Russell because he felt that WiFi signals, namely Wi-Fi signals and threatened her health, then spent about 40,000 yuan, painted the outside of the House with a thick radiation-proof paint. Similarly, Jinan district, Fuzhou, China also had a similar thing: "Oh my God, now live in that building a family, his wife was pregnant, and said WiFi radiation, affected his wife's health, and by door-to-door knocking at the door told us not to use ... ... Strikes 4 times already today, not to come on I have no wireless router ... ... "

This Tweet was quickly forwarded thousands of times, even a number of well-known media have also forwarded, many pregnant women are also worried about the radiation of WiFi signals.

In fact, the news about WiFi harmful to health is far more than that. Prior to "WiFi kill experts in intangible, sperm DNA damage" Twitter is an Internet sensation. Rumours that Argentina researchers put 29 men's semen from the connection WiFi notebook computer, found 4 hours 25% sperm stop; if the semen in places further away from the computer, only the 14% sperm stop if placed next to the WiFi-connected computer is turned off, there would be no effect.

WiFi wireless Internet access using electromagnetic waves band is generally 2.4GHz to 5GHz, commercial-grade 2.4 GHz, and cell phone use of radio-frequency electromagnetic wave bands closer belonging to non-ionizing radiation. This invisible intangible things, whether harmful? If you want to understand this, one must first understand how big is its strength. Third-party independent testing organizations-Moore laboratory, engineers in closed WiFi signal strength is measured in the laboratory.

Moore laboratory of radio-frequency laboratory director Peng Huarui told reporters that results in a maximum launch the WiFi router State is 14.32dbm, and cell phones are usually about 33dbm, even to half of it.

Left closed the lab, and then look at what will happen in an open environment? Researchers measured with an ordinary office as did. Here mixed with a variety of microwaves, mobile phones, computers, TV sets, lamps, and even wires produce radiation of different sizes. Peng Huarui told reporters: "the mobile phone signal, WiFi and Bluetooth signal strength, 9.298 milliwatts per square meter. "

What about WiFi is harmful to the human body? Military Academy of medical sciences is the research authority of radiation research institutes in China, a reporter with test data to find the answer. Caenorhabditis elegans is very sensitive to environmental changes, is an ideal model organism. The WiFi is placed at a distance of Caenorhabditis elegans is very close to the, 30 minutes to its continuous radiation. Researcher at the Academy of military medical science Institute of Radiology and radiation medicine introduced Zhang Chenggang, if an exception occurs: "is a track change, then its velocity will change if more serious radiation, which motion stops may occur, or even other exceptions. "

Zhang Chenggang said: "when WiFi is opened, you can see the moment can be up to 200 v/m, but this time is very very short, immediately entering a stable period with an average of 31.9 volts per meter. These nematodes are very freely and very normal, not because of the WiFi signal, it appears some anomalies. "

According to experts, as WiFi radiation is electromagnetic radiation, so the body can bear the largest WiFi radiation intensity, by reference to international safety standards for electromagnetic radiation doses. At present there are two main international standards is an ICNIRP standards, it was issued by the International Commission on non-ionizing radiation protection standards is another standard United States of IEEE standards. China standard more strictly than the above two. For example, in the 900MHZ band, the Chinese limit on public exposure to 40 microwatts per square centimeter, while the European Union standard for 450, United States 600; 1800MHZ band, Chinese under 40 is the maximum public exposure, the EU is 900, United States 1000. Reporters at the Moore laboratories achieved maximum value of WiFi radiation is far below national standards, belongs to the safe range. Made large aircraft delivered by the end of next

Experiments above WiFi for ordinary human health hazard, then bad for pregnant women? Zhang Chenggang, said: "not only our research, international academic research as a whole no data to support this. "

Argentina scientist experiments on WiFi kill sperm, said Zhang Chenggang: "did a very scientific design is to allow sperm cells caused by normal environmental issues far removed from the body. "

In addition, many pregnant women will wear a radiation suit, really going to protect it? Experts say that electromagnetic waves are not straight lines, but through the electromagnetic field effects everywhere, and wearing radiation suits make much sense.

As long as the norm, WiFi is not harmful. In fact, similar concerns in the past we have met, for example, some worry that: microwave ovens will there be radiation? Mobile phone radiation will hurt? But after scientific explanations and practice for a long time, now we all know: that fear is not necessary. As long as human social development, such problems will occur. It is important, analytical science issues with a scientific attitude, both rigorous and more positive, otherwise not only fail to progress, or even life.