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Has nothing to do with the Oculus Rift Cardboard comes from personal interest

At the end of this year's Google I/O Conference, Sundar Pichai said the people present will get a "cardboard box" Cardboard. Then as we all know, it is in fact a summary of virtual glass equipment. Users just need to get it packed and placed in the phone, you can feel the charm of virtual reality.

The next day, the project's founder David Coz foreign shares the story behind the product. Cardboard initially only his personal hobby project, did not think Google put it, "carried forward".

In recent years, virtual reality technology has very big development. As a fan of the technology, Coz is also looking for a simple and inexpensive way to create a virtual reality device. About 6 months ago, he decided to start the Cardboard of the project, implemented ideas.

Has nothing to do with the Oculus Rift, Cardboard comes from personal interest

Overall, he wants this project done as simple as possible, after all processing is done by cell phone, it is more of the role play accessories. After several rounds of screening, he decided to choose cardboard material, mainly because the material is easily molded, combined with his love cardboard clock.

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As we all know, Google engineers to spend 20% hours of work for their interests and projects (although last year there was talk Goole to the abolition of this system, but Google did not admit it). When Coz showing project company and Research Institute after the computer scientist Christian Plagemann, Google decided to turn it into a larger project, and want users to be able to adopt common scissors, staplers and other tools to modify. Because Cardboard to get the company's attention, Coz were dominated by its "20% work". Flawless

Has nothing to do with the Oculus Rift, Cardboard comes from personal interest

Google has now released software development kit, encourage developers around the Cardboard to create third-party applications. Since it adopted open source strategies, a company specialized in mobile device protection Dodocase "homeopathic" introduced the cottage Suite GOOGLE CARDBOARD VR TOOLKIT. It is mainly made up of cardboard cases, lenses, magnets, rubber bands, can be shipped in the next 4-6 week.

While the Cardboard copy of the threshold is very low, but to inject resources in this area, few companies can do, Google is one of the few family. We believe that in the near future, Cardboard-based applications will appear in the Google Play or even see the improved equipment of other manufacturers.

Via:techcrunch theverge

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