Monday, March 28, 2016

Application of face recognition technology in financial field enter brush face

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Application of face recognition technology in financial field enter


  China's independently developed the world's first face recognition function for ATM machine through acceptance, Jingdong wallet first face-recognition technology, China Merchants Bank a pilot facial recognition application, through face recognition can ping an inclusive financial 6 minute loans, micro-banks use face recognition technology to remote first loans ... ... Recently, the application of face recognition technology is explosive growth, payments, withdrawals, loans and other financial applications in the field of began to gradually allow people to enter "the brush face."

  2015, the Tencent, Ali and many other companies are starting to encode the layout of face recognition industry, want to face pay technology extends the application of the financial business. Jack Ma, Alibaba Group Chairman of the Board of Directors in March in Germany to join the activities, sweep the face shows ants gold suit. Previously owned by Tencent tenpay has said civil identification numbers with the national inquiry services centre like than the services of strategic cooperation.

  Analysts believe that the essential feature of the Internet is efficient, fast, fingerprint, face technology and its application in the transaction process, can not only simplify your payment process, and most importantly, through biometric payment links can greatly improve payment security index.

  However, doubts remain in face recognition technology applications, particularly in risk management as the core of the financial industry. Industry experts believe that, on the whole, in the acquisition of environmentally controlled, user interface under certain scenarios, the current face recognition technology has matured, such as civilian attendance and access control systems, passport photo than on search systems, face recognition, however the financial, security and other applications in the scene is not yet mature. Brush face payment system of the financial sector, high security area security (such as bank vaults) access control systems, witness conformance test system, blacklist target monitoring and alarm systems.

  A banking industry insiders said, judging from the maturity of the technology now, mainly related to two issues: the dilemma of trade-off between convenience and security, and prosthesis spoofing problem, which is the biggest technical challenges facing the brush face possible.

  Shanshiguang, a researcher at the Institute of computing technology Chinese Academy of Sciences has said that face recognition technology is not ripe under all scenarios. On the whole, face recognition in the financial, security and other applications in the scene is not yet mature, there is still a long way to go.

  However, for "brush face" of the future, is still full of confidence. Shanshiguang said with the advancement of technology is expected after five years, brush face payment may become a common method of payment. Technology founder Zhu long said, for computer vision research, over the past five years are at the crucial stage of fast development, academic research in recent years great progress and applications in the next year or two will enter a concentrated period.