Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Buy Beats more than a year Apple do what about it

  On May 29, 2014, Apple officially announced the $ 3 billion price to buy Beats Music and Beats Electronics (hereinafter collectively known as the Beats). Beats will remain independent brands, the two founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre also joined the company.

  A year later, after a period of silence, by recent frequent moves, what things do we finally see Apple Beats.

  Cut products

  That Apple started the direct wholesale swallowing Beats everything and then publish the Apple Music? No, no, no, first of all, Apple cut down Beats of a wireless speaker project (although this plot sounds familiar).

  Foreign Media Variety recently brought this message for details. Beats Eletronic before its acquisition by Apple once planned to launch a wireless speaker, in addition to a variety of devices to play music through a Bluetooth and NFC connection, can also play online subscription music via Wi-Fi, product shape and Sonos loudspeakers are similar, but Beats this amp has sold at a unit price of $ 750, far more expensive than Sonos.

  Beats wanted to launch this product in last year's Christmas shopping season, but didn't think they encountered in the process of developing this product had a lot of trouble. They did not look for companies such as Qualcomm, DTS, but want to go it alone, and chip supplier for another, resulting in delayed a number of times in the completion of the entire project, dragged and dragged onto the Beats was purchased by Apple, Apple finally decided to cut the problem that too many projects.

  Beats the original 700 employees, including 200 in separation after being bought by Apple, including Beats, Chief Product Officer at TJ Grewal and speaker project leader David Titzler.

  Integration services


Apple Music


  After buying Beats, many in the industry believe that Apple's fancy Beats Beats Music streaming music service. This rumor on the WWDC last week, finally 2015 with Apple Music publications was confirmed. Apple Music incorporates Beats Music, according to Apple's official presentation, which featured three major selling points:

  Revolutionary music service

  From a full time global radio

  Interaction between fans and musicians new way

  As a fee-for-service, Apple Music allows users to listen to online in the iTunes library, millions of tracks and watch music videos. Also supports the playlist function, musicians and music lovers can recommend their own albums and playlists.

  Apple Music will launch on June 30, in the United States, Apple Music costs $ 9.99 a month, will be compatible with Windows and Android this fall.

  In the service before its official release, mainstream media abroad are maintaining a cautious attitude to it. New York Times is not bullish on Apple Music, they hope this is just a demo, not final because it gathered a lot of services on a single screen and interface, looks very messy.

  Bloomberg think the complex of services like Spotify, Pandora, also included Sirius XM, Tumblr feature, can even find Rdio and YouTube's shadow. Thank Tesla charge can be elegant

  In any case, Apple Music is obviously very important to Apple, they even replaced with Apple Music iPod Apple before official website location.

  Small change headphones


beats, powerbeats2


  Although cut off a speaker, but at least for now, Apple has not been abandoned entirely Beats hardware. As reported in the MacRumors, Apple has just introduced a change color Beats Powerbeats2 wireless in-ear headphones, the new Beats Powerbeats2 and Apple Watch a consistent color scheme, there are black, white, blue, green, pink five colors optional.

  Other than color, Apple does not make other changes to the headphones, this headset has been at the Apple retail store shelves and placed in a conspicuous position, a $ 200 price as before.

  It can be seen that after the acquisition is completed, Apple will focus more on the Beats streaming music services on the integration of, and Beats of hardware products, Apple has yet to move, that perhaps they did not intend to have major actions, intended to let the Beats headphones continue to hang at the Apple store and sell it.