Friday, March 25, 2016

Hummer can t the most mighty military off road vehicle

Hummer can't: the most mighty military off-road vehicle

  Referred many people immediately think of Hummer military vehicles, many people still feel that the Hummer is "fighting" the highest. However in the Marauder, Hummer is a weak burst.

  South Africa Marauder of Paramount Group company may be able to hold the most powerful military reputation for four-wheeled vehicles. Its design purpose, is a response to all the terrain and battle conditions. Marauder giant, line tough, light shape is able to crush all of means.

  Marauder is capable of carrying 10 fully equipped soldiers, helping them across the various adverse terrain. Marauder tire alone is able to withstand the equivalent of 8 kilograms of TNT explosive. Double batch of armored protection armored fire-bombs attacks. If you install additional armour, and even RPG attacks on Marauder is capable of withstanding. Explosion-proof design for each seat in the car to protect the crew.

  This behemoth is equipped with a six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and a top speed of 120 km/h. Four large wheels, let the Marauder can accommodate a variety of terrain. Even if it is a common disorder, such as cars, walls, it has an immediate opening in the past.

  Marauder although tough, but it does not mean that all the people of action. Paramount Group, Marauder for sale to government agencies and institutions.

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