Friday, May 6, 2016

Cook you are rejecting your users feel it yet

Cook you are rejecting your users feel it yet?

Anticipated Apple event, and finally in the early morning Beijing time today. IPhone and Apple's latest iPhone 6s 6s Plus, and sure enough they expected, no surprise. Although I believe that Apple's products, can still lead the industry, establish a benchmark, but this time I want to from the new generation of iPhone, Apple shortcomings and deficiencies, and also give different advice.

Apple's new products, specific features and configuration, you are not wasting ink here, we can read on their own. I launched an online survey to see a portal, there are nearly 4000 people participated in the "would you buy iPhone iPhone 6s or 6s Plus?" Survey, select "do not buy" this, more than more than 2,200 votes, although this can only be used as a reference, but also to a certain extent, reflects a trend of domestic consumers, is the iPhone in the iPhone is not the user's impression, viscosity is declining.

Why so said? actually everyone also can note to has, since Cook took over as of this years, Apple each launches of strategy, has no has jobs times of that "reality twisted force tide, Cook and no Trader Joe's that artist of breath, this years, has been in according to Trader Joe's established of route forward, in other words, is has been in overdraft Apple zhiqian accumulated of reputation, so we from Cook this years released of new view, highlights not no, but has lack Subversion sex of innovation, The running speed of the Apple as the leader in IT spending, has slowed down a lot, and the opponent's speed but is accelerating.

New iPhone from this view, not all the material was compared with the previous-generation iPhone has not changed much, from hardware configuration and upgrade the services, such as front-facing camera and camera upgrades, adding 3D Touch touch technology. Let us look at some data: Bloomberg recently reported that Apple rely more and more on iPhone business, now, mobile phone business accounted for about 2/3 of Apple's revenue, profit of about 50%. "In the history of Apple, never any product can contribute to such a high proportion of revenues, although the company has been introducing new products and services." This means that the Cook to stay profitable, you must ensure that the best-selling iPhone. But this is easier said than done, previous-generation iPhone sold because Apple uses a large-screen strategy, and this year there will be a dividend for last year's big-screen?

Author is said above these, are is wants to said, Apple in "tightrope", Cook times of overdraft jobs heritage, plus on iPhone products of excessive rely on, this will let Apple of risk constantly upgrade increased, because which a results is, Apple has cannot control consumers, also to caters to consumers, this will led to "fruit powder" on Apple products of keen, increasingly to continued, eventually may will and Apple parted ways. Another result is the Apple fall from grace in the capital market, since Apple shares this year after the April hit a record high of $ 134.5, once dropped to 92 dollars, nearly $ 100 billion worth a total evaporation. During today's event, Apple's share price has also appeared fluctuation, fell after the end of the press conference 1.92% per cent to $ 110.15.

Of course, the loss of user, nor as fast, after all, a factor involved here that the brand. IPhone release by now, already had 8 years of time, already allows users to experience what is vanity and sense of accomplishment. However, this is not be a long-term solution, Apple wants to change and win more consumers of all ages, reforms must be made, we must resolutely give up the current business model of relying too much on hardware, try to become more open (such as iOS, App Store and applications), continue to be Apple's mythology. Father of computer genius Turing s life