Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Min light steel retired employees forged seals to defraud three banks high

  Material asset reorganization, there is no result, steel forged seal min light was retired employees of obtaining bank financing "catastrophe."

  Three steel min today announced that company recently informed that others suspected forged company seals, obtaining bank financing, can cause damage to the company and adverse effects.

  Announcements, the company recently received the Fuzhou Branch of Everbright Bank, Bank of East Branch, channel Bank hudong branch of Minsheng Bank, Fujian branch of the notification. Bank aspects of notification said: since 2014 yilai, three steel min light and above Bank and the Yong Lee material, nine home enterprise in the of several home respectively signed has insurance against warehouse three party agreement or movable financing difference repo agreement, company issued has lines occupied confirmed letter, above four home Bank in above agreement items Xia respectively opened to three steel min light for beneficiaries of bank acceptance, or according to company issued of lines occupied confirmed letter, agreed third direction Bank handle commercial Bill of discount business.

  Which, Everbright Bank Fuzhou Branch opened of bank acceptance exposure amounted to 112.2 million Yuan, Bank East Branch opened of bank acceptance exposure amounted to 58 million Yuan, livelihood Bank Fujian Division opened of bank acceptance exposure amounted to 76.771 million Yuan, another has 189 million yuan of commercial acceptance has by others handle has discount; above three home Bank opened of bank acceptance are served to original company subordinates sales company workers Zheng Minlong, its has Yu October 2013 retired. Channel Bank hudong branch of the bank acceptance bills issued exposure amounted to 80 million Yuan, and another 25 million Yuan commercial acceptance Bill discount has been handled by others.

  However, as a party of three steel min said, so far, only after notification of the Bank, was aware of the above situation. After investigation and verification, company is confident with the above banks, enterprises have signed the above confirmed warehouse tripartite agreements or personal financing gap repurchase agreements, do not issue lines take up confirmation; company did not receive any of the foregoing in favour of bank acceptance bills or draft, has not endorsed any third party.

  Three steel min stressed that the company chop shall be forged, the persons concerned, enterprises may be suspected of serious economic crimes, violated the rights and interests of the company.

  To this end, three steel min light verification results to the Bank and to report to the police immediately. After a police investigation, Zheng Minlong recognized above in connection with the agreement, never got any of the company's authorized in the contract, instructions and never bank acceptance bills to companies involved.

  In addition, Fujian Provincial Public Security Bureau of forensic Center of the testimonial show, East Branch of China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank branch in Fuzhou, haixia Bank hudong Branch provides sample text sample text is not from the same seal. As the Minsheng Bank, Fujian branch did not provide samples, this could not be authentic or not.

  In connection with funding, said three steel min light, exposure to above in connection with bank loans totaling 540.971 million Yuan. Before the above conclusions, the company has received the above four banks require companies to rebate due notice. Minsheng Bank also unauthorized deductions have been taken measures, Fuzhou and Quanzhou branch debit 9.7542 million 3.3551 million Yuan, respectively.

  For this case, three steel min said, had filed for investigation by public security organs, the company will actively cooperate with the police investigation, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through legal channels. Company communication through multiple channels and in connection with the Bank, and also ask the company bank full refund without deduction of payments, and in whose case fails to cooperate, did not rule out other legal measures in order to safeguard their own rights. 20 years ago we had to play computer

  Three steel min also said the cases not cause significant economic losses to the company, will not adversely affect the reputation of the company. If Minsheng Bank involved with related agreements, contracts, bills on the seal of authority identified as consistent with the seal of the Corporation, the company will suffer a loss. Even so, the company will exhaust efforts to minimize losses.