Monday, May 16, 2016

Open sale sale will bring Deluxe Edition Le Max and a ton of accessories

TV plus is a brand of aggressive, whether on the product or in the marketing strategy.

This time the Conference, as usual, opened the attack pattern, invitation is printed with broken glass, looms above millet, YouTube, Apple, 360, Meizu, and Tesla's logo, even just a "beautiful is not as good," nut mobile hammers is not to catch my breath. If you have any impression, in a phone press conference for the first time, firing of Jia Yue Ting also brought a tragic betrayal. Of course, for a young brand, it's not entirely a bad thing. Can be played Bluetooth HIFI q B2 Bluetooth

Overall, this release is actually Lok preheating sections 9.19 fans, just like the millet prepared for a rice noodle Festival earlier in the year. Launch products is overwhelming, from mobile phones to the surrounding parts.

Open sale sale will bring Deluxe Edition Le Max and a ton of accessories

First of all, letv Mobile CEO Feng Xing took office has released a lot of high-end materials and configured stack into their luxury Le Max mobile--128GB storage, 6.33 in Sapphire, leather protection sleeve, and randomly giving Australian wine wine, Crystal packing, a music video television members, as well as VIP exclusive service hotline. Regarding price, Golden version 5888, pink version higher,-6188. Le said this phone is limited to 10000 units.

Open sale sale will bring Deluxe Edition Le Max and a ton of accessories

Followed by previously published music video virtual reality helmets, difference is, if only in the larger picture, this time it's for keeps, and price 1999, prepare the 2000 project. According to the official data, depending on the helmet with built-in 5.5 inch 2K screen, in 70 degree FOV, equipped with two sets of lenses, diopter can be adjusted.

Followed by a WiHD wireless receiver module, display via HDMI connection, via 60GHz 802.15.3C standard and mobile communications, mobile content can be projected on a large screen display, depending on the transfer rate can achieve 4Gbps, priced at RMB 499.

Open sale sale will bring Deluxe Edition Le Max and a ton of accessories

Here, Le sale sale is not over. Front accessories compared to competing products, and there is no direct, nor overtly or covertly friends until the music video released the mobile power products. It also shamelessly with the level of millet, Meizu product carries out its QC2.0 fast and hung and beat competitor prices. According to the official, letv mobile power capacity of 13400mAh, support bi-directional fast, 3.5-hour full of 90% of power. Price is 129.

Finally there are two speaker announcements, a Coke can sized Bluetooth speaker is, one is the home theater speakers.

Press Conference we have not seen the expected in the music as the new television is estimated to be moved to the 24th of this month Hong Kong press conference announced. According to love all the previous sources, outside of 4K selling points, depending on the TV, is another feature slim, presumably depending on temperament, with millet on the thickness of a cow a real possibility.