Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Apple new product release in response to the last drop logo copy

  How many people stayed up late to watch the Apple launch? new iPhone and the iPad Pro, Apple TV, deep gray, "local payments" color, silver, I still do not know is the rose-gold powder is ... ... Products and colors and more confusing, despite the lack of surprises, the industry is also widely criticized Apple's innovation weakness, but Apple has no worries about selling. First-hand details about the last night launch, here view the! operator, China Mobile announced the trial commercial 4G+ in 5 provinces, United States carriers also announced that in 2017, commercial 5G. In addition, Ali, Ali set up a sport, drop echo Logo plagiarism, Silicon Valley Bank's business covers the Yuan.

  "Industry news"

  1, iPhone 6s 25th listed with County contract prices from US $ 199

  Beijing time on September 10, Apple in the United States held a new Conference in San Francisco.

  Press Conference announced that iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus prices consistent with the generation iPhone launch price, minimum contract prices from 199 Yuan. Two iPhone Basic Edition is version 16GB, along with 64GB and 128GB versions.

  The new iPhone will be available on September 25 in more than 130 countries, September 12 reservation, within the County, is located in one of the first published list of countries and regions. In addition, Apple also released the iPadPro and new products such as Apple TV. Please pay more attention I aboard the black horse public push articles.

  2, Ali, Ali Sina and venture sport

  On September 9, Ali, Alibaba announced the establishment of sports group, owned by Ali Sina and Yunfeng co-financing. The original SMG sports CEO Vice President Zhang Dazhong as Ali, Ali, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong served as sports director.

  Ali said, together with Sina sports, Ali, Ali sport is expected to integrate eco-electrical contractor, cloud computing, big data, and financial platform.

  3, responding to the last drop Logo plagiarized: by accident

  The afternoon of September 9 news, taxis announced officially changed its name to the last drop "drops", and enable the new orange capital letter d Logo--reverse. But the new logo drops just released, netizens pointed out the new Logo plagiarized. In this regard, responded to the last drop: new logo design simple, easy hit probability of shirt is high indeed.

  4, Silicon Valley, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to start renminbi business

  On September 10, China's first true technology Silicon Valley Bank Shanghai Pudong Development Bank announced the launch of renminbi business. This also means that three years after the entry into China, Silicon Valley Bank's business in China is finally put down roots, Shanghai Pudong development banks can only engage in foreign currency transactions in Silicon Valley.

  Shanghai Pudong Development Bank was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012, by the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the United States of Silicon Valley Bank, a joint venture aimed at providing banking services to technology companies and their investment in China.

  Commercial 4G+ 5, try moving in 5 provinces United States 2017 commercial 5G

  The afternoon of September 9 news, China Mobile has revealed, have been in Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang 4G+ commercial trial the five provinces, network download speed up 220Mbps, Beijing Mobile will also launch commercial trials 4G+ during the year.

  In addition, the United States largest carrier Verizon chief information technology architect luojie·gunani said, the company will be field testing 5G technologies over the next 12 months, is expected to be deployed in 2017 commercial.

  "Financial news"

  1, outside private company "Royal Charter" by RMB 48 million series a financing, lead investor youxiaoguang capital.

  2, life science, one-stop sourcing platform "supply Department" completed a round of financing tens of millions of Yuan, led by Dragon capital investment.

  3, m done tens of millions of a round of financing, taiyue Indus capital of the investor.

  4, bus car platform "pick me up" for Alibaba's strategic investment, specific financing amount is not disclosed. Domestic PCB design Internet

  "Big voice"

  Jack Ma, Alibaba Group Chairman of the Board: "today we pretend to know a lot of things on the Internet, or too little too little compared to the future. "