Friday, August 26, 2016

Is no longer in the era of the King 360 and Nokia join hands to launch a new

December 07 360 special for Twitter, announced a 360 will Nokia launch new, relevant sources, combined with the current reality 360 and Nokia, the two sides launched 360 Lumia phone is unlikely, so there might be a low-end machine Asha mobile phone cooperation. At present, the news had not been officially confirmed.

Ted Baker iPhone 6

360 special for micro-blogging news release said: for a long time, stay with me! @ Nokia, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, human technology, all for users, come on! Ted Baker iPhone 6

Although we was not able to obtain a new phone message, but small is not optimistic about the 360 and Nokia join hands from 360 cooperation before the relevant vendors, small wanted to give Nokia a Word, well all the way!

Update: the face of the 360 of love, Nokia has shy promise ... ... Ted Baker iPhone 6 cases