Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The lesson of the day fine don t know is that these cameras sold you

Often hear driving friends around said, "XX, and was deducted two points", "and was fined 200" police zombie not Holmes, how do you know you have committed a violation? Do not see so many cameras on the way? there are spherical, rectangular, variety of bizarre shapes, crossroads, street can find them, then have you ever thought, these cameras is what to do about it? which one is your gun? don't worry, xiaobian given your break break.

1 electronic police

Mainly installed at the crossroads, by snapping the rear, monitored retrograde, creasing, running red lights, illegal lane change, use non-motorway traffic violations. Never brush, take nor tell you, just upload the photo control center. Its partners are LED fill light, usually does not light during the day, only at night will often shine.

2 speed monitor

Mainly installed on the national highway, provincial roads, highways, found speeding through positive HD capture. Speed through packed underground coils or radar mounted on a pole to complete. Camera during normal capture, Flash will Flash, if flashes twice ... Congratulations, you won. But more than the section 10% within the speed limit, will not be punished (before you drive on the road seems to have went to physical education teacher evening out math! )

3 traffic monitoring

Mainly installed on electronic police or light poles, mainly statistical traffic flow, some more intelligent lights rely on this to control traffic lights. It does not capture any illegal behavior, so ... You still have to obey the traffic rules ~.

4 parking capture

Mainly installed in the Park by road, the main role is to capture the parking, the camera can zoom, 200 meters or something is not OK.

5 days of network monitoring

Mainly installed at various intersections, roads, community, etc, belong to the monitor, no capturing function. Main role is to use in the streets of a large number of network monitoring camera for 24-hour monitoring. This is the legendary "SkyNet", police zombie solve its credit is the maximum.

 Small series of words especially for novice, accidentally will be penalized, fined and asked are you afraid of? a small series of articles, silly hit up the muzzle? That's not who! however, fractions, money is money and you only live once, the donor must not put the cart before, good indeed, good indeed! Automatic transmission should be d Don t forget