Saturday, August 20, 2016

Battle the Internet of things Amazon s tens of millions of dollars to invest

Battle the Internet of things, Amazon's tens of millions of dollars to invest in intelligent temperature controller startup

According to foreign media reports, a Toronto home Ecobee smart thermostat company Alexa Fund secured $ 35 million investment from Amazon, which is the Fund's single largest investment to date. Meanwhile, Thomvest and Relay also participated in this round of venture capital investment of venture capital, Ecobee total $ 51 million investment for the current cycle. Moschino iPad 4 case

It is learnt that the Alexa in order to accelerate its smart home system supporting the development of the Assistant, Amazon Alexa Fund was created last year, the Fund has a total of 100 million dollars to support innovative hardware and software. Amazon smart home speaker system to perform these hardware and software features, such as switching lights, set daily, navigation, access to bank accounts. Ecobee companies claim that their 23% home air conditioning system thermostat can save energy consumption.

Different from Google's Nest smart home thermostats, Ecobee's products based on the integration of the central platform, running on Amazon's Alexa. Google and Amazon are vying for the next generation of the smart home market dominance, Ecobee thermostats is a threat to Google's products. In May this year launched a similar Alexa Google voice control system in Smart Home--Google Home.

In early June this year, Amazon claims since November 2014 date already adds up the features and applications of the intelligent voice platform based on its Alexa. In late July, United States first capital bank customers can use Alexa to voice queries its own credit cards, bank accounts, home loans, and voice-controlled banks. United States Citigroup also tested speech recognition technology with Alexa in an upgraded banking mobile app.

Integration platform such as Alexa, new development--home Internet Internet of things become possible. Home network may contain millions of sensors and small computing systems. These systems are embedded in all kinds of household appliances, health monitoring equipment, motor vehicles, plant and equipment for data collection, and share data with other systems when necessary, but also more advanced data transmission to the central system. For example, these data allow appliance manufacturers to inform customers when to repairs their appliance. If you connected the dishwasher have a technical fault, dishwasher manufacturers can automatically informed of this problem, in the trouble to inform you in advance to schedule a repair person to come. Moschino iPad 4 case

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