Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Strollers and seats two for one early childhood toys designed to give a perfect


Many educational toys and learning tools, what is good design? Combination is able to learn and use, of course. Nest is a suitable toys for pre-school children, which can seat strollers can also do. It consists of 4 cm thick, 11 pieces of plywood, two plywood wheels and three stainless steel shaft. Kenzo mini case

Weight can Nest a normal height and weight for three-year-olds. Children can sit down and read, play with friends, if any, can push each other to go away. It can also be used to transport stones and small toys. Children are used in Nest not only have a good interaction and mutual experience, and also to develop motor skills. Kenzo Cases

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Designer: Matthew Olson


Kenzo mini case