Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Saucy Secret Behind Fendi's Newest Micro Bags

Just when we prospect things couldn't get any better plus FENDI iPhone's adorably fuzzy "Buggies" crusade, the Italian fashion house has one-upped itself with a very brand-new video. This time, it's for the Micro bag collection — otherwise known as those miniature carryalls that Cara Delevingne but company swung down the spring '15 catwalk. In the series, Fendi offers on seven theories about just how these kinds of little handbags first came to be — and our company has an exclusive sneak peek of our favorite theory right here. According to the "Evolution" clip, a very normal-sized Baguette and Peekaboo back pack fell in love, procreated (to a very hilariously sultry soundtrack), and before very long, the Micro Baguette and the Micro Peekaboo were born. Mazel to the happy couple! Yes, straightforward quite literally "baby bags" — that may not be a proven possibility, but it's cute enough that we'll give it a pass. Watch give you Evolution video, and see the rest of the Micro Bag theories, at Fendi. com.

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